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All right so this last chapter of my hero academia was interesting to say the very least and i believe it may very well chart the course for what we may presume to be the conclusion of the series as a whole with the previous chapter we began with the sentiment of all for one's will in regards to the potential of new order and one for all.

Working together a pairing that more than anything else would serve toward his decades of meticulous planning for the sake of avoiding such a thing he'd gone to great lengths disabling the public safety commission and even having his allies overseas cause problems his intended plan was to perfect their body and subsequently seize one for all the.

Very power that by its lonesome could ruin all his plans and once he had that even new order would have been helpless against him really and truly star sudden appearance placed him in an incredibly precarious position that demanded a major gamble even still the villain had now emerged victorious and had seized new order for.

Himself starr attempted to use it to avoid decaying as the villain simultaneously decayed her body and stole her quirk but she could only boost her own endurance so much not to mention that by focusing on her body she left her quirk open to theft the villain would then attempt to use the quirk before suddenly being faced by the hero.

Within the vestige world as in the present their body would begin to swell horribly before violently exploding as their quirks were going haywire as it turns out at the very last second before being pounced on star placed a new rule that new order revolts against other quirks which ultimately resulted in the internal desecration of all for one's.

Vested world as several quirks would be torn asunder star knew that to pull this off would require quite the sacrifice and so she was more than willing to give her life in exchange for stopping such a global menace new order was now like a raging parasite one that the villain couldn't simply be rid of as all for one can only give and take quirks not.

Destroy them outright the villain would then be swarmed by laser fire as new order would manage to successfully destroy their deflect quirk and so now desperate for survival the villain would suddenly sprout wings and take off with this latest chapter the villain would continue flying and evade laser fire as apparently prior to having the thing.

Blow up they had taken the noma's wing quirk which they had now decided to employ as they desperately needed to give new order to someone else as otherwise they would be utterly destroyed from within because remember all for one is in this case a quirk as well now as he fled the villain would recall the prior words of star as she.

Proclaimed all might to have been her savior in the past and her inspiration for becoming a hero a thought that infuriated what we may presume to be the sugar rocky aspect of this fusion as again and again he simply cannot be rid of all might's influence and so now angrily the winged villain would blast off at accelerated speeds that not even.

The jets could keep up with he was gone one of the remaining pilots at this point would think back to what star had said to them all at the beginning of the battle then if any of them were to perish here she would be sure to return their bodies to their families yet with the inverse having happened there is not even a trace of her left for them to.

Bring back to her family what was no doubt a painful realization as he pilot would furthermore think to himself that star had already long since surpassed all might that she was in fact the greatest hero what i find to be absolutely untrue i mean all might eliminated organized crime in japan almost entirely and upheld a relative.

State of peace for decades his very existence served to shift and influence the status of heroes in the country if star had done more than that it would have been nice to have known before she was i don't know deleted but whatever elsewhere in an abandoned port town nearby were two escaped convicts attempting to lay low apparently the.

Place they had chosen still had power and running water which was a major score given the current situation of the country the tv wasn't working but then again it wasn't as if the broadcasters themselves weren't people concerned for their own safety as well the man's name was kashi kashiko and he was imprisoned for robbery and murder so maybe not the.

Nicest guy around apparently escaping prison was a pretty demanding task however their city was destroyed during the war and so they were just about ready to enjoy the quiet life in the middle of nowhere as boom crashing into the side of the house and sending these two flying it was the villain who was at this point.

Ripping at the scenes the immediate thought of these convicts was that a hero had come to bring them back to prison but they would very quickly realize that the thing before them was more like a monster as it would express it it still had a chance deducing what exactly star had done to new order.

And so the villains ought to take this random person's quirk and once they work workless pass the power onto them as a means of safely storing it essentially what we presume to be the most reasonable and likely course of action however just as a villain did this star would from within called him a fool again the rule was that new order would.

Revolt against other quirks and thanks to them possessing such a wellspring of quirks within themselves new order was in ruins on account of the conflict along with plenty of their quirks she would express her regret in being unable to kill him however she would leave him with some parting words that so long as people are still willing to help one.

Another the will of a hero shall live on and they would surely bring an end to his reign of terror all for one's retort would be one centered on survival crowning himself as a victor as he was the one to survive as finally the wrath remnant of star and stripe would vanish as simultaneously deep within the conjoined villain within an exposed dark.

Spot questioning the presence of a hero it would be shimaratenko surrounded by several hands as he would say the name is zuku midoriya this effectively confirms our recent theory in regards to tenko being a separate will within the vestige world now with that being said despite being correct i'm not really a fan of this you.

Have to understand that although tenko is a manifestation of shigaraki childhood desires he is still a part of shigaraki and so for him to be presented with the concept of a hero and the first person to come to mind for him is deku that's just super weird to me shigaraki has only barely recognized the kid's existence and in pretty much all of.

Those cases it was either about all might or the quirk one for all never just deku outright or a recognition of how great of a hero deku is if anything he's recognized all might and even eraserhead a whole lot more it honestly just feels a little corny like this i mean deku has the spirit of a hero no doubt but he certainly doesn't have a.

Shining track record when it comes to saving others he himself admitted that he couldn't do anything for his prior adversaries but punch them into submission he's also never saved someone cleanly or by his lonesome to save erie knight eye died and muriel lost his quirk to save kota he failed to save bakugou to save bakugou later on.

Hiroshima had to be the one to gain the captives faith and almighty lost his power in the end all in all the conveyance of this desired point is kinda questionable for me but moving on a search party was sent out in search of the villain but all they managed to find were traces of a bayside home invasion and conflict he was gone and they were.

Too slow to catch up so yeah japan's top three are pretty damn useless news of star's death spread the world over in a single day the unanimous sentiment from every other nation being that if the world's strongest hero couldn't stop him nobody could and so they'd all withdraw their forces as in egypt we would have salaam from movie 3 being incredibly.

Upset with this course of action it was every nation for itself at this point as the entire world was suspended overseas deployment immediately and indefinitely however stars brothers in arms would appear before almighty and the police force telling them that star's sacrifice was not in vain as almighty would express his.

Disappointment with not being able to see her again however the x66 jets that they flew in captured a record of the battle during this time they were able to measure the villain's biological processes and have an on-board analysis of his quirk information which would surely prove to be invaluable as previously they never actually had a.

Chance to study his body in any way but the following day which was just two days after deku's return to ua all might would inform the students that in reality shigaraki's completion was set to be tomorrow however thankfully they were provided one final delay on account of star sacrifice which would in theory provide them another week they now have.

7 days to prepare for the final battle as we see the light has officially returned to deku's eyes and that was the chapter very interesting stuff if you notice all our students were already suited up or in the process of doing so neko is over here in a gym uniform on a cannabis costume destruction but this is most definitely a temporary thing but.

You know what now that star's portion of the story has concluded how do we all feel about her inclusion please let us know in the comments as far as i'm concerned star in her totality was a plot device and a poorly disguised one and that anyone reading this story even without analyzing the contents as we do could have predicted this very outcome.

Perhaps not every my new detail mind you but the major takeaways for sure the fact that she was going to die the villain wouldn't and she would in some way nerf him i'm honestly glad this fight is over because frankly for a whole lot of fans it is very clearly a low point and that's despite the insanity of the powers involved and such.

It really and truly just comes down to execution and track record which for a lot of people took away a bit of that enjoyment a fight that when adapted by the anime will probably be like two episodes or so three if they're really really stretching things but we already know that when it comes to this series the kids sell so i doubt that they would.

Really really want to stretch it and speaking of hopefully the return of class 1a will get the people going again but i will say that these precise time designations are really interesting what an interesting freshman year of school but yeah it seems like we will have one more week followed by the final event of the story now if you'd like to be here.

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