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Hunter x Hunter After The Anime! Hisoka’s Death and Gon Loses Everything!


On June 4th Hunter Hunter turned 24 years old for four of those years or double that for those that watched the 2011 anime there's been a bit of a Content drought with mangaka yoshihiro tagashi and poor health fans made peace with the idea that the adventures of gon Kalua Kurapika and Leorio may be left by the wayside that is until tagashi's.

Official announcement that the manga Hiatus is ending soon yes on June 6 2022 tagashi tweeted the first hint of a new chapter officially marking the start of a new era for the series because it's been so long since the last chapter was published longtime fans and newbies alike might need a refresher on the statuses of our favorite Hunters today.

We'll be recapping all the events in Hunter Hunter from where the anime left off where are they now the last episode of the anime past and future ended with gone Freaks and his father Jing freaks having a proper Heart to Heart at the top of the world tree Jing finally gives his son insight into why he's been absent from his life he was distracted.

By enjoying life's detours he claims that in order to Journey to the outside world they need four qualities permission the means qualifications and a contract which he had no need or want to obtain gon then returns his father's hunter license which kite had previously dropped back on whale Island the next day gone returns to the amateur Hunters.

Where they watch a flight of small-billed swans he takes a photo and sends it to his friends Kahlua and eluca receive a photo back on whale Island and Leorio gets his from a library Kurapika is the only one of the original four that doesn't see his photo he's instead mourning in a church in front of Curda ice back at the zoldik estate Canary and.

Amane prepared to bury goto they make a pact to keep the death from Kalua and DeLuca whenever the two return dar continent Expedition Arc the Dark Continent and succession arcs Mark a major shift in Hunter Hunter's narrative while the last few arcs have focused on gon and Kalua as the deuteragonists former Side characters begin to take.

Center Stage here Kurapika takes over as the protagonist and his character and powers are expanded upon even more including that he's apparently a J-pop fan other shadier personalities like crolo also receive more development and become powerful figures it starts with the new zodiac 12 holding a conference a frantic beans burst into the room.

Announcing a new threat from the leader of the kakin Empire nasubi Hui Goro who intends to visit the Forbidden Dark Continent the leader for this Expedition is beyond Nero son of the old Hunter Association chairman Isaac Meadow so not only has nasubi chosen a leader for the Expedition already Beyond has also assembled a team of 10 to join him.

Including former zodiac member pariston Hill both musubi and Beyond are breaking a 200 year old treaty to avoid the incredibly dangerous region known for its it means more dangerous than the Chimera ants and sogashi made sure we knew how much damage the Chimera ants could do the zodiacs then watched the second DVD beans delivered containing a.

Speech from Isaac Nero he explains that Beyond had previously visited the Dark Continent some years prior and introduced new threats to the mainland due to that since then he forbade exploration of the region until his death when he could obviously no longer enforce the rule netaro then shares his last will and testament the hunter.

Association must explore the Dark Continent before his son The Zodiacs debate the merits of agreeing to Nero's Last Wish lamenting Jing's absence as he was the only member with the ambition to commit to such a task while they argue beans receives a call from Beyond telling the zodiacs to call the V5 Summit and inform them that he was.

Captured by the hunter Association elsewhere the V5 are studying previous expeditions to the Dark Continent Steiner deputy secretary of the international permit agency reveals that only 28 people survived from the total 149 augmented voyages because of the 0.04 survival rate of the voyagers and the high Threat Level the imported.

Specimens from the Dark Continent possess Steiner proposes inviting nasabi and the cocky Empire to join the V5 Summit to unofficially monitor them what Steiner and the V5 didn't account for is cheetle capturing Beyond and negotiating with him gel explains that while under their surveillance he will make contact with his expedition team and Cheeto will.

Supervise Beyond is not worried about his potentially long imprisonment declaring I'll wait as long as it takes he signs an agreement with the new V6 essentially confining him to house arrest on the island elsewhere Jing crashes a meeting of Beyond's crew for the Dark Continent Voyage he States his intent to join or at least follow them.

Along which is former comrade Paris and isn't stoked about periston is convinced that Jing is trying to destroy the hunter Association which doesn't fit with Jing's chaotic neutral alignments everyone else on the crew sticks by their original ethos of allowing anyone who wishes to join to do so the two verbally Spar again when when Jing.

Suggests taking over periston's position of second in command Harrison feels threatened by his former zodiac cohort but Jing knows that pariston doesn't have the best track record when it comes to loyalty he tells the rest of the Expedition team that regardless of what the hunter Association says Hairston will actively sabotage the mission the.

Expedition team believes him and periston concedes to letting Jing take the position Steiner volunteers himself to be the official guide for the Expedition Beyond nederro's crew is complete in preparation for their Journey to the Dark Continent Cheadle calls Leorio to fill one of the positions vacated by periston and Jing.

Leorio immediately agrees and recommends Kurapika to fill the other zodiac spot mizai Sam Nana goes to inform Kurapika of his recruitment but is met with nostrad family guards to fight him off Kurapika halts the guards before any fight breaks out but immediately turns down the offer to join the zodiacs however misai storm has a secret weapon.

Someone involved with the mission owns the last remaining pair of scarlet eyes he threatens miztom with a Stern choose your next words carefully as anything involving the massacreda is still a sensitive topic since Revenge fuels Kurapika like fighting kids fuels hisoka he changes his mind and agrees to join under the condition that he will obtain.

The eyes from saridna cuigo Roe by any means when Leorio and Kurapika join their first meeting with the zodiacs Kurapika immediately sniffs out that there's a spy for Beyond amongst their ranks initially the two believe it's parisan but have no confirmation it isn't until a month later that the zodiacs discover who the mole is.

Kurapika uses his dowsing chain which is revealed to work even through live streams to pinpoint the liar amongst the Zodiac ranks despite the protests from most of them mizai Stone convinces everyone except Leorio to explain their abilities to a camera while Kurapika watches with Emperor time activated the dowsing chain remains until saiyu begins.

Explaining his abilities before Jing leaves for his indefinite Expedition he receives a call from his son gone is still unable to use Nan or seizure after exerting everything during his fight against the chimerians which understandably worries him no Aura means the end of his career as a hunter and no more Explorations and missions Jing.

Explains that the over-exertion essentially brought him back to a normal state but he can reawaken his Aura if he so chooses gone decides to leave the life of a hunter behind and returns to whale Island to Aunt Mito thus completing his 345 chapter long hero's journey for now if you want more Hunter Hunter content to tide you over until.

The new chapter drop a like And subscribe for some plot armor today don't forget to click the notification Bell so you never miss an upload now back to the recap succession contest part of the reason nasubi huigoro had decided to back a trip to the dark continent is because he'll be stepping down soon while breaking the 200 year.

Old treaty might be considered a perfect big move to end a Reign it's not enough for nasubi no he also must have his 14 legitimate children all referred to as princes compete in a battle royale to succeed him this battle for succession will start as soon as Beyond netro's ship leaves cocking's dock in just over A month's time there is a small snag in.

The trip plans though Beyond acts oblivious to news about the mole and refuses to cooperate with zodiac formalities while mizai stom is annoyed at Beyond's perceived insolence Kurapika reveals that their prisoner is actually unaware of syu's betrayal the two Zodiacs form an alliance to figure out who saiyu is actually working for and.

Find out that six of the cocking princes have all hired bodyguards composed of rejected zodiac candidates for the voyage kurapika's connections pay off once again and he contacts his fellow nostrad family guards to attempt infiltration in an extremely mob boss move Kurapika manages to get in contact with the 14th Prince of kakim Prince.

Wobble or rather his mother Queen oito the prince is still a baby leaving him the most defenseless of the possible successors Kurapika is pegged as a strong option for a bodyguard and is hired on the spot Heaven's Arena Showdown back in York New City everyone's favorite clown sokamaro is back at Heaven's Arena this trip isn't.

For isoka's sadistic love of battle though this is strictly business he hired an exorcist to track down Phantom troop leader Crowell Lucifer who is currently a floor Master the two meet in the ring equally excited to compete in the long-awaited Mortal Kombat unfortunately for hisoka agreeing to a battle to the death with crolo was a.

Huge mistake it turns out the king of the spiders has been collecting net abilities while evading hisoka's grasp crolo unleashes black voice to control the referee hisoko lands a critical hit on the referee killing him with no official left to monitor them the two start fighting extra dirty hisoka the freak that he is just exclaims I'm so.

Happy crolo you make me feel so good no matter how inappropriately excited for the battle hisoka gets crolo's nenskills now vastly outpaces while bungee gum has always been an incredibly strong technique crolo is now able to outmaneuver it by implementing multiple stolen techniques at once this thing includes proof of humanity which has the.

Ability to manipulate puppets including copies of corpses crolo takes necromancy one step further by both reanimating a copy of the corpse and channeling its Nan which becomes stronger after a person dies hisoka finally realizes just how much trouble he's in but he still refuses to back down a progressively more intrigued chrolo Muses that humans.

Are so very interesting before chasing his opponents all around the ring and into the stands while hisoka originally saw this as some sort of obstacle in reality crolo had created several copies of audience members and activated them to attack even in Dire Straits with hordes of people attacking and Carlo appearing to know his every move hisoka.

Still manages to draw blood from his opponent using the decapitated head of the puppet referee is a makeshift Hammer hisoka fights through the hypnotized masses and tries to find a way to deactivate crolo's stamp there's one issue with the plan though there is no way to deactivate the stamp crolo's abilities with his book means stamp can.

Be recreated and the puppets created are possibly infinite hisoka cannot bungee gum his way out he's quite literally stuck in the spider's web soon more puppets emerge from the audience forcing hisoka to flee to the second story of the Arena while fleeing one of the puppets explodes severing he soak his hand and destroying the back of Bungee.

Gum he'd placed on the ceiling even missing a limb the desire to fight never leaves hisoka's body as he continues to scramble upwards suddenly a small boom goes off then another and another puppets begin detonating in quick succession until the entire arena is engulfed in flames and severed limbs the battle is over and Heaven's Arena looks.

More like a hellscape the detonated puppets destroyed the entire floor and killed several actual audience members the most shocking Revelation in the wake of the battle is that hisoka is dead shellmark cortopi and Machi staring awe at his incinerated face stunned at the state of their former spider he's not breathing he his face and neck are.

Damaged Beyond repair then Machi makes good on an earlier promise and starts stitching him up when suddenly a large field of nen surrounds his body while as mentioned earlier nen does increase in strength postmortem this is stronger than a regular Corpse's Nan remember like 30 seconds ago when everyone confirmed hisoka was dead turns out he.

Protected his heart with bungee Gum as a pseudo defibrillator should he die hisoka rises from the table and covers his wounds in budgie Gum as Maji chides him for not choosing his battles in response to her perceived betrayal he binds her in gum and leaves the morgue in a huff believing he successfully killed hisoka crolo and shellnark begin.

Planning the spider's next big move infiltrating the cocking expedition to the Dark Continent it's also meant to be the first complete spider reunion and first large Heist since York New City shalmark waits for cortopi to tell him the news but the cousin it look alike has been taking a while in the toilet shalmark's musing is cut short when a.

Suspiciously hairy head comes rolling toward him like a bowling ball left in Shock by his colleague's sudden decapitation a distraught shell Mark doesn't realize the strings of gum descending the gum wraps around his neck and hands and strangles him his corpse is left resembling a marionette the revived and Furious hisoka sings to the.

Deceased shellnark two down ten to go on the black whale the time has finally come for the black whale to set sail although the pre-voyage celebration is anything but relaxing for Kurapika and queen oito with such a large ship and so many high-profile figures in the kakin Empire on board the potential for powerful Nan users is exponentially High.

Fortunately for the Young Prince Wobble the amount of high-profile passengers also means surveillance and neutral guards in public areas mizai Stone breaks this brief moment of reprieve by informing Kurapika that the third and fourth levels on the ship are full of criminals with forged tickets it's too late to discover who the stowaways are.

And determine their threat levels because the massive whale has left port and will be on the water for at least 2 two months unbeknownst to the high profile passengers strategizing or partying on the upper tiers a guard named Woody is found completely drained of blood in a bathroom between this incident and cortopi's death going to.

The restroom alone in Hunter Hunter is now a death sentence Kurapika surmises this is the work of a nen user based on the wounds but the guards either act oblivious or are suspiciously on edge about the mention of men soon five other guards suck dry like a Capri Sun are found in a storage room with the prince and queen's lives at risk Kurapika takes.

The rest of the guards hostage and pulls out the dowsing chain for interrogation only two of the six other guards hired to protect Queen oito and Prince wobble were also aware of the succession game because she's the newest Queen she wasn't allowed to vet any of the guards so she got stuck with two disloyal spies the interrogation gets cut short when a.

Variety of nen camouflaged beasts begin floating into the room these are the worm toxins sired the only guard able to see the worms toxins suddenly stabs another guard and launches himself at karapika like a man possessed after Kurapika knocks him out the guards find out he actually was forced to use his Nan and Contra visions of the worm.

Toxins Kurapika plunges the syringe at the end of his chain into sired's chest to temporarily remove his abilities and the bug crawls out of his ear the cocky and guards burst into the room to take sired away for questioning about the dead guards in the two hours since the black whale left Port Prince wobble's guards are almost completely depleted.

But good news for the baby Prince comes soon after the ninth Prince hulkenberg we go row withdraws from the contest saying I don't deserve a bloody Throne his father lets him withdraw back in the banquet hall sorodnick and the fifth Prince to beppa huigo row make an alliance to eliminate the rest of the possible successors they determined that.

The top five are the only real contenders princes 6-14 will be easy eliminations either due to their young age or a lack of ambition the eldest three siblings Benjamin Camilla and Zhang Lee are determined to be varying degrees of repulsive however a bigger threat looms over the scheming princes each one's Guardian Spirit Beast invoked.

By the seed urn is now roaming around the ship without the prince's knowledge while they don't pose a threat to the other princes as anyone protected by a guardian Spirit Beast is safe from Attack the prince's guards are vulnerable succession Stakes rise Camilla and John Lee hear about their younger brother pulling himself from the.

Race and try to negotiate with nasubi to make the decision null Benjamin interjects that Camilla's plea is a sign of weak will she clarifies that she doesn't want a fair fight she wants to instill fear to the point that everyone else ends their lives in forfeit since nenbeasts are now common knowledge Benjamin's sole Advantage is gone and he.

Must watch his temper his militia finds the dwindling forces of Prince wobble first and upon seeing karapika threatens the four to either surrender or perish Kurapika easily takes down the guard and arrests him for attempted assassination however Queen oito protests the arrest and wants to investigate the perpetrator now and since krapika does not want to.

Over exert Emperor time and risk shortening his lifespan he elects to kill the guard instead the discussion is interrupted by three princes Benjamin Zhang Lee and to beppa trying to get a hold of the person responsible for ruining their strategies one by one Kurapika takes their calls notably breaking protocol by answering John Lee.

First as they all try to extract information about Ned Zhang Lee's proposal seems to have the most potential benefit so the four go to his Chambers Kurapika concedes to explaining nen but has the psychic connection active as a grounding mechanism he also explains that the seed earned ceremony done on the night the black whale.

Departed is responsible for the nenbeast running around the ship as everyone walks back to Queen oito and Prince wobble's quarters a cockroach begins buzzing around them a result of sired's Nan passed to oito since everyone is on high alert dealing with the nenbees Kurapika decides now is the most opportune time to demonstrate the.

Capabilities of nen by killing the unassuming cockroach while the other guards are left confused about kurapika's preoccupation with a tiny pest the roach flies into a nearby event for oito to spy it catches a glimpse of the 13th Prince Mariah huigo row and his massive Dragon Neen Beast there's also double the guards that there should be.

Seeing as the 12th principal Moses passed hers down Kurapika catches what the queen is riding but using the dowsing chain an emperor time has begun to take its physical toll Queen oito suddenly exclaims that mimosa's life is in danger peaking the attention of Bobby Mina one of Prince Benjamin's soldiers Kurapika quickly pulls the queen aside.

Chastising her for such a sudden Outburst the two briskly walk towards mamoze's room with babimana in Hot Pursuit as it turns out being a good older sister and giving her guards away was a bad move as mamoze's body is carried out by Two Soldiers one of the guards surmises that because the prince went to bed at an early time the stress.

Of the day and the reveal of the nenbeast had something to do with her death this is only half true as it wasn't stress that killed her but her energy running out from maintaining her nenbeast the lack of energy made her vulnerable to attack as Queen oito attempts to conjure another bug to scour the castle Kurapika begins to feel faint.

Emperor time has been active for over three straight hours and his body cannot handle it anymore he passes out 18 hours into the trip Kurapika wakes up from his over-exertion and sees oito summoning another roach for surveillance despite the potential consequences of Emperor time still being active Kurapika wants to regain oito's trust and lets her.

Command the bug the Cockroach makes it down a few hallways before being swallowed by a nen Beast ointo cries out in panic once more prompting kurup he gets a hastily distract any guards with a bad excuse in the aftermath of Prince mamoze's death the Royal Court calls a meeting of the guards with Kurapika as the lead in an attempt to explain then.

One of Benjamin's guards furrykov senses a presence behind him a small masked figure that picks up on the bumbling man's nervous Aura while furikov just tries to stand and act normal the figure casts silent majority me it takes a while for one guard to notice the puppet and even then the others don't believe her that is until the puppet releases.

Four snakes while explaining that all four attacking at once can suck out the entire body's blood in 11 seconds as everyone panics about the murder they just witnessed the puppet slides out the lessons are cut short and Kurapika goes to find low Berry the guard that saw the nun puppet she's under the impression that the snakes were Prince wobble's Den.

Beast but since everyone saw the attack it's not possible while Kurapika returns to calm the attendees of his none lesson Bill the other Living member of wobble's original security team leaves to see if oito and the prince are safe spiders back tell your friends tier 5 of the black whale is home to many of the criminal stowaways a few small-time.

Criminals block the passageway to the main dining hall which works against most people but not the returning members of the Phantom troop Prolo was previously seen boarding the ship in full emo kid Glory but now it's official that the most ruthless group of criminals this side of York New City are back together while the remaining men of.

The Phantom troop search for potential friends and foe crolo runs into a d bungee gummed Machi the two have the common goal of killing a stowaway hisoka after the funeral for mimosae the guards and the princes are all understandably on high alert Kurapika almost catches a break after dealing with the repercussions of Silent minority and.

Queen oito's outbursts until another guard stops him to ask for information several guards now have a feather mark on their left hand indicating people with similar aspirations after the silent minority incident what the shared aspiration is remains unclear but the mark appears to resemble the bookmark that crolla placed on the attendees at.

The heavens Arena fight whatever the mark means it can't be good The Marked passengers aren't the only ones in danger though Prince Camilla is accused of conspiring to kill her eldest brother and is assassinated that is until her nenbeast appears and crushes her assassin then revives her turns out she actually was planning to assassinate her.

Brother and is now a a more obvious threat with such a powerful beast at her disposal she goes on a rampage against the guards until furry cop halts her Aura Ablaze and throws her in a holding cell with more of the nenbeasts being discovered the guards are now trying to catalog the skills risks and weaknesses of all the monsters Prince hulkenberg.

Remains the most concerned about the sheer untapped power of the Beast and isolates himself he's planning on taking the Diplomatic approach and wants to discuss leaving the ship no matter how scared hulkenberg is of his nenbeast he's nowhere near the biggest threat on the ship simultaneously another guard is found drained of blood in a bathroom at.

The hands of the silent majority who is still unidentified Zhang Lee keeps finding suspicious coins in his room that promise power if certain conditions are fulfilled the Mysteries continue to build as the threat of another banquet looms large back in the ship's basement the full Phantom troop including illumi zoldik are planning the assassination of.

Hisokamaro illumi announces that hisoka commissioned his own death at his hands and asked him to join the troop the turn terms and conditions are like a mercenaries versions of prenup where illumi is paid if he's the one to do the deed illumi's very homoerotic reveal is disturbed by a small group from one of kakin's mob families insisting they move.

From the table the mob members aggressive nature doesn't phase crolo he chooses to ignore the battle and focus on the clown hunt however the brief confrontation does reveal the Phantom troop's position to kakin's biggest mafia families one of these families the Gus with two scars on their face are made up of the king's illegitimate.

Children and have the same secondary goal as the troop to drain the king of his wealth in other family the Char R mercenaries encounter Fink's Nobunaga and faitan in the corridors of tier V and attempt to pick a fight Franklin and the consiglieri of the Char R's both hear about the encounter Franklin promises that their primary objective is.

Hisoka thus creating a tentative alliance with a powerful mob family me zeistam who discovered the murder done by the Char RS holds another meeting to discuss the rampant crime on board he emphasizes that the controlled crime has the potential to cause rioting severe enough to sink the gigantic black whale simultaneously the sex of the different.

Crime families and the zodiacs are scattered about the ship as the decks begin to close the only two caught by guards are Lumi and his youngest brother coludo mizaisam notices a guard speaking to them and immediately debates calling karapika he puts it off and continues patrolling the ship and that's where the manga leaves us there's plenty left to.

Unravel and hopefully the new era of Hunter Hunter will help relieve the tension that's been building up over the last four years thank you so much for watching I'm Jack Stansberry and have an amazing rest of your day