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Hunter X Hunter’s Disturbing Dark Continent Reveals Destroy The Series!


Hunter Hunter Fans welcome to the new world when I say new world you're probably thinking of some sort of Utopia which in most cases it is but not in the world of Hunter Hunter the new world is also called The Dark Continent this should give you a better Insight of what it means in this story it's a region filled with Mysteries yet known.

Harbingers of the most evil and dangerous forces that exist if you were Amazed by the Chimera ants you'll be absolutely stunned to hear the more amazing and Powerful discoveries from the new world which we'll be looking into in today's video everything we know about the Dark Continent Jing freaks revealed that the Chimera ants were from.

The Dark Continent describing it to his son gone as an outside world he wishes to explore the ark following this event in the manga the Dark Continent Expedition sets the stage for an important mission to explore the new world a ton of information regarding the Dark Continent was released in Vivid detail the dark continent is an.

Astronomically vast land mass housing a planetary-sized Blake called Mobius it has the entire your human world at its Center realistically speaking it is impossible to survive crossing the world's Oceanic borders in an attempt to travel to the Dark Continent but this is a fantasy world so of course there is a supernatural hack for all hopeful.

Travelers the gatekeeper is a race of mysterious beasts and they're known to possess the only viable pipeline to the new world how this works is that upon meeting The Travelers the gatekeeper assesses their characters and then summons a being known as the guide this summoned being then acts as a type of chaperone granting safe passage to The.

Travelers to an extent there have been 149 different Expeditions into the dark continent and in those attempts only five trips had returning survivors out of the thousands who took part in these voyages there were 28 survivors in total even among those lucky few only three of them passed the post-voyage evaluations and were able to go back to their normal.

Lives that leaves us with an astounding survival rate of 0.04 which further proves how incredibly horrific this place is the Dark Continent was revealed to be the origin of all magical beasts this probably makes you wonder if a trip to the dark continent is such a dangerous Venture why do humans in this world keep doing it is there anything to.

Gain from such a hopeless Journey why add to these pointless deaths well what if we told you that with all the horrors of the new world there are also miraculous resources that could evolve the world to a tremendous degree from the five voyages to the dark continents that didn't completely end in disaster substances were discovered that could.

Literally revolutionize life in the known world one of these Treasures is the unmanned Rock a small bead capable of generating up to 20 000 watts of electricity per day when dipped in water there's also Nitro rice a resource said to be the ultimate secret to longevity another is the Trinity Elixir a compound said to be the mother solution to all.

Sorts of liquid the rest include The Medallion and Alchemy plants and a plant known only as the unknown herb said to be able to heal all forms of diseases or ailments it's a vast World filled with numerous Mysteries and there are definitely a lot more incredible resources yet to be discovered however these Treasures aren't exactly up for.

Grabs an adventurer can't just stroll around the Dark Continent find and collect these resources this is because among the numerous magical beasts that exist in this world there have been five recorded god-like entities that make the successful acquisition of these items impossible these beings are known as the five threats and they are at a.

Devastating level of power that surpasses the laws and structures of the Known World these entities include the gaseous life form I known as the codependence of desire there's also the Botanical weapon brione known to be the sphere that protects the ancient ruins another of these beings is known as the exchange between life and pleasure path.

It's a beast that keeps humans as pets by sucking their lives away while making them enjoy it the snake twin hell bell is another one of these monsters known to infect its prey with homicidal desire the last but certainly not least is the immortality disease zobe a being that grants an unending life filled with despair remember how devastatingly.

Overpowered the Chimera ants were the creatures that killed numerous Hunters reached uncanny power levels it almost took over the world well it's been shown in the dangerous creatures evaluation list that these five threats are at a level of power that far outranks them so you can imagine how disastrous an encounter with any of these monsters.

Would be these beings relentlessly Massacre the vast majority of adventurers that enter their territories in search of resources what's even worse is the fact that the survivors that remain from these failed missions are cursed by the guide to carry one of these threats back with them to the human world we're going to be looking.

Into the most important trips to the Dark Continent and the results of these Explorations but before we continue don't forget to subscribe with notifications on and hit that like button for weekly doses of plot armor Dark Continent Expeditions the five documented trips to the Dark Continent that didn't completely end in chaos were.

Led by five nations collectively referred to as the V5 this Alliance consists of the bedros Union the Federation of ochima the United States of Sahara the mimbo Republic and the kukanyu kingdom each of these five nations held their own separate excursions to the Dark Continent in pursuit of one of the five known.

Resources but each encountered one of the five threats that derailed their respective missions the bejaros Union's Voyage to the unknown world was in order to acquire the unmanned Rock which unfortunately LED them to the territory of Pap out of a thousand adventurers only seven survived this horrific encounter the United States of Sahara.

Conducted their own trip to the Dark Continent in pursuit of the all-healing unknown herb but instead they were almost completely wiped out by the Botanical weapon brione leaving only two survivors a similar tragedy befell the Federation of ochima who traveled to the other side in search of the secret to extraordinarily long life the Nitro rice.

99 of their squad got killed by hell bell the twin-tailed snake the last two voyages ended just as disastrously the mimbo Republic's trip in search of the Trinity Elixir resulted in a massacre at the hands of I and the kukanyu kingdoms raid in search of the Alchemy plant metallion was made into a nightmare by obey the immortality disease it left.

Only six survivors but with everything said about those Expeditions there's another thing that is puzzling how did all this knowledge about the Dark Continent come to be the information that's guided the various parties and their voyages beyond the known world as well as the one that's being planned in this Expedition Arc mostly came from a.

Book titled Journey to the new world it was written by a man named Doane freaks who explored this area 300 years ago as you can already tell there may be a link between this Dome and some characters in the series but we'll discuss that later the book was set to have additions for the East and West however only the East Edition was released while the West.

Edition is still nowhere to be found this led to Jing speculation that Doane is still alive on the Dark Continent and still writing the book as he continues to explore the world so guys fasten your seat belts as we delve deeper into the Dark Continent it gets crazier because there's a brewing conflict ahead the new world Story So Far after nearly 340.

Chapters of the different characters exploring the known world and facing their different missions threats and goals why did The Dark Continent suddenly become such a big deal why did its existence become such a pressing matter and how did a mission to explore it come about after it was first referenced by Jing on top of the world.

Tree as an unknown realm the art that followed came with a massive influx of information regarding the Dark Continent this would serve as foreshadowing for the eventual New World Arc the mission to explore the Dark Continent came from King nasubi of the kakin Empire who funded the trip in order to expand Human Resources he presented Isaac Nero's son.

Beyond Nero as the one to leave this Mission Beyond had already survived a trip to the Dark Continent years ago and now he wishes to do so again with the cocking Empire's backing this time to fulfill his own personal aspirations the members of The Zodiacs were stunned by this Revelation they got even more surprised when they were presented with.

Two DVDs left behind by their late great former leader Isaac Nero he ordered that these DVDs be released in the event of his son ever showing up on these DVDs Isaac requested that they explore the Dark Continent overcome any of the threats and bring back hope for Humanity he further stipulated that they should carry out this exploration before his.

Son Beyond through these recordings Nero also revealed that he visited the Dark Continent twice claiming it didn't have what he sought after returning a second time he appealed to the V5 to ban all travel to this world Jing freak soon joined The Fray showing an unusual level of interest in joining this Voyage he revealed a bunch of information about.

The Dark Continent and bits of the untold tale surrounding the trips of Isaac narrow and Dawn freaks he was allowed to be part of The Adventures of this Voyage alongside his fellow zodiac retiree pariston given the fact that the two aforementioned Hunters quit the zodiacs two Hunters with whom I'm sure you're familiar were chosen to complete.

The team the first was Leorio who had become an extremely famous Hunter following his actions at the chairman election the second was kuropika who became a Mafia Boss and joined this trip under the condition of getting back the eyes of his lost Clan they're currently in the possession of one of the 14 now that the squad is set what are the.

Requirements for a Dark Continent Expedition as Jing stated for a successful Voyage Into the Dark Continent four things are primarily needed means permission qualifications and a contract speaking of which the need for permission brings us to our next important character in this Arc Steiner he's a high-ranking official at.

The international permit agency who was terrified by the idea of the new world he's not only read about the threats on the Dark Continent in doane's book but also seen with his own eyes the Carnage Left Behind after unsuccessful voyages against a lot he still joined the V5 to permit this trip under certain conditions the cockyan Empire provided.

The means in terms of funding and manpower to lead the Expedition as for the qualifications the trip had more than a few qualified parties it was literally led by a man known to be the son of the most powerful hunter ever and his name itself is already a sign that he may have surpassed his father in power aside from Beyond The Zodiacs are.

Also present joined by jingin parison the new recruits come audio and the rest of their trained Squad and finally in order to achieve a contract the V5 agreed to merge with the conking empire in light of this Expedition thus creating the V6 I know it sounds like a car engine but hey who cares the journey to the dark continent has already begun.

With all concerned parties in the voyage having taken Refuge inside a massive ship called the black whale and a lot of tension is already building up firstly the hunter Association has a plan to drop off all civilian passengers on a fake Dark Continent referred to as the new continent this could potentially cause conflict when it happens and.

Beyond nettero is currently incarcerated by the former V5 inside of the black whale an arrest to which he surrendered quite easily making it seem as though he wanted to be caught King nasubi has ordered the start of a sacred cocking ritual known as the succession contest to take place at the top section of the black whale a war in which the 14.

Princes of kakin embark on a battle to the death where the sole survivor will become the heir to the Empire dad to the chaos Kurapika has personal business with the fourth prince saritnik who has the critical and eyes he seeks the hunter Association is coordinating this trip the best they can but things are bound to fall apart sooner or later.

Given the fact that hisoka as well as the Phantom troop are also aboard this vessel for their own hidden agendas with all this it's pretty clear how epic and chaotic the upcoming Arc is gonna be the lore behind the dark continent is so vast that the possibilities for discoveries on this Voyage are literally really endless but as for the story.

While it's just as intricate and thrilling as ever we feel yoshihiro tagashi left a few breadcrumbs as to where it is currently headed and the reveals to come theories and predictions Theory number one and definitely the most obvious one is that the legendary author of The Journey to the new world Dawn freaks is either an ancestor or.

Distant relative of Jing and gone freaks I know what you're thinking pretty damn obvious however despite the glaring evidence that is their shared family name it hasn't been officially confirmed in the series just yet if we accept this Theory as reality that would lead us to make further speculations regarding Jing freaks's goal in this Expedition sang.

Jing's desire to explore the Dark Continent was born from his fervent curiosity does make sense but feels rather shallow given his nature in the darkcon and Expedition Arc Jing was the one who brought up the journey to the new world and Dawn freaks's topics theorizing that the man was still alive and riding the West edition of his book.

So it would make a lot of sense to say Jing's real goal of going to the dark continent is not only to prove his theory correct but also to meet his distant relative dome which is is pretty ironic given the journey he said go not to find him in case you're not convinced Stone could still be alive since his journey to the new world was literally.

300 years ago remember that the dark continent is known for having items that can extend one's life to extraordinary levels one of these is Nitro rice so it is quite possible that his life may have been prolonged to this current time period using this resource other Treasures he may have discovered on his travels could also have contributed to.

His longevity in the case of Doan being dead another reasonable story path could be Jing discovering what he left behind which could be the West edition of his novels and maybe other remarkable resources if Dawn freaks is indeed alive it won't only serve as potential fulfillment for Jing's goal but also as a great addition to the story it would.

Be super interesting to see the man who not only traveled to the Dark Continent 300 years ago but conquered it to a remarkable extent and provided Humanity with detailed information about this Abyss Theory number two is another reasonable one that should already be labeled as fact by now given the level of undeniable evidence to back it up.

It's concerning one of the five threats introduced in in the Dark Continent Expedition Arc and one of the main mysteries in the past arcs I and Nautica respectively what if I is nanika in the extra page of chapter 341 it was revealed that nanika is from the Dark Continent and during the chairman election Arc nanika displayed the power.

To bend reality infinitely this is a level of power that's beyond anything else we've seen in the series including Chimera ants native to the Dark Continent this would rank nanika higher on the dangerous creatures evaluation less than them which in case you weren't paying attention earlier would mean nanika is on a similar level with the.

Five threats now it's only a matter of which of the five threats and it should be pretty clear which it fits the description of most I is known as the codependence of desire and given nanika's current condition with iluka it's by definition a codependent life form also nanika has the ability to grant wishes and what our wish is if not.

Statements of desire as for how it got into the human world remember that these creatures are sent as curses to the known world for their failed missions in the Dark Continent another strong piece of evidence would be the manner in which nanika claims its victims while the person who refused its wishes is crushed their loved ones are rung to death that.

Latter part matches how past victims of the Dark Continent were described that and the fact that Jing clearly said that I claimed victims in the known world makes it reasonably clear that nanika is at least a part of I from the Dark Continent okay brace yourself everyone because from here on the speculations only get Wilder we are about to discuss.

A man who possesses terrifying abilities unknown and a power Untold that could surpass all we have seen so far Theory number three is similarly focused on the five threats during this exploration the characters are going to encounter an entirely new Calamity on the Dark Continent aside from these registered nightmares the five known calamities.

Prione Sobe I hell bell and pop are by far the most disastrous beings to be introduced to the series so far but nobody ever said the Dark Continent was limited to just five threats especially given the fact that no one has completed a full exploration of the continent to know its limits the arrival of a new apocalyptic threat that eludes the.

Knowledge of the Explorers would not only serve as a great twist to the narrative but also strongly established the dark content as the dangerous and mysterious world that it is most likely the characters will attempt to avoid the known threats during their Journey but end up facing a new one instead we'll not only get to see a new creature of.

Untold power but also how the characters struggle to overcome it whether or not it is a new Calamity the Explorers are bound to face a ton of opposition on this trip to the Dark Continent this brings us to our biggest speculation about what's to come Theory number four involves a man who can only be described as the most prominent new character.

Introduced in this Dark Continent Expedition Arc beyondero I believe he's going to be the major antagonist of the upcoming new world Arc as crazy as it sounds it actually makes a lot of sense given the things revealed about him so far despite his introduction as a powerful and confident character who lead the voyage there are still a lot of.

Mysteries surrounding him for one the real reason behind his enthusiasm to explore the new world is still unknown while he did claim it was for Humanity's sake we have solid reasoning to believe otherwise Beyond probably claimed these Noble Ambitions in order to manipulate the world's Powers into letting him join the voyage while hiding his real selfish.

And probably Sinister Ambitions his own father Isaac was extremely wary of him to the point that he forbade Beyond from traveling to the Dark Continent again for as long as he lived he even set countermeasures to stop ion's Voyage plans in the case of his death as previously mentioned perhaps Isaac caught glimpses of his son's darker.

Nature and has an idea of what Beyond seeks on the Dark Continent maybe even what he's capable of doing in order to achieve that goal it could very well be the same thing that his father previously failed to find given that Beyond has already been to the Dark Continent back he may have already stumbled upon something that caught his.

Interest and he's willing to manipulate the world in order to obtain it Isaac explicitly told the association to thwart any plans his son may have after all regardless Beyond is already on this Voyage to the new world and one thing we should expect to see is a massive betrayal this this will eventually lead to a major showdown between Beyond and.

The hunter Association who will try to stop his plans like Isaac requested given the fact that Beyond is the son of the most powerful Hunter and that he's already survived a trip outside the known world there's no doubt that he's a very powerful man so you can already imagine how devastating he'd be as an antagonist a showdown between him and.

The good guys in the story would be really epic particularly if at one point he was made to face Jing freaks in a one-on-one battle if everything plays out this way it'll be a truly incredible Arc that might even become more renowned than the Chimera Antoine I'll refrain from making any speculation about the Phantom troop hisoka and kadapika on.

Their separate missions towards the Dark Continent as there are a multitude of ways these could play out we do have a couple more theories concerning the Hidden Truths in what's to come but we'll save them for future videos thank you so much for watching I'm Jack Stansberry and have a great day