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We're going to be conducting a little bit of an experiment over the holiday break myself and my family got covered which in the scheme of things worked out pretty well in terms of timing we had holiday break we had a cozy little holiday Christmas by ourselves which was great we were thankfully all vaccinated so our symptoms while we're pretty rough.

For a couple days we felt pretty good after about three days not hospitalized so so grateful for that but then on day four for me I woke up not being able to smell which has been quite a bummer I can taste salty Sweet Bitter Umami meaning that kind of like mmm delicious kind of salty sweet flavor but nothing has any flavor there's no chocolate to.

Chocolate chocolate just tastes sweet coffee is bitter but there's not that Aroma of coffee you know that whole ritual process in your ground beans and you're smelling that and then you'll be hot water I'm like oh yeah you don't get that experience which I am learning is so important and something I really value but you don't really value it till.

You don't have it right it's only taken for granted now I know this happens to many people that have had covid they lose their sense of smell and most people get it back and I I really hope that's the case but at any rate here I am I can't smell so let's taste some things I know I don't like ordinarily when I can taste things and see if.

There's any difference because I can't smell and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised That's My Hope trying to find some ray of sunshine in all of this all right so come along with me as we taste things that I don't like or dare say hate all right let's go ahead and get started we're gonna try some pickles now hate is.

A strong word to use for pickles because I actually don't hate them in certain contexts I really enjoy them say a nice Fried Chicken Sandwich love slices of dill pickle or in a hamburger for example slices of pickled fantastic but I am never a one to grab a entire dill pickle and give it up and say isn't that great let's see if I can get the pickle.

Jar open yeah I think the last time I bought whole pickles was when I made the Disney corn dog pickle have you ever seen that so they you take a whole pickle like this and then you core it and then you fill it with a hot dog and then you batter the whole thing like a corn dog it was actually pretty good whole pickle normally I would be.

Smelling the brine I would imagine but uh I don't smell a thing nothing nothing zip zero zilch nothing here we go itadakimasu wow is that ever salty there is sourness that I noticed from the vinegar but more.

Than that a ton of salt so if you get an entire pickle that's 25 of your daily recommended intake of sodium well yeah I don't taste pickle though what I associate with pickle I think is that Dill flavor and I don't I can't taste it all I do have to say that is a pretty.

Terrific Crunch and very specific crunch it's a kind of when you get like a really good hot dog and the casing of the hot dog snaps I love that pickles kind of like that too the exterior the skin part of the pickle resists you a bit and it gives you that big crunch the middle is a little bit.

More mushy it's kind of what I imagine would be like if you bit into a cactus although I've never really done that I've had nopales before but not like a raw Cactus which I don't recommend you do by the way uh but that's kind of what I imagine it's a more succulent in terms of flavor when I say I like it I don't think so because it's just very very.

Salty I do prefer it to when I normally have pickles though no smell of vinegar you know that vinegar has that kind of funk smell don't smell that at all although I taste the sour It's a combination of that funky smell I guess and that Dilly flavor that makes me not really like pickles because besides the salt it's.

It's not half bad next let's try an after school snack that was popular with most children but not myself we're going to be having celery sticks with peanut butter now celery first of all I don't care for at all don't like them as a snack just don't really like it celery flavor I can give it a pass on certain things say like a New York.

System wiener for example when you shake celery salt on top I feel like it's really essential and also in like instant chicken ramen noodles there's a celery salt kind of flavor in there I feel like it's pretty important oh and chicken pot pie I feel like it's essential so there's certain things that are just like yes you need a little bit.

Of celery flavor like a mirepoix for example you need the Trinity but never just by itself nope 100 nothing no again terrific texture not having the ability to smell you really have to grab on to texture I feel not have to but I think I'm more in.

Tune to it great crunch love that very raw feeling of of chomping into something very very crunchy like a wet crunch it's a bit fibrous though I don't think I've ever really noticed how fibrous celery is although when I was a kid my mom would peel out the fiber it's so satisfying get rid of those strands.

Don't really taste anything do I dislike it no subtle sweetness to it I don't dislike it at all I would say I love it but definitely much better than when I can actually taste the celery but I would prefer to taste the celery rather than start loving celery if I were to be.

Honest let's do this whole peanut butter boat thing oh to make this extra worse I should put raisins on this so it'd be like ants on a log oh let's just try the peanut butter see if I can taste that oh have a texture that's oily and a little bit chocolatey.

Kind of what I imagine like oily Oobleck would be like if you ate it not a lot of flavor uh none actually but there's some saltiness here we go hmm interesting I think what makes that interesting is that there's a combination of textures you get this kind of Rich kind of Rich creaminess.

From the peanut butter with the very wet crunch so you get this kind of cactus succulents and then you get this fatty creamy nutty spread but I don't I'm not tasting any of the Nutty uh so it's not a bad combination I could see why people would like this because the celery is so crunchy and just very plain and watery so when you add a kind of.

Fatty richness to it I could see how that would be a nice foil in terms of flavor I don't mind it at all I think it is a good combination because it adds some salt and for me some kind of taste to the celery which has a great texture I would say this would be definitely something worthy of eating if you can't taste it it doesn't taste bad at all.

Peanut butter such a weird texture and simultaneously sticky yet dry you know what I mean wow if you followed me for any amount of time I think I hope at this point you know that I'm pretty adventuresome in terms of just wanting to try things I've never tasted before and there aren't.

That many things I dislike but there is one thing that I've tried repeatedly that I have not liked but maybe since I can't taste anything maybe I will like and if you follow me for a while you know what that is but if you don't it's this tada and this is called salmiak salmiyaki and.

This is salty Licorice and many many many many many people especially in the Northern parts of the hemisphere really appreciate this including my mother-in-law adores samiyaki this is not like your typical black licorice that has that kind of amnesty flavor think of like black jelly beans no this is in a league of its own it.

Uses ammonium chloride that gives it a very distinctive saltiness the first time I tasted samyaki was in my Emmy eats Denmark video this is before my first kiddo was born so that's over 10 years ago and I'll put a link down below to that video my dear friend Kiki sent it to me and it was full of all.

Different kinds of samyaki because she definitely loves it as a lot of other Danes do as well love that packaging and then you can just shake them out this little a embossed on it isn't that lovely it's a documents I can taste something okay salty definitely salty and no flavor though.

Just a sensation of salty salivating an artificial sweetener residual flavor strange chemical flavor that's what I'm tasting too I don't despise it but I don't like it normally I would have taken this out already but there's no flavor sorry though I still can't say I like it no.

I don't but I don't dislike it nearly as much as I do when I can actually taste something also got this this comes from Denmark and this is Turkish feffer and this is Extreme salmiyaki Turkish fever nope.

Smell nothing this one's more like a lozenge hmm it tastes sweeter oh now I'm getting some of that artificial sweetener medicinal flavor and some saltiness too I actually like this one better than the.

Lacquerole I use the word like very loosely I wouldn't I think continue eating this but I don't detest it like I normally do normally I'll be like why do people eat this um it's fine it's not delicious it's fine but that's sort of how everything tastes.

To me right now everything is fine it's really actually quite sad I really enjoy eating food and I'm learning that a lot of that has to do with being able to smell and experience and taste the food that I'm eating alrighty my lovelies so there you have it some of the things I really dislike eating and.

All of them taste better but I still would much prefer to taste them as they should be tasted and have an opinion of not liking them or perhaps once I taste these again when I can taste again I'll have a much better appreciation for them simply because I can taste them all right I love these thanks so much for watching I hope you all are well.

Happy happy New Year to you and I am so grateful for all of you thanks so much for tuning in and watching and sticking with me for showing up for just being here for me I wouldn't be able to do this without you so thank you so much and big thanks to Helix sleep for sponsoring this video if you'd like to get a mattress for yourself click the.

Link down below or head over to Helix Emmy made to see how you can get up to 200 off your Helix Sleep mattress and two free pillows thanks again for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media give me suggestions about other things I can.

Taste or try while I cannot taste things love to hear them and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye thank you so I can't taste but I can still burp


  • Thank so much for the encouragement and well wishes.❤My family and I are thankfully doing well and I am patiently waiting for my full sense of taste to return. I'm grateful for the smallest signs of improvement; today, I smelled popcorn!🍿Click here for up to $200 off your Helix Sleep mattress plus two free pillows! #helixsleep

  • My family and I didn’t get vaccinated. We got covid once. My son healed within 1 day and a half, and my husband and I in 4 days. Symptoms felt like a bad cold but we didn't lose our sense of smell or taste. All my relatives other relatives who did get the vaccine, keep getting covid with more severe symptoms. It's strange.

  • When i got covid almost a year ago….
    I lost my sense of taste and smell for 2 days…..
    I can't deal with it….i even tried lemon and nothing….

    I was so stressed out…

    Hoping you'll recover soon

  • I had flu over Christmas – not sure if it was COVID – I didn’t test for it, but everything tasted burnt for a while – including my beloved coffee! It came back over the course of a week, and I’m now back to normal. Hope you make a full and swift recovery!

  • Pre-covid days, I got viral pneumonia and lost my sense of smell & taste for a MONTH. I was terrified that it wouldn't come back, because eating purely with a texture sensation and no taste, becomes gross quite fast. Hope you feel better and smell things soon!

  • When I got COVID I was in a phase of devouring fried kimchi rice a few times in a week 😅 So it was really strange to taste almost nothing while I made it very spicy every time 😅

  • The first time I had Covid I couldn’t taste or smell literally. Not a thing. However the second time was like you. Subtle flavors. The bare base minimum

  • When I got Covid I didn’t lose my sense of taste nor smell although I had this weird metallic, bitter taste in the back of my tongue that wouldn’t go away for awhile and to try to combat this I tried brushing my teeth more constantly but the taste still stayed but the only time it subsided momentarily was when I ate chocolate although I am not sure why.

  • I am so sorry! I lost my sense of smell due to concussion several years ago. It's definitely a game changer.
    I've adapted but I am praying for yours to return, and most covid related cases do recover.
    Great idea for a video and way to make the best of things. I hope you make a speedy recovery my Dear🥰🙏💐

  • I caught covid right before Thanksgiving 22. I lost my taste and smell AFTER the sickness like EmmyMade… Bit into a raw sweet onion just to see if I could taste anything… And I might as well been chewing a nerf ball… Lol worst two weeks of my life. I hated not being able to taste anything.