greetings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back to another ration taste test today I'm going to be tasting a meal ready to eat which is a food ration given to soldiers that contains everything you would need for a meal it is shelf stable and is made to last for.

Several years and this is what it looks like so I have eaten many of these and I've also tasted International ones as well I will point you to the military ration taste test playlist Down Below in case you're interested in seeing more today's ration taste test is going to be a little bit different because I am recovering my sense of smell and taste.

Because I had covered over the holiday break I am pretty much fully recovered I feel great except I can't really taste or smell now I have noticed some improvements I can smell some things if I put my nose really really really close to it but even really strong things like coffee vinegar fish sauce those things that have very strong odors to them.

Smells fragrances I struggle with and that has affected my sense of taste I can taste sour salty Sweet Bitter I can't taste those things but nothing has any flavor it's a very odd thing some people have shared their post-covet experiences with losing their sense of taste and smell and say they have a phantom smell they always smell.

Something burning or something foul smelling burnt cigarettes I thankfully don't have that I just don't really smell much of anything I just really want to sniff my kids hair beds I just loved the smell of them so much and I think that's the smell I missed most at any rate I'm going to be tasting this ration this is an MRE meal 20. hash.

Brown potatoes with bacon pepper and onions sounds delicious I'm a huge fan of hash browns in fact it's my favorite thing to have when I have a dinery breakfast and and we'll see what this tastes like now that I can't taste anything well I don't know I don't really know what to expect so let's go ahead and get started here it is meal.

20. I've never tasted this ration before and this is the peelable seal now this seal is very very tight because it's a way to keep it fresh and keep moisture out of the ration oh my gosh it's so hard okay got it open and let's see what is inside okay so within that this bag is another bag.

That's shrink wrapped let's see what's inside this Russian so this contains a flameless ration heater a hot beverage bag this is plastic that can withstand hot temperatures beverage base orange type three a spoon and this one's wrapped in plastic it's the ones that I remember before were not.

Wrapped in plastic okay crackers spread oh look at this these are cashews jalapeno flavor and this is Mountain House granola I have not had this before then we have a bridgeford filled French toast oh a little Sun cheese bag.

And this is this looks like a little cardboard sleeve for the main entree which is the hash browns potatoes with bacon peppers and onions that helps keep things toasty not sure and here's the meal itself are flat indents I guess we put this in here I'm.

Not really sure what this is for it doesn't say alrighty so that's it this is everything that's contained inside of menu 20. let's see what's inside of the Sundries pack so in here we have some toilet paper let me show you what that looks like is it connected I don't know if I've ever opened this before Oh it isn't.

They're like they're little loose squares two pieces of gum moist towelette matches that are designed for damp environments see if they look any different they don't look that different let's just light one out of curiosity.

Yep they work let's see if I can smell it yes I can smell just a little bit of a burning smell this is a great sign I actually love the smell of matches what else do we have in here non-dairy creamer instant coffee sugar and salt so the first thing I'm going to do is.

Clean my hands with the moist towelette let's see if I can smell it nope don't smell a thing but this is what the towelette looks like my favorite towelettes are the lemon scented ones they remind me of going to KFC with my mom when I was just a little tot okay.

We're clean now let's go ahead and get the ration heated up in the ration heater so I've received a lot of comments from soldiers past and present that have used or eaten lots of MREs and said many times MREs are not even heated so I'm gonna heat them because I really enjoy using the ration heater ah this is great it tells it explains what this is.

For so this goes on top of this that's right to keep the meal warm okay so you put the sleeve on top okay as a way to insulate the heat that's what this is this is a little cardboard insulator I love that this diagram continues to be used on Flemish ration heaters simply for this this.

Rock or something and that's actually pretty important because the water reacts with the chemicals in here to create the Heat and that's why this is sealed but we don't want the water escaping getting all over the place right I think the design of this is a little bit different I don't remember it being waffled like that I.

Wonder if it'll be more effective as a heater I hope so sort of hit or miss my past experiences with these ration heaters in terms of how effective they are actually heating up the meal there is a fill line right there we're going to add just a few tablespoons really to get the water to Fat lines I'm going to put the ration.

In first but not all the way in and I'm very curious to see if I can smell the chemical this meal does not fit very well in the heater that's annoying okay you think I would have measured the parameters okay I'm trying to fold it so it fits I'm not having much six step go into the okay now we're going to add the water.

And it's not much do not overfill okay we've got the water in there now we Slide the ration all the way down pull this over and now we're going to slide that over this top of this I don't hear usually you start to hear some hissing.

I don't hear anything and I don't feel anything either well we're gonna let that sit and see if anything happens I usually kind of expands and there's a reaction I don't know I hope that's not faulty okay I'm just gonna let it do its thing if it does a thing okay with that let's go ahead and make our.

Granola with milk and blueberries can you see inside there see some big blueberries it says to add a quarter a sixth of a canteen cup add two to four ounces of water all right it's about a third of a cup I'm just going to add that to here and it says stir and consume promptly oh.

Wow I thought it would have to soak but I guess not all right dude my ration heater is a dud or maybe I don't know oh crap I put my granola down and now it's blood purple water everywhere oh look at that that's the guts of my granola oh well let's try cleaning that up this faulty ration heater is just thrown.

Me for a loop I'm gonna pour this into a bowl so you can see what I'm eating oh no I forgot to take that out oh man this is a disaster okay you're supposed to not leave that in there okay yeah yeah I think this this ration heater is definitely a dud it is getting a little bit warm but usually there's a puffing.

And a sizzling and stuff coming out of it okay this is the granola on the other hand this doesn't look half bad look at that beautiful purple color and lots of berries let's see if I can taste this doesn't smell like anything nope all right here we go.

It's a documents the blueberries are freeze-dried so they've got kind of an Airy quality to them I think the longer that this sits in the water the more kind of hydrated they get but at the moment they're pretty Airy and they don't have much taste because they just don't there's a little bit of sweetness.

Mm-hmm but that's about it the texture is a little bit gritty Sandy the oak pieces are not that big so it's not like I have to really work through a lot of grain I am impressed with the amount of fruit in here a lot of fruit I would say more fruit than grains it's cold though I think my associations with something like this is more like a oatmeal I know.

It says granola but I want it to be warm maybe I would taste it more maybe that's just my own bias but right now it has dry milk powder in it and combined with that cold water it has this kind of fatty separated fatty texture it's kind of odd perhaps the water had been at room temperature I would be less aware of.

That kind of clumpy fatty texture to it but I am kind of hyper aware of texture right now because I can't really taste so this is fine but it probably tastes a lot better if you can taste something all right I think if this ration heater was really going to do its thing it would have been doing it by now I think this Russian.

Heater is definitely a dud I'm guessing that there was a hole in the bag itself it is getting a little bit warm but it should get a lot warmer than this it should be expanding and fizzing and it's not but it is it is getting warm but I shouldn't be able to just stick my hand right into it so I'm just going to let it continue while I taste the other.

Things so hopefully it'll get just a little bit warm let's check out the crackers the cheese spread and the cashews very large crackers oh I've heard a little hiss that's worried it looks like there's multiple crackers there look like a giant Saltine yeah those uniforms.

Dots it's great I like all the perforations so it looks like you can break this I like the fact that this isn't broken but you can snap it I really wish it would have broken cleanly but it didn't let's just try it play and see if I taste anything nope not even really salty I mean it's just a.

Tiny bit of saltiness pretty light on the salt uh let's try the cheese bread I love that it specifically says to knead the package before opening make sure that the oils get remixed into the cheese spread in the past I found the jalapeno flavor to be the most Pleasant between the regular this one.

Whoa so inadvertently sliced the whole thing open along the whole side of the year I meant to just do a little bit but all right let's put some of that cheese bread on here and see if I can taste any of that cheese bread good definitely definitely salty very salty a.

Little bit of tanginess not really any cheese flavor I'm just typing um maybe just a little bit of cheesy bunk maybe but the salt is welcome for sure these crackers are very plain and in terms of texture these crackers are similar to those crackers in those.

Little boxes the little snack crackers that I'm talking about they're a little bit shorter and then saltine crackers seems like there's maybe a little bit of oil in the sort of crumb it's a little bit more crumbly rather than just being a snap of a Saltine.

Let's wash that down with some beverage base powder orange type three got a glass here nope can't let me smell anything maybe I'll smell it in its drink form okay good it's orange colored yes as it should be like an inch Tang and give that a stir all right let's see if I can taste this.

Okay definitely smell Orange like orange Kool-Aid or Tang yeah I think that's a good sign though about a week ago I wouldn't have smelled anything all right let's see if I can taste it here we go cheers that was very concentrated I tasted very.

Intense sweetness tanginess I can smell very faint Orange I can't really taste the orange I taste that sweetness and artificial sweetener kind of aftertaste as well kind of chemical uh doesn't taste very good because I can't taste any of that artificial orange which actually kind of like that really great orange Tang.

Flavor not tasting it but I can faintly smell it good sign my ration is still just barely warm okay let's try the cashews now throughout all of this I have still been able to detect spice and heat so if I eat something spicy I can.

Still feel the spice I can't taste the peppery flavor though but definitely have a spicy reaction I guess you could call it slight King a little bit of pain oh my gosh and these are jalapeno flavored cashews I can smell it oh maybe very faintly.

Yep very very faintly there are the season cashews love cashews all right let's see if I can taste this no I think I can mm-hmm so quick definitely taste the salt don't taste the Nutty flavor of the cashew but I really love the buttery richness of.

Cashews hmm a pink Taste of jalapeno very faint a little bit of heat just a little bit of a sparkle on your tongue and definitely taste the salt all right I'm gonna give my ration as much time as I can to warm up so let's go ahead and.

Skip to dessert let's try this this is the filled French toast which I have never had I've had plenty of the bridgeford brand sweets before kind of like the cinnamon bun one is probably the one it has the most but I don't remember ever having the French toast some Ooze coming out.

Oh yeah I can smell something I can smell artificial maple syrup smell okay so this looks very similar to the cinnamon bun not all that attractive if you want to be honest and let me cut it in half see what it looks like middle and that's what it looks like inside so that's the filled.

Parched toast let's make some hot coffee while we're at it so this is a heat safe bag so add this to here and we'll add six ounces of water and that's it hot beverage in a bag which is very difficult to drink out of.

So I'm gonna put it in a mug yes um what is the logic of this how do you consume this do you have a straw I mean you can't even hold it without burning yourself really you should have pour it into it bro oh lovely it's one of those days oh my God let's have some coffee.

Cheers oh that's better I'm gonna add some more water to this I think it needs more I can smell it if I put my nose up to it smells burnt mostly so then I taste it I do taste kind of bird flavor that does taste like coffee.

Let's see if I can taste the French toast here we go oh not really I think there's a little bit of nuts in here there's some kind of texture in here that's not bread like maybe I didn't taste it on that bike or feel it uh the texture of these Bridge.

Water Products are not my favorite they tend to be simultaneously dense and dry but slightly moist it's a strange combination it's the technology they use to make the Shelf stable so it's somewhat bread like but just very dense yet dry it is sweet and I can smell the maple syrup in it I can't.

Really smell anything else besides that though and for me it's sweet but even when I can taste I'm not a huge fan of these desserts but with coffee at the end of a meal it's better than nothing maybe alrighty let's try our hash brown potatoes with bacon peppers and onions.

This sadly did not react very well it is just barely warm I'm pretty sure the bathroom is going to be cold and this is not the typical reaction and I can't smell any of this chemicals I guess we're gonna eat it field style which is pretty much cold it's probably it's like room temperature it's not entirely cold all right let's.

Squeeze this out well I have to say this is not the most appetizing ration I've ever seen yeah I do see bits of potato in there and bacon I could smell bacon I think yeah smoky all right okay here we go.

Boy that texture is terrible cold potatoes don't have a very good texture it's wet and crumbly and mealy you know when you have like a mealy Apple like that this these hash browns are shredded so you have these little shredded pieces of mealy cold potato I can taste the salt.

And a little bit of smokiness but terrible texture I'm gonna try heating this up in the microwave and see if that does anything I imagine definitely I'll be able to smell that Aromas better but more importantly I think that heating it will change the starches in the potatoes so that it has a better texture let's see okay we have microwaved our hash.

Browns now I can smell the bacon and it smells like bacon bit it's a bacony smoked Aroma rather than like freshly cooked bacon know what I mean bacon bits or bagos this is what it looks like I would say a little more appealing although still not that great but you can see the potato piece is better and let's see if.

I can taste it any better can't really see the peppers and onions too much mostly it's a little chopped up bacon bits and potato let's see if the texture has improved my apologies for the snafu on the audio as well my battery pack died so itadakimasu texture is way better the starches have.

Gelatinized is that even a word gelled the structures have gel so it's no longer mealy it's more of a gel to texture the potatoes more like a cooked stewed potato rather being this crumbly strange cold thing in terms of flavor I can definitely taste it a little bit more more of that Smoky bacon flavor but I can't taste the pepper or the onion.

No definitely an improvement on the texture though and it's more soupy now it's salty though very salty but that could just be my whacked taste buds as well not delicious so there you have it my lovelies I tried menu 20 hash brown potatoes with bacon peppers and onion MRE and I could taste.

Some things and I'm so grateful for that because about a week ago I had nothing no smell no taste no nothing no that's not true I could taste just very basic things but now I'm beginning to get some flavor back which I so appreciate because that's so much about what eating food for me is about the complexities of all those tastes combined with textures.

But it does have me analyzing textures a lot more alrighty my lovelies thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye.

Alrighty so um do you think my chickens will like this


  • The one thing you can smell should be the chemical reaction in that FRH. That is a smell you never forget. Also the smell of the heating tabs in the heaters in Russian rations. If you get a dud heater again add the salt pack in your accessories pack in the heater and it should activate the heater pad.

  • Try Oscar's surstroming.. it comes in a can and it fermented fish basically I think it's a Sweden thing. If that don't bring back your smell or taste nothing will.

  • Just want to share this video here for Emmy or anyone else who might be still struggling with Parosmia; Taste/Smell loss. This hiking youtuber I followed for years made a video detailing all the things she tried and what eventually worked for her and her family. Lot more detail in the video but it was Stellate Ganglion Block Procedure, specifically the method by David Gaskin

  • I really never understood the disgust in MRE's.. I had to eat these for years and they really arent that bad. In fact I even like a lot of them if you mix things around correctly. I used to take the chicken Fajita one that was around during 2010 and cook the garlic mashed potatoes and cheese and put it in the tortillas. Good stuff!

  • I think the heat pack might have needed 1) a bit more water, and 2), to sit for just a little longer before you added the pack, just to give the chemicals a chance to react, and to allow enough circulation for them to do so evenly.

  • I currently have Covid; 2nd case in 4 months. I'm grateful that both times, I did not lose my sense of taste or smell. Hope you recover quickly. Love from Maine. ❤

  • Not sure how true this is but saw a video of someone loosing their taste and they burnt the outside of the orange peel without peeling the orange and then after the entire orange peel was blackened they peeled it and ate the orange and the next day woke up able to taste again. Idk if it’s true tho 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Hi Emmy, is there something a doctor can do for you? Maybe a medication or therapy? I can assume this is your lively hood and I’d hate to see your channel and persona be destroyed by a side effect of Covid. I think I speak for a lot of your fan base, I’m quite worried for you. Only because we love you! If it ever gets to a place where things get difficult or things will have to change, we would love transparency. Which I’m sure you’d have no problem. But still love you, still love your content, and you still bring a lot of joy in my house. Good luck honey ❤️❤️