– Hi, everyone. I'm Carolina. I love everything movies, Ilove everything pop culture, and I'm the type of personthat when I watch movies, I look at a kitchen and I go ugh, I wish that was my kitchen. Specifically, Nancy Meyer kitchens, okay? So today, we're gonnabe taking this kitchen and we're gonna betransforming it into the style.

Of three of my favorite movies. One, of course, being a NancyMeyers film, It's Complicated. The second being Amelie, and the third, Howl's Moving Castle. Now listen, I can't decoratethis space by myself. Luckily, we have an amazinggroup of women today, we have Alyssa and Claire on the art team, they're gonna be transforming this space, and I can't wait tosee what it looks like.

Now let's get to our first kitchen. Nancy Meyers, I hope I make you proud. (clapboard snapping) So the first kitchen we have today is inspired by the movie It's Complicated. It is a 2009 film by NancyMeyers starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin. A great cast of people, dare I say? So when I first heard wewere doing a video like this,.

I immediately thought we haveto do Nancy Meyers kitchen, hello? That's the best parts ofher films are her sets, her kitchens, and allegedly, her own kitchen is quitebeautiful and spectacular. Nancy, please invite me overso I can verify that statement. But it was one of those moviesthat was on HBO all the time, so when my mom would watch it, I would just sit and watch it with her.

I was way too young, way too young to be watching this movie. However, I loved it! I love Nancy Meyers films somuch, The Parent Trap, hello? It's the best movie ever,and this movie in particular, my favorite scene is when Meryl Streep is making the chocolate croissants. My mom and I talk about that scene a lot, we've even attempted tomake chocolate croissants.

And it just was not up to par. Everything here in thekitchen, for the most part, is pretty neutral. The movie is set in Santa Barbara so this aesthetic is thecoastal grandmother aesthetic. You might've remembered itas being a TikTok trend, people were calling it alsothe Nancy Meyers aesthetic. Flowy white T-shirts,some not so skinny jeans, maybe some of those new cute mini Uggs,.

You know what I'm talking about? You know maybe you'redrinking your hot coffee or your hot chocolate and you'relooking out onto your beach and you're just likecontemplating your life, that's the kind of aestheticwe were going for today. So contrary to thetitle, It's Complicated, and the messy love trianglethat we see in the film, the kitchen is not complicated. It's very clean, it's verymuch where Meryl Streep.

Has full control of her life,whereas everywhere else, she kinda does not. (laughs) This kitchen in particular, has everything a baker/chefneeds within reach. The food is all on display,it's in glass coverings, it's in eyesight so youknow you're in a very good, ready to eat kitchen. So it's a lot of rattan vibe. Now, as much as I lovea good coastal kitchen,.

It's time to swipe this kitchen away, and into the world of a fun,Parisian Amelie kitchen. (clapboard snapping) Bienvenue to Amelie's kitchen! Who can forget that iconic sceneof her in the movie theater where she's just lookingstraight into the camera, and then she looks back at the people? Amelie is a movie that has left such a huge impact in my life.

I feel like it's an animatedfilm for some reason, that's what it comes across. And the colors! I mean who could forget the colors? The colors are so unique. The greens, the reds, the yellows, and they're all inspired by paintings of Brazilian artist, Juarez Machado. Now, the character of Amelie is someone.

Who doesn't really need lavish things. All of her decor is verysimple, it's very traditional, she likes to bake so we have things that are easy access to bake. Now, the clock is such animportant motif in the film because the narrator, wheneverhe narrates something, there's always a specific time attached to whatever is going on. So it's smack dab in thecenter of the kitchen.

Now in the film Amelie, shehas a windowsill of plants and herbs so she can spy onher neighbors, like I do also, and we paid homage to thatwith these little plants at the edge of the sink. Now, Amelie also has a cat,if you remember the scene where she thinks her lover is gonna come through thebeaded doorway and it's the cat, and I also have a cat. So we paid homage to thecats by having the paintings.

And the little statue above the microwave. Now, Amelie loves tobring joy to strangers with the gnome in the film, so we also have our own little gnome that'll bring joy everytime we enter the kitchen. Now this kitchen, like the film, is all about the little details, specifically in the coloringwith the red and the greens like I mentioned before.

So we have red tables, wehave green and red utensils, some mugs, and to bring out some texture, we have some checkered things as well. And I mean this table is socute and it's so reminiscent of the tables of thecafe where Amelie works. Now, as much as I love this kitchen, it's time to say au revoir to Montmartre and hello to Miyazaki. (clapboard snapping).

Now last but certainly not least, is the recreation of Howl'sMoving Castle in kitchen form. Now, I am so excitedabout this transformation, specifically because Studio Ghibli films have left such a huge impact on my life, especially Howl's Moving Castle. This is just very earthy, itfeels kinda human, if you will, with the heart rightthere, very cluttered. And it is very cluttered atthe beginning of the film.

Until Sophie comes andcleans it all up for him. So the kitchen is inside areally weird, big moving castle, hence the title, Howl's Moving Castle, and so it's very muchhuman, it's very cluttered. If the house is moving,things are gonna shift, things are gonna be messy,and if you've seen the film, you're probably like wait, I know that little plate back there. So this plate is a callbackto the portal door situation.

In Howl's Moving Castle wherehe gets to different places, if you will. So it's a painted plateas a callback to that, how cute is that? One really awesome thingabout Studio Ghibli movies is the food. The ASMR food I think is an aspect in every single film of his. When Sophie first enters thecastle, there's food everywhere.

Because they can'treally cook without Howl telling Calcifer what todo, but Sophie's like no, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonnaboss Calcifer around. Now, one of my favoritescenes in Howl's Moving Castle is when Howl gets mad at Sophie 'cause she messes with his potions so he picks the wrong oneand his hair changes color, and I like when Howlhas his dark hair, okay? So as an ode to all themagic potions in the castle,.

We have the little bottlesright here, super cute. What feels so specialabout this kitchen is, within a moving castle, it'svery human, it's very DIY, it's not immaculate, it's not clean. Like humans, it's messy. (clapboard snapping) And there you have it! That was such anincredible transformation. Comment below which of the transformations.

Was your favorite, and whichof your favorite movies has the best kitchen, and maybe we'll get to do it next time? (dinging effect) Thanks for watching, bye! (upbeat music)


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