– Three, two, one. Blastoff! – I Draw, You Cook is back. – It's gonna be fun, it's gonna be good. (hands slap, eggs crack, hammer bangs) (Rie and Alix yelp) (Katie hisses) – Oh my! – Little nervous, a little worried. – I don't bake whatsoever.

– The judges are kids,so I know my audience. – Nice to meet you. – Have you eaten a star before? – Yes. – Oh, you did! – So what is magical water look like? – Colorful. – Way out of my comfort zone. – Gonna take some risks today.

– Things could go wrong. And I'm feeling so muchpressure right now. – I'm scared. – Here we go. Here goes nothing. (baking pan plopping down) (dough dropping) – Dude! – I have a secret ingredient. – Secret ingredient.

– I've never used one of these before. It's always a great thing to say. – It's looking good. – You think that looks good? Look at that. – That looks radioactive. – Hope this was a good idea. (dramatic music) – Roar!.

– Let's go. – Let's do it. – What the! – May the best astronaut win. (music fades)