– I'm actually, likereally straining, here. (exhales) (tinfoil tears) – Oh! – Ah! (upbeat music) Hey, what's up, everyone? My name is Tway andwelcome to “Making it Big,” the show where my friends challenge me.

To make their favorite foods… big. So, if you notice that mytable is a little warped here, that's because we're filmingeverything with a VR camera. Very fancy. If you wanna watch the full VR episode, you can with a Meta Quest 2 in Mega Tasty. That's our virtual cooking world within Horizon World or on Meta Quest TV. So today, I have my favorite person here.

Soybean! (both screaming in joy) Hi! Welcome to the kitchen! – Excited to be here,excited to challenge you. – Let's see what it is. – To match my outfit, today… (drum roll) Takis! – Did you know thatthese were my favorite?.

– Maybe a hint or two, but also, they're one of my favorite chips. – How big do you want this? – So knowing you, usually youlike to take the challenge and up it even more, right? Big personality, big everything. But I want you to try to makethis like a baseball bat. I wanna be able to geta big swing out of it. – So, big as a baseball bat.

Fuego, flavor. – Fuego! – How important is the crunch for you? – Super important. That crunch factor needs to be, oof! 'Cuz that's, that's the mostimportant part of Takis, right? Like you hear people… (chomping) – Yeah. All right, thanks butI have a lot of work to do. I will see you later,hopefully, with giant Takis.

– I have faith in you (whispers). Good job, buddy. – Thank you. – Good luck. – Okay guys, let's make this big. (whooshing) All right, giant Takis. So, that means giant tortilla. Now, I'm kind of nervous.

Because I have never made atortilla from scratch before. So, to make a big one is kind of scary. I have salt, right here. I have some vegetable oil, here. So I'm using hot water because it slows the gluten formation. It makes the tortilla not puff up. Like, we don't want this to be bread. We want this to be a tortilla.

It smells like tamales, right now. (sniffing) So, when I moved from Vietnam to America, we moved to a town called Oxnard. It was a culture shock that I didn't know I was going to experience. Like, I didn't really experiencewhite culture like that but I did experience a lot of Mexican culture because allof my friends were Mexican.

So, for my first everChristmas, I didn't know that, like tamales was a thing on Christmas. And now, every year onChristmas, I have to have tamales because it's just not the same without it. Okay, that feels pretty good to me. I'm gonna… Ooh! (batter smacking) Let's get my hands in here. I think we are ready for an ASMR moment.

(Batter smacking) (upbeat music) Okay, so this is the Takis fuego flavor and I'm looking at the back of it just to find whatI need for the seasoning. I think I'm ready to rock and roll. Let's do our habanero, right here. Cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, chili powder.

Add some sugar, in here. I'm really hoping thatall of these powders and spices will make myTakis taste like Takis because that's important. I need to, I reallyneed to deliver for Soy. The citric acid. (whispers) And again, the reason whyI'm adding this coloring is because I know that ifI don't, the color's not going to be vibrant enough and…

Oh, it's getting me. (strained voice) Now, hold. (plastic crinkling) (coughing) – Fuego! – (exhales) All right, let's get back to work. It needs to look exactly like the Takis that you see when you open up the bag. Ooh, this is probably themost satisfying moment.

For me, to seeing all of the colors. (coughs) – Fuego! – Just gonna… (smacking lips) Ooh, that tastes like a Taki! All I gotta do now is grindit up into a finer powder. (coughs) Okay.- Fuego! Fuego! – I'm going through it. (strained voice).

(coughs)- Fuego! – Oh… (sneezing) – Fuego! (Tway laughing) – If you ever attemptto make Takis at home, make sure that you have a mask. (food processor humming) Huh?.

So, it just doesn't look a like it's getting to the finepowder, that I'm looking for. Because this coating righthere, is really, really fine. And it's, it's just notwhat I'm looking for. (food processor container clicking) (exhales loudly) I have something… The world's smallest spice grinder. (playful music).

(spice grinder whirring) All right. This is definitely what I'm looking for. Yeah, that's good stuff! (upbeat music) Okay. My dough has beenrested, and I did the math. This dough right here, will make approximately six giant Takis. Perfect!.

(wax paper crinkling) It looks like PatrickStar, right now. (chuckles) (wax paper crinkles) The middle's kind of… Well, this is not an ovalthat I'm hoping for, but since we're going to be rollingit, I kind of don't mind it. It's also my first one. All right. This is super delicate.

Be really slow and gentle with it. I think this is the hardest step. Ooh! This is my first giantTakis, that's gonna go into the oven at 350 for an hour. (upbeat music) All right, so this is our big giant Takis. Can you guys see me? This is cooked all the waythrough, but it's not crispy.

I need it to really crispand have that crunch, (chomping) when we bite into it. So, to the fryer, I go. (upbeat music) Here we go! (drum roll) Okay. That was really peaceful. Thank you for that.

The color looks incredible. (Taki crackling) – Ooh…! Here you go. (upbeat music) (hollow tapping) Yep, that feels crunchy. Here we go! So, I really want to pack in the powder.

Are you serious?! Look at this! It's kind of taking everything in me right now, to not take a bite. Let's, let's call Soy andhave her come in sooner, rather than later, becausethis might not be here later. (upbeat music) Super proud of what we've created. I just really hope that Soy loves it.

Soybean! – Tway, should I opened my eyes? – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay, come here. – I wanted the surprise factor, you know? – Yeah. Okay, ready? – Yeah.- 3, 2, 1. (exciting music).

– You got the bag, too? – Yeah! – That's crazy! – Shout out to our department. Do you want to hold one? – I would love to hold… Yeah, as many as I can. Huh! (laughs) – I'm gonna get one from me, too.

(flute playing) A little flute. So, size? Did I pass? – A hundred percent. Like I feel like I can… – The looks of it? – It's like, perfect. I feel like an ant.

Like, you know when yousee like a giant Taki, that's what I feel like. – Yeah. – That's amazing! (crunching) – That crunch! – That flavor! – Oh, that is spicy. – Yeah. I can feel the heat, now.

– Fuego! – The flavor tastesexactly like the Takis. Like, I don't know how you did it. (crunching) (upbeat music) (crunching) (light saber buzzing) (Soy laughing) Wow! Saving this for later.

Like, look how red our hands are. – This is like, the best, Hmm. (static) (door creaking) (cricket chirping) (foot steps tapping) (bag crinkling) (upbeat music)