– This ain't Arby's, but we got the meats. (big band music) Hey, what's up? It's Tway, and welcome to “Making it Big,” the show where I take your favorite foods and turn it into giant foods. For this season, we areactually filming everything with a VR camera. So if you notice that mytable is a little warped,.

That's why. You can watch the full VR episode with a Meta Quest 2 in Mega Tasty. That's our virtual cookingworld within Horizon World or on Meta Quest TV. So today I have a special guestthat you all know and love. (regal horn music) – I'm here, hello, hello! – You guys, it is Rie, Queen of “Tasty.”.

I gotta admit, I'm kind of nervous. – Oh, why? – You are challenging mebecause your taste is expansive, and I don't know what you aregoing to be challenging me to, because you are kind of unpredictable. – Well, you know I have ashow called “Make It Fancy,” but you might be surprisedwhat I chose. (laughs) – Okay, let's see. – Tada!.

– Korean cheese dog. – Yeah, far from fancy,it's a street food. I'm new to Korean cheese dog. – Yeah. – But I love it. So I just wanna eat more. And why not make it big so I can eat more? – Why not, right? What is your favorite partabout the Korean cheese dog?.

– You know, I'm a “Tasty” producer and we love good cheese pull. – Yeah, yes. – So I expect you to do great cheese pull. The stretch is from at least here to here. I don't think I can doit, but I believe in you. I think you can do it. Good luck, friend. – Thank you.

Let's get to work. (big band music) So I have five pounds ofground beef over here. This is a pound and ahalf of ground pork belly. Gonna mix this up. Oh hey! Okay, well, Tiny Tway ishere and it looks like she got sumpn' to say. So let's hear it.

No way. That long? According to Tiny Tway, the corn dog got really popular in Korea in 1980. – [Official-SoundingAnnouncer] In the 1980s. – But it wasn't until 2016where it gained its popularity because they like basicallyrebranded the corn dog and added like the sugar andthe cheese and all the sauces, and now it's literallyeverywhere in the world.

So for flavoring, I have, Ithink this is onion powder. No, this is onion powder. This is garlic powder. This is white pepper. Oh, don't breathe that white pepper in. This is paprika. And this right here is pink curing salt. So what pink curing salt is isjust salt and sodium nitrate? All right.

I like to feel it kind of like squeeze through my fingers, and make sure that every inch of thismeat is covered with flavor. Oh, this meat smells seasoned. Now I am ready to make this into a paste because we're making a hot dog here. (processor grinds) Look at our beautiful paste. Okay, that was only one batch.

I have this much left to do. So be right back. (easy rhythmic music) This is not a hot dog casing, because we can't find anythat's actually this big. So this is like a, a casing for salami. (casing crinkles) Here we go. What I gotta do is reallymake sure (container taps).

That there are no air bubbles. (container pounding on counter) (casing crunches) (more pounding) I don't want (morepounding) any air bubbles. That's the enemy. (ominous electronic chord) (melodic electronic music) So we've already tied the other end.

I'm going to, ugh- (laughs) This is my foot long glizzy. And this is going into the oven for an hour and a half at 300 degrees. This is going to cook thehot dog and let it firm up. So, be right back. (relaxed retro music) This is our boiled hotdog. I'm gonna cut this side so you can see it.

(drum boings) Children look away. (sensual music) (needle sliding on record) Okay. So I actually needto put this in the oven at 500 for 15 minutes becauseI want this to crisp up, get a nice color goingbecause I mean, he's great, but he could be better. So let's make him better.

(rock and roll beat) My meat is done. (sniffing) It smells incredible. Now we get to shave thecheese nice and tight. (driving rock and roll beat continues) (funky sax joins music) What we're gonna do is put this stick through the dog, because this is going to hold the cheese and the dog together,.

But it's also like the stick to hold the whole thingtogether when you're eating it. Here we go. (music continues) It went through! I am going to actuallyuse these little skewers to secure this to thisbecause it's so big. I can't trust just one stick, you know? (suspenseful music begins).

So I am going to secure itwith these stick right here. All right, now time to put this together. I- Ooh I need some help. Beryl (echoes)? (drum roll) I'm gonna put my hand here to guide. (drum roll continues).

(sticks crunch) (funky organ music) Time for the batter. (music continues) Oh hey, welcome back. Okay, let's hear it. So, according to Tiny Tway, the difference between a Korean corn dog and a traditional American corn dog.

Is that the batter for Americancorn dolls have cornmeal, but the Korean one does not. So that's why there's nocornmeal in this corn dog matter. The more you know. (ethereal musical flourish) It's game time. So I have to get theglizzy coated in flour, and then I'm gonna bring it over here and batter it and then coat it in panko.

(playful music) A little glizzy ASMR. The tingles! (playful, mysterious music) Okay, welcome to the back kitchen. Over there is my fry team. Hi, fry team! – [Echoing Announcer] Fry guys, your guide to anything fried.

– All right, drop the glizzy. (serious rock and roll music) (lounge-style jazz music) This glizzy is glorious. It's looking beautiful. Rie, are you here? – I am here. – [Tway And Rie] Wow! – Oh my god.

You made a box too? – Yeah, well I didn't make it. – Okay.- The art- (both laughing) – Department. – Oh! (laughs) Make it rain. – Are you ready? – Yeah, three, two, one. – We love good cheese pull. Oh-.

– Aah. (laughs) Whoa. It's a lot of cheese. – It's pulling. – How about this? – No, it's pulling. (Rie laughs) (cosmic music) We love good cheese pull.(echoing) I was gonna say, shouldwe put the toppings on?.

(upbeat folk music) – Okay, so I'm gonna do cross. – This is very precious cargo. There's a sriracha shortage. – Oh my god. – Can we cheers? – Cheers. Cheers to Tway. (folk music continues).

Oh, it's yummy. It's so good. – I actually really enjoyed this – Mm-hmm. – In the comments below, Let me know what I shouldmake big next time. – Peace. – See ya. (folk music continues).