– This is cinnamon? – Yeah. – Why does it smell so not cinnamon? (laughs) – Whoa. (peppy Christmas jingles) – Hey, what's up everyone? My name is Tway and welcome to a special edition ofMaking It Big, the show where.

My friends challenge me tomake their favorite foods big. If you notice that my tablehere is a little warped that's because we'refilming everything in VR. I know. Really, really cool. If you wanna watch the fullVR episode, you can watch it with a Meta Quests twoheadset in Mega Tasty. That's our virtual cooking world within Horizon Worlds or on Meta Quest tv.

Today I have a special spicy guest. – Hello – Hi! – You guys. The Flavor Force Queen is in my kitchen. Thank you so much for blessingme with your presence. – Thank you for having me. – [Tway And Jing] Happy Holidays. – I have a very specialchallenge for you today.

I know you're probably expectingsomething really spicy. – Yeah. – but I'm gonna lean sweet today. – Oh? – I think it's everyone'sfavorite dessert for the holidays. It is a cinnamon roll. – You want me to make it big? – I do. I want you to make theworld's biggest cinnamon roll.

– Oh my gosh. – The icing to doughratio needs to be on point. – Okay. – You know, I like my sauce. Icing is like sweet sauce. – If I don't succeed, I willjust get you one from the mall. (Jing and Tway laugh) – That's a decent constellationprize, but I believe in you. – Thank you.

– So, I will see you soon. – I'll see you later. – All right. Good luck. – Wow. Okay. Let's make a big, giant cinnamon roll. (holiday music) – I'm gonna start off by making the dough. So I have all purpose flour here and I'm also using whole wheat flour.

This is going to help with the structure of the cinnamon roll. I have my sugar here. Oh, and by the way, this isonly one batch of the dough. Some salt, ginger, and yeast. This dry mix. So this is 16 whole eggs. There's actually 32 in the recipe. A lot of butter in this recipe.

And hey, I'm not mad at it. I love butter. I just feel like everythingin life that's good, is bad for you and that's just not fair. I have my milk over here. Molasses. Oh, yeah. So this is a holiday recipe, and that's why we're using molasses.

To give it that, you know,extra holiday flavor. All right, and I think it'stime to add the dry in. Working with this muchdough kind of scares me, because I just hope that it rises. For next season, can production get like a commercial mixer or what? Are we just gonna continueto do this by hand? Ooh. Think I'm ready to putthis out onto the counter.

Here we go. So my dough is gettingthere, but in the meantime Tiny Tway is here toentertain us with some facts. So let's hear it. So it was the Egyptians and the Romans that had the original sticky bun, but it was actually the Swedish and the German immigrantsthat brought their version of the sticky buns to America.

And it wasn't until the1950s where the cinnamon role as we know it, the onesthat I'm making now was created and gained popularity. I think we are ready to go in the bowls. (upbeat ticking music) So while the dough is rising I'm going to make the filling, literally the best partof the cinnamon roll. So I have the basics here,the butter and the brown sugar.

A lot of butter. Brown sugar here. And you can just like stop here. But like, I want to make this special for Jing because I love Jing. So I have all these spices here for her. – [Voice Affect] Spice it up! – Molasses, ginger salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, five spice, cloves.

I love that all these spicesare the spices to make pho, but we're making cinnamon rolls. Imagine a pho cinnamon roll. I don't know if that sounds good, but like it's a possibility if it shares the same ingredients. Right? There you go. Oh man. What a big boy. And I think it's timefor another ASMR. Listen.

(rolling pin stick) Wow. I have my filling here. Ooh. Mm I'm just going to spreadit all over this dough. Besides eating thecinnamon roll, this has to be my favorite part ofmaking a cinnamon roll. (happy piano music) The moment that I've beennot looking forward to.

Because this can make orbreak my cinnamon roll. (tense string music) So usually with the regularcinnamon rolls, at this point you just cut this, put iton the tray, let it rise. But we're not makingregular cinnamon rolls. We're making a big one. So I'm gonna continue to keep rolling. (excited band music) Oh.

What I'm gonna do is cut this in half and just kind of like patch it. You know? (festive orchestration music) I think it can only fit one more. I wanna leave a littleroom for it to expand. Let's bake this bad boy. (happy holiday music) Again, I have butter.

What's new? This recipe just has so much butter. Cream cheese, and then I have my vanilla extract here and my salt, the powdered sugar. I have some milk over here that I'm going to just add in slowly. Got to taste test. Got to.

Oh my gosh, that is so, so delicious. Let's crush up some cookies. I'm not angry, I promise. Oh yeah. I've just, I've never. (upbeat music) – Gorgeous. This is my big, giant cinnamon roll. So proud.

– This is it. I'm really hoping to get Jing's approval, and I think she's here. Come on in, Jing. – Hi. Oh my God. – Okay. Are you ready? – I think so, yes. – Okay. Three, two. (Tway laughing).

– Oh – This is the giant cinnamonroll that you asked for. – Oh my God. – It looks exactly like the cinnamon roll I gave you earlier, but giant. – Are you ready? – I am ready. – My. – You need some help?.

(sad trumpet sound) (both laughing) – All right. – Thank you, Cole. – Take two. – Take two. Yes! – Oh my God. – Oh my Lord.

Here we go. – Wow. – Here's your slice of cinnamon roll. – All right. – [Tway And Jing] Cheers. – Hmm – Mm. What I love is that it's not too dense and you see how there'sso many flaky layers.

And with all the, you know,the spices layered in between. That is exactly what I asked for, and what I was looking for. So you did great. – Shall we takethis home and finish it? – Let's do it. – All right. Let's go. – Need help carrying? – Yeah let's do it.

– Wow, wow – I'll, I'll get the lights later. – Okay. (holiday jazz music)