– Will you come out? It’s having a hard time letting go. It kind of feels like I’m making mochi. Get ready for the burial. Listen. (upbeat music) Hey, I’m Alvin. Welcome back to Tasty’s Making It Big, the show where I make giant versions of some of America’s most beloved foods.

And fun fact, this year is Tasty’s fifth anniversary. It’s been five years since we’ve started this crazy food adventure. And to celebrate I’m gonna be making a giant Chicken Parmesan Stuffed Garlic Bread which is a video that I made awhile back.

I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun. So let’s get started. Okay. So to start, I’m gonna make the giant garlic bread from scratch, and that means making fresh bread. As you can guys can see, this is a starter.

He’s been starting for 24 hours now. Usually people name their starter. I think I might get too emotionally attached if I do. So I’m just gonna, he’s gonna just nameless here and to start off, I’m going to mix the yeast with the water.

Yeast needs time to get bubbly and it’ll do it’s thing over there. And into this big bowl, I got the flour and some salt. I’m just gonna mix this guy up. He’s getting gassy. Okay. Let’s pop this guy open.

Oh, that smell is definitely something. Come on, get out of your little box. Look at that. All right. Can you come out like this? Will you come out? Oh, he’s coming out. He’s having a hard time letting go.

That’s okay. We all do sometimes. All right. This guy’s all done. Okay. So now I’m gonna mix this with the flour. You know what? I’m just gonna use my hands for a little bit. Ooh, this is quite soft. It kind of feels like I’m making mochi.

The goal is to get kind of a shaggy dough. Ooh. Getting flour everywhere. I think this guy is pretty much ready to go in. All that yeast, ooh, look at those bubbles. Start to get that incorporated. It’s probably taken me a while.

I’ll be right back. Okay. So it’s like kind of coming together. It’s like a sticky shaggy mass. And because this is Tasty’s fifth birthday episode I thought I might share a couple of stories from what it was like, you know, being here since the beginning.

So fun fact, this Chicken Parmesan Garlic Bread video, I made it a long time ago and it was actually just me in here on like a Sunday night. I was like, ah, it’s just another tasty video. And then I just made it.

Didn’t think much of it. It did pretty well. And now I guess I realized all of my best ideas come to me on the weekends when I’m not working. Is that weird or is that normal? I think this is kind of there.

This is gonna be kind of messy. You gonna come out? Please come out. Okay. That’s, probably could’ve done a better job of that. This is not too far away from the course. I feel a little bit better about that now.

This is very sticky, you know. I think I’m gonna wash my hands. Then we’re gonna wrap Saran Wrap around this. Let it proof for forty-five minutes and clean up this entire table because I am a mess. Oh look, Tasty’s fifth birthday.

Whoa. So this guy has been proofing for like 45 minutes. It’s time to punch some of the air out which is always pretty fun cause I like punching things. Oh, I’m not aggressive, I promise. At this stage the top is ugly.

So this is the fold step. So back to more reminiscing about Tasty. We started to explore more cinematic videos on YouTube. And one of the ones that I’ve been most proud to work on is a video called the magic of bread making where this French baker, Gus, owns a little bakery in Brooklyn called L’Imprimerie.

And I remember editing the sequence where he was folding the dough. And I remember that being some of the most satisfying shots I’ve ever seen. Even though I’m not as good as he is this part definitely reminds me of him.

Go check it out. So once you got all those ugly little bits kind of shambled together you get to go underneath and flip the whole thing. Big baby. Woo. Look at that. Now that he has been folded and shaped a little bit better, it’s like a butt.

Very firm, went to the, nevermind. Go to sleep, dude. Okay. So while the bread finishes proofing I’m gonna fry the chicken. In the original video it’s a chicken breast that is, you know, cut up into small pieces, breaded and then fried.

Since we’re making it big we’re not gonna cut up the chicken. We’re gonna use the whole chicken breast. Salt, some pepper, but you can’t just put only salt and pepper on chicken. Come on guys like onion powder, garlic powder, paprika.

Seasoned chicken should basically be a different color. Fill all hold those crevices. There you go. See, now the chicken doesn’t look like chicken anymore. That’s when you know it’s been seasoned correctly.

Trying to get all the seasoning off of the pan. The chicken has been properly seasoned. So we’re breading it with the flour, the eggs, and the bread crumb. Pretty classic set up just like we did in the original Tasty video.

Shake off the excess flour and into the egg. Same with you. And we’ll flip into the breadcrumbs. And we’re gonna cover it completely. We can get all the good parts covered. Let’s put them over here to rest while I’ll do the other dudes.

Getting ready for the burial. This reminds me of the time my friends buried me in the sand one time at the beach and then they forgot about me. All right. I’ll be careful. I think I put a little too much, but that’s fine.

If you’re at home don’t do what I just did. Be a little safer. Don’t put in two at the same time. I got all excited but you don’t want the oil to be too close to the top. The goal is just to get a good looking shell on the top.

It’s a little crispy. That’s all good. Nice, drain over here. And this guy drain over here. I’m gonna bread and fry the other two. These aren’t fully cooked. The outside is so once I finish frying all four of these I’m gonna put them in the oven just to finish cooking all the way through.

Excuse me, I have some more chicken to fry. So this guy has been proofing for another 45 minutes and he has gotten quite large. I’m gonna do the whoosh. Oh, that was less dramatic than I thought. Oh baby, look at that.

Woo. Okay. Let’s press into it. Get all those little bubbles out. Wow. You can hear the gas coming out. And then fold the top third over down and then seal it and the bottom third over, seal to make sure that this gets a nice oblong shape.

Repeat that kind of like a nice Yule log. Just kidding. I don’t know how Yule logs are made. So we’re gonna go and roll. It’s very fun to play with. Kind of reminds me of the giant donut episode that I did for Making It Big.

That was not that great, but that’s okay. This is a very large reptile. This is the biggest bread we can make because this is the biggest tray that can fit in the oven that we have. So I’m gonna let this guy proof for another 45 minutes till he gets bigger one last time.

And then he’s gonna go into the oven. So grow up my dude. Okay, so the chicken is all cooked and you can’t have garlic bread without garlic butter. So I’m just gonna make a lot of garlic butter which will start with copious butter.

Who knew? The amount of times I’ve made garlic butter for a Tasty video is probably in upwards of like 50. Back in the day when I was coming up with a lot of these recipe video ideas I almost have this weird spreadsheet thing where I had a column of like popular food items and terms like garlic butter, chicken, steak, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, all those things.

And on the other side, I would have another 20 and I would almost play this mix and match game where I would like kinda combine two random phrases to see if they work. Chicken Parmesan and Garlic Bread actually came out of those two.

Okay, so the butter is frothing. Time for the garlic just to get the aromas going. I’ve made this so many times, but it always smells amazing. Oh man. All right so I wanna take this guy off the heat. Yeah, I don’t want to get too much color on it ’cause we’re still gonna put it in the oven later.

I’m gonna add some parsley. This is the good old tasty garlic butter recipe. Okay. So I think the bread looks pretty much ready. So I think it’s time to roll out and bake this giant loaf of bread for this garlic bread.

So that way this garlic butter has a home. So, wow. Smells amazing. This is the final look of the bread before he goes into the oven. I’m gonna score the top, one, two, three, four, five, and six. I’m gonna bring him to the oven.

Let’s go. ♪ Come on, vamanos, everybody let’s go. ♪ This is a heavy boy. Oh, hey look. You jiggle too. Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. Sparta. All right, into here you go, big buddy. All right. Bye-bye, dude.

See you until you are big again. Okay. So this is how the bread came out. It is a beautiful looking and smelling loaf. Very proud of it. He grew up to become a very fine bread boy. Ooh, hey there, little buddy.

In the original video, the normal size bread is cut into the sections and hollowed out. So I’m going to be doing that but on a very large scale. There’s a scene in “Ratatouille” where Chef Colette says you can tell a loaf of bread is good not by the smell, but by the sound.

Hopefully this bread is good. (bread cracking) Oh yeah. That’s a good bread. Listen. Music to my ears. Sorry. I had a lot of fun doing that. And the next step is to hollow it out just like in the video to make room for the chicken.

There really is nothing quite like freshly baked bread. Ooh, it’s hot. Look at that. It’s, wow. This is steamy. You can see that’s one. I’m watching you. That’s kind of scary. Don’t do that. Well, this bread is so good.

Oh, it smells amazing. I gonna do these for the rest of these pieces. I’ll be right back. Okay. So all of these have been hollowed out. You can tell. And I’m going to start the chicken stuffing process.

Putting a whole chicken breast in here. So let’s see how we’re gonna do this. You just start stacking. Wow. This is gonna be one tasty meal. See all those gaps? That’s gotta be filled with the cheese.

Let’s do another. Let’s trim off a little bit. That’s fine. Please fit. That’s a tight fit. Yeah, vertical might be the way to go. Some cheese in there, yup. Okay, so every single one of these pieces has been stuffed with chicken and cheese.

And just like the video, the last part is to transfer them onto a tray and brush them with garlic butter. To seal the ends, we’ve got the tips. Ensure all the little cracks and crevices. Wrap him up. And this guy is ready for the oven.

And this is where all the magic is gonna happen. So off you go. Okay, there you go. Let’s take this guy out. Let’s see. How are you doing, big guy? Woo. This is the good stuff. Okay. Come on. Nice. And we have some nice marinara sauce here to go with the garlic bread.

And just for you guys, a nice big ole cheese pull. Well, hello there. That’s nice. Okay. I think it’s time to eat. All right. Look at this beautiful guy. That is quite large. Have the knife and fork this guy.

Oh, that’s crispy. Oh my God. It smells so good. Geez. I’m not even kidding. A little bit of sauce. Hmm. Whoa, it tastes better than the video of it I made a while ago. That’s crazy. I’m gonna keep eating this.

Please excuse me for a moment. Okay, so you guys are probably wondering what’s gonna happen with all this garlic bread and all this chicken. And honestly, you know, I wanted to be able to share this with friends and people that I like to feed but unfortunately that can’t happen this time.

So if you, excuse me I have a lot of garlic bread and chicken to consume. So I will see you guys next time. Yay. Cut the video.