greetings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today I'm going to be revisiting a project I started a couple years ago and never finished why am I returning to this project well because I want to finish it but also I am still struggling to smell and taste things I.

Am so grateful they are coming back the senses of mine if you've missed this little update back during holiday break my family and I got covered and I lost my sense of taste and smell but luckily we are two three weeks in things are returning and I am so grateful I can smell coffee I can smell onions frying and I can taste things but.

Limitedly there I don't have my full range of taste yet but it's okay because it is returning and I am so grateful for that I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to return to this project and it is making a glossy crummy shiny ball out of aluminum foil now this is a project that got popular here on the YouTubes probably about four.

Years ago and it all started from my understanding from a Japanese show where a fellow took a ball of aluminum foil and crunched it all together you know like you do after you finish a sandwich and proceeded to take a hammer and pound on the ball to compress the aluminum foil into a tighter ball and then proceeded to polish the ball until it.

Had a gorgeous mirror like finish so other channels have also done this I believe threadbanger did this good old Rob tackle this project a while back and I tackled it as well but I never completed it so this was a perfect time to for me to complete it and I was successful so let me show you the entire process on how to do it in fact I'll.

Show you the very very Beginnings the first thing you're going to need two basic things a hammer and some aluminum foil you don't need a ball peen hammer which this happens to be it's just what I've got any old Hammer will do same thing goes for aluminum foil doesn't have to be anything fancy we also need some surface to hammer on.

CE oh my gosh this is gonna be the last of my foil are you kidding me okay this is going to be a very small example anyways we're gonna take some foil and crumble it up and you will have a foil ball now the beautiful thing about aluminum foil it is very malleable and relatively soft and very light it's not.

Going to be perfect and that's how you know that this was made by hand and now this is step one of the very kind of labor intensive part but I have to say this is really kind of meditative this whole process and you just begin tapping this into a ball a tighter ball foreign here don't worry just keep pounding that.

Down I had a very pesky piece of foil that was like this and it was driving me bonkers because I thought there's no way I'm going to get a smooth surface when this little piece won't sit down it will you just have to be super patient continue compressing the ball and just using the hammer to pack it down and you will do this for.

Hours if you tackle this project it will take you many days and many hours but that's the whole part of this project the process of seeing the transformation of this to something gorgeously shiny and beautiful but it will take a while and you may curse a little bit you may complain a little bit but you will be rewarded if you take the time to make it.

Happen metaphor for life right so here's our grind here's our pounding here's our day-to-day and it's not perfect right it isn't but we try to make it perfect and it is beautiful in all stages and it's wonderful to remember where we came from right our very humble beginnings.

To our beautiful finish which is never quite finished as you will see in my finished product it's important to turn it constantly because we are trying our best to keep the ball round I find when you're working with smaller things it's a bit harder to polish and stuff because you have smaller grips so I would definitely recommend making a bigger.

Ball if you choose to make this once we've done that and it is very very very very firm and tight we begin the polishing process and this is what's going to make the ball nice and shiny but it must be very very very very Compact and solid before we start polishing it we don't want this to crumble apart that's right so take the.

Time just embrace the struggle if you do this and and you can put on a podcast you can put on some music I found I was doing this at night after my kids were asleep and just spending a couple hours working on this little ball was really actually very very enjoyable it reminded me a lot of the dorodango process if you saw that video in case you missed it.

It's I'll put a link down to that video below and it's a process of taking mud or clay and shaping it into a beautiful shiny sphere dorodango is a Japanese word and it's a beautiful beautiful process in fact I have some mud from our friend's pond and I want to make another dododonco I have this idea that if I collect clay.

From different areas and I can make several doodle dongles from different places that I love this is and it's gorgeous shiny it looks planetary and this was made and Clay just like this that I gathered and it's a long tedious process of polishing and shaping this ball and rubbing it and it develops this really gorgeous shiny patina simply from.

Being polished I use a glass jar and that's what gives it that perfect sphere shape although if you look closely it is not perfect at all there's blemishes there's parts that are not smooth but it looks so beautiful I love it so much this is made from just local clay and it's just a nice little Keepsake and all it is is a ball of clay that has been.

Loved a great deal so that's what our aluminum ball project is right now let's describe the sanding process we're going going to start with the courses grit with sandpaper the smaller the number the more gritty it is the more rough and we need to start with the roughest first if you start with the very fine stuff it you'll never get to where you need to be.

So very incremental process I also wore gloves and I used water to reduce any dusk it's probably a good idea to wear a dust mask too we'll take our sandpaper and kind of gently start sanding and working out all of those fine foil ridges out it's a very tedious process you'll notice lots of little pits little imperfections cracks and crevices do not.

Fret even places again where the foil wants to lift up just keep sanding and rubbing all different directions holding that ball take breaks and again I definitely recommend using some water do the wet sanding technique until the Sandpaper feels pretty worn and you don't see any noticeable changes how happening that means that you've used up.

The potential in this kind of grit and you're ready to go to the next one I recommend not rushing this progression either it just takes time to get the surface to where you need it Just Surrender and just take the time it needs to make this happen maybe it'll be a couple more hours maybe more hours and don't look at it in terms of how long.

This is going to take me you're just going to do it until it's done here's some of the Sandpaper collection that I used for this project all the way from 400 000 2000 and 3 000. so after many many hours and many days of polishing and hammering this is where I'm at look isn't it beautiful oh my gosh look at.

That look how beautiful that I am so proud of my little sphere all those pits and scars all the imperfections that let you know that this was handmade this is not even perfectly round you'll see that it's a little bit flat on some spots I love it yet it is glossy and shiny and.

I can see my Reflections so the last step I'm going to do is use a little bit of metal polish I know that there's very specific polishes for aluminum but this is what I was able to find at the hardware store and it lists aluminum on here I remember this product from when I was a kid my dad had a coin collection and you would use it to remove the.

Tarnish off the pennies so I'm using a little bit of this Brasso on my cloth this is an old t-shirt and I'm going to spread it on the ball and it's going to make it go cloudy rub it in and then with whoops that was my phone and it is removing some of the aluminum that's what that is.

So cool oh my gosh it's so great yeah look at that is not gorgeous completed it took me over two years to get it done but here we are that's sort of how it goes with life sometimes we have to leave them and come back to them in order to finish.

Them but finishing them feels so so so very good and yes I got confirmation that this process is absolutely possible even though I saw videos of other people making these it was really great to tackle the project myself and actually have the experience of converting something like this into something like this alrighty my lovelies thanks so much.

For watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media I love hearing from you your suggestions are so great I learned so many great things from you like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one to Loop take care bye.

the question is do I continue with this one to make it like