Today we're teaching YouTube's biggest foodcritic how to cook like a chef hello hello Uncle how are you hello niece and nephew UncleRoger has reviewed just about every chef and home cooked that there is today we're at UchiHouston a true fine dining restaurant that's seen the likes of many Michelin chefs thisrestaurant fine dining this looked moderate upscale at best I think you're always sellingthis video Uncle Joshua Uncle Roger here's the thing you can't be wearing that you'regonna have to wear this what the hell is this 2005 non-slip shoes this shoe okay seenow we have to sanitize this how's your back back not very good a lot of back pain from too muchpounding what what do you mean pounding you know pounding with a mortar and pestle yeah sometimewith water and pesto sometimes with other things.

Too much planting blow up my back you know thefirst thing about kitchen etiquette you have to know the space around you make yourself awaredon't run into people we're gonna walk past this beautiful gentleman you're gonna say behind behindso you need to round the corner but you don't know who's there bang that's how you run intosomebody you call Corner oh what if I say golf does that work also I'm gonna go on the walk-inKnock First off and when you exit make sure you all right Uncle Roger you've seen the kitchennow it's time to talk about this show me how you hold it like this oh it's actually accurateI'm glad you can't travel with this I'm gonna get the portal a whole hijacking plane withfancy Japanese knife hi yeah all right so nice skills everything needs to be precise you wanteven Cuts so I'm going to show you a broom walk.

Take the knife you know how to hold it going tocut across and you're kind of like doing a very fine dice in a way when you slice across thegrain that has to be equally as even the same exact distance that I went this way so what youend up with is even cubes I want the uncle title you cannot skip this yeah I agree now Roger itis your turn a lot of pressure a lot of pressure Uncle Joshua Pro you can slice while talking Ihave to fully concentrate and I still [__] up we just we just turned the pot we just turned themno not the board I just want to be at home and watch TV beautiful he's doing it I'm surprisedUncle Roger it's not bad it's not bad I mean a little bit uneven if you feed this to blind personthey go oh it's the same it's very good nice skills are done we have a lot more to cover butyou know where'd you get that Starbucks because.

Apparently this fine dining restaurant don't evenhave coffee machine hey Uncle Roger I need to peel 100 oranges what 100 orange how many customersyou expect to have I'll be right here you got this this guy laughing at me okay my turn my thing Uncle Roger give up I'm Gonna Leave it to you okayjust do it you do it gotta go good good good uncle Roger slice a hundred orange just like you recordfast call it a natural at taking things off it sounds like you're really cool so we're gonna makethe himachi dish we have a loin of Hamachi it's gonna be a Crudo dish so it's all raw We're notgonna cook it instead we're gonna slice this very.

Beautifully into cubes remember how we showed thebroom wall yeah we're doing that but bigger big and chunky chunky if you feel it inside me andput inside you feel it what what let the knife do the work the way that you know the fishis good is if you listen to your position if you start listening to your fish you know youneed more friend one fluid movement from heel to tip just make fish and chip just bread thisand fry it no need chopping save time hi yeah caviar on Fish and Chips what has happened to youso you saw how I did this here's the knife I'll be right back then pay attention you sound like yogateacher you ever noticed that okay all right how are you doing over here oh wow look at that lookat that not bad okay hamachi's done onto the rest of the components we're moving quick okay senseof urgency the only time Uncle Roger feels sense.

Of urgency is when I have to take a shot andthen no toilet around working at a restaurant you constantly feel like you need to take exactlyexactly and sometimes you do oh oh okay a relish is versatile it goes with almost anything soyou're saying relish it's like white people MSG next we have Castle petrano olives we'regonna cut it in sort of these rough rings and then run your knife through it really oh soeasy no you're already you already skipped the direction I showed you fine dining yeah it'sfine it's fine dragging motion I like that you're adapting sometimes you get somethingthrown at you you gotta improvise it's just called common sense no need to use big wood notbad see which one Joshua which one might you don't even know now we make the relish we haveour Broomall Apple it's going in Olive so when.

You season you need to be very intentional youwant to balance it lemon salt to taste to taste taste what you're not even tasting it we'regonna taste in a second oh this pretentious what and then a little bit of olive oil and thenyou're gonna stir are you doing this well you achieve the exact same thing as doing this nowasted movement I thought you about precision last thing is our broth this is a lacto fermentedtomato broth ah look like dishwashing liquid so we're gonna add a little bit of lemon juicekind of brighten it up a little bit one of the greatest things of all time shiridashi youdon't even need a tomato bowl just use Dashi no no no no we need it we need the customers it'stime to play freshly sliced fish we're gonna think about how much we need couple spoonfuls salt totaste a little bit of olive oil and then a touch.

Of lemon juice gently toss This Together platecentering using ring to fancy Just Fish and soy sauce Michelin stuff you do all this Take ThisRing mold out nice we're gonna take our relish we're gonna add in little intervals okay boomboom boom and we have our candied garlic there you know when you eat this it all turned into mushin your stomach you know that right more shallot last bit it's going to be our tomato broth rightin the center like that and then all little oil dots in there finish it with micro greens I don'tknow how you feel about micro greens no finished telling you this is too fancy but I'm going totry it's time for service you're gonna go back to the kitchen you have everything you need so seeyou later I'd like three Hamachi please fire three Hamachi all right first step is thefish olive oil with the relish go in there no.

The relish go on top of a bit of salt a bit moreolive oil Stir It Together the lemon go in oh you have the lemon in the lemon now we play Ring wearthe tweezer with the tweezer oh no Brew of tree one Hamachi cruto here cilantro oh youdidn't give me cilantro oh that it is hamachi with cilantro okay Uncle Roger gotthis next plate okay what you're gonna give this one a bit more fish because I like thiscustomer fried garlic gonna give this customer more don't forget the cilantro this time theolive oil if you squirt it around the side also one last one I got this no problem you knowactually could I have a steak cancel last Hamachi fire one wagyu on the fly please what state UncleJoshua never teach me how to make stick come on Uncle Roger you gotta be faster sometimes you getsomething thrown at you you gotta improvise behind.

And when you exit make sure you so when you season you need to be very intentional you want even cuts to let the knife dothe work I think I'm missing something a relish is versatile it goes with almostanything white people MSG for you I think you still need a little bit of sauce one ofthe greatest things of all time sure done had to run it out to customer hello hello this is the best stick I've ever used for youI hope he's not acting I hope he actually mean it MSG never fail but little nephew you need tolearn how to use chopstick properly look at that.

Uncle Roger fantastic display of improvisationI'm proud of you I am I think I onto something with the Tashi stick so hope you learned tosupport your local restaurants thank you to Uncle Roger and thank you to UGI Houstonfor making this happen oh you caught this local restaurant after you say fine dining it'sa local fine dining restaurant okay whatever you say don't forget to subscribe and also to him hislink will be in the description foreign