Foreign lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today I'm going to be tasting a combination that many of you requested that I taste and it is curry cup noodle instant noodle combined with ice cream Mochi now I believe this has taken off in.

Popularity due to the Ticky talks not surprising but for my research this got popular in Japan about a year ago in 2021 and the combination of this and ice cream Mochi is supposed to be delicious when I say ice cream Mochi I mean vanilla ice cream that is surrounded by a doughy skin made from glutinous rice or sticky rice so it has a really great.

Chewy texture but inside you have vanilla flavored ice cream you can get all different kinds but generally speaking multi describes the rice cake that chewy elastic stretchy rice that's been pounded to form this great chewy dough it can be dried and then heated so that it puffs up it can be added to soups it can be eaten.

As a sweet confection filled with sweetened red bean paste or in this case ice cream so many different ways to eat Mochi it's particularly popular around the new year so one more thought I think that this combination is going to be pretty good I have tried ice cream in ramen noodles before if you missed that video I'll put a link down below I have.

Nissin brand cup noodle and I have tried this along with the curry Ramen flavored soda in a video before which was very interesting lots of sodas that were flavored like Ramen noodles I also tasted them with their counterpart in the instant Ramen version it was a very interesting taste test if you missed that I'll put a link to that video down.

Below and that's what it looks like inside we've got all kinds of little bits in there from the tutorials I saw you actually put the Mochi in before you add the boiling water I'm gonna place this little friend right in there so cute.

Blue blue oh my poor ice cream Mochi I'm sorry Emoji friend you are being attacked by hot water I'm actually not pouring the hot water on the Mochi I'm just pouring it around it somehow it just doesn't feel right little buddy inside there so now we're going to let this rest for three minutes.

I said I'd be back in three but why not eat this extra ice cream Mochi while we're waiting because it's just gonna language here no we already opened it and it's time to eat here we go oh yes this one sat out a little bit so it's getting a little bit soft it has kind of.

A texture of soft serve inside very squishy but the best part in my opinion is this skin I love it so much it's chewy and stretchy so good my favorite one of ice cream Emoji is the matcha I love the green tea so do my kids oh many years ago I made a homemade version of ice cream Mochi because.

Back then you couldn't get them at pretty much any Supermarket like you can now yep I hear you my little Mochi is bleeding look oh I'm very curious to see what the consistency is like of this oh yeah there.

Is the Mochi part and it's soft and here's the ice cream all melted look at that oh yeah okay so we're supposed to mix this all in interesting I hope this part stays stretchy because I love that consistency.

This combination of sweet and creamy I think is going to be delicious a lot of dishes in Japan tend to be a little bit sweet and creamy is a characteristic or a facet of curry rice or curry in Japan very much coveted so I think this is going to be a delectable combination foreign.

And as suspected it's delicious it's a little bit extra sweet because of the ice cream but what I really love is the really creamy texture and flavor of the instant noodles so good and goes so nicely with the curry the ice cream in the Mochi is a little bit fluffy so there's kind of an Airy fluffy quality to the resulting kind of.

Sauce it's no longer a soup it's like a sauce I'm kind of surprised by the consistency I thought oh it's just gonna get you know melted and milky but it's actually kind of whipped here is a little bit of the mochi again which is that rice cake peel and let's see what that's like now that.

Is extra sweet you don't realize how much sugar and sweetness is in the actual peel itself until you have it separately and combined with something salty but I was really hoping that it would remain nice and chewy and stretchy but not so much it kind of just melts I would imagine it would also depend on the type of Mochi that you're.

Using or the bran but this is so good I would do this again but kind of like the combination of peanut butter on a burger it sounds kind of out there but it's not it is so good that added richness is welcomed as it is here the curry itself tastes like kadai rice if you've ever had Japanese.

Curry rice or curry rice that's what this tastes like a very mild Curry not too spicy but you've got definite lots of oniony flavors a little bit of Ginger some curry powder in there a little bit sweet delicious the texture of the noodles is very much what you would expect from cup noodles.

They're thin kind of flat they cook really quickly they're not chewy there's a few vegetables I see some carrots but mostly just little chunks of potato which is typical for curry rice thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media.

I learned about this one from all of you so follow me so you can get in touch with me I love hearing from you love your suggestions uh like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye foreign oodle it's really rigidy and bumpy