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Ichigo vs Angel Form Opie! Soul Society Invasion Begins – Bleach TYBW Episode 3


The war is fully kicking off and everything is ramping up to maximum Ichigo is getting a much tougher fight and the Soul Society are finally given a real taste of what they're in for in this Arc let's get to it we start episode 3 where we left episode two the Tres Bestia are on the ground and the Quincy Huntsman is standing over them.

He's letting his Rishi sword fade back into the atmosphere of hueco Mundo the lead Quincy takes a moment to savor his victory while Nell and Ichigo look on Nell is dumbfounded at the idea the Tres Bestia lost they were some of the strongest of the arankar and they got taken out by a guy who just seems to be a regular fighter before Nell and Ichigo.

Can work out anymore however the strange Quincy notices them he sounds like he's struggling to hold in a laugh at the sight of a soul Reaper and a hollow paling around this man's voice just oozes smarmy arrogance now that his last fight is over it's perfect for making you hate his guts in no time this self-important clown is acting like he.

Just took out three Espada rather than three regular arankar he's so so freaking full of himself the besties are cool but the Quincy Mulk is getting so pumped over this watching Ichigo take the idiot down a peg or two is going to be sweet anyway the lead Huntsman identifies Ichigo by name apparently he was given some data about him the.

Quincies aren't idiots and can recognize a protagonist when they see one ichigo's already been designated a priority Threat by the vandenreich he's someone they should deal with as soon as possible and at that three of this guy's minions immediately jump in to attack Ichigo no one seems to have realized that a special threat may be you know.

Threatening to be fair they have a relatively decent plan using the hiren kyaku to circle around the soul Reaper before opening fire it might have worked a bit better if they didn't all come at him from the front first but that's what you get for being overconfident Ichigo doesn't even need the shinpo to get out of of the crossfire still he recognizes.

The technique he's seen uriu use the hiren kyaku often enough Kurosaki asks aloud if these attackers are really Quincy's the lead Hunter laughs at that Ichigo really attacked them without even knowing what they were still he's happy to confirm it he withdraws his cross forming a spiritual bow around his sword before firing another grand blast of.

Rishi's Skyward apparently he's taken the old Legend of Zelda's sword beams as an excuse to make his sword a bow while this fight is ongoing we move back over to Soul Society we're still in Squad once Barracks continuing the captain's meeting from last time shunsui is not remotely surprised by the Revelation that their foes are Quincy after all it.

Fits everything they know still it's peculiar given the history of the Quincy Purge where did the remnants come from Yamamoto however has no time for any of that the captain General barks ordering Mayuri to tell him the location of the Quincy stronghold it's strange to see the old man this obviously angry and unsettling it's a sign of the.

Intractable Powerhouse finally losing his cool Yamamoto is not a man gifted in subterfuge he's already lost people to this threat it's worrying to see him so on edge about this Mayuri admits that he's got no way of tracking down the Quincy's headquarters to his credit Yamamoto doesn't blame him for this but the old man points out the facts they've.

Got no way of striking the van den wreck preemptively as such he's putting all his forces on full alerts all the captains are to make Ready for War immediately yeah the Quincy said they had five days so what they launched a surprise attack before nothing stopping them from doing it again it's quite a badass moment as we get the cross cut.

Between all the remaining captains the gote 13 have taken losses but they are not to be trifled with soul Society getting ready for war is an inherently cool concept the feeling of hype from this is almost enough to make you forget how badly the vandenreich hurt them with that first attack we enter the op on that hype Note coming back from it we.

Return to Ichigo versus the overly smug glasses Quincy dude Megane Quincy does the Megane pose boasting that all his shots hit their Mark he scoffs claiming that Ichigo can do better than this he sees his foes blade fall to the ground out of the smoke before the Megane Quincy can do anything further however he hears ichigo's voice coming from.

Above him that's strange I thought Quincy's only used bows glasses can't believe what he's seeing before he has time to react Ichigo tosses one of his high leg files right back at him there's an impressive explosion the blast kicking up the spiritual dust of hueco Mundo even the echoed attack is impressive before the fight can go any.

Further orehime and Chad finally arrive on the scene Ichigo is happy to see them and promptly flings Nell right at orhime it's like he's tossing a football this fight is intense enough he probably shouldn't be carrying around a small child he needs to take this guy seriously once his friends have nail Ichigo turns and parries the barrage of.

Spirit arrows the Quincy aren't above a sneak attack seeing Ichigo turn it aside this effortlessly however is impressive the Huntsman admits he's impressed however he feigns a touch of self-depreciation claiming that Ichigo is so good he's making the Quincy realize his own lack of skill Ichigo refuses to play along he admits that.

These arrows were far stronger than uriu's the Huntsman is surprised to hear the name of the earthborn Quincy what's more this statement has confused him according to the Megane Quincy his arrows couldn't be stronger than urius Ichigo asks him what he meant by that but the Huntsman is done talking he sheeds his sword the strange Quincy.

Claims that he's done playing around and is under orders to kill Ichigo immediately it's a confusing moment why would someone get rid of their weapon if they're being serious the obvious conclusion is that the Huntsman is still playing around somehow however his true intent is revealed shortly he's planning to use let's to steal a famous Quincy.

Move uriu pulled it back in Soul Society during his fight with Mayuri it was an impressive boost to his power though it's quickly apparent this version works differently the pillar is opaque including a Rishi Halo and cross as it breaks apart we see that the Huntsman has taken a more complete Angelic form complete with two wings and a Halo of.

Rishi hex I call hacks this is clearly a fake Quincy bro who has no idea what let's distill is actually the Huntsman reveals that this form is named volstandig his former smug smile is gone he's no longer overconfident Ichigo has forced him to actually try but he's content that this will level the gap between them it's a nicely intimidating.

Moment it's clear from this we still have more to learn about this Quincy and they've pushed their powers further than uriu has as the battle goes on we cut back to the vandenreich in their hidden Shadow realm the king is getting a report he learns that his Huntsman kilge OPI is fighting Ichigo rather than going to help his loyal servants the queen.

Quincy Monarch decides that this is the perfect time to go anywhere but hueco Mundo an alert sounds calling the stern reader to assemble for battle by the gates of the sun Yamato was right the vandenreich is going to invade Soul Society this is a good tactical move by the Quincy striking the Soul Reapers while Ichigo is preoccupied the.

Vantenreich had no particular reason to stick to the five-day time limit still I don't know if Opie would see it that way this just means he's getting no backup and his arankar Gathering job was totally pointless did the king owe him payback or something after the commercial break we head back to the battle in hueco mundo thankfully.

Nobody's told kilge yet that his whole job here was pointless the Quincy is still facing down Ichigo confident in the volstandig's power Orihime Chad and the besties are Sheltering within Sultan kishun while they watched the fight unfold Opie is grinning a touch the smarm returning to the Quincy Huntsman he asks if Ichigo can feel his power.

Before moving in for a fast strike even a gesture with his new Rishi forged blade is enough to trigger an explosion Ichigo flies clear but Opie takes to the skies with him blade at the ready Shinigami and Quincy lock swords Sparks of Rishi crackling as kilgate expounds on his technique while he implied this was let's distill earlier that was.

Inaccurate this Quincy volstandig is much stronger he demonstrates as much to Ichigo breaking through and starting to swipe at him Lester was abandoned 200 years ago due to its fragility what kind of Quincy would use a move that robs them of their abilities forever afterwards the only one who still cared about it was soken Ishida a holdout.

Against research and evolution Ichigo Notes The Familiar name sokin was likely a relative of udyu still that information does him no good for the moment Opie brings his blade down hard claiming that the difference between Leicester and volstandig is the difference between Heaven and Earth but that's not enough to break ichigo's.

Guard now Having learned enough the substitutionagami has some back talk for Opie all he needs to know is that it's different from uria's Power that's good enough for him if uriu turned into some creepy Angel Nazi dude Ichigo might cut him down by accident the words clearly get to the Quincy Opie doesn't reply but Ichigo notes that he's let his sword.

Grip Go loose that's just the opening and enterprising Shinigami needs with the mighty gatsuga tencho Ichigo unleashes his bonkai right at the pompous Quincy there's no Medallion to drain it this time yet one the dust of hueco Mundo clears Opie is still standing even with zongetsu against his neck the Quincy seems completely.

Unconcerned kilgay falls back into snark instead commenting that Ichigo should try actually aiming next time all he's managed to do is Scuff the Quincy's uniform still he notes that there were no weaknesses for Ichigo to find even if he had been aiming that's how much confidence he has in the volstandig if Ichigo calls it creepy well as far as.

Opie is concerned that's appropriate ichigo's ashinigami the form of a Quincy a holy executioner should look creepy to him their ancestral foes after all explanation given kilgay returns to trying to blow Ichigo away this time however he's resolved to use the full power of the volstandig we see particles of Rishi being drawn from all around the.

Scene even orihime's Shield is being pulled apart by this Vortex like let's distill before it the volstandig lets the user draw on even more of the spiritual energy around them in a spiritual realm like hueco Mundo it's going to be especially powerful the Huntsman is soon done charging his attack ready to fire one final barrage.

Of gigantic arrows at our heroes before he can however a massive fist impacts against the glowing Rishi breaking the arrow into pieces kilge has no idea what to make of that he turns around but unfortunately for him the punch keeps going the mighty blow has enough Force to send the Quincy flying across the Sands of hueco Mundo like a stone being.

Skipped across a pond for all his pride kilgate can't deny that one hurts the Quincy has lost his Rose tinted glasses he takes a second to pick himself up wondering how this could have happened the one responsible doesn't try to hide himself a massive hulking monster clad in what seems to be a deer skull dominates the scene the trespestia are.

On their feet once more they note that the Quincy wasn't thinking about them anymore since he figured the three Hollows were down for the counts thus they'd been able to summon this monster ion one Roar from this hollow creature is enough to make the humans wins Ichigo asks aloud what this creature is emiru explains that ion is made from the.

Fusion of their right arms this time we witness the bloody stump bringing things closer to the manga when the anime first adapted ion the best years just dissolved their arms and energy to summon them no signs of censorship like that in new bleach kill gay remains unimpressed he doesn't see any chance of a a beastial monster like that standing.

A chance against his fancy new Angel form but he can barely finish boasting before ion lands another blow on his smug butt knocking the air from his lungs after all that grand standing and boasting watching this guy get beaten up this bad is profoundly satisfying still we can't have too much of a good thing at once as such we leave Opie getting.

Pounded into the sand to head back to Earth specifically we're checking in on the Ishida residence library uriu is investigating all the old texts he can find unfortunately he's gotten nowhere with it he has to have spent a while in the archives to this point but Mudders allowed that there's nothing of importance here as soon as he does a.

Figure shows up on the balcony above him ryuken Ishida uriu's father the doctor notes that he told his son not to come in here naturally udiyu doesn't respond to that instead he just explains the situation hueco Mundo and soul Society are at war with an unknown third power he suspects his mystery aggressor are Quincy somehow.

Uriu's got no idea how that's possible but he's resolved to investigate his family records are the best option he has for learning more about the Quincy but there's nothing relevant here Udi is desperate enough he directly asks his father if he knows anything about these mysterious attackers ryuken interestingly doesn't deny it all he.

Says is that it has nothing to do with uriu and that he won't find any more information in the archives we head back from this touching father-son bonding time back to Soul Society specifically we're at the shortyu gate here to check in on the two new Shinigami ryunosuke has a question for Shino he's not sure exactly why the Shinigami and Quincy.

Have this long-standing animosity towards each other Shino is about to berate her fidget spinner-headed friend for this but admits she's not sure either thankfully a fellow officer has arrived to give a basic explanation it's hideto kajimaru winner of Soul society's first ever sosuke Eisen look-alike contest the senior Shinigami lays out.

The basic nature of the balance of souls for his two subordinates there have to be an even number of souls in the living realm and soul Society disrupting that equilibrium would merge the Two Worlds effectively destroying both it was an intimidating burden feeling the effects of that right now is uriu who is still in the archive he's holding his Quincy.

Cross thinking back to his master he's almost praying to his memory for guidance at this point his friends need him now more than ever and he has no idea what to do but that's when it comes to him his father had just said the answer wasn't in the archive it could easily be somewhere else on the Ishida state in no time flat uriu is in the.

Ryukin ishida's well-appointed office as you'd expect from a well-to-do doctor it's quite a fancy room uriu doesn't waste time going immediately to the drawers behind the desk to begin his search it takes him a while to riffle through them but soon enough he finds what he was after a battered old Journal marked with the Quincy cross.

Interestingly uriu recognizes it it was his master's book he starts to read from the old Tome while kajimaru continues his explanation of the Shinigami Quincy war in Soul Society the two sides Echo each other Shinigami and Quincy finding common grounds when you break it down to protect reality the Soul Reapers had to wipe out a group of people who were.

Trying to protect human lives from Monsters this war wasn't simple both sides were arguably just and talking of arguably just we move over to yamamoto's burned out office the Captain is interviewing Mayuri about a decision that seems questionable even by The Mad scientists standards apparently those mysterious disappearances in the soul.

Society outskirts were the work of the 12th Company mayuri's Men wiped out thousands of innocent villagers that was how they planned to stabilize the Border following the vandenreich's efforts to hunting Hollows on Earth Yamamoto is unhappy about the destruction of innocent Souls Mayuri however sees it in simple logical terms this had to be done.

To stabilize the Border there wasn't an alternative option available the captain of research and Department stands his ground as far as he's concerned this is all yamamoto's fault Mayuri had seen all of this coming as soon as he learned uriu Ishida was alive if anyone is to blame it's the captain of the first company both for ignoring mayuri's words.

And for failing to kill that man one thousand years ago who might that man be we don't know just yet but the poem talking about a king taking 999 years to regain his power is at least suggestive it's highly likely this is the Quincy leader Yamamoto and Mayuri seem to know more about what's going on than they've communicated to the other.

Captains we leave the secretive Shinigami there for a moment heading back to hueco Mundo ion is continuing to beat kilgate down holding the luckless Quincy in one hand and slamming him against the ground repeatedly or he may and Chad can barely look at the brutal display after all kilgay was pulling earlier however this is great fun to.

Watch emidu agrees strolling over to the near collapsed Quincy with a confident grin she's surprised he's still in one piece after a beat down that brutal her overconfidence is her downfall kilgay stabs her with his Rishi Blade The luckless arankar Falls this new infusion of energy is enough to bring the Quincy back to his feet he notes that he hadn't.

Expected that degree of power from the hollows he'll have to advise his King about that later for now he just wants all these people to die before they embarrass him anymore he goes for the same move he did last time draining Rishi from everything around him to power up another enormous attack ion charges right at the Huntsman Quincy.

Determined to stop this move Francesca cries out for the Beast to stop but it doesn't hear her and it's with this kilgay shows how powerful he's gotten with the volstandig he trains thurishi directly from ion essentially flaying the creature the mighty Hollow is rendered down to basic particles that flow towards kilgay as easily as any.

Others this is the nature of sklava AI the Quincy can break Spiritual Beings like Hollows and Shinigami apart absorbing the energy that they're made of just like any other Rishi it even grants him their power kilgay's precious angel form is looking even creepier now having Incorporated ion's jaw over his own his two wings now have horrid green.

Eyes peering out at them he's stronger than ever thanks to this the bestiest withdraw knowing when they're outmatched kilgay calls this a wise decision but chides them he's too powerful now for them to evade we see the trio collapse as the Quincy's Rishi drain pulls energy away from them he'll kill them all this way if given a chance this man thinks.

Nothing of destroying a helpless opponent kilgai spent this whole fight showing us his arrogance but here he turns it up a notch he's well the man man who was overseeing random executions last episode it's just one more reminder of how very unlikable this guy is Orihime clutches nail tightly not sure what she could even do against an.

Ability like this thankfully Ichigo is here strawberry has a smart thought copying ion's earlier move in taking out the Halo while it's broken kilya can't freely draw on Rishi as easily the Quincy and Soul Eater cross swords once again Opie impressed with the guts Ichigo has shown it takes courage to get that close to someone with absolute.

Control of Rishi while the battle heats up we move across the desert pesque and urahara have not been idled during all of this they've retrieved odonchaka and are heading back towards safety as they move however kisuke stops looking back he can sense something just for a second we glimpsed the Quincy King floating high above Seoul Society things are.

About to get intense before that comes to pass however we turn back to the Ishida home Ryukin enters chiding his son for again trespassing uriu doesn't even hear the words he's read most of the journal by this point he asks if it's true ryuken doesn't deny it simply claiming it has nothing to do with him uriu seems on the verge of exploding he.

Claims this means his father knows everything about the vandenreich their King his mother the lot of it he storms out of his father's office it's strange to see the normally collected uriu this distraught hard not to wonder just what he read in that little book of spoilers you must know a lot more about what's going on than the rest of the cast by.

Now and talking of people who know nothing we return to our novice Shinigami kajimaru assures his subordinates that there's no reason to to be so tense everyone's on duty ready for a fight Soul Society is secure they have nothing to fear and as soon as he said those cursed words a massive pillar of Rishi fire shoots out of the ground.

Before the Shinigami it knocks the Reapers about like leaves in the wind and it's not the only one we see more pillars of flame rise with the King standing in the center of it all the man notes that conflict is such an unpleasant Affair which is pretty hypocritical the vandenrec has shown they have the ability to infiltrate and.

Assassinate when they want to they're choosing to make this battle big and loud for all the king's talk he's coming off as an enormous hypocrite Shinigami across the cerete look on at the great pillars of fire the war is unquestionably here one researcher is trying to track down the the source of these eruptions as soon as he's done so.

However the poor soul takes a hefty energy blast to the chest the first wave of vandenrak forces step out of the fire the Shinigami are ready for them we see their zonpok toes named abilities readied it does little good a single blast is enough to brutally eviscerate the first Shinigami of the fight the Quincy step out calm and composed their.

Later speaks not raising his voice above a low monotone He commands the death Gods to tremble in fear the stern Ritter are here and they're going to take down every last one of them so that was episode three the blood War is on in Earnest will Ichigo make it back to Soul Society in time to make a difference what did uriu discover in his.

Mentor's journal how will the Shinigami fare against the Quincy let us know your thoughts in the comments below thanks for watching I've been Anthony fan have an awesome day