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Imu’s Devil Devil Fruit Corrupts Luffy’s Godly Power – One Piece Chapter 1085


Do not let this silly cover page of Frankie directing baby turtles to the Sea fool you one piece chapter 1085 titled the death of nefertari Cobra is one of the most shocking jaw-dropping hard-stopping chapters we have ever seen as emu took their seat upon the empty Throne Cobra's heart began to race to the point where he had trouble breathing.

Before him was an impossible ruler no one was ever supposed to sit upon the empty Throne this went against everything it was intended to symbolize no individual person should ever have the power to control the entire world here they were the secret ruler of the world Lord emu began to speak and as they did they actually referred to.

Themselves in the third person as moo they decide to personally address two of the points king cobra brought up and for some reason they also decided to permit Cobra to ask a single question in exchange king cobra cough before asking the number one question on all of our minds when it comes to the impossible ruler who are you still coughing king.

Cobra expressed that he had actually heard the name ilu before he recognized that it could very well be a coincidence but one of the original 20 Royal leaders that founded the Royal government and became one of the first Celestial dragons was actually named emu Lord imu's response to this was Swift and unyielding this sort of curiosity.

Bordered on insulins and as such it would not be acknowledged with an answer now that's pretty significant it's entirely possible that this emu is a very same founding Celestial Dragon if that's the case maybe the ope open on me's gift of eternal life was given to them there's no doubt a connection there but I'm doubtful that they're exactly.

One and the same but instead of that one King Cobra's first questions would be directly addressed emu began by saying that D was the moniker of their ancient enemies they'd elaborate by saying that in modern times it has appeared rather frequently but even still it was nothing but a faint echo of its former self they'd emphasize he pointed everyone who.

Now possesses the name isn't even aware of its true meaning at this point however this so-called irritation was only able to persist into this time period on account of Queen Lily nefertari's grave mistake 800 years ago the mention of which confused king cobra emu added that the very same could be said about the quote irksome Scholars.

That were investigating these so-called void Century now we may not have the identity of this figure just yet but now that they are actually speaking it's pretty clear how irritable and intolerant they can actually be which is pretty terrible by emu stated that without Queen Lily's failure there would be no Pirates pursuing the pornoglyphs.

In hopes of treasure either aka the one piece that without the incompetence of The Sovereign that denied her Celestial Dragon status the indestructible relics known as eponoglyphs would have never been scattered all across the world so it looks like whoever Queen Lily was she set in motion a series of events that despite the passage of time has provided.

The world with the possibility of resistance in all its many forms king cobra was too stunned to speak according to Lord emu the spread of the pornoglyphs was by far the worst possible outcome for them so much so that one was left to wonder if such a thing truly was a mistake or perhaps it was in fact just a part of an even.

Larger plan how exactly Queen Lily managed to spread so many indestructible accounts of the true history throughout the entirety of the world and in many places outside of the world government's reach is yet another half answer half mystery situation in we should all be used to by now when it comes to this series perhaps it was an ability of hers.

To do so but again to have it presented as a mistake that is at the very least up to speculation makes this sound a lot more complicated than just that and considering she's been set up to do this Grand orchestrator maybe she's the origin of the voice of all things if we're to assume that this was all intentional then it's possible that the.

Locations of each pornoglyph was intentional as well that might say something about the fact that the pony glyph connected to pluton's location was in her home Kingdom of alabasta King Cobra said nothing but this may have only added validity to the possibility in turn the five Elders each began to unstow and wield their various weapons.

Lord IMU was certain that the truth was undoubtedly provided within the contents of the letter Lily Left Behind to this point Lord emu questioned if king cobra only referred to his ancestor as Queen Lily of house nefertari on purpose this was bad IMU told the man to go ahead and use her full name as written on the letter and with that king cobra knew.

That it was all over for him there was truly no chance of him ever leaving this room alive allowed he expressed his suspicion that there was no lie he could possibly tell that would satisfy them enough to let him go Mr Monopoly Lorax Pringles had a gun in his hand as he admitted the fact that Cobra's demise was decided upon the very moment he saw.

The great emu King Cobra's heavy breathing intensified it made total sense they couldn't possibly allow anyone to know that the world's greatest taboo was an utter lie hiding away within this great chamber was Sabo who could feel the Sinister atmosphere of the room finally king cobra began to utter the truth that the letter from the.

Ruler of alabaster that was crafted 800 years ago was indeed signed by Queen nefertari D Lilly Halo paused for a moment then they repeated the dreaded Mark of their sworn enemy this alone was enough to confirm that Lily's betrayal was intention then in an instant a darkened Arrow genital warts king cobra and directly pierced him rocketing him.

Out of his wheelchair in turn Sabo left into scorching action over his shoulder much of the surprise of the five Elders using the signature technique of his late brother Sabo caught all five Elders within his fire fist attack not stopping there Sabo quickly shout out a torrent of fire he called smothered mates at Lord emu a reference to the chess and.

Shoji move where the king is checked by a knight despite being surrounded by its own pieces which is pretty badass emu remains stoic for a moment before very clearly expressing displeasure as it demanded to know where this person came from as in turn the fiery assault was devoured whole by the now oversized space of Lord emu the darkened entity.

Loom closer and to take the place of the five Elders or five similarly shrouded entities weapon in hand and king cobra at his feet Saba admitted his desire to take them all out in a single move looking around he was convinced that here at the very top of the world he had made his way into hell now things get a bit more ominous when you remember the.

Mysterious dark and red-eyed creatures obscured by the fog of the Florian triangle they look eerily similar and those things are arguably the largest creatures in all of One Piece and we still don't know a single thing about them just then a wall mounted dead then Mushi snapped a picture of Sabo and king cobra they were surprisingly quick to.

Attempt a cover-up still just barely hanging on King Cobra sought to confirmed that Saba was in fact Luffy's brother rolling over onto his back king cobra is intrigued by the fact that despite being a member of the Revolutionary Army Sabo still stepped in to save him a king according to Sabo the Revolutionary Army was far more.

Concerned with the monsters that sat above the kings and queens the celestial dragons he then asked if the king somehow knew Luffy as he bled out king cobra said that Luffy once stepped in to save him too with shasabo sounded just like something Luffy would do holding on to king cobra Sabo fled from the hellish Ensemble of Elders and Insidious Shadow.

Ruler king cobra insisted that he was dead weight and that Sabo should leave him behind since he'd have a better chance of escaping on his own but Saba refused to do so there was something king cobra had come to understand and if Saba were to die here they would be in serious trouble since there was a message he needed the man to deliver to.

Both Luffy and Princess Vivi looking Grim he implored Sable to tell them both that they share the moniker D Sabo was confused but king cobra continued by saying that he finally knew the path alabasta would need to follow Queen Lily's letter was intended to give her Descendants the letter of d The Mention Of This moniker made Sabo think back to.

Childhood with his two brothers as they ate he noted that they both had D in their names and wondered if it was just a coincidence neither of them seem to really know or really care as to them a name was just a name with his mouth full Luffy as Sabo if he wanted one in his name too that way he'd be sad Beau Saba wasn't a fan of the letter placement but.

Ace thought it was pretty funny and I really hope that sad bow catches on side note this is really making me rethink the whole Rock DJ back thing it was said that he aspired to become king of the world and with that we should all know better than to trust World Government propaganda at this point Rox apparently knew a lot of taboo knowledge and what's.

A bigger taboo than the existence of the great emu maybe he was ready for the dawn to arrive but for some reason Roger and GARP two fellow decline members disagreed with his timing maybe it was through that battle that they even came to understand what the moniker meant at all point is rocks might not be the bad guy he's been so thoroughly presented to.

Be but to interrupt all this would be yet another dark arrow and I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't some oversized devilish tale which would be pretty insane considering the whole devil fruit thing is it possible that we are looking at the devil devil fruit here honestly it could be a whole slew of things the.

Void fruit the nightmare fruit I mean it's certainly not the darkness or Shadow fruit that's for sure whatever the case it's pretty damn scary and with such similar looks I'm left to wonder if perhaps the five Elders themselves were created by IMO somehow or just provide an extension of imu's power regardless this attack match appears both of them.

Simultaneously this is a clear Testament to the creature's might considering sabo's hockey Mastery his observation and Armament hockey were no match at that it's possible that these things are just Silhouettes intended to keep some surprise for later both of them all taking on different shapes and sizes maybe they're all just clad and full.

Body Armament hockey there are so many possibilities here as he bled Sabo called out to the Fallen King as he wretched maw of IMU Drew near Rising one final time king cobra Den spoke of the pornoglyphs standing between the attacker and his would-be savior further details of Cobra's statement a quote of that all-important letter were.

Conveniently obscured by the horrendous Roar of the entity the final words of the letter read as such fly the flag that Heralds the world's eventual Dawn nefertari d Lily Sabo looked on in horror as king cobra thought to himself that he was truly counting on the young revolutionary he needed him to live on Sabo then cried out the king's name once.

More before fleeing and as the terrifying being stalked over the king's corpse one of them noticed something another undesired Observer as from a very tiny hole in the wall a single eye could be seen it was King waffle and he saw everything king cobra was killed before his very eyes he never liked the guy but he could hardly celebrate after.

Seeing something so terrible not only that but he'd also accidentally stumbled across the absolute biggest skeleton in the world government's closet the existence of Lord emu who he absolutely did not want to know anything about wapo ran as fast as he could with tears and snot streaming down his face truly only one piece could make a character like.

Walpole a laughable villain from the very early days of the series come into the possession of such a crazy Monumental secret while all this was happening the many other Royals of the world were still meeting behind the grand Roundtable inside the council chamber the absences of King Cobra and King waffle were apparent to them they.

Would then be informed that the two kings would not be attending the meeting but the rest of them were to continue regardless so they already know about Waffle's identity yikes the king that looked like Abraham Lincoln joked about King Cobra's passion of speech having drained him of his strength wondering if perhaps.

Alabaster's King was satisfied with the dissolution of the warlord system alone from there they would move on to the remaining discussions for starters there was a coalition of the four Northern Nations that sought Independence elsewhere after she managed to be free from the clutches of Saint Charles fukaboshi told shirohoshi that the.

Conference was nearly over so they should go way at the red Port that way they wouldn't have to deal with any moronic Celestial dragons man Boshi checked to see if his sister was all right since she was looking elsewhere apparently shiroshi was hoping to say goodbye to princess Bibi but since she wasn't around she wondered where her.

Fellow princess had gone as she said this Vivi demanded to know what was going on as she apparently had been tied up so much for Rob Lucci protecting her huh as she remained bound inside a guest room she questioned whose orders her captors were following she first and more threatened to tell the entire world what they were putting her through from.

There there we would see the former members of cp9 who despite their overwhelming failure have all been promoted to cp0 positions And when I say overwhelming failure I mean it they fail to secure the blueprints to pluton failed to secure Nico Robin the so-called devil child and only person who could actually read the pornoglyphs.

Which even IMU seems to fear absolutely botched a buster call completely lost one of the world government's three major strongholds in the form of Venice Lobby and literally all lost their respective fights to a band of pirates that declared war on the world government right in front of them I'm willing to make a case for Rob Lucci.

Considering his exceptional talent and potential but these guys the world government dumped who's who the original Rob Lucci and impel down for losing to Shanks Shanks I would love to know how in the hell these guys meant to pull this off because this is honestly a more unbelievable come up than buggy becoming.

A yonko Jabra the wolf would tease Devi about being a bit too forward in his opinion she needed to be more indirect if she wanted her Freedom Khalifa would inform the princess that no one was going to save her then once her disappearance becomes public knowledge she would likely spend the remainder of her life as a slave now this is very.

Peculiar given the fact that they still swiftly identified Walpole as the Observer I'm left to wonder if they decided to detain princess Vivi before or after the whole Cobra thing the only reason I'm thinking about before is on account of the fact that IMU had her picture in hand despite destroying the pictures of shirohoshi Luffy and.

Blackbeard and thanks to this new information we now know that you're a Hoshi the ancient weapon aside three of these photographs were representative of a d-clan member princess Vivi inquired as to whether or not princess shirohoshi was safe or not Jabra didn't think it was the right time for Bibi to be worried about anyone besides herself but.

He told her that they've gotten word that some trouble related to the mermaid princess broke out but she apparently made it out safe and sound which brought Vivi at least some relief Jabra continued by saying that after the attempted assassination of Saint Charles both Leo and Sai proudly Proclaim themselves to be members of the straw.

Hat Grand Fleet much the astonishment of the many Courtyard guests and I am really excited to see how this impacts these straw hats going forward at the same time in the home of the Gods the actions of Admiral fujitora aided in the freeing of many slaves this really pissed Admiral ryokigu off so the two of them actually got into a fight with each.

Other this year's referee was pretty damn eventful a lot more eventful than Jabra knows Vivi thought to herself about how she would manage to escape as just then things got even crazier running as fast they could while biting straight through the walls like Pac-Man with cheat codes King waffle made his hand entrance as he cried out begging to.

Be spared saying that he didn't see anything at all Vivi recognized the king and saw this as her chance to escape waffle was an unrelenting force of fear as he somehow recently appointed agents of cyberpose most infamous sector all just stood around completely dumbfounded only to then notice that princess Vivi be one person their entire group was.

Charged with detaining suddenly went missing added to the list of failures again I'm all for making old characters relevant again but this is really pushing it walpole's wife Queen Cinderella saw him running and had apparently been looking all over for him she then also noticed Vivi tagging along with him Cinderella was shocked to see.

Her husband pay no mind to her at all as BB wondered how long the gluttonous king would keep running Walpole intended to go as far as it took and was willing to run to the ends of the world if he needed to a proposition that Vivi gladly agreed to much of the horror of Waffle's Queen who is now under the impression that her husband was running away with a.

Mistress to elope and begin a life on the run and I doubt anyone really cares that they're a chapter like this but King Cobra's final order to pel and Chaka was to protect princess Vivi so where in the world are they as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching have an awesome day I love you.