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Imu’s Master Plan To Destroy Luffy Begins – One Piece Chapter 1073


The five Elders are on their way to face a new Joy boy Lucky D Luffy for the very first time the war is almost here we start chapter 1073 with an adorable cover page showing vegapunk's work as part of Mads it's both hilarious and impressive he's managed to develop seeds that grow within gunpowder causing tanks to end up shooting flowers rather than explosive shells the soldiers are horrified as our judge Caesar and queen begapong himself is ecstatic at a success he doesn't seem to understand what sort of people he's working with perhaps a hint as to how naive Stella can actually be we pick things back up in the midst of action unfortunately for cp0 things still aren't looking good Kaku is out cold his body losing the awakens Zone form we'd seen last time Rob Lucci calls out for his friend in an oddly human moment for the emotionless assassin he's still in.

Disbelief at this sudden betrayal still facts are facts Luchi notes a lot that this is a bitter pill to swallow there's a cold sweat on his face as he turns to the traitor the treacherous teammate who betrays Cypher Paul and their entire Mission Stussy smiles back at him she's not bothered by what she did to gaku or what she's about to do to Luchi Rob's not about to wait for the Batwoman to make the first move she's proving herself a traitor by taking out Kaku he lunges towards her aiming to strike with a shigon aimed right at her deceitful heart unfortunately for Luchi Stussy has more tricks up her sleeve specifically paper Arts heartbreak after image Lucci strike simply destroys a replica the fake stucy fading away to Ripples in the air the original is now behind the cheetah man offering a bit of slick commentary when he doesn't understand a situation.

His first instinct is just to kill someone who's she makes down himself as a high-class agent but he's violent and predictable if he pops open a small vial of lipstick ducking around Lucci's arm she tags the side of his neck with it laughing at the wrathful Assassin there's a flirtatious tone to her voice as she calls him wild it's just the slightest touch of her Gadget but it's enough there was sea Stone worked into the lipstick just enough to suppress his powers briefly that's all she needed to win almost unhinging her jaw Stussy chops right down on the side of luchi's neck the Assassin grimaces as his beloved Hattori takes to the sky cooling an alarm at what's happening to his friend Lucci manages one last curse for Stussy swearing at his assailant as she looks down at him surprisingly there are tears in stucy's eyes she admits that she's not entirely sure she'd manage.

To beat Luchi and Kaku in a head-on fight after all both of them are extremely strong even trying that would have been stupid as such she's going to end things like this with trickery and deception she even asked Luchi to forgive her for this she can't expect a simple return to cp0 after turning against him like this but Susie has killed either other targets here it seems clear she does care about her fellow agents unfortunately she has to balance that against her other priorities Brooke and Zoro look on confused by this development the skeleton wonders aloud what this could mean why are cp0 fighting cp0 Zorro suggests the obvious that the organization has some kind of division but it doesn't have more to offer just yet however Stussy is about to clarify withdrawing a denden Mushi she makes a call to the laboratory's control room providing an update to the Vega punks she was.

A mysterious Ally Stella called on how Stussy was able to take their call with Kaku and Lucci standing right there remains unexplained perhaps her bathroom gives her enhanced hearing or maybe this was some sort of an enhancement that was developed as part of mad's work creating her either way Pythagoras is Overjoyed to hear that cyber pole is down he starts heading Punk York towards the exit the Fe satellite sound asleep back with the straw hats they're still confused by this Usopp and Nami are trying to make sense of what they've seen stussy's bite isn't an obvious attack like a punch or a kick it looks almost like he just fell over Shaka however knows better he's pleasantly surprised that stussy's still on their side she's been away from Team bigapunk for 20 years Robin asked bewilderedly if the Vega punks had put their own spy into cyber pole.

Interestingly Shaka clarifies that this wasn't the plan they hadn't meant to insert Stussy in cp0 this is simply how things ended up working out before the crew can celebrate however Stussy speaks up on the snail they still have a problem she can't override luchi's orders to the seraphim they're technically the same rank after all that means before superpower clones are still set to destroy the lab there's nothing she can do about that even as she speaks as snake starts charging up another energy blast thankfully team bigapunk has a plan for this situation Edison and Lilith are still heading out to try and orderly seraphim to stand down Zoro and Brook just need to buy some time for the vegapunks arushi exterior the two charge forward ready for the fight still they can recognize that something odd is going on here they hadn't gotten the full briefing about the seraphim.

But they can recognize these young versions of familiar faces maybe not Hancock but Kuma and jinbei both stand out to Zoro however there's one of these faces that is hit far deeper than the others it's like he's looking at a reflection of the man he's still striving to surpass the first blast hit the lab while these straw hats are still exiting to Sunny try to intercept the tiny Angels the ground shakes and the walls begin to crumble Lilith curses the destruction the seraphim are bringing to our workplace it's frustrating but there is a silver lining it's much easier to get outside this way she flares her Dom shoes sending them to the jetboot mode and jumps up towards the devastated Ruth Lair this path has her outside the laboratory in just a second standing on the ruined wall love calls out to the seraphim about to order them to stand down unfortunately s Hawk.

Sees her and the deadly swordsman decides to get ahead of the game Lilith does a double take as he served from his targeting reticle shifts towards her as Hawks gaze is set and focused as the tiny Angel starts to draw his oversized sword he's clearly going for the same Mountain splitting blow he used against Blackbeard but this time Zorro is here The Swordsman strikes down hard on s-hawk bringing both blades across his seraphim's gargantuan Black Blade imitation the seraphim scowl to the interruption Zorro is grinning he corrects his earlier thinking of familiarity as he closer he looks at the seraphim the more Humanity he sees in the little guy which apparently isn't something he sees in mihawk at all which is very interesting and he's right the seraphim are bound to obey orders but this is one more example of them getting very creative.

Remember Lucy didn't tell them to kill anyone he only ordered them to destroy the lap as Hawk was able to realize that Lilith was about to order them to stand down before the objective was accomplished thus to fulfill their objective he went for a strike that technically fulfilled the destroyed the lab objective but would have killed her too it's a bleak form of humanity but that's he's sort of loyal thinking that an unquestioning pacifista could not duplicate the clash between the two breaks and neither Zorro nor s-hawk are able to land a firm wound still Lilith is safe he Vega Punk of evil breathes a sigh of relief having come far closer to death than she likely expected Edison flies forward tries to try his own hand at giving the stand down order to the seraphim the little guy pipes up yelling Over The Fray even as as shark fires.

An energy blast Edison keeps speaking calling out to his Creations stop fighting immediately the words are unfortunately underscored by one final explosion as these jimbei seraphin's blast hits its Mark Lilith cries out for her fellow Vega Punk she looks up at the spot where he'd been standing she doesn't want to believe what just happened but a second later Sanji jumps down to join Lilith and Zorro a familiar form in hand the cook hands Edison to Lilith by the head like the little robot was a plush he just won at the fair for her Lilith is Overjoyed to see her friend there's a tear in her eye at this it's clear that Lilith cares deeply for fellow Vega punks despite being the satellite of evil but yeah the fight is over thanks Edison the seraphim are all standing down awaiting further orders Susie gets back to Shaka on the snail call confirming that she's baluchi.

And Kaku with sea Stone cuffs an ironic touch after the game they played against the straw hats back in his lobby as part of cp9 Shaka thanks Lucy for her help and offers her a spot in their escape group usop objectively punks adding yet another member to their Sunny trip but given how Stussy helped take down Luchi and Kaku he's likely to be overruled on this one that makes nine total passengers for the trip out things are going to get crowded unfortunately there is a problem with this perfect Victory back in the lab Luffy is still busy searching around Straw Hat calls out for his friends hey Bonnie where'd you go with no response Luffy tries again old man punk we can't live without you still nothing right as he tried to have finally secured a way off the island Vega Punk and Bonnie have gone missing and that means this is over yet if the pair aren't found.

Quickly things are going to get significantly more complicated there's no way Luffy will leave without the old man not after the promise he made to sento Maru but they don't have unlimited time after all the Marines are on their way Escape is going to get a lot tougher if the Marines manage to launch a buster call this time they've got an admiral to face on top of everything else we then go to the ideally pastoral fields of sphinx Island whitebeard's Hometown the locals are happy to see Marco back following his adventures on wano a pair of children approach him first arguing over how scary things got without him apparently a band of Marines invade his Sphinx while he was gone Marco apologizes to the locals for leaving them in a bad spot but the kid's insistence wasn't his fault the Marines are just terrible people they'd come here looking for whitebeard's Treasure they were.

Just like Pirates and we go into a flashback to prove as much the whiskery captain rattel does his best greenbull impression reminding the people of sphinx that since their island is inside a government they had no legal rights he's convinced that Whitebeard must have kept all his treasure somewhere in this isolated Hometown he expects someone in the town to Nowhere if they don't tell him the rat will consider it as an act of defiance and in the display of cowardice worthy of Captain Morgan he points his gun at a small child threatening to shoot the people of sphinx one by one if that'll make them start talking the kid starts crying and his sibling steps in to try and Defuse The Situation they claim that there isn't any treasure on Sphinx rattel has no reason to point a gun at their little brother behind this young hero an old lady touched this approvingly.

She scolds ratel for not treating these poor folks as humans just because they can't pay the Royal government these marines are monsters as far as she's concerned and ratel seems to want to prove her right the wretch of a captain sneers asking if it's wise for the villagers to act so tough right now they don't have Marco to protect them after all the old lady realizes what's about to happen a second too late as two of ratel's men grab her hoistingly harmless civilian upright the wretch of a man trains his pistol on the struggling grandmother even as the people of sphinx cry out an alarm but before he can take the shot Captain rattel hears a strange sound from behind him a repeated heavy Rumble that was born closer and louder the hands off with a mighty yell Edward Weevil charges Into The Fray one powerful swingless spear shots is enough to send ratel's.

Entire Squad flying the malevolent Captain first among them weave o Bellows at the Marines to stay away from his puppy's home the Invaders are still trying to pick themselves up from the cloud of dust and debris weevil's Massive Attack has left them in the two members of The crucial standing just stare at the Behemoth eyes bugged out they struggle to even say his name but finally they get it out and start to bolt away from the rampaging former Warlord the entire crew are sprinting back their ship as quickly as they can utterly petrified at the idea of fighting whitebeard's son The Grateful people of Spinx look on and awe as their tormentors run through their lives back on the ship a Communications officer knows that ratel's crew has lost all contact with their other Squad Weevil took them all down before they could even send a warning back if.

His strength is ridiculous they would be plunderers a sping start screaming into the den that Mushi that an ex-warlord has shown up that they need immediate assistance to deal with him back in the present the older kid makes it clear to Marco if the big guy with the mustache hadn't shown up the village would be toast the Marines probably would have blown it to shred searching for anything valuable they could get their hands on that little brother givesy Phoenix an angry glare the guardian of sphinx had gone missing when they needed him Marco manages a smile for the kids calling Weevil a hero and making it clear he's glad they're safe except as a stroll voice tells him that was not the end of the story the Marines weren't going to be content with being driven off like that they called in reinforcements in this case that was.

Admiral ryokugyu after having to run away from Shanks like a coward green bull must have been desperate for a win he took Weevil away leaving behind his mother Miss buckin or as we now know her the original Buckingham Stussy the old lady yells at Marco to go get her son back she even throws into the man for whitebeard's Treasure while she's at it but rather than pursue that claim further bucking things back a second to the Admiral leaving Sphinx with a captured wee ball the two called out for each other one last time the old lady is crying rivers over this while the relationship between the two has never been clear it seems that Stussy truly cares for her son in the present she's still tearing up Weaver was taken into custody for protecting white for his beloved's fangs this has to be tragic Stussy starts getting poetic talking up her son's Noble.

Soul Marco isn't entirely buying this he knows crocodile tears when he sees them still Weevil did protect Sphinx and keep the villagers safe when he wasn't able to he thanks buckin for that the old woman Wheels around sharply she can tell he's still skeptical about her and Weevil still she's not backing down her claim that her son is wipe your child and she knows how to prove it they just need to talk to Dr vegapunk we cut to our marine ship but after we see that familiar Banner we catch a glimpse of another one bearing the five dotted Cross of the world government going into a wider shot we see that this is a full-blown naval fleet part of the forces admiral casaro has assembled for the actions on Egghead the Navy is simply accompanying the ship bearing an important dignitary a marine is already reporting to the Admiral that they prepared snacks and tea for.

Their guests kizaru checks and his subordinate remember to test them for poison witchy Marine enthusiastically confirms satisfied the Admiral takes a tray he'll take it to their passenger personally leaving the Marines to report to their pose the Admiral Smiles at the bulky looking man in the chair as he places the trade down in front of him he has a question for the stranger has he ever met vegapung before the old man takes a second to reflect before confirming that he did once a long time ago his eyes looking mournful he's not happy about how things have been going and if you don't recognize this Old Gentleman the caption gives us his name the highest Authority in the world one of the five Elders Saint J Garcia Saturn we finally have a name remember one of these guys and the name Jay Garcia is shared by the former lead singer of The Grateful Dead.

This is clearly a momentous occasion the five Elders never leave Mary joa even for something on the scale of ahara's annihilation they used a denden mushy call Saturn coming to Egghead personally is unusual a potentially calamitous while they've usually been assumed to Simply serve as bureaucrats nothing in the story up until now has established that they are helpless in a fight if the five Elders have personal power but fitting their station as imu's right hand they may be significantly stronger than even the fleet Admiral and thanks to the events of wano they now know the yonko Monkey D Luffy has awakened the power of the Nico fruit the power of Joy boy their greatest historical adversary lest we forget that the five Elders recently received orders from IMU themself this could very well be the true beginning of the series ending War as always I'm.

Otaku thank you all all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you