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The link in the description to go to the landing page and I'll see you in the game now on to the show as a man sitting down with two women every time you eat I'm wondering should I look away can I still look at you and speak to you what is a proper etiquette Muslim population you might think it's Pakistan.

You might think it's Bangladesh turns out it's a country in Southeast Asia a country that's also how do I say hello some of the most extreme tribes look at this I've got this stretchy piece of bed and ways of life you'll find anywhere this is a part of a welcoming ceremony yeah I feel very welcome and I peed a little.

Bit oh that country Indonesia no country icy has more well-preserved cultural diversity than this place perhaps it's the result of the vast archipelago of more than 17 000 separate islands that make up this country in the past I traveled to the Hindu dominated island of Bali to eat.

Porcupine meat oh my gosh and I lived with the corowa of west Pop walleye we're inside their tree house we dined on freshly caught beetles oh what is going on here they are singing the funeral Channel going much much why is it when they take the coffin out.

They pretend like they're dropping it what is happening this is more like shaking let's start about the second life one like waking them up yeah in this series I'm on a mission to seek out the culture the tribes the hidden societies that couldn't be more different from mainstream Indonesia at what point did you become multi-gender.

With these cultures come food experiences most Outsiders have never seen before what this cow is eating right now is what I'm gonna be eating very shortly like the Carl people of North Sumatra who make a traditional soup using one of the world's most revolting ingredients grass juice and acid from a cow's.

Stomach wow just like it's so juicy yeah I think you could just put that on ice and drink it there are the Badoo people in Western Java the Amish of Asia have you ever held a phone they refuse to adopt new technology and only eat what they grow oh it smells good wait until you go to the toilet after this or they catch I'm still slowly learning the.

Rules of this place whatever they do I do the boogies people of makasan where some food is meant for eating it's like when you wrap chains around a pirate chest and some is meant for healing everything will be okay through his prayer oh wow all right okay she just spit on her thumb put it on my eyebrows and the to Ryan people of South.

Silhouette with the most chilling death ritual I've ever witnessed they've just taken out all the coffins they've opened them up how many people are here 13. a ceremony intertwining the deceased there's the candy there's some money under her arm what is the purpose of that the meal offered to the dead do you remember how old you were when you.

Experienced your first banana he experienced once he was six years old some foods will take your breath away I cannot believe this exists this is one of the most unique interesting things I've ever tried While others have you ever eaten it raw no we'll make you question your life choices up to this moment a lot of people have these as.

Pets yeah because it's so precious and so pretty yeah but the flavor is even better than that yeah even better highest Muslim population of any country in the world Islam here began in Northern Sumatra where we are now the religion has influenced their culture but it also influenced the local diet.

For this it doesn't seem like it's difficult to make Halal because there's no meat or anything here yes I'm following Andre getting a closer look at how to eat like a local you have to drink it not eat it including one of a kind home cooked goldfish and it all starts here I want some of your video is very.

Extreme I want to ask why this is like traditional days usually what would you consider extreme you know like the whole pig on the table why are you crying look how good this food looks you don't eat like that at home it's interesting you say like the whole pig is so extreme but for me it feels kind of normal oh yeah but I love trying food from everywhere.

Around the world whether it's that kind of food or something like this what am I looking at here this is uh we call a sweet dense and addictive dish found on the streets of medin but there's a catch this looks like Chili's or some kind of a bowl of chili over here yeah there's a level of the spice this is middle level oh gosh mid-level in Indonesia is not.

Safe Stone grind green chilies then roast peanuts unripe banana tessari a local shrimp paste and palm sugar continue to grind until it congeals into an earthy Brown paste that is just the sauce now they slice and dice young papaya star fruit mango water Apple jicama and pineapple bring.

The fruit and sauce together then roasted peanuts on top vendors like this dot the periphery of the Grand Mosque of medic where we're sitting right now today please do not adjust the heat for me I can handle it oh yeah Lenny andriani or Andre she's called Med in home for 15 years she's a food lover and a mother of three let's try it out.

Mmm I find the spice to be pretty manageable it's warm but it's not so hot this is normal heat is this a snack it's a snack I love this dish it tastes good it's sweet as a delicious peanut base to it and then each fruit has a little bit different crunch to it too when's the last time you had this two days ago like this is like everyday meal you know this.

Is halal food right yes halal food halal food is food that's permitted for consumption according to the laws of Islam that means in most cases no booze no bugs no pork and no strange lizard creatures or geckos either whenever I eat halal food certainly it's going to be less extreme in some ways but when I come to Indonesia I find food like this.

That's very creative what am I looking at here this is actually my favorite drink Jammu a traditional drink meant to remedy a variety of ailments cheers you could try getting a kick from this what yeah turmeric and once sugar of course of course a woman just came by a second ago on a bicycle she had a bunch of bottles in the back and then now I'm.

Looking at something that looks like water and turmeric and then a freaking raw egg yolk is that honey yeah it's honey do you think that's extreme to eat the eyeball of your taste you see this tastes like fish eyeballs oh it was like bad you want me to drink this yeah I can how was it I'm sorry do you want.

To pretend like you did that's a mouthful of flavor but the egg yolk was kind of leathery on the outside I thought it would just break right away I had to Chomp it and then it was just an ooze in my mouth with a bunch of Honey wow what an experience my life flashed before my eyes in Islam I know when you go to the.

Mosque men and women are separated yes that's the rule of Islamic it seems like the idea is distractions as possible yeah that's right so do you feel more comfortable just being surrounded by women only yeah what should I have to do with men anyway like if you go to pray we don't even talk with the women we just like.

Concentration and we do what we do I'm no expert on Islam in my experience each country interprets the quran's guidance and laws in different ways and each country thinks their way is the correct way but Indonesia is no theocracy its citizens are free to present themselves to the public as they wish it's interesting.

Because I've been to a place like Oman where I went with a badoon man to meet his family he had to literally hide his wife and daughter in the house then he could come out and speak to us but then I come to a place like Indonesia I sit across the table from you no problem me coming here of course my husband is give me permit to come here so basically the.

Regulation is the same but how they apply it based on their heart of my goals today is to seek understanding as an outsider it's difficult to comprehend the purpose of some Muslim practices like this next woman who's not shown her face in public for years is this a life she chose for herself and on a more practical level.

How does one eat when their face must remain hidden to find out we've come here a local restaurant with one and only one jaw-dropping dish oh whoa this looks like it's from a T-Rex it is gigantic what do you call this bones B phones that are boiled and simmered in a broth for hours upon.

Serving their season with nutmeg shallot sauce garlic pepper and MSG then finally a Sprinkle of dried celery and onions there's a bit of meat and fat on the outside cartilage too and then the broth that everything is inside of so even though it's bones there's still plenty to eat not the bone Yeah well yeah we don't eat the bug I figure that part out.

Joining us Andre's friend Aisha Aisha for you is this a difficult thing to eat no have you already tried it you have to drink it not eat it you have to drink the marrow yeah foreign super fatty very very rich that is wild that's why we don't eat this every day for you what is the best part here it's.

Everything the meat outside there's also a great tree try one the fat the cartilage the meme is so tender it's unbelievable very soft I've never eaten with someone who wears the knee cup it's the first time for me and as a man sitting down with two women every time you eat I'm wondering should I look away.

Can I still look at you and speak to you yeah what is a proper etiquette they were in the cover to say that I only socialize with women you are the guests come here you want to know what is this so we can meet you for a special occasion do you do you go to restaurants very often not up it seems like it would be.

Difficult this is okay but this one is special because this is extreme food what do you think I like it this is my first time your first time yes I want to pour in some of this broth trying to get it like a bone marrow soup.

For sure you're gonna gain some weight it is so rich and fatty but man that is absolutely delicious can I ask how old you are is that rude I have no idea she's 35. do you have a job she's a teacher so for women who follow Islam I notice some don't wear any coverings somewhere I hijab somewhere.

The Nikon but why should you be covered the principal the rule is we want to avoid the attention and our advice to dress modestly both the hijab and Nika are interpretations of modest dress for women who decides what the woman wears the woman is out the husband also have.

Authorities in some societies wearing a hijab is limited to married women and others girls begin wearing the hijab after puberty in some cities like Jakarta many working women wearing the hijab going out doing business but they're wearing lipstick a lot of makeup they have their eyes done to me that just seemed like an interesting contrast.

You know on one hand there's a form of modesty on the other hand there's a form of wanting to be seen yeah sometimes people want to follow a little bit and a little bit more but the standard rules is there now are you sure in what situations can you take off the Nikon and also with family or if in the restaurant they have like a private room.

She can take it off oh I think that for some Western people who aren't able like me to sit down and ask questions directly we have this idea that the way I see you in this stream is the way you must look and behave everywhere in your life and that you just are always like in this prison of fabric never able to express yourself.

But it sounds like there's plenty of places where you're still open you're still free and just doing what most other people do yeah next up a food permissible in Islam but completely controversial in the USA where it's considered a pet when my team told me we're going to be eating goldfish I thought there's no way.

Here in Audrey's home tucked into the city's Edge you'll find a familiar sight three young girls at play and food cooking in the kitchen I was excited to come here today because you're doing some home cooking oh hi okay they wanted attention and then they got too much and they got overwhelmed you have a home-cooked meal here and a.

Goldfish yeah a lot of people have these as pets yeah because it's so pretty and also the color is also special too but the flavors even better than that yeah even better arson is an Indonesian spicy fish dish that's only reserved for special occasions blend together a potent mix of turmeric ginger andalima a type of.

Pepper kamiri or candle nut shallots garlic green chilies and red chilies now the fish add to the pan along with long beans lemongrass leeks tomato and torched Ginger it's a type of perennial tropical plant that folks here use for food and for medicine finally add the sauce some salt and.

Water and cook for hours until the sauce becomes thick so we have the fish here but you must be very careful with the bones because goldfish very well known with the bone stuck in our throat and then what you eat rice no people believe that we have to stir up the plate to take it out and then I don't know that doesn't seem I'm.

Sorry I'm sorry I'm not one to shun in culture but turning your plate like you're steering a ship doesn't feel like it would remove the bone from your throat the scale actually is not removed like the other fish that we eat oh yes it's not a skin that is just legit scales on there okay let's try it out.

Oh this is like a flavor bomb it is so spicy I taste lemongrass it's super fragrant very spicy not basically turning red a little bit but beyond that I cannot get over taking a bite of that skin you're eating like chewy crunchy scales of the fish I've never had that before Oh a little bit of bone okay have you seared up see oh I do.

Believe it right I don't believe it no no I was waiting to die you can eat the chunk of a rice okay okay nailed it or you can try this also the whole head thank you so much very nice the cheek meat is the best how often do you eat fish fish every day but goldfish it's not every day maybe like once in a year it's expensive because.

With that amount of money that you buy you only get a little meat I love how purely a mom you are your kids just keep coming continuously asking for things and you're tending to them and it doesn't interrupt a single thought that you have I have flick it I get used to it you're right exactly I want to try this really quick is that.

Bread actually like a pancake that looks awesome Roti Jala a nut pancake that's made from flour coconut milk ground turmeric pandan powder and blue pea flour it's the perfect vehicle for her chicken curry really nice it's spicy I tasted up my nostrils I love the coconut cream there's layers of spices it's very rich.

It all soaks up into the Roti Jala and then it's just so fun to chew on what do you think makes Indonesian food special I'm so thankful that I live Indonesia so I can see there's so many diversity from the west side of Indonesia like Sumatra Jaffa mostly people are Muslim and we eat Muslim food even though Indonesia has the largest.

Population of Muslims in the world it's a country also home to some of the most extreme tribes cultures and ways of life foreign would you say Indonesia is a Muslim country well my mission for the rest of the time I'm in Indonesia is to find kind of seek.

Out these other groups these Fringe groups the people who are less known less represented and to discover them their culture and their food but first I wanted to hang out with all of you today get to know some of the more halal food and I had an incredible time so thank you so much yes thank you very nice for us too it's having this with you.

In a Northern Sumatra Village a few hours outside Madden city you'll find rare fascinating Foods why you did the more addicted I am that have withstood the test of time it's so peppery I'm on a mission to try it all it's not gonna kill you right yes everybody no thank you so much for inviting me into your home here this is pork belly that.

Much I recognize but this sauce in the middle can you tell me what's going on here this is the blood's house actually yeah blood sauce blood sauce sliced pork is seasoned with salt and lime then skewered and grilled over fire now the Gory condiment Pig blood is collected fresh and mixed with a potent combination of spices local Sichuan.

Peppercorns wild eggplant garlic chilies torched Ginger candle nut and lemongrass and a couple of eggs lime leaves whip filter the blood and cook briefly one whiff of this could kill the wrong lutefisk loving octogenarian but for me interesting it is like a spice milk it just tastes like so many different.

Aromatic spices and Seasonings working all together super flavorful it's spicy but it's not from chili it's from Citron pepper that is excellent if you brought your friend out here had them try it they would never guess that there's blood in there do not try that however if your friend is Muslims yesterday we were in Madonna I'm eating.

All halal food and today it's a complete opposite we're here eating the most Haram thing you could possibly eat and I think this perfectly shows how diverse and dynamic this country is the coronese population consists largely of Christians but it wasn't always that way Dutch missionaries or more realistically colonists introduced.

Christianity to the Carl people in the 1890s but it wasn't adopted without Force as time has passed the negative association between Christianity and the colonizers has faded and today their religion is much more widespread in this area there's many Muslim in Cairo but we never talk about religion this is the point partisan is more important than.

Religion here in Canada people in Indonesia are able to get along regardless of the religions joining me today local Caro Willie he's on a mission to preserve and showcase his culture to the world he also believes some of the foods I've eaten on my show can't compare to what I'll be experiencing today.

There is a very unique food that the Carl people eat that you can't find anywhere else in the world the dish in question is called pogi poggy I don't know if I could call it a beef dish but a cow is certainly required what we really care about is not the meat not the cartilage not the brain or organs we want the contents of.

The stomach ah this is weird so in the days leading up to the slaughter the cow is eating like a king beautiful glorious green salads and I am going to be eating exactly what this cow ate eat up boy girl boy eat up Bae could I call a cow a day after five days on this diet when the.

Cow's stomach contains nothing but pure premium grasses it's time for the extraction when was the last time you tried it never it's not interested if I'm eating it will you try it out with me she said yes I to me she said yes.

I'm slaughtering the animal is skin the meat and intestines are portioned for later use and the stomach is split open revealing the contents we're after does this look good to you yeah fantastic take me through it what is the next step please sounds great.

Oh boy how did I get talked into this poggy pug eat is an icon of the coronese people do I pull it up yeah flavored and built around this very liquid it's so juicy yeah yeah it's so juicy it's like sugar cane juice this rare dish is reserved only to Mark important events you see oh I smell it even more than I see it for example a successful Harvest.

Wow for the arrival of an awkward bandana wearing Outsider and then we discard it here and it's good for the fertilizer fertilizer fantastic turning this into a rewarding meal for a season of hard work this guy is an absolute Beast It's Gonna Take Time effort and a little bit of magic foreign.

Jews boils down they add in beef bones meat and inerts now a little bit of fiber cassava leaves tree bark coconut wild eggplant and tomatoes the proteins and veggies braise in the hot stomach acid becoming tender while this Cooks Lily and I check out the second most strange food of the day.

Willie what am I looking at here dragonflies larpa ah the local name for these creatures Chiba young ferocious carnivores that dominate the aquatic insect food chain where do you catch these in the rice field every August normally people are always talking about eating organic eating seasonal I think this is what they mean.

Have you ever eaten it raw no no no why not though it's like sushi no it's not gonna kill you right yes everybody no have you ever try yeah nice sweet yeah they taste a little fishy yeah but it's sweet it's sweet So eventually this would become a dragonfly but yeah instead we're going to turn it.

Into a meal yeah first concoct a potent potion of candle nut turmeric garlic lime leaves local Szechuan Peppers Forest eggplant chilies and torched Ginger now throw in the dragonfly larvae add coconut and mix it into one consistency this pest filled porridge will cook.

Inside a bamboo tube that's topped with coconut milk seal it shut and roast over the fire villagers to use to eat inside this Longhouse is over a century old owned by the family of today's cook okay.

Oh wow it's unbelievably spicy aromatic I like the flavors that they is completely very spicy bitter and then creamy from the coconut I feel the texture of the coconut and I'm used to that being associated with something sweet but this is anything but sweet it's so intense by the end of chewing it you're like oh yeah I think there was a.

Bug in there too here's just a bug alone not fishing anymore the more I eat it the more addicted I am this could be like good drinking food well I think every food could be a good drinking food got a bowl of cereal drinking food Pop-Tarts drinking food everything it can be a drinking food if you're an alcoholic.

I'm curious this house we're in how old do you think this house is maybe more than anime this traditional coronese long house is an architectural Marvel these bamboo and wood shelters were built without Machinery because there wasn't any around beyond that there are no nails or screws rather Palm fibers were used to bind materials together one.

Of these houses could shelter up to eight families this one holds four families and four kitchens all sharing one Central communal space maybe when they sleep either maybe speaking cannot get a good rest I know that feeling but it's already running how many years I see and regardless of what I think of how awkward it might be people here have.

Managed to make more humans I'm just saying it seems complicated maybe in the field maybe in the oh yeah yeah yeah yeah if you're someone who needs a private space this place may not be for you but it does have a way of promoting a communal social lifestyle maybe all the house they built together no Carpenter no payment here we call.

Aaron working all together it seems like this building is a piece of History it's almost just like we're eating in a museum there's a bunch of houses in this Village maybe about five houses like this as time has passed tradition has been set aside in place of concrete structures houses that are obviously.

Easier to build cheaper to build when this disappears they're not going to make another one for certainly this house is now a monument to a culture that's faded Over time however some traditions are still going strong today our green dish has cooked and it's now in dire need of powerful flavor enhancers.

Lemongrass Ginger torched Ginger and green chilies join the walk the dish is not yet finished although this has undergone a dramatic transformation so far foreign smell I feel like I've had dishes similar to this before in Mindanao in.

The Philippines they had kind of a goat poop soup and Eddie people in Vietnam they use the liquid from the intestines to cook with so I'm used to that but I've never had just this trait of juices from a cow's stomach but I'm going to real soon as a final touch coconut milk and candle nut Willie you have outdone yourself my man.

Hold on we gotta unveil these things three dishes this is the chicken with the kind of a blood pudding on top and then here is what that looks incredible we're probably gonna try that first but also I would be remiss if I didn't mention this right here now that you're looking at it does it look uh maybe better than you thought.

Okay she didn't say it's better she's like I said I'll try it what else do you want I think we should start with this right here in the center we have this beefy dish fried lemongrass with a mixture of brown spices garlic onion candle nut Ginger turmeric chilies and coriander.

It's aromatic flavors like coconut milk and cook some more you definitely need the rice to soak up all these wonderful juices it's so peppery a little gaming but men that's really good that spice hits you immediately like doing a line of Tabasco let me get some of this beef it's Savory.

And spicy it's a little sour yummy people here are they speaking the local Indonesian language or is there a separate Karo language yeah it's almost same like here we have our second dish chicken with blood sauce it's a dish you'll only find here the chick singed.

And boiled with herbs and spices in a separate pan they mix coconut with chilies lemongrass green onions and chicken stock now a Carl favorite the blood sauce instead of just pork blood they mix in chicken blood first a squeeze of lime and lime leaves crushed candle nut and chilies and mix that in with the blood.

For even more Aroma crush and throw in lemongrass and cook briefly the cooked chicken is chopped and added to the coconut sauce Shred the rest and assemble dessert mix the sauce and meat together and throw it back very good flavors there's just a load of.

Flavor from the spices and the blood just becomes this kind of binding agent it brings all the spice together with the chicken but it doesn't have any strong flavor in itself this is not for every day no it's obviously for a special locations because it's just so much work to get it to this point I like it we have the alcohol coming now just.

In time right before our final course oh I'm not sure if that's helping I think I need a question with this are you proud of how it turned out is this what you expected yes it's good for sure it's good all right you looked like how my parents look when I said are you proud of me please try it out.

it's good stuff okay okay okay perfect medium is good pretty mixed reviews it seemed like we had one thumbs down over here something in the middle and definitely a big thumbs up.

My God I'm so nervous here's what I'm gonna try to do I find that when I eat stuff like this what works best is to really not eat it quickly not try to get through the experience I'm gonna try to eat it like I'm using your taste buds huh that is really a wave of experiences.

There's so many spices in here but I gotta say this first Curry that we had had way more powerful flavor this does not the spices are doing their best but they have quite the adversary here going against that cow stomach acid so creamy yeah it is creamy and then about halfway through I get a whiff of all right cow manure but then it goes.

Away and then it comes back wow it's so epic it's bold it is gaming it's earthy it's got so many interesting strange dimensions and flavors to it this is one of the most unique interesting things I've ever tried and I had to come here all the way to Indonesia to find it and that is what I love about this country.

All over southeast Asia you'll find tribes like the Cairo once distinct people who over time are swallowed up by the mainstream culture leaving a residue of faded or deluded Traditions keeping the Traditions alive will require nothing less than a concerted focused effort we start to respect for the cuddle tradition I don't want to say it.

Let's go to Chef Caro no let Carol save me remote Hills you'll find the Badoo an isolated Society known for its strict laws as you transgressed what were the consequences you might face including the complete prohibition of technology.

That means no TVs no phones no bikes or cars is it really worth it here the Badoo people live life now as they did hundreds of years ago have you ever held a phone okay next I'm on a mission to reveal the secret of this lost culture today I have resolved to catch the bees as they catch.

The beef with my bare hands I want to see how they live this man has no fear he's also wearing shorts no shoes and he has a very nice bandana like me and how they eat did you know this girl personally it all starts here today I'm going to meet the Amish of Asia these are the Badoo people they're.

Inclusive by Dewey or conicus has been able to preserve their traditional lifestyle for more than 400 years this is one of the rare preserved tribes you'll find anywhere around the world these days and it's because they don't really allow Outsiders to enter the Inner Circle we're gonna get as close as we can but we're gonna have to go to the.

Outer Circle this is a protective layer around the Inner Circle that prevents people like me from wandering in as trite as it sounds they live in harmony with nature meaning they won't even change the landscape to grow crops and they don't raise livestock since I'm kind of unsure about the food situation there I've opted to bring some food to.

Them as a gift now they can eat these and Outsiders can bring these inside this is a basket of chicken different from a bucket of chicken but not that different I've got my chickens we're headed to the village now meanwhile in the Badoo Village breakfast is being prepared here the food that starts their day it's.

Got a lot more cake than coffee I'm talking about sambal tomatoes and chilies mashed into a fine paste fry up shallots and mix with the fiery red mixture finish with salt and sugar then reduce it until you get the flavor condensed final product there's a splendid looking breakfast in front of us it looks like.

What five-star hotels try to do but they cannot quite reach something that looks this beautiful this is Julie and his wife sarney both members of the Outer Circle this is a must menu and weddings and special occasions like that Bridging the Gap between me and the Badoo former journalist tatcha so you start obviously with the rice since the Badoo cannot.

Race livestock their staple food is rice as well as several vegetables that they grow here plants cucumbers cassava leaves and the papaya leaves are boiled the greens are commonly called lalapan they're dipped and eaten with sambal you like it I like it a little spicy but not too spicy all the flavor is coming from the sambal these vegetables are.

Just boiled in fact without the sambalt it's pretty much going to be flavorless somehow it tastes tomatoey it's spicy and there's a great chew to the cassava leaves this one is the boiled this one is the raw one this is pate oh it smells good also known as stink beans that's good really yeah this one's like garlic oh my but it is stinky they can have a.

Potent somewhat rancid taste but the real sting well after the meal has ended wait until you go to the toilet after this we probably won't film that part but you know on our only fans we'll do a bonus video they can be boiled kind of Snappy and crunchy like between a peanut and a lima bean we're in raw.

It's more like a green bean like kind of chlorophyll taste to it I like both finally dried fish with coconut start by slicing up the dried fish then add it to a banana leaf with coconut and spices and steam oh wow yeah the fish tastes almost like pickle Thrive at the coconut it gets.

Different flavor right the fish is kind of powerful so you want something to go with it but the coconut might be a little plain without the fish they're a good Duo this is all excellent here you guys don't eat a lot of meat or do you the difference between in our Badu and outer bad we here sometimes they eat.

Beef or lamb but it is forbidden and in our body they only eat chicken and fish that's it yeah like many others here Julie and his family used to live in the Inner Circle can you tell me about the sacred Inner Circle the pressure of the Badoo lifestyle gave way to a fracturing which divided them into two groups.

The inner circle is considered pure mainly by those inside the Inner Circle there are so many things forbidden in the inner body they adhere to rigid social tenets they cannot go by Transportation use electricity they also wear white headbands no other colors and if they don't they may face harsh consequences each Village has partner.

Village but from Outer badui that is used as traditional jail the one that breaks the law will be sent there the Outer Circle consists of those who felt they couldn't live up to the strict Badoo standards when you lived in the Inner Circle what did you do to make money he sold fruits and vegetables like this so he went outside to the market.

And he sold it no one fell inside the inner body so you were in a very exclusive Community but to make a living you had to interact with people around you so you're constantly seeing the modern world cars telephones all forms of technology that he was not able to interact with what was the moment where it was just too much and you felt like.

Life would have to be better outside than inside sure people in the Outer Circle use technology but I suspect they were driven here in search of social Freedom he just didn't think that it was right to have that strict rules like that so he chose to go outside because he thought that he couldn't change the low.

In a badly foreign I'll experience the most extreme protein Source consumed by the badooie oh my God but first the most dangerous daily chore in the village harvesting bee larva behind me a box full of bees also full of larva the bees don't really love letting their babies get stolen that's.

What we're gonna do anyways how it works is this you rub this on your hands this is sinte Leaf an herb that locals use as a bee repellent let's hope that it works today I have resolved to catch the bees as they catch the bees not with any protection not with the bee suit not with any netting but with my bare hands why because that's what they do so I can.

Do it too I assume probably incorrect meanwhile take a look at my camera guys they're both outfitted with face Nets and dishwashing gloves they're going to be 100 safe and that dishwater is not going to hurt their hands at all you guys ready to wash some dishes let's do this right here he has a coconut husk he's lit it on fire this is.

Going to be used to smoke out the bees meet the extraction expert mad bees hate smoke without gloves or a head net mad approaches the angry bees without hesitation oh that is absolutely 100 full of bees why am I doing this this isn't jackass now he's putting the coconut husk inside of the Box the bees.

Starting to fly they are confused they're bewildered they really dislike smoke now he's gonna slowly start pulling out the larva and he's going to put it on this plate oh wow so the honeycomb is right here it is covered with bees oh my gosh there's so many bees there's all around me there's hundreds of bees just on this.

Honeycomb alone right now oh my gosh look at that there's so much okay now they're on me I feel the wind of their wings caressing me I'm worried about talking and breathing I don't want to go in my throat I feel like some of them are crawling in my hands but no stings I'm feeling good so far for the Badoo bee products are a crucial source of.

Income now it looks like he's closing up the box it's empty in fact their Forest honey is famous throughout Java so now we've gone a short distance from The Nest he's going piece by piece and he's going to pick up each part of honeycomb and try to get the bees off of it amazingly he's not getting stung at all he just kind of swipes the bees to the.

Side and they leave mostly they leave can you do that you just dumped out the bees I'm Gonna Leave in just a moment so I don't get stung in the eyeball but that is how you do it we're gonna get everything and go take a look somewhere else a little bit less be infested good work good work.

Right here we have the product we were after I got through it with no stain things and my guy just got one sting he's a pretty tough dude so I think he's okay let's talk about the larva most of the time when you see Combs like this it's filled with honey but here this one is full of Hupa or young bees at different stages of development how it.

Works is the queen lays an egg in each cell after a few days it hatches and it starts to eat everything that's in size within just a few days it gets 1500 times bigger once it's big in that cell the worker bees put a cap on top of it so that is what you see here you can actually pull the cap off and you will see something like this and this is like.

A mini cocoon inside of that cell they are going to somehow get all these larva out of the honeycomb itself and we're gonna eat them preparations have begun for a traditional badoui dinner including that bee larva we just retreat protein is a rare treat here and since they don't raise animals they must.

Subside on whatever happens to cross their path including this wandering around the village here they have little convenience stores places like this where you can get snacks maybe some soap shampoo but they also have this these are squirrels that's been locally.

Hunted by the Badoo people they hunt squirrels they catch squirrels they eat squirrels whatever they do I do grilled squirrel they start by singing the fur extract the organs and throw them on bamboo skewers add a generous salt sprinkle and Grill until they're cooked through.

Dinner is served what do you think oh they're heavy they're very happy joining us Julie and his daughter naipa this is a incredible spread right here reminds me of a Filipino boodle fight first of all this is the chicken to make chicken stew with coconut milk you'll first need to dispatch a chicken the only issue is even though the Outer.

Circle is a place of relative social Freedom some rules never die here they're not allowed to dispatch chickens within the village the solution step outside the village Edge and ask a non-badui person to do it for you is there a reason for it that they know or that's just the way it is because the chicken that they have here are only for.

The owners for the ritual events or weddings then it's okay yeah in a walk fry up turmeric paste add fresh coconut milk bay leaves tomatoes salt and seasoning powder then the chicken oh it's very nice delicious spices lots of turmeric not super strong powerful flavors some Indonesian food can be very.

Powerful this is not like that this is just more like gentle home cooking I love that we have two Foods left and I feel like we should build up to that one this is the Beet larva here how does it work after the Honeycombs are cleaned they're cut down to size season with salt and wrapped in banana leaves.

Then grilled over fire for 30 minutes oh wow what so she's gonna pick one out she's trying it for the very first time got a piece right here this is definitely the larva let's try it out it has a leathering exterior manages to be chewy a little bit sour very earthy I.

Kind of like it do you like it for real she likes it but doesn't feel like eating it again oh sounds like she doesn't like it last one right here we have the squirrels did you know this squirrel personally yeah he cooked it how do you know if you cooked it properly since you've never eaten it I'm trying to tear a piece off.

And it is not easy there's no blood anymore so you know that it's already cooked a bit salty a little bit of seasoning on there I want to say it's Smoky because I guess the outside is kind of charred but the meat itself is very soft it's chewy but in a juicy way very nice.

I'm just so fascinated with this place because there is this Inner Circle this sacred place that I've just heard stories about I've seen a couple people walk through the village but it's a place I'll never get to see and there's people here who used to live there they can still go there but they.

Choose to not live there to not have to abide by the intense strict rules there are you happy that you left yeah he's happy about his decision and no regret at all because he say he can build a freedom here but he can also still see his family in her body this decision that you made nearly 20.

Years ago how will it affect your kids and your grandkids even in inner body or in outer bad week the family depends on him so the one thing that makes a difference is how he can make money it's a lot easier for him to make money here in author Barbie because the rules are not too strict.

You let the inner body but you still are living among the badoi people still many of the Traditions Customs Foods ways of dressing and living are still maintained here so there must be something that you still like about the badui culture why did you stay here instead of just completely removing yourself it's enough here and it's still near to inner body.

So it's enough for him it seems like an ideal situation he still gets to see his family he still gets to be among his people he just doesn't have all the rules foreign City will bring you here a village in the middle of nowhere this is where.

You'll find the Bugis people least scary motorcycle gang ever culture with unique food Customs it's just so awesome I've never seen anything like this and a way of life that's not always easy to understand what's he doing the most holy among the Bugis people is to be soon in the Coconut breathing.

The so-called multi-gender healers who before Islam were believed to be the intermediaries between the people and the Gods to learn about this culture and its food good job all day I just repeat whatever they say and they'll love it what is going on here many kinds of.

Traditional cakes is this usually the size of your typical breakfast we do not eat all like this just some of them yes some of them a typical breakfast here might include these colorful cakes doughy sweet donut holes made with a rice base but the options don't end there what is this one called carb heavy creation is made with.

Glutinous rice flour grated coconut and brown sugar seems simple enough until you see how they cook it a superheated mold of clay stuffed with this calorie dense mixture then it's sealed with brown sugar and left to sit on a Banana Leaf where it continues to cook is this something that you grew up with yeah I eat a lot whenever I was growing.

Up this is one of my favorite cake do you like tongue yeah yeah and cigarettes yes of course how many cigarettes would you say you smoke in a day three packs of cigarettes it's impressive yes continuous the donkey cake can last for months in the past it used to feed fighters on the battlefield now it's served as breakfast.

Amazing caramelized Taste of sweet is toasted some parts are crunchy some are chewy this is really delicious this is breakfast yeah it almost tastes like a dessert to me here's another type of cake this Bronco cake uses banana as its base mashing it into a paste before mixing it with raw eggs a load of sugar and a.

Pinch of baking soda and coconut milk now steam it in a vessel of banana leaves this one is much different in texture more watery usually we use joining me must Duty you'll be doing his best to translate for us today nice yeah it's almost like the texture of flan it's very sweet almost syrupy.

Masuti belongs to the Bugis tribe a group located mainly in this part of Indonesia they have their own language customs and of course food you know this cake usually eaten in wedding party but formerly in 1950s it is the traditional cake for only King oh really yes did people ever secretly cook it and not tell anyone yeah.

Can I ask are you Muslim yeah yes the Bugis number nearly 3 million Traditions here were different before the arrival of Islam when did Islam become popular in this area in 1603 now Faith here reflects a combination of ancient Buddhist beliefs and traditional Muslim practices this means in spite of their Muslim beliefs they also.

Recognized the existence of five genders the most important among them the bisou the villagers call him pisunani Mr is a multi-gender indigenous within community a genderless figure who's believed to be a preserver of classic Bugis culture so what came first the tradition of the bisu or Islam before Islam came Mishra was there the bisu belongs to an ancient.

Community a group of chosen people who were revered back in the Bugis Empire thousands of years ago when they were advisors to Kings healers and shamans it's not good if there is no mystery in Bugis Society the bisu is treated with the utmost respect commoners and royalty came to the bee suit for advice and healing a type of healing that I'll soon.

Experience but first today's epic Bugis meal begins with a single goat all this creature will be utilized from front to back top to bottom but the most coveted offering requires the head once cleaned this Cranium is cracked in half now it's ready to receive a layer of flavor paste including a blend of.

Turmeric lemongrass chilies pepper and cinnamon next they take that ahead with the seasoning caked inside and they're going to wrap it shut with an intestine with an intestine it's just so awesome I've never seen anything like this it's very resourceful I mean they're using the intestine almost like a rope she's literally.

Nodding the animal's guts right now how heavy metal is that and consider this is technically halal food this Frank in creation joins a pot along with cubed goat meat more spice paste and tamarind water after boiling a bit they add coconut milk to smooth it out this is the land portion of our Bugis surf and turf boom.

Right here now for the seafood guys a ton of traditional food is underway today we're going to see a lot of food and a lot of new creatures this is a local type of eel starts with a tight coiling of the eel and then shoving a steak through its body multiple times like a giant lollipop it smells incredibly fishy here I wish you guys.

Could smell no I mean I'm glad you guys cannot smell what it smells like right now this is going to transfer over the fire but in the end this will not be a grilled fish this is actually going to become a soup while the eel is grilling a coconut also hits the flame but this coconut will not be used for our meal rather it's a serum required for my.

Private appointment with the bee suit what's he doing he's eating the coconut breathing foreign s like this are how most bee suits earn their living today he's talking to God they're the only conduit through which communication from God to human can travel drink I drink yes already Yes.

Okay with this rare inherited knowledge and power oh more three times the bisu can alter nature putting an end to the decaying effects of entropy healing you and making you whole again now at least that's what they say after this he can have a healing for you so what is your complaint doing this show I go around the world I eat a lot of different foods.

People ask me all the time do you get diarrhea and I say no I don't get diarrhea because the reality is I've had diarrhea for the last five years stream I don't know what it's like to not have diarrhea can you help me to become a bee suit one must be both male and female though this isn't always meant literally for example one could be male externally.

But female internally okay this combination allows a metagender or multi-gender being to emerge excuse me she said okay foreign Destiny in a dream when he was 15. since then he trained with the bisou master for over 15 years.

Oh well all right okay just spit on her thumb put it on my eyebrows going on dogs if you're feeling confused that might be because it's kind of confusing and not everyone in the village agrees to these same guidelines all right can you tell me what you just did yeah I bet yeah you will never feel it anymore how long will it take to work.

Usually three days or up to one week that would be great because it's been years a week I can wait a week with the promise of a healthy gut I'm now looking forward to our village Feast even more after the eel is grilled it's cooked with a lemongrass bundle coconut milk and turmeric powder that had simmered.

Until it's finished next to the eel one of the most unique fish you'll find in Indonesia we are getting close to our final meal here I wanted to show you a very unique food this is the boxfish they are frying the outside of the body what makes this fish so unique well it's like a box super hard exoskeleton it's like Clark Kent's.

Jaw before it hops into this frying pan it was sliced hit and split open so they could remove its insides the meat is mashed then Blended in a mix of flour egg spring onion garlic powder and salt finally try the mixture bit by bit before shoving it back into home from which it came oh really look you always know the food.

Is good if the local is cooking and then they will not touch it at all themselves this is truly a gift in the U.S usually if you get something like this it's going to be a vehicle for sauce you're gonna need tartar sauce or some flavors to go with it this is so flavorful they put such an abundance of spices inside you don't need anything.

Else yeah good job all day I just repeat whatever they say and they love it super delicious the meat itself not fishy at all it's almost like a chicken like soft moist chicken breast it's absolutely delicious with the eel complete and that heavy metal go ahead hitting the table it's finally time to eat this is awesome joining us.

The villagers who helped cook this masterpiece and two special guests agus naini and Rini we'll get to know them more soon let's do a little tour of the table I mean we have goat saute we have goat ribs that have been boiled and then grilled we have this huge fish the eel and then this right here is the star the goat head literally wrapped in.

Intestines but I think we should wait to try this I want to try this right away the saute saute is beloved around Indonesia I've seen it made with horse and today they're making it with goat as it sizzles they coat the meat with a mixture of soy sauce and pepper finally to bring it home a thick and flavorful peanut sauce made with peanuts shallots.

Garlic and cayenne pepper that's good goat good very nice it's hardly even go deep they put a sweet peanutty saute on there and it's so smoky that is a saute right here I have a rib these ribs require a lot of time and love before they wind up here first they're braised in a pot for hours the.

Load of spices like chilies garlic star anise kefir lime leaves and Nutmeg after they soften up throw them over the flame to develop a crust then slather them in that same thick peanut sauce wow this lady's hilarious oh I love the glaze the sauce that's on there sweet nutty thick Smoky glaze and the goat is.

Fairly tender too should we try some fish yes thank you the eel has a very unique texture it's almost like frog meat they really charred the heck out of it before they actually put it in the soup so the soup tastes like burning can we eat this yes traditionally this dish is made to.

Celebrate the birth of a child in bird ceremony we must call a leader in this Village don't touch the brain finish yeah finish do you have any idea how the eaters take the brain you start with the brain oh wow that probably could have cooked a little longer so I'm just gonna get like a quarter of a spoon cheers.

Those are some of the best brains I've ever had incredible seasoning super salty spicy fragrant lemongrass just tons of powerful flavors oh thumbs up obviously we have the intestines very chewy intestines but very clean tasting no gaminess right here we have the tongue that has been stripped of its.

Skin this nice lady at the end of the table took all the well most of a lot of the skin out it's very juicy beautiful chewy texture I love it now this is healing me even more than that um and then the stomach massage but one of the things that makes Bugis people stand out is this categorization.

Of genders earlier today I met the bisu the central person almost like no gender or multi-gender but then you can also have what cholulai and cholobai yeah in Bugis Society there exists five genders you've met one already the bisu then there are the traditional women and men but after that there are two others the chalabai and chalalai put more.

Simply feminine men and masculine women is anybody on this table on the right side of me beanie is a chalabai he's a man who lives as a woman at a Muslim Village a lot of folks here are Muslim are you Muslims yes so why don't you wear the hijab people call him oh no you are men why are you using hijab and then is there anyone here who is on the right.

Side of you okay here inshallah life yes agustini is a chalalai a woman who presents herself as a man did you choose that you're chole or did the people around you choose people call her life she doesn't like the name actually what would you prefer to be called agus is a male name in Islam is it allowed to change your.

Gender it's not allowed so how can the bisu person exist actually that is the task for or a religious Muslim to advise him to be a good Muslim but I mean we cannot force them to be blah blah blah we let them it's interesting you have these labels for people tololai cholobai but it doesn't seem like it's a label used to.

Help include people it seems like a label that's used to separate people on one hand she doesn't really enjoy people saying hey you are this title you act this way there's no benefit for her to hear that but meanwhile the bisu is also somebody who is separated because of their gender but you look up to that person yeah yeah this place is confusing.

I wish I could neatly tie this story up with a bow but I can't at least not in one afternoon I came here to seek understanding about a culture very different from my own but the reality is sometimes culture is messy it's layered it's confusing as I leave this place all I know for certain is there's no other quite like it.

Also that bisu may be addicted to cigarettes to the vast and varied country of Indonesia here you'll find it to Ryan people with distinctive Customs you need food and breathtaking architecture that goes back hundreds of years but once a year over a few week period.

Villagers gathered to send out their loved ones to the afterlife when the funeral takes place how many Buffalo do you plan to purchase at least today I'm on a mission to understand that to Ryan's unusual relationship with death in the house behind me there is a dead body and experience the food that comes with it.

it all starts here thank you my dude this is Wild is this the first day of the funeral and it's it's the first day the guests coming the family coming showing the.

Condolence giving the peak giving the Buffalo and the Euro will served by the tea coffee and the traditional dish what do the local people think about having tourists come here to this sacred ceremony is that good for our cultural aspect the family also happy of watching the people become Kurdish it's like curing up the soul of the body so better.

To have a lot of people even if they're foreigners that know people yeah that's right wow unlike the usual funeral scene in the west replete with dark clothes grief and sorrow here the burial process is a colorful frenetic Community Affair orchestrated by not only the deceased family but by the community as well culminating in a single climactic Sunday.

Solo the traditional funeral ceremony of the turian people the pigs have arrived you can always tell across from me Andre my local guide in all things life death and food starting with breakfast here we have a Litany of snacks is this all Korean food right here that's right this looks incredible welcome foods are prepared.

Before funeral goers arrive in a day marked by mass animal solder our meal begins with the smorgasbord of small bites lacking protein but certainly not lacking any flavor the sticker rice this is coconut or pork floss coconut well this is really outstanding I've never had a flavor like this it is infused with a crazy amount.

Of spice next one these are called they're balls really tasty Balls rated cassava is joined by palm sugar then formed into this shape after boiling to firm it up douse it in grated coconut and Fry to crisp it guess what inside of it oh you wear sugar everything here is definitely not Bland I went from Super spicy to super sweet.

There's also the option of a sweet potato ball made with a similar method and coated with sesame seeds so delicious what I love most is the chewy outside what is this one we call it I like the wrapped ones because I never know what I'm gonna get aha this is a type of cake consisting of grated cassava coconut flakes and palm.

Sugar wrap that in banana leaves and steam I like it like your version of oh what do they call the pounded rice Kai in Japan like your version of Mochi but more sweet finally there's this they called it waji or sticky rice bar so I like that you take similar ingredients but.

Remix them in different ways made with a combination of melted palm sugar grated coconut and sticky rice sticky and sweet you really need to wash it down with some bitter coffee but actually the coffee is really sweet too to who it will be addressed the animals to the ceremony as an.

Offering is considered an act of respect and gratitude to the deceased the most valued are pigs and buffalo with their donation announced wildly over the PA to highlight those who contributed depending on how many pigs and buffaloes are brought here the funeral could go on for days until all the animals are sacrificed for one or several big feasts.

I understand that tomorrow we're going to actually see a buffalo Slaughter that's right how many Buffalo will be slaughtered tomorrow it could be more than five Buffalo at the same time the magnitude of the funeral is determined by the family's pocketbook the burial of a noble Elite can result.

In the solder of 25 to 100 Buffalo but even your average Joe still commands the sacrifice of up to eight Buffalo and 50 pigs rich or poor the slaughter of Buffalo is non-negotiable and families will go to any length in order to save up enough money to buy them up there yeah that's all right.

The body is a man and pass away five months ago yeah five months ago wow the Buffalo it's the most sacred animal in terrarion society and their image can be found everywhere for the living they're a sign of wealth.

But for the debt the Buffalo is believed to be a guide to the afterlife no Buffalo needs no funeral so until the funeral day the body is embalmed and kept inside for weeks or months or even years in the house behind me there is a dead body a dead body that's been there for quite.

A while years at this point with me I have a gift this is a customary practice to bring a gift of some sort into the house it could be food it could be alcohol or it could be this here I have a large number of natural products that will get you high in some sort of way tobacco leaves we have Beetle nut we have Limestone powder which activates.

The beetle nut cigarettes and a couple things I don't even recognize these look like long string beans but they're not it is interesting to me that this is like a very valued product here and this is something they'd be very happy to get even in the afterlife so let's go inside and take a look.

what is surely a bizarre sight for most is completely normal here as the try and people are at home among the Dead wow.

Where should I put this down here yes okay so my name is Jacob here has lived with the corpse of his father for quite some time perhaps he's able to cope with this site because he doesn't actually consider his father to be dead.

Death will come but not until the funeral right now jaka refers to his father as tomakula which means sick how long has he been here uh well yes there you go four years yes four years wow and planning ceremony September next year next year yes.

Could you tell me more about your father when he was alive he's a nice man always give advice as a dedicate for the children when you talk to your father what do you talk about just talk to the body like my father your friends is here I would like to visit you and please welcome home quite well wow.

When the funeral takes place how many Buffalo do you plan to purchase they are still on discussions at least 20 already it's been said that this is the most expensive place in the world to die funerals can be so expensive that future Generations will be saddled with crippling debt you said a buffalo cost about eight hundred dollars that's.

Sixteen thousand dollars instead of saving for an elaborate life here they save a fortune for an elaborate death that's Ryan's people to sacrificing as a last respect for our parents the more Buffalo the big respect we get for our partners today I've come to another nearby.

Village where funeral processions have just begun soon there will be a massive death Feast including an entire cooked Buffalo but there's a lot that must be done first right now villagers and family members prepare early morning food to fuel the community for this long intense Day first you must wash your hand some people might wash both hands.

But I know here people are supposed to just eat with their right hand but this hand is for something else if you don't know why you can look it up on the menu this morning boiled pork season simply with salt and braised in a giant steel vessel on the side rice and stir-fried eggplant let's try out this eggplant right here.

Oh my God it's very it has that slimy kind of trademarked slimy eggplant texture very mushy and then there's spice hits you like a freaking Hammer here we've got the pork meat they boiled the heck out of it let's try it out oh yeah baby that's a good part it depends on the PC gram there's really fatty Parts a really soft meaty protein.

Parts beyond that the pigs here these are very unique looking mountain pigs you won't find these types of pigs being turned into pork chops in the USA so the meat The Taste has a little bit different quality to it hit it with a little bit of rice for balance lunch is wrapping up right now in just a moment they're gonna get the Buffalo I.

Have no idea what to expect but let's go let's find out more words more speeches more waiting then finally when all is at peace this ceremony begins why is it when they take the coffin out.

They pretend like they're dropping it what is happening it's more like a shaking like waking them up yeah really.

Now they're singing the funeral chant and that's how the condolence expressed on the healers and the family to judge of this they will lift up the body on the cutoff we call lakial by putting the body up there in this parenting Village recognize that the stages of the body are changing.

The coffin is oriented oriented toward the Southwest the direction of the underworld home of the Dead if he doesn't complete his journey to puya his soul will be lost forever however his guide in the afterlife has just entered the village unknowingly about to embark on this society's most honorable task.

The sacred guide is escorted to the middle of the square palmy is poured on the animal symbolizing the permission requested to release its soul when prayers and speeches subside blood is shed thank you spirit is free ready to guide the.

Deceased silence is replaced with chanting the death Feast for this Rambo Salah has officially begun no time is wasted as the Buffalo is taken apart some of the meat is gifted to the local guests but the majority will be used for today's meal every section of beef is reduced down to.

Small meat chunks that'll soon Join one pot inside five giant vessels of rice are steaming outside two tanks are about to receive a massive volume of buffalo meat cooking is underway with the Buffalo right now this is the same cooking vessel they use for the pork Now using it for the Buffalo actually using the.

Pork stock inside to cook this meat I'm gonna help him put it in this thing is full of meat lungs heart stomach everything you can imagine is inside of there now for the flavor salt chilies garlic onions galangal ginger and lemongrass as the meat Cooks they add brain intestines and other Opals this is ready.

To eat after a couple of hours but as the day goes on they'll continue adding more and more meat on the side Buffalo Barbecue with meat that's been rubbed with MSG then skewered up and roasted over a wood fire joining our meal Maria the host of today's event and daughter of the.

Deceased what a day it has been how do you feel I feel fine thank you for asking do you think today has been a success so far yes it is the food looks amazing although I gotta say I was taken aback by the cooking style it's just like cut everything down boil it as hot as possible throw in some spices done so what is the purpose of cooking it this.

Way it's the simple way that quickly cook and we can share to the villagers but it's the most efficient food the most tasty food it'll be it will be here we have Buffalo Barbecue is that uh well done it's well done do you like it well done we like it we do have knife but obviously like this oh you got strong beers.

I like a little bit of spice try it out oh my God that is some of the hottest thumb ball I've ever had in my life even you struggling huh there's a sauna inside of my body do you like chewy meat we like it and it's also because it's rare to consume the buffalo meat it's only taken from the funeral place so only one time per year yes.

August September the time for a funeral here the main recipe so they put a little bit of everything in here intestines stomach lungs meat maybe heart and liver too which part is your favorite this one oh the stomach yes there's no way to even split this in half it looks like a carpet okay I gotta saying pretty impressive.

It's taste team super chewy interesting coarse kind of texture I thought it would be more gaming but it's just a bit salty so this is just meat much softer oh look at this piece oh that's liver really delicious you say Mommy Mommy means yummy yummy okay good I gotta be careful my wife is behind the camera I can't look into her eyes and say mommy.

Come on man you're gonna get me kill him oh yeah rib is very nice but I'm really interested in that lump oh I think this is lung it's black this looks like the lung of a bisu someone who smoked three packs of cigarettes per day it has a very unique texture because it looks really dark like it would be burnt or tough it's not at all it's quite soft.

And when you rip it it can kind of rip apart it's very fleshy yummy super chewy very different from any other texture here for more delicious a little bit more spicy I didn't even know I thought that would break the rules I gotta say I underestimated this a little bit I thought it was pretty.

Simple it was efficient but an efficient way to cook food that's very satisfying could I ask about your father yeah of course um how long ago did he become sick was in November last year you know anytime we have someone close to us pass away there's a period of grieving.

Grieving where you're surprised you're angry you're shocked you're sad and eventually you kind of accept what happened and so for you did The Grieving kind of happen already well of course at the moment that he passed away and we are yeah we're crying and laughing together like a both mix the situation yeah but during like since.

Yesterday and until today we are not really sad but I think and next week the the date at the barrels and that thing they're going to be emotionally for a while because that's the end and that's the end really for definitely if you say goodbye to our father once the funeral is complete the coffin.

Will not be buried rather it'll be stored either in a cave or a small mausoleum next I'll learn that the to Ryan's relationship with death does not end here every three years families uncover their deceased loved ones in a Macabre ceremony known as Monet how long has the.

Oldest body been here since like 50 years with an unusual event comes an unusual meal the Beats inside it could be poisoned fantastic on joining a local family to get a rare Glimpse at this uncommon experience I want to know how it works and why they do how do you feel when you come here every few years and you see.

Your daughter again is this a happy day or is this a sad day it all starts at their home before heading out to the cemetery green tapioca leaves crumbles chayote sliced stir-fried in a wok with shallots and a dose of MSG strong enough to replace your morning coffee no no okay.

Thank you for inviting me to your home today the food looks amazing is this something that you usually eat in the morning yeah that's right you want to try it out hmm it's got a certain chewiness to it like the leaves are a bit thick almost leathery but it's quite bitter I bet that would go great with this rice.

Yeah so I've had something similar in other countries but it looks incredible coconut milk ginger garlic together mix inside the bamboo and then we fire to Ryan born Andre is back to guide me through today's event what is the great ritual the time to take the body upside changing the last clothes and then dry.

It under the sun there's no doubt that the terrain relationship with death is different from your own if one dies here they're kept in the home sometimes for years at a time but they're not considered dead they're considered sick until the day of their funeral.

But even after the coffin closes surviving members still care for the dead under the name somehow the topic I'm questioning least today is breakfast this one we cook the buffalo meat that this is already smoked smoked buffalo meat is rehydrated in boiling water then.

Chopped into bite-sized pieces in a while they crisp the meat in bubbling oil meanwhile prepare a fresh sambal tomato chilies scallions and shallots the fried buffalo meat back in the wok and coat it with the vibrant sauce.

tasty really chilly I bet old people cannot eat this it just took me two minutes of chewing and I have decent teeth the seasoning on the outside is delicious almost like a sambal sauce mixed throughout so there's some tomato for acid tons of spice some herbs in there.

Hmm after breakfast today we're heading to where the family already welcomed us to meet again his wife Miss jamad passed away one year ago today for the first time since her passing she'll reunite with her daughter and her husband for you is this a happy day or a sad day he missed.

is a family reunion of sorts a chance to catch up with extended family with breakfast complete the whole family heads to the cemetery here on this Hillside you'll find a collection of small mausoleums inside they're stacked high with coffins of family members laid to rest long ago.

In just a few minutes they're going to take out the bodies from this Mausoleum here on one hand I really appreciate here that there's not so much taboo around death it doesn't seem like there's so many negative feelings around death and it's something that people are more open about that being said I don't know the nature of today's event I'm not.

Sure if it's going to be happy or sad or just a job that has to be done but we're going to see what happens today's about to begin and surprisingly it all starts with the food a whole Black Mountain pig that takes hours to cook it starts with torching.

Scraping and cleaning foreign Ty of the pig is cut down to small cubes under the blades of a dozen men this is the fastest I've ever seen a group of people make work of a pig what is this for it's kind of the orphan for the videos of the body that's already buried here and also become the food for the.

Relative that attend these occasions this hectic scene takes place merely steps away from the ceremony venue here a solemn air creeps around the mausoleums the world of the dead and the living are about to collide foreign.

upon first sight of The Departed a range of emotions flood out simultaneously some break down into tears Reviving an acute sense of loss while some burst with joy embracing their loved ones foreign.

There modern technology makes its way to this 900 year old ritual through video calls to apps and friends and relatives are you related to everybody here how many generations does it go back here and how many people are here four organization already 11 bodies eight coffins they put the babies together inside the grandfather are going to.

Matter because he will leave their grandfather can look after the babies wow a large part of the Nene ceremony is dedicated to cleaning the remains dusting and even changing clothes we do not want to have them with the ripped clothes we change it by the new one now.

This expression of the looking after the body foreign is taking care of their loved ones I head off to look over the pig as with so many Village feasts they take some entrails and they take some meat they barbecue it up for a little bit of a snack ahead of time can you cut me off.

A piece oh this is good hot juicy oh man it's very good around here they like replace salt with MFG if you're gonna barbecue over fire there's nothing more foolproof than having pork and salt or MSG how is it enough preparations for today's main course are in full swing chopped pork bayana leaves.

Local spices and MSG come together in big plastic tubs the meaty blend jostles its way into fresh bamboo tubes these organic cooking vessels are lined up by the fire and corked with banana leaves in a couple of hours they'll be ready for lunch meanwhile Mr lumba introduces.

Me to his daughter when is the last time you saw your daughter 18 years just like burn in three days she passed and don't know why I don't know dressed up in her new outfit and lying peacefully Mr lumba's arms is not yet named daughter this day is different for everybody I see some people are upset.

Crying a lot of people are smiling and so for you is this a happy day or is this a sad day yeah he missed her a lot and that's uh the moment for cheering up for him like meeting his doctor again candy there's some money under her arm what is the purpose of that even the.

Baby is already collapsed like it's already break it down maybe in the faces and the Skins he's still a great connections emotionally with the baby he come here give the candies like this is what the children laughed nowadays and this is for you he misses her so much yeah it's a it's a pleasant day with new clothes presents and much love.

From the living The Departed will soon be back at rest foreign ceremony will conclude with the lunch Feast for all the living remained to enjoy their share of the meal all of our meat is coming out finally this is just pure me while the dead leave with their spiritual offering.

Foreign joining me at the lunch table Mr lumba's brother and another relative man I'll never get used to this stuff the Palm wine is so vinegary it's so thick and it has just a little bit of alcohol do people here even buy this stuff get it from the tip naturally to.

Make this local free alcohol first collect the sap drippings from a palm tree then wait let it ferment for hours or even days until it becomes a sour happy juice you have a beer tree so we've got rice we've got the pork should we try some amazing the meat is very soft a lot of skin a lot of pork belly super juicy I.

Love these pieces where it's like protein fat skin all these different textures together super delicious plenty of MSG chilies spices it's awesome by offering a pig to their ancestors during the Nene the terions believe they will be blessed with the fruitful harvest the following year do you remember how old you were when you experienced your first.

Banana once he was six years old do you remember what you felt back then did it feel normal did it feel scary for a kid so they're brave enough because there are a lot of people like we are experienced nowadays he was not scary at all of watching the conditions of the body what about you it's something.

Common today most terrarians are Christian but they're Monet name practices which predate their conversion to Christianity persist nonetheless assuming you know that many other countries people don't do this when someone dies it's kind of definitive generally they're put in the ground and then that's that.

We perform the money more like how we can connect to the body how we can express our love if we put the body inside the ground it means like there will be only bones left but if we preserve inside the housecraft that we already saw before they will have a chance to have a look of the body by noon the Monet must be complete and.

The family members return home as if nothing ever happened women weave baskets and nurse their children men etch decorative carvings into the rice barn or collect bamboo Andre and I sit down for one last meal this meal is very well suited to the manenne because it's very dark colors can you tell me what we have here what.

Is this this black stew starts with pork torched on the outside and chopped into smaller chunks then boiled with what they call black nuts I've never heard of black nut it's taken from the football fruit that which slice out the skin and they got the beads inside but I will tell you about.

This one if it's cooked by the wrong cook it could be poison well that's fun next add lemongrass shallots garlic salt MSG and ginger and don't forget to pray for a poison-free meal finish by adding slices of football fruit skin let it simmer for 20 minutes and serve we eat with our hands yes so it's interesting because it's going to have a similar.

Texture to what we tried already today but I'm assuming a different flavor with that black nut try it out I feel alive it should be cooked in the proper way should or was it's [__] fantastic so when I taste the broth itself it's super salty savoring it has a little bit.

Of an earthy taste to it certainly different from what we've tried already Super Rich all that Porky fattiness has leaked into the broth and there's meaty pieces there's skin there's fatty pieces it's very nice so since you've shown me so much of your culture I wanted to show you to uh it's not really my culture hold on this is tequila.

Do you do shots here that she already have experienced it's a big one that's right oh not for children at least 18 years off all right I feel fully ready to try this out the meal ends with a local favorite a mixture of rice flour brown sugar and sesame.

Deep fried into elongated crescents that is delightful super crunchy on the outside soft on the inside it is like the toryan brownie however not chocolatey but it is sweet and chewy and then the sesame seeds on here add a little bit more texture a little crunchy texture to the outside I love that thank.

You all trade deal not actually can I have both so you grew up in the city but you're very familiar with these Customs these Traditions the Mane the rambusola for you one day when you pass away will you go through the same process as the people here my child my grandchild.

Cannot be do that thing they will look after me even just only my body it just feels so eventful maybe just because it's new for me seeing things through the camera is always so much more shock and you just see this very condensed version of a very Sensational topic but when you're in the moment you're taking the surroundings you're.

Walking you're seeing them take the coffins out slowly opening each casket and behaving in a way that's congruent and consistent I feel like it was a very touching moment the father with his daughter that's right and it's like what is the difference between someone in the west pulling out a picture of a child they lost in the past and somebody.

Actually holding you know the physical body of the child they lost I mean of course logically there's a difference but symbolically I don't think there's much of a difference boom guys that is it that is the end of our Indonesia series six videos I hope.

You enjoyed it my gosh this place is so unique every time I come here I've been here three times now and this place always blows me away guys that is it for this one thank you so much for watching I will see you next time