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Inosuke’s Childhood DEATH EXPLAINED! Full Backstory and Powers! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Among the main trio in demonstraba there is only one character who serves not only as a foil but also as an unlikely friend his storyline like zanitsu's comes full circle during a fight that isn't only to the death but is also cathartic someone who over time grows to fully embrace his humanity with this video we'll be going over the.

History of enosuke hashibira inosuke's story begins within the paradise faith cult his mother kotaha fled her abusive husband and took shelter with the upper moon demon doma domo was the leader of the paradise faith cult here kotaha sees doma as someone she can trust someone who can protect her and her baby in no skin however kotaha eventually discovers.

That doma eats his followers in response she tries to leave but ends up lost in the woods while on a cliff doma catches up to her with tears in her eyes kotaha makes the difficult decision to drop baby enos gate into the river below miraculously inosuke survived and ended up being raised by boars some time later a nosegate in his strong-headed nature.

Fought a demon slayer and stole his sword he also learned about final selection and demons in general and interestingly enough he decided to take on final selection without the help of a master which is pretty much a standard for demon slayer which is only made all the more impressive as according to zinitsu and nosuke was the first to.

Climb the mountain and be first to descend it in terms of the narrative however no skate was first seen at the drum demon mansion and we may presume that like zunitsu and tundra he was probably assigned to deal with the demons within here he crashes into tangero and is immediately brash aggressive and hot-headed he does after.

All immediately try to attack tandro despite a demon being in front of them the two are then interrupted by the demon kyogai who uses blood demon are to transport them this disorients and already exhausted inosuke as he had been trapped inside the mansion for three days he does eventually make it outside along with zenitsu now from there.

Immediately enosuke senses a demon within tantra's box and beats zenitsu for protecting it but tanjro thankfully interrupted them and enosuke yet again wanted to fight him tanjuro does make an attempt to talk enosuke down but this ultimately results in a brawl between the two a pretty spectacular swordless clash between the both of them that.

Start to encapsulate the wildness of a nose case fighting style which was ended when tundra resorted to headbutting and breaking and nosuke's ribs and enosuke despite this does try to continue putting up a fight but ultimately faints and interestingly enough once unmasked in nosuke's face is the complete opposite of his personality he is loud.

And obnoxious but his face it is delicate and soft facial features that go on to be very meaningful for the remainder of his story now after he wakes up enosuke assists in bearing the victims of the mansion he tags along with tundra and zunitsu to a wisteria crested home during their walk inosuke not only starts the running gag of.

Mispronouncing names but he also reveals his only passion to match his strength against other even early on inosuke is headstrong and has a fighting spirit he didn't join the demon slayer core out of grief or a desire for revenge but simply to fight strong opponents it's a rather simple goal that really plays into the innate animalistic instinct that nosegay.

Thrives off of but anyway while recovering at the wisteria crested home enosuke does everything in his power to annoy tanjuro such as stealing his food to which tanjuro only responds with kindness which seems to further irritate enosuke eventually the trio leave and are assigned to natagumo mountain night time falls as they arrive and enough.

Skate and time draw venture into the mountain leaving a fright in zunitsu at first they are met with a fellow swordsman who is then quickly whisked into the mountainside they venture further into the mountain and come across massive spider webs not long after entering enosuke and tanjuro come across another core member who claims.

His party of ten started attacking each other randomly the two slayers come to realize these swordsmen are being controlled by a female demon inosuke and tandro are forced into combat with the puppeteer core members the pair resolve to find the demon controlling them which leads the nosegay to use a rather bizarre technique beast breathing.

Seventh form spatial awareness he sends his disturbances in the air this allows hinosuke to pinpoint the female demon despite being nowhere near her but as such both swordsmen begin to head towards her location in route they're met with several other core members the demon controlling them is desperate now moving their bodies unnaturally enough.

For their bones to break the two members begging to be killed enosuke immediately agrees to end their suffering but tandro stops him and one could argue that due to his upbringing enosuke lacks the emotional intelligence to truly understand death at this point this is seen earlier when he asks why they're burying the dead reef isn't something he.

Understands at first that being said the two are ultimately unable to save their fellow swordsmen they continue in search of a demon but instead find a helpless corpse used as a puppet without coordinating with tundra and nosuke engages the creature he receives several cuts in the process however the pair are able to work together and defeat it.

Nosuke then throws hundred which allows him to behead the demon puppeteer at this point it is clear enosuke has bad wounds enosuke though proclaims his health even with crossbody slashes enosuke maintains an air of toughness regardless another demon appears before the two slayers this one being massive in size the demon claims to be the.

Father to the family of demons on the mountain this father demon separates tanjiro and enosuke originally tanjiro tells inosuke that the demon is one of the 12 kizuki this is however proven to be false later on now alone enosuke attempts to take on the gigantic demon he hides until he realizes that he's only trying to.

Survive until tantra returns but being self-sufficient to the 9th degree this enrages the nose gate enough for him to charge the father demon inosuke slices off two of the demon's arms but it retreats to transform into a stronger form oddly enough enosuke trembles at the sight of this demon it's perhaps the first time he shows any visible fear up.

To this point he had been an impulsive animalistic demon slayer who took on any monster head-on yet he visibly shakes here he steals himself by remembering tanjo's words it's rather telling that he originally viewed tanjuro as a rival but now thinks on his words for moral boosting the encouragement being enough to rouse and no skate to action however.

Unfortunately he is simply no match for the father demon the demon almost chokes a nosegate to death the latter experiencing flashbacks of his fragmented tragic past again his storyline is so overreaching that is something that is hinted at even early on but enosuke is saved by yuto miyoka thankfully this is one of the first.

Instances in which enosuke shows emotion beyond anger or excitement he looks to you with this particular admiration it's once again one of the early signs of inosuke's humanity regardless inosuke hasn't lost his fighting spirit and challenges you to a duel and obviously the water hashira noticed how severely injured in nosegate was and before.

Inosuke could even realize gu had tied him up much to his discontent and i have to say it is pretty admirable how enosuke doesn't seem to run out of steam i mean even after receiving some deep cuts and getting thrown around by a giant demon he still tries to take on ashira his fighting spirit is never truly extinguished and that is something.

That clearly plays into his final fight but due to this fight inosuke suffers a badly injured throat he began his rehabilitation and training alongside zenitsu and tundra seeing how well zanitsu does at first only spurs zanoski's competitive nature on however enosuke is eventually stumped in reflex training with kanoa and during this time.

At butterfly mansion he managed to master total concentration breathing while there his repaired nitrogen blades were delivered followed by him immediately chipping the blades with a rock this greatly horrified tantro and more importantly the sword smith who fought the nichiren swords for him in fact hanzo had to hold the sword smith.

Back because enosuke insisted that chipping them made the swords better what was for me one of the funniest moments in the series afterwards he sets off with tundra and zunitsu to the mook and frame being raised by literal boars zenosuke is shocked by this gigantic steam-powered machine he tries to headbutt it at first clearly wants to.

Best what he assumed to be a powerful beast this unusual behavior drawing the attention of the local authorities but the trio are able to board the train regardless in osuki's behavior here is another look into how different his upbringing was from the others and one could argue that his life was similar to tandro as both slayers live rurally but.

Enosuke was deprived of basic human experiences if anything his adventures with tundra azinitsu are quite possibly the most humanizing experiences he has had that by tundra zunitsu he volunteers to aid the sound ashira tengan uzui and the entertainment district at first enosuke tries to emulate tengen tengan introduced himself as the god of.

Festivals while enosuke introduces himself as a god of the mountain the sound of shira is clearly perturbed by this but does explain why the trio are going into the entertainment district tengen's wives have gone missing and so the trio will be needed to go undercover however during this explanation and nosgate blatantly asks what if tengen's.

Wives are already dead to which tengen punches him knocking him unconscious later on the group finally arrived in the district each slayer is disguised as a girl in order to spy on the brothels and as opposed to the others enosuke is actually hand-picked by the ogimoto house and this is because he is actually quite pretty there he begins his.

Investigation and finds out that makio one of tengan's wives hasn't left her room the entire day enos gate wants to press further for information but is unable to speak due to his deep voice he does listen outside of makio's room though the demon within notices his presence and escapes within the ceiling as inosuke goes on to give chase.

Regrettably he does lose track of the demon though afterwards he meets up with tandro as they wait for tengen and zunitsu anosuke explains what happened at the ogiimoto house giving exciting descriptions penguin arrives without zenitu and informs the pair that zenitsu won't be present he also mentions these two slayers may now be in danger because.

Of this tengen tells tandro and enosuke to leave so he can continue the mission alone however both enos gate and times were resolved to save tengen's wives and zenitsu ninosuke waits for tantros to finish his investigation only to get impatient he decides to commence the mission without tanjiro while inside the ogimoto house inosuke finds what he dubs.

A demon nest now only his head fits so the swordsman dislocates his joints and enters the tunnel he travels through it until he reaches a main cavern this ability to warp his joints is bizarre to say the least but would fit in with his mountainside lifestyle in the cavern enosuke discovers ob draped throughout the area upon further inspection he.

Realizes that people are trapped within the fabric one of them being zanitsu he tries to wake them up but instead startles the obi the ob the manson know why he is there obviously enosuke replies by attacking the obi freeing those stuck within the obi begins to panic at this but daki upper rank 6 mind you takes control of the ob and orders.

It to take enosuke alive hanosuke struggles with the obi until makio and suma tengan's wives provide assistance being inosuke he reluctantly agrees with the aid zinitu also joins the fight and his ability is enough for nosuke to be amazed the sound of shira also lends a hand however the obi manages to escape tanyan follows it leaving zunitsu and.

Enosuke in the dust the pair do manage to catch up to tengen arriving in a very comic manner tundra asks them to help tengen while he puts nezuko away yet again inosuke mimics tengen saying that he'll be really flashy he fights doki with zunitsu the two swordsmen are very visibly injured but still persevere during their battles they need to relay.

Some key information to enosuke in order to defeat daki and her brother gutaro these slayers mustn't let their heads reconnect to this inosuke is once again amazed by zenitsu they ask for tanjiro's help and the trio take on daki danitu and tandro protect inosuke as he goes in for the kill nosegate is successful but comments that they must act quickly this.

Fight isn't such a major turning point for his character like the spider family was but it does show how greatly enosuke has evolved he participates in teamwork without bemoaning it and is rather encouraging of his own teammates he's slowly enriching his own humanity but of course he does have that one final fight that will fully allow him to regain who.

He was anyway enosuke holds daki's head to prevent her from regenerating she tries to put up a fight but is ultimately saved by guterrero who impales enosuke and enosuke promptly falls to the ground much to a horrified tundra and i won't lie this scene is perhaps the most concerned i have ever been for inosuke's well-being the wound.

Itself is practically square in the middle of his chest most likely a wound that would be fatal and is thoroughly laced in poison he reveals that he rearranged his organs therefore protecting his heart enosuke also mentions that gentero's poison has no effect on him due to his upbringing which is very convenient but hey it is.

What it is then both zenitsu and inosuke decapitate daki while tanjirobi has gyutaro however inosuke loses consciousness as anitu remarks that his heartbeat is growing weaker and weaker khandro zenitsu and nezuko gather around enosuke without many options the trio are practically forced to watch their friend die thankfully however nezuko.

Saves him with her blood demon art enosuke regains consciousness afterwards the three comrades face recovery once more out of the trio and nosuke probably suffered the most as oi admits that he was on the verge of death miraculously enosuke is able to bounce back even having the energy to crawl on the ceiling he's overjoyed to see tundra.

Now awake but also gloats that he woke up a week before he tells tantro that now he has poison resistance something that kyo explains by comparing enosuke to a honey badger this animal is a good comparison for enosuke as both are equally aggressive that being said a week passes and enosuke returns to the demon slayer business and for enosuke.

Things seem to return to normal until special hashira training occurs during this the swordsmen of the demon slayer corps are required to engage in each hashiro's specific training regimen the training in general is grueling enough for most slayers to be exhausted if not annoyed however in nosuke like tanjiro sees he training as a means to improve.

Himself further and you know what this training could not have come at a better time though as shortly after the ubyashiki mansion exploded exposing a regenerating muzon because of this attack every capable demon slayer was sent a summons including enosuke the demon nakime upper rank 4 summons the infinity castle and enosuke finds.

Himself within and he presumably runs around the complex slaying demons until his crow leads him to kanao and doma yet again he has a rather dramatic entrance crashing through the ceiling he cuts through doma's wave of ice shards saving kanoa this battle like all other fights in the ark are fights to the death but they also serve as themes this very.

Fight is where enosuke finally regained his sense of self and his humanity nosuke is enthusiastic to take on an upper rank however he soon learns a grim truth goma killed and absorbed shinobu and nosuke is greatly angered and shocked by this and he has a flashback with her the flashback seems meaningless at first it's only shinobu making a.

Pinky promise with enosuke but it does show how enosuke thinks of others his first thought of shinobu is a memory of the pinky promise he remembers something surprisingly soft about the insect ashira that being said an outrage and no skate charge toward doma being upper rank though doma dodged this he comments on inosuke's messed up technique and his.

Iconic chipped swords but this attack by enosuke isn't all for naught as he is able to return kano's sword once more enosuke dislocates his joints in order to slash doma across the eyes but during this doma is able to steal a nosecase mask without either slayer noticing now unmasked doma comments that enosuke's face is familiar doma asked if enosuke.

Had met him before to which enosuke angrily denies now in order to remember doma pierces his own skull with his finger swirling around his brain as he recovers a memory from 15 years ago he recalls kotaha inosuke's mother and her tragic story as stated before she fled from the paradise faith cult and was eventually killed by doma doma.

States nosuke's face is the same as hers clearly enosuke rebuffs this saying that he has no mother and he was raised by boars doma is amused by this commenting you're human so a human must have given birth to you not only does this shatter enosuke's worldview but he's also forced to confront his painful past and his mother's killer.

Enosuke tries to charge a demon but is knocked into the pond by doma the upper ring continues the story recanting that he wasn't going to eat kotaha originally he also mentions the pinky promise song she sang to enosuke this caused the nosekate to connect the warmth he felt of shinobu's pinky promise with that of his mother's song doma finishes his tale.

Stating that kotaha's life was meaningless enosuke then readies himself to attack doma once more stating that just cutting off your head won't be enough i'm gonna send you to hell at long last enosuke not only remembers his mom but is able to confront the demon who killed her doma continues to taunt enos gay but realizes that akaza.

Has been defeated he no longer has time to toy with the slayers so instead doma creates ice dolls to fight the swordsman as he leaves doma tells kanao and inosuke the dolls are as strong as him but before he leaves the scene doma notices enosuke isn't breathing in the icy air he notes that this is most likely due to how sensitive enosuke skin.

Is that he can detect even the slightest chill intrigued by him doga decides to force enosuke to use all his techniques as he knowledge will aid him in further battles he creates another doll which slashes an already wounded inosuke however just as doma prepares to leave his face begins to melt hanau realizes that shinobu's poison is working and her.

Resolves to not let her death mean nothing in a desperate attempt doma uses his blood demon art rime water lily barazatfa to create a giant ice figure this technique engulfs the room knocking away a nosegay and kano the two slayers again go into attack doma but enosuke is grabbed kano continues her charge activating the final form of flower.

Breathing unfortunately she is frozen by doma just as she reaches him anosuke though sees this and uses sword to act as leverage so kano is able to behead doma successfully the two swordsmen behead doma together and afterwards enosuke stomps the ground where doma disintegrated yelling insults his wounds end up stopping this however as he.

Slayer falls dizzy to the ground he remembers a conversation with tundra and zenitsu ninosuke had been yelling about his lack of a mother to which tundra tells him that everyone has a mother regardless though inosuke responds by saying that his mother abandoned him which meant he wasn't wanted zenitsu butts in however he says that if.

Hinosuke's mom didn't care about him she wouldn't have given him a name this bittersweet memory seems to only enforce he love kotaha fell for enosuke he was her pride and joy enough so that she died for him remembering his mother enosuke begins to cry as said before this fight is not only to the death but also signifies enosuke regaining who he.

Is he not only remembers his mother but realizes that he was indeed loved that he wasn't just an unruly boy raised in the wild later kanaho is seen carrying the injury to nosuke as they promptly run into zinitsu and morata denitsu enosuke and kano join in the fight against muzon they attempt a sneak attack but are swiftly thwarted by the.

Demon progenitor despite this they continue their assault on muzon however enosuke is not unconscious by rubble he regains consciousness and tearfully berates muzon for killing his fellow core members alongside sunitsu he once again attacks muzon suffering more wounds in the process muzon eventually knocks enosuke back with a shockwave but.

Stands his ground ninosuke continues to fight alongside tanjiro amzinitsu but is eventually knocked away again by muzon's whip the fight continues as enos gate is unconscious until muzon is seemingly defeated nosegay is then seen biting a kakushi who is attempting to help him all while coughing up blood even with his serious wounds enosuke maintains his.

Fighting spirit but from there tanjiro turns into a demon much to his friends this may enosuke tries to remind tundra that they are his friends but his pleas fall on deaf ears instead tandro leaps forward to attack enosuke and nosuke does prepare to return the favor and attack tandro but thinks back to sharing food with him which unnerves him and.

Nosuke realizes that he can't cut down his own friend and prepares to die instead however neziko stops tanjiro embracing him hinosuke and zunitsu race forward to help neziko as a demon tantro rampages enosuke has tandra on the head repeatedly telling him to snap out of it but is flung back by tantro ultimately the scene seems grim and unwinnable.

Until kanao arrives and uses the final form of flower breathing to inject medicine into tundra tanjuro is freed from musan's control which causes enosuke to cry and rejoice alongside the other slayers three months later enosuke is seen sleeping at the foot of tanjuro's bed alongside zinni too later on he sneaks into the kitchen as aoi is.

Cooking she catches him trying to sneak food and offers him a plate of food instead telling him to stop stealing while eating a nose game uses to himself how quickly aoi caught him wondering if she's strong sometime after this he helped pay his respects to the gravesite at the butterfly mansion which is a great comparison to his early beginnings.

In the story when he didn't have much regard for the dead and once finished the four comrades made their way to the old comodo house they began their new peaceful life there presumably growing happily into old age but finally in the distant future enosuke's descendant with aoi is aoba hashibira and he is a well-known botanist studying the blue.

Spider lily and if you remember the blue spider lily is a very same flower that muzon was searching for for the sake of overcoming the sun but ultimately disregarded because of nezuko and crazy enough a mistake in his research resulted in the flowers dying and now like his ancestor aoba wishes to live alone in the mountains and with that.

This has been the entire life of enosuke who is probably my favorite character in the entire series not only is he headstrong but he cares deeply for his teammates and his fight against doma is a complete masterpiece i am a complete sucker for characters rediscovering and or losing their own humanity and so enos gate is just fantastic all around and it.

Would be fantastic of you to describe the plot armor with notifications on because when it comes to bringing you some of the best demon slayer content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.