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INVISIBLE GIRL’S FACE REVEALED! Aoyama’s Sad Backstory! – My Hero Academia Chapter 337


After seven long years of waiting we finally have the reveal of what invisible girl truly looks like not to mention the reactions of the entire 1a class once they too discovered the identity of the uh traitor with the previous chapter deku and baka go train together as we received an explanation of his newfound upgrade to his power.

Known as cluster what is essentially the saving of several spheres of sweat for even more devastating explosions for the sake of which he has chosen to continue wearing his winter costume despite reaching exhaustion sooner meanwhile shoto had now achieved equilibrium between his fire and eye sides and was now striving to make his body resistant.

Against his elder brother's flames we finally found out whatever happened to giganto machia as apparently he had remained sedated and bound since the end of the war so he is unlikely to be a problem again now they haven't killed him so it's not as if they are completely disregarding their laws and legislation and i don't doubt that they.

Could kill him if they really wanted to considering his vulnerability to ingestion but even still their victory was far from assured all things considered as the likelihood of them finding offer one prior to the impending battles was unrealistic this time around they would have half of the previous forces meanwhile shigaraki would be.

Complete and lastly as opposed to the heroes managing to get the jump on the villains like during the war this time around the villains would decide the commencement however it was deku's belief that they would still have the opportunity to decide how they entered the fight which was all the more reason for deku to desire rejoining the search.

And thanks to uraraka speech tensions between the heroes and evacuees had largely settled making a bit of a stroll outside for deku pretty much harmless from there we found ourselves with invisible girl within the forest that surrounds ua according to her since the war and even despite deca's return to the school one of their classmates has.

Yet to smile or be their usual self and so concerned she went looking for him and what she discovered was utterly heartbreaking as yugo oyama while speaking to her incessant parents was in fact revealed to be the ua traitor as it turns out yuga had been working for all for one even before he entered ua and had recently been tasked with a new.

Mission which he was presently finding difficulties with we even find out that like deku oyama was born quirkless and in fear of his difference was brought to all for one who bestowed onto him his naval laser quirk but in exchange had certain obligations to fulfill which he absolutely could not avoid otherwise his family would be slaughtered by the.

Villain and while all this information was divulged to emerge would be deku having been led by invisible girl in fact he also shared the very same intentions as invisible girl as he had recognized oyama to have been uncharacteristically glum recently and so he went out to find him as yuga with tears flooding his face would admit to.

Deku that he is in fact a despicable villain with this latest chapter we return to the hideaway of the villains as davi recognizes offer one sentiment about the possession of friends however he is somewhat concerned that the discovery of such a friend would prove unfavorable for them however all for one felt no such way and likens the.

Situation to one where a cheap lighter stops working if their little traitor does his job wonderful if not oh well throw him out and move on to the next plan all for one truly possesses an under disregard for all life that is not useful to his own and toys with the lives of others like a game oyama and his family meant nothing to offer one.

Beyond simply being disposable ponds for his own use however he certainly wasn't opposed to being entertained but now back to the forest oyama's parents would grab him and urge their son to flee as oyama puts it in the past both were very concerned with his quirklessness they were both from exceedingly wealthy families and so they were able to raise.

Their boy with all the luxuries and privileges one could possibly desire which is why the prospect of their son being regarded as different or less than was so terrifying they were willing to do any and everything for the sake of his happiness as such upon coming across a rumor that someone was able to give quirks to others they jumped at the.

Opportunity and even when it was discovered that oyama's quirk was incompatible with his body they still spared no expense to make things work as they had commissioned the very belt he wears to this day which allowed their son to embark on his journey and dream to become a hero that shows both sympathy and compassion and so yeah.

Their reasoning for getting involved in all this was pure but just as life was looking to be on the up and up suddenly oyama received a telepathic message from one for all himself according to a rumor almight was set to become a teacher at ua and to ayama was to immediately enroll which simultaneously provided us confirmation.

That all for one is able to communicate with those he has bestowed quirks onto remotely which is insane now once yuga was in ua he would continue to be instructed by the villain he was to tell offer one when the class was isolated which caused the usj incident he was made to see where the training camp was taking place which led.

To the abduction of bakugou and ragdoll a circumstance which subsequently brought about all might's battle against all for one at kamino and the villain's possession of the search quirk bringing a definitive entity reign of the symbol of peace creating a false sense of comfort on account of the king of the underworld incarceration and overall.

Sowing the seeds of what would gradually lead to the war arc and most recently hugo was instructed to lure out and isolate deku now that he has returned to ua in the present yugo would speak once more to deku this time talking to him about the letter he had made for everyone when he left the school as just then deku's danger sense would kick in.

Oyama now crying out would begin to attack telling deku that when he found out that he was born quirkless too he fell into the deepest pits of despair these two certainly did not want to fight one another but ayama felt he had no other choice to protect his family and so they would both brace themselves as oyama would fire but leaping to the.

Defense of deku it would be invisible girl would manage to redirect the blast entirely as her body has the ability to warp light she too would now speak to oyama but certainly with a tone unlike deku's she'd begin yelling at him saying that they all could have died that their country has now been thrown into chaos as just then we receive a glimpse of her.

Face as she wept baffled but the fact that oyama had the nerve to sit in the same classroom as all of them that he had the nerve to sleep in the same dorm as all of them a sentiment that rocked oyama to his core as his guilt was far too much to bear horikoshi finally managed to find a way to reveal this character's face a conundrum he had.

Considered really early on with the story and yes invisible girl's costume is her birthday suit with boots and gloves so if you can see her you can see a whole lot of her however her appearance here is largely obscured with slightly vague features so she's not entirely visible and i say this to express that they probably didn't get.

Flash or anything here not exactly something we usually address but i know a lot of people are bound to consider it but anyways before yuga's parents could come to his defense in an instant deku using black whip was able to apprehend the entire family simultaneously becca would then express the yuga that invisible girl had done this to prevent.

Him from hurting anyone else now asking for them to put an end to all of this here and now we would then fast forward to the entire family being restrained as several faculty members students and police officers are present the expression on almight's face was heart-wrenching they had concluded that because yugo received his quirk 10 years.

Ago and was fine even now despite being discovered it was unlikely that it possessed the same explosive mechanism that lady naganz did now principal nezu would urging students to step away from everything but they refused to do so as they were all experiencing a sea of emotions ojiro would then console his crush invisible girl as he questioned.

What yugo would have done had he not been caught my boy hiroshima would then chime in begging oyama to say that none of it is true bakugo would mention the familiarity of a quirkless kid being provided a quirk by someone else as deku was silent and oyama's eyes would not face his classmates true men would question the family as to all that they.

Knew about all for one as per protocol but again they were nothing more than pawns and did not know a thing only what he had instructed them to do that if they failed or lied they would be killed a truth they knew all too well on account of what he had shown them examples of people he had discarded like trash that if you try to tell others he.

Would have you killed the very moment you left your home no matter where you went he would know and death would soon follow yuga's father would then vouch for his son and shift the blame onto his foolish parents as oyama only knew not to get caught meanwhile for ayama the words of invisible girl continued to ring through his head.

He would now finally speak that despite being surrounded by all the people that could have been killed because of him he had the nerve to hang out with them and pretend to be one of them that seeing deku a formerly quirkless person like himself actually stand up against all for one caused him such despair but what's worse is that even while deku was.

So severely burdened all oyama could think about was his own pain which made him realize that he was truly rotten to his core that yama yuga is a villain through and through as suddenly deku would interject questioning why yuka tried saving bakugou and tokuyami during the training camp he would think back to the cheese oyama had previously laid out.

For him what he now realizes to have been a cry for help that the reason oyama is crying now isn't because he failed all for one he would then think back to lydia nagan who was also made to be a pawn by all for one yet despite having her mind ruined she never lost her spirit daku's true regret here was not realizing sooner all might would.

Look to his young protege as deku would boldly proclaim that nobody should be labeled a villain for the rest of their lives simply because they committed a crime he would then offer oyama's hand as bakuga would think back to deku's prior statement about them deciding how they entered the battle questioning to himself if this was the sort of tactic.

Deku had in mind followed by deku crying out to ayama that he can still become a hero now deku offering his hand to yuga here is pretty interesting considering he is literally in restraints right now but sure deku sentiment about the label of villainy isn't exactly something i can agree with wholeheartedly i can understand reform and repentance to a.

Degree sure but it's a very shonen sort of outlook that isn't all too applicable outside of this series which is some limited by how horrendous crimes can actually be very curious what you guys may think about deku's talk no jutsu here however deku urging oyama that he can still be a hero is a major development for his character as this is.

The very same thing he had once been told by all might when he was quirkless which changed his life forever to now be in the position where he can do the very same thing is tremendous and bakugou too seems to have adopted the ways of his master as if you noticed with how he now wears his winter costume which seems as though it will be his primary costume.

For the remainder of the series is rather reminiscent to the mouth-covering attire of best genius it is truly remarkable how much of an impact such an unlike figure has had on bakugou and at that bakugo seems to be reading between the lines about deku's intentions here but more than anything else to me it seems like deku just refuses to give up.

On a friend and honestly with such an impossible situation like oyama's and the clear signs of regret he had expressed it makes a whole lot of sense why he would be willing to resolve things like this yet at the same time trust is an exceedingly difficult thing to restore for some more than others even if deku manages to forgive him who.

Is to say that the entirety of the class will be able to feel the very same way after all oyama is partly responsible for some of the most dramatic moments of their young lives along with of course the realization of his deception being an especially violating thought but if you have even just one thought of relief it should be that when it comes to.

Bringing you some of the best my hero academia contents on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching have an awesome day i love you.