Today's video is sponsored by baksu and I will talk about them a little bit later greetings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back so today we are going to be testing out a gadget I found at the thrift store and it is this this is the Monsieur crepe electric.

Crepe maker by Sunbeam I found this at Savers and I paid 13.49 for this and it has certainly seen better days this is the original box and from its packaging it looks to be late 70s early 80s but pretty much everything is in here so I already opened this and it comes with a pan a recipe booklet which I really appreciate a lot of appliances these.

Days do not include a thorough recipe book and this one does and what I appreciate is there there are thorough instructions in here on how to use it properly lots of illustrations and it includes recipes click the typical contents recipes that are specific for this machine I'm going to be making the basic dessert crepe today but you could.

Also make a fiesta dinner you can make an Italian dinner Polynesian dinner see you can have your own theme party here I mean look oh with this crepe maker what else is in here okay so here is these Appliance itself and this is what it is it's basically just a heating unit.

This gets hot and it has temperature control there thermostat a plug and oh I even have the original piece of paper that stuck to the bottom of this pan and then I have a handle now we're just going to insert the handle in here I think we are do we have to assemble this come on now.

Really oh my so we do have to assemble this a little bit I'm using a spoon to affix my handle to My Pan okay we are assembled we have the pen so this pan is reversible you can use this to cook an omelette but you can use this side which you'll be using to cook the cup isn't this interesting we're going to be.

Dipping this pan into the batter and cooking on the bottom of this pan or in this case the top so that's basically it for the machine now let us make the batter I'm going to be using the basic dessert crepe recipe that's included in this pamphlet but it also includes entree Crepes as well Crepes Crepes Crepes Crepes Crepes.

So in my bowl we're going to combine all the wet ingredients first so I've got some milk I've got some water butter that was melted but so chilly it's solidified a bit salt sugar a little bit of vanilla.

Loop and four eggs now we're going to mix this wow I always forget how choochy this machine is we're gonna blend this all together until it's nice and homogenous that's low speed the low speed on this is a bit much in my opinion except when you're beating egg whites.

now that our wet ingredients are combined we are now going to slowly add our flour here we go all right that was very easy and this is our batter and it says if there are a few lumps that's fine I thought lumps were okay.

But lumps are not okay so who says if they're a lumps present which I definitely have it says pass it through a strainer so here we go I think that's butter actually I'm gonna pass it through my strainer because you have to have butter in our recipe.

Oh my gosh tis the season to blow leaves can you hear this leaf blower Okay so we've strained our mixture we can use this batter right away but preferably we let this rest for an hour so that the flower can completely absorb all that yummy milk and water so we're going to come back in an hour after this has rested so while my batter is resting let.

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Snacks white strawberries a pack of green tea oh look at this one so sweet let's try these these look delicious let's give those taste and here's what a snack looks like it's got some naughty seaweed on one side and then some crispy bits on the other all right it looks good bad taste eat the lucky Mouse.

Great big crunch Briny seafoody flavor kind of akin to a shrimp snack if you've ever had one of those but unlike shrimp snacks this has a firmer crisper crunch to it rather than kind of an Airy bite so good salty just a little bit sweet but seaweedy and tangy fantastic so if you'd like to try box.

You out for yourself or give it as a gift for a friend and support my channel click the link down below and use my code to receive 15 off your first box big thanks to box soup for supporting my channel and for allowing me to make better videos for all of you so the batter has rested for an hour and I've placed it in a 9 10 inch cake pan for.

The masseur we're going to turn it to crepe on the creep setting and this is the pan we've got here so I'm preheating My Pan it says to preheat it on the crep setting for four minutes so we're doing that I have my batter and I cannot wait to dip this this seems like such an odd thing to do to cook on the bottom of the.

Pan and to be dipping it not pouring the batter into the pan now when we dip this we're supposed to just dip it in about a quarter of an inch in an even layer and kind of tilt the pan so that it coats it evenly okay I think we're almost there okay four minutes I'm gonna dip it in here.

Whoa that's so weird let me swirl it and then let it drain whoa look at that it says that there's holes to dip it again and let it drain I still have holes so I'm gonna dip it again I don't want holes on my okay and then let it drain so weird and then once it's drained we.

Put it into this holes though why do I have tiny holes oh my gosh it's already lifting off okay this is awesome so it's really easy to tell when the crepe is done because it'll be dry on top and then you can just lift it off the edge.

Not quite oh my gosh it's totally not sticking great wow I got it on the handle a little bit so it's sticking right there but not anywhere else oh it's beautiful okay plate oh let me actually put it on the cake stand okay I'm gonna split it onto this cake stand.

So you can see the results yes yes so perfect look for a brilliant okay let's make another one and I thought this was going to have holes in it based on my dipping but there's no holes in that at all that's perfect all right let's make another one Dipsy swirl.

And then allow the excess to drip okay that one's stuck better that one was better in terms of not having too many holes okay this is great I've never made creeps like this before there is a little bit of metal that's not coated with Teflon right where the handle is.

Like right here so I think it's important not to dip that part into the batter because that's what I did the first time in a little bit and it stuck just a tad right there and then we just take this and then we invert it on top of this one and then it should just slide off and it does.

Perfect crepe perfect oh my goodness this machine works great okay let's do this again I'm a crepe making machine or it's it's a crepe making machine okay dip again so this other side of the pan can be used just like you would use a frying pan you can make these other things if you flip the pan over and use it like a.

Skillet but I like this these crepes are great you can tell when it's ready when the surface the top surface is no longer shiny and everything kind of goes matte and the edges start to get golden okay this one is ready flip onto here and then you can just remove it yep you use a material that won't burn oop that.

One tore a little bit but that's okay so this one was the thinnest one and that one tore just a little bit but still looking pretty great okay one more dip it twice and cook okay so since I made the dessert batter I'm going to fill these with Nutella to have a nice little sweet.

Tasty bit but you can fill these with all kinds of things whipped cream fresh fruit comes to mind you can make a crepe Suzette which I believe you flambe it with a little bit of rum and some orange juice I mean or you can make them Savory and fill them with all kinds of savory yummies okay this one's ready.

Flip and release beautiful alrighty so let's fill up one of these Crepes take a crepe and I'm going to fill it with a little Nutella I love this Nutella we get this at our favorite Little Italian sandwich shop but I believe this is the Italian version so you get this Great Glass so.

After we're done with our Nutella we clean this out and then we use these to drink out of cute right take some of that gorgeousness yo spread it in the middle like that and then we're going to roll this up I probably should put that spread there but that's okay.

Roll it up roll it up boom beautiful alrighty let's give our beautiful chocolatey confection a taste it's so easy and so fast oh foreign oh that's so good full of sweet cocoa hazelnutty goodness.

The Crepe is wonderful it has a nice little chew to it but it's soft and tender slightly sweet vanilla mmm and tender fantastic so good I'm just gonna try it by itself hmm the edges are nice really thin slightly.

Crispy a little bit like an egg roll wrapper just slightly on the edges but slightly slightly sweet a little bit eggy fantastic take good care of this don't allow this to get scratched so you can keep the non-stick surface because the Crepes came right off of this thing didn't have any problems sticking a little bit on the edge but just with a.

Little gentle coaxing came right off and it worked exactly as the pamphlet said the exact amount of time everything and I really appreciate like I said earlier that this includes a recipe book so I can use this for all kinds of different meals not just breakfast right in my lovelies there you have it the Vintage Sunbeam crepe maker works like a charm.

Thanks so much for watching and big thanks to boxu for sponsoring this video if you'd like to try box food for yourself or give it as a gift and support my channel click the link down below and use my code to receive 15 off your first order thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed that one and I hope you learned something please.

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  • I've had an electric crepe maker I inherited from my dad (who probably got it from his mom since it's from the seventies) since I moved out, about 8 years. I've always been confused by the convex surface And it never occurred to me EVER that I was supposed to dip it, not pour batter on it!

  • I'm old enough to remember these in commercials in the 70s. I think that RonCo advertised them on TV. I never knew someone who owned one, so I didn't know if it actually worked. I see it does!

  • When my mom was a child jelly/jam used to come in little jars meant to be used as juice glasses once the jelly was eaten. They were decorated with cartoon characters and such. And coffee came in glass jars with some decals you could apply later to create a canister set with different sized jars. I'm still using 3 large and 4 small in my kitchen. I put pasta and rice in them.

  • I miss that having recipes in items like that . I remember buying some stuff as seen on tv always had them . But nowadays u don't see that no more. Maybe to keep the price down .and everything is online now . Even instructions if u lose them most the time.

  • They should still be making this! From all I understand, crepes are not easy to make normally. But this thing seems pretty cool proof once you understand it. I want one! (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠❤

  • Americans say nu-tella but since it’s made with hazelnuts, Australians say Nut-ella. Yet another short vowel Americans change to a long vowel!

  • We make crepes without that much eggs, maybe 1 or 2 eggs, the rest is just flour and milk, with a little bit of salt. No clue why your batter has that many lumps, its not supposed to be like that. You can also put oil inside batter so they are not as dry. Crepes are “baked” both sides, at least thats what we do in Croatia. We dont call them crepes, but pancakes instead. Also, people sometimes add sparkling water in a batter as it supposed to make the crepe break less. But I dont know if its just a myth or really something proven to be true. Batter should not be very “watery” but also not as “doughy”, its hard to explain, you need to “feel it”. And yes, in Croatia (and probably in some other european countries) we take the pancake making skills very serious.

  • I'm surprised you don't flip the crêpes! The surface of the crêpe touching the pan looks perfect but the other side looks quite pale and "rubbery". In France, we like to make the crêpe jump out of the pan to make it land on the other side or when we're not too sure of our skill we just use a spatula but either way, we prefer to let it cook on both sides.