Is it okay to send back a bottle of wine in a restaurant this is an interesting question yes and no you can send back a bottle of wine if it's bad that's the reason why they pour you a little taste you're supposed to check the quality of the wine to see if it's sound to see if it's not court it's not to see if you like it and so that's where the.

Confusion lies if there's something wrong with the wine definitely send it back the best thing to do is like call The Sawmill way back over and ask them to taste it that's kind of the professional thing you say hey I think this is a little off something like that and let them taste it and at that point they can decide that's generally the.

Rule if you're sending it back because you just don't like it that's a little something different and that's not a reason to really send it back


  • Does the restaurant not actually makes more money off a wine that was sent back, due to them being able to sell it by-the-glass at the bar? It's not going to waste. I 100% disagree with this, and believe it's perfectly fine to send it back.

  • I was at a graduation dinner with my aunt and uncle. They got a bottle of wine. The server gave them a taste test. They accepted. Proceeded to drink a little more then realized it wasn’t good. Asked to exchange it. Server refused because we had already accepted the bottle. Awkward argument ensues. I was mortified.

  • What if you asked the sommelier for a recommendation and they recommended something that isn't to your taste? They didn't do a good job of eliciting your preferences, and I think you should not have any qualms about sending it back under those circumstances.

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