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Free shipping big thanks to hellofresh for sponsoring this video and for their continued support so I can make better videos for all of you so today my lovelies I'm going to be making a recipe that seems super appropriate for the holidays it screams Elegance yet it has a beautiful kind of Simplicity and of course it contains chocolate I am going.

To be making Julia Child's Queen of Sheba cake and in French it's called the rendu Saba my apologies for my terrible French it comes from this lovely book mastering the art of French cooking this is Julia Child's famous Tome this is from the first book there are two books in the set this is written by Julia Child louisette barthol and Simone Beck.

And this is a classic I have made a few recipes from this I think the first one I made it was so many years ago I made a cocoa van and some of these recipes are pretty technique heavy because this is traditional French cookery Julia holds a special place in my heart as the Jacques Pepin I watched a lot of her on PBS with.

My mother and my brother on the weekend she was such a great combination of mentorship yet accessibility in the home kitchen yet a level of professionalism as well but it still felt accessible somehow or attemptible and anyway let's keep her spirit alive today by making her queen of saba cake from mastering the art of French cookies it is.

And you're supposed to bake this so the center remains slightly under done and so that has a kind of creamy quality to it I suspect you can melt your chocolate in the microwave but I'm going to follow Julia's instructions and do it in double boiler got some semi-sweet chocolate that I've chopped up and some coffee Julia says you can also do rum if you.

Like and we're just gonna let this sit until everything melts together this is an eight inch cake pan and the liberally rub it with butter find it helps if your butter is at room temperature adding a little bit of flour and then we just shake it around and make sure it goes up on the sides as well take this over to the trash can and.

Give it a good bang so that the excess flour is removed our prepared buttered and flowered pans and you could do this in a stand mixer as well but I think this will be simpler one stick of room temperature butter Loop and I like to scrape the paper because.

Look how much is on there and then we're going to cream this until it's light and fluffy and we're going to add two-thirds of a cup of just plain old sugar foreign butter and sugar everywhere wonderful I should be using a bigger bowl you think after all these years of cooking and making things I would know that but.

Some things don't change right silly use the appropriate size Bowl okay don't be lazy because it's just going to be a pain later we're gonna be adding more ingredients to this it's not going to get any better it's going to get worse so just wash the extra bowl or better yet next time use the right size bowl and you won't have to wash an extra bowl.

Right yeah someday someday I'll learn so much better so much better to our fluffy butter and sugar we're going to add three egg yolks one at a time how sunny those egg yolks are so cute oh the girls decided to both jump in there.

But I think we're gonna be okay now we are done with this portion we are going to clean off our beaters until they're nice and squeaky clean because now we're going to beat some egg whites and if we have any grease on these little mixer whiskey things our egg whites will not beat up as nicely I have the whites from those three egg yolks.

And in my experience and from what I've read when your egg whites are at room temperature they are easier to whip up into Peaks bloop kosher salt and then beat these to soft peaks let me be quiet for this part here we go all right look now we are going to add a little bit of sugar just sprinkled gently on top and.

Now we're going to beat this two stiff peaks but be careful not to over Beat It we don't want the foam to start separating if it starts getting grainy you've gone too far so watch it I think we're just about there we're going to take the egg mixture that we had earlier and the chocolate and coffee.

And we're just going to combine that now we're adding some almond flour this is just ground up almonds just a little smidge of almond extract look at that in there I'm so glad I switched to a bigger bowl to be able to stir with this kind of freedom.

Okay now we're going to add a quarter of this fluffy meringue that we made and this will lighten the batter the batter is pretty thick right now so we don't have to worry about getting rid of too much of that air or the volume of the egg whites because the.

Purpose of adding this part of it is just to lighten the batter so it'll be easier to incorporate the rest of it next I've got some cake flour I'm going to add some of that to this and we're going to alternate the additions of the flower to the remaining egg whites so add some of that in there.

Gently fold it in I'm just folding it and then lifting it over the top now we're going to transfer this to our prepared pan and spread it around and then we're going to pop this into a preheated 350 degree oven and bake for about 25 minutes the outer two or three inches of the cake should be.

Set and the middle should be slightly jiggly and if we put a cake tester in the middle of the cake it should come out clean but oily we're going to let it cool for 10 minutes before we invert it onto a rack and then we must let it cool completely before we ice it alrighty my lovelies here is the baked cake I went ahead and made a little platform for my.

Cake I took a piece of corrugated cardboard traced My Pan cut that out and then wrapped it in a little bit of gold paper that I happen to have you can use foil I find it's an easier way to transport cakes and I want to put sliced almonds around the edge of this cake so this way it makes it a lot easier to handle you do not have to do this step.

If you don't want to and we're going to melt some more chocolate once again add some coffee or Rum I'm opting for coffee and once the chocolate is melted we can start adding our butter one tablespoon at a time and once we've Incorporated all the butter you can see it's very liquidy.

Completely dissolved and melted now we're going to cool it down in an ice water bath now I've seen some recipes for this cake pouring something that's very glazy and liquidy on top of this cake but what Julia instructs is to make it a spreadable consistency the butter is going to re-solidify and then we're going to have something that's more like.

A frosting inconsistency here's a little story time so this cake that this beautiful cake that I just made you know I spent much of this day making this cake so I was letting this cake cool outside because here in New England Winters are pretty cool and I was sweeping off the porch I had the cake covered with a little.

Colander but the wind could blow on it to cool it off and then I thought if I take that colander off I bet it will cool off faster I'm standing right here chickens will get to it so I'm sweeping the poor chip in the porch watching my cake cool turn around check out the yard turn back and there is a squirrel right give would you be right to get into my.

Cake and it didn't get into the cake but it was right on the cake so I had my cake sitting on a little stump that I have outside of my porch and it was right on the stump and it was just about to go and I said hey scare the crap out of that thing but it didn't eat my cake thank goodness moral story put the colander on your.

Cake be patient let it cool don't let the critters get your cake because that would be bad within minutes we have a beautiful spreadable icing now we're going to add this right on top of that oh yes get in on that so we're gonna use some sliced almonds.

And stick them to the side a lot of them are going to fall but that's okay you can reuse them see I'm just gonna just watermelonies oh look at my beautiful cake.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes simple Elegance all right let's give it a slice oh can you see that looks so good Julia said that it should just be creamy in the middle hmm.

Shogun as most of you know I am a huge fan of chocolate dark chocolate in particular and I usually don't like my chocolate adulterated too much you know I don't really like fruit editions or so on and so forth you know I'm just like chocolate milk yes sugar yes but.

Pretty simple this little bit of almond in here is so nice I also have a thing against almond a little bit almond extract in particular I feel like sometimes it's just so heavy-handed it's just so overpowering but that little quarter teaspoon of almond extract in here is so lovely it.

Goes so nicely with the chocolate and the coffee flavors it does not overpower and definitely compliments such a great combination texture lovely and Julia is 100 right the middle has kind of a creamy texture not fudgy it's still light it's not dense it's got a lightness and kind of a an airiness to it but it's not quite.

Cake-like either like like a fluffy sheet cake for example it doesn't have that texture the crumb is unique it's tight and moist it's a little bit more like a chiffon cake fantastic love this cake we'll 100 make this again not only do I enjoy the kind of aesthetic look of the sliced almonds contrasting this beautiful dark ganache top I also like.

The texture it offers a kind of flaky soft crunch mm-hmm goes really nicely with the cake real good all right my lovelies there you have it these stunning Queen of Sheba cake or the ren do Saba cake fantastic highly recommend this one if you want to see more Julia recipes let me know down.

In the comments below and let me know what particular recipe you are interested in thanks so much for watching and big thanks to hellofresh for sponsoring this video if you'd like to try hellofresh for yourself click the link down below we'll go to and use my code Emmy made 18 to receive 18 free meals and free.

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I kept that one to myself you know that we're in the presence of a very elegant cake here


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