thank you greetings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today I'm going to be testing yet another Appliance Gadget if you've missed my other Gadget testings old and new be sure to check out the playlist now today I'm here to check out.

A toaster that I read about discovered of course on the internets now this started a couple years ago I'm gonna give you a little back story about this I was researching a toaster made by Mitsubishi which I will also be testing so I was researching the beautiful Mitsubishi toaster I didn't buy it because I said 300 for a toaster that.

Toast this one slice of bread is absolutely inane I've changed my mind we all change and evolve as people because I'm so stinking curious about it so stay tuned for that video but I'd forgotten about the toaster and then you know in that time this toaster that I'm going to be testing today the Bermuda right here is what I'm going to be testing today.

This toaster in this box also retails for about 300 but it's a little bit different than the Mitsubishi so we're going to be testing this one today and we're going to see if 300 for this toaster is worth it well what I was intrigued about this toaster and excited about is that it uses steam technology so we're going to be adding a little bit.

Of water to our stale bread or our bread that we are toasting so that it has that really great chewiness of freshly baked bread yet it's crispy and toasty on the outside the design of this is supposed to be absolutely stunning as well and based on what I saw on the internet it looks it so I've already opened this because I got the manual out now when I.

Read about it everyone calls this the belmuda or Bermuda toaster but in actuality it's called balmura the toaster which I think is even better balmuta the toaster comes with two Little Manuals really love this one this is very very visual this is the Guidebook we have a beautiful piece of toast with a butter and it tells you.

Basically how to use the machine and it includes baking times right here and where you place the toast the mode that you want to cook the toast in so we have the sandwich bread mode we have the artisan bread mode Pizza reheating mode pastry mode reheating croissants and the like and then we just have a regular baking mode as well so you can bake you.

Know gratons and casseroles as well so very cute design uh comes with a rack oh my goodness can I show you one of the features I love the most about balmuta the toaster without even using it it's in this little bag this is the measuring tool to measure the water to add to the toaster.

So that it steams properly and did they give you a spoon no they give you this it's a mini mug have you seen anything so cute like this is the cutest measuring cup ever if you are making one piece of toast for less than three minutes you use half this amount or about three CC's everything over three minutes you use the full Cup oh my gosh.

Look at that so stinking cute and this is all part of the experience this little mini coffee mug of water this makes me so happy so considerate and happy Oh I love your little mug here's our little friend our compact Bermuda this is not a sponsored post by the way I purchased this with my own money in terms of size.

I say this is a very compact toaster oven look at this the tape has been folded back so that it's easy to peel I really like that that's so nice I'm not messing around with any like finding the end it's just like there you are okay this very nice.

Has a little pan in here very cute little tray branded Bermuda now this you may notice is a little bit different than most toaster ovens and this is the water guard so that's kind of cool so you pull this down and it reveals the water trough and you put this back and it covers it up so we put this Rack in.

And then we can see it toasting in there so what separates this toaster from regular toasters and perhaps justifies 300 price tag it's the steam technology so what that does is when bread goes stale it's no longer moist the gels the starches that were wet once gelled no longer are because they go through a staling process in which the water.

Separates from these starchy gels and the water is still present and in the Mitsubishi toaster which I'll be testing we're going to reheat the water so that the starches re-gel here we're adding a little bit of water in that steaming process that gives us that really great chewy moist pull of the inside of a loaf then we're going to use some higher.

Temperature and then toast the outside so we have that lovely textural contrast with that Crunch and that chewy moist pull inside that's what they say at least and let's put it to the test the first thing we're going to bake is a sandwich loaf so what did I do because I baked a loaf of bread I made this in my bread maker there's ojirushi which I've.

Talked about in the past love it it makes a very big loaf of bread and it's it's lovely the timer setting is my favorite because then you can wake up to the scent of freshly baking bread it is it's just wonderful so we're going to slice a piece of that isn't it cute it does have two holes in it which is often the case when you're using a bread maker.

I'm going to cut this side I mean hear that it's the inside gorgeous sometimes I like to slice my bread on the side I find it's keeps me from getting a more even slice for whatever reason so I'm cutting this on the thicker end that that hole there is annoying.

Though I don't like that hole does this one have a hole in it this one has a little Oh see it has a little hole right there because of the paddle blade from the mixer so that's where the hole came from all right I'm going to cut another slice because the next slice is going to be more beautiful and I want everything to be perfect for y'all yeah.

Look at that that gorgeous that's a beautiful slice of bread I don't want to eat it right now okay contain yourself the problem with making this kind of bread at home is that we just plow through bread like we just the next day it's gone and it's such a large piece of toast like this is huge next we place our oh my God it has a very smooth.

Opening mechanism I like that and we place our bread we're supposed to put the top of the bread in the front that's what is indicated here so we'll do that place that right here from the front Okay so for three minutes or more we're supposed to use the full cup and when I say Full Cup I mean this cup I feel like I'm in a dollhouse.

Look lots of water we're gonna pour this little cup little mug of water into this little slot close this up oink turn this on we're going to set it to the sliced bread option there's all these different little options we're going to put it to.

Sliced bread and then we're going to set this to three minutes see those little dots light up and there's a little ticking countdown okay do you hear it okay something's happening I can hear steaming okay okay the window's getting foggy yo you're getting a steam bath girl oh.

Yes it's steaming another thing that I'm super excited about is the croissant option because the day old croissant is just not good so can't wait to test that all right we're gonna come back in three minutes and okay our girl just beeps let's see the oh it's beautiful alrighty.

Balmuta the toaster girl look it's the bottom didn't toast as much as the top butter yo my butter could be a little bit softer it's crispy on the top I did notice that it's not as crispy on the bottom but it.

Smells fantastic smells like toast let's give this a taste if the dog throw them salted butter on a bread oh my goodness and if you've never had a cut bread like this toasted it's fantastic there's so much mouth feel and just wonderful textures going on by the way I've recovered my sense of smell and.

Taste and I am so grateful and thank you so much for all of you who sent messages of kind words of encouragement wish me my sense of smell and taste to come back I super appreciated it and I am just so grateful that it came back so can I tell you that the taste is fantastic we've got a wonderful taste but beyond that we have.

Look at this so we have bread that is moist and tender and toasty on top fluffy yet crispy wonderful listen it's real good so this bread recipe contains a little bit of butter and some sugar in it so it toasts pretty readily if you are reheating something like a.

Portuguese style bread or Hawaiian style bread which has even more sugar in it you would have to reduce the temperature because that will Scorch even faster so adjust the temperature to what you're toasting accordingly English muffins give it more time so far impressed I specifically cut this piece of bread nice and thick because a lot of standard.

Toasters can accommodate a slice that's this thick so that's an advantage to a machine like this you can cut the bread as thick as you like or as thin as you like next let's test a day-old slice of artisan loaf this is a Durham round a bowl love this style of bread as well and we're going to give that a toast and I'm going to slice it like this.

No no gorgeous big holes crispy exterior but eaten like this fresh it's a little bit firm so we're going to pop this back into our toaster that was interesting sound a little haunted we're gonna change the dial to Artisan.

And I forgot to turn it on and then we're going to dial this to three I think and a half I'm gonna do three and a half see how that looks it's going to do the same thing Steam and then toast we are one minute down on countdown I really like the gentle ticking of this as well it's a kind of a.

Hollow it doesn't feel panicked at all that's nice okay let's grab our toast another beautiful slice some nice caramelization on the edges the middle nice and what I love is that it looks well besides the soft cooked egg very similar to what.

Is advertised it's better than freshly baked toasted bread and the smell of it oh my yes yes the sandwich bread is delicious milk bread style bread fantastic but as toast this is my favorite because of that crunch can you hear that.

Um Bermuda makes great toast the inside is chewy soft has a wonderful freshly baked texture and the exterior on the edges are shatteringly crisp that wonderful bit of nuttiness that comes with some added heat you know that toasted nutty um and that texture and salted butter.

Such a great combination I love bread so last night I baked pizza and my youngest favorite way to have pizza is the next day cold which I have to agree with and it's quite delicious but today we're going to be testing the pizza function on this toaster so I've got salami and pepperoni we made for dinner last night yummo enter Pizza.

We've been told to use the baking tray I'm gonna set it to Pizza place this in here oh I forgot to mention there's also a crumb tray here that we can remove to clean up any crumbs it sounds more cursed and haunted each time for pizza it says three to five minutes so let's go with.

Four Oh I thought I turned it on four minutes on the pizza side alrighty I'll see you in four minutes let's see how Bermuda does okay now we're gonna check on our pizza sounded good can you hear that sizzly sizzly Sizzle look at that ready let's give our pizza slice a taste it's crispy and it's very hot.

And oozy mmm fantastic way to reheat cold pizza the directions that you can also cook a frozen pizza in here as well oh my gosh oh good it really does taste freshly baked but even better because the crust is even crispier let's taste the edge crust.

Great it is a little bit bigger than your typical toaster oven but I like that fact because you can put in a baking tray a small one but you can't put too much into it so you'll have to anyways huh I'm pretty sure and for our last trick and test we are.

Going to test reheating a day old croissant now croissants croissants however you want to say them are a wonderful magical thing I made homemade ones fantastic recipe if you have not seen that video which I'm very proud of I'll put a link down below to that this machine claims that it will bring this back to Freshly Baked let's see sad day.

Old croissant turn on the Bermuda I'm going to turn it to the croissant or pastry mode Let's see how haunted it'll sound foreign I love that place this in here right in the middle and how long does it say for croissant pastry mode croissant three to four minutes I'm gonna go for.

Three and a half okay see you in a little bit oh yeah a little bit it's trying to get steamy smells great in here it smells buttery ooh it she looks a little more golden doesn't she okay oh yeah.

Oh I can't even hold it okay I'm gonna try anyways just burn myself for the sake of this shot oh yeah blast of steam just came out yes good sign let's give that a taste Chris.

On the outside nice and shatteringly crisp tender and chewy light delicious fantastic I think that's the best rewarmed croissant I've ever had easily I've never had any luck rewarming them I've tried I think the steam is the key but how do you do that at home I don't I.

Don't know how I would replicate that at home except I don't know but anyway fantastic I think it did a wonderful job with the croissant I think of all the things that I've toasted today I think this probably would be the most impressive because I think this is the trickiest thing to be warm if you microwave this you'll get the soft.

Warmth of the inside but then the outside might be tough or won't be crispy at all if you just pop this into a regular toaster the outside gets toasted over toasted often and the inside doesn't get really soft and tender and chewy as it should be when you freshly bake them.

So what but I think the hardest thing about a croissant is because it has so much butter in it it tends to Brown super quickly and this does a beautiful job at just gently warming this without over Browning it or burning it at all fantastic super gentle so my final thoughts on balmuta the toaster it's a fantastic machine it does exactly what.

It says the guidebook and the directions are simple straightforward they get you right into the toasting process there's nothing that you have to do just right out of the box you can immediately toast something and it toasts beautifully exactly as instructed in the book which I really really appreciate the build quality is excellent Super Sound and the.

Design is lovely as well it doesn't take up too much space it is not a uni Tasker even though it is very specific in terms of its usage you can do a bunch of different things in it because it is a toaster oven rather than just being a toaster the downsides I would say is the cost this is an expensive Appliance three hundred dollars so if you live by.

A bakery and you eat croissants a lot and you want to warm them up to Perfection if you eat a lot of toast if you need a Sleek stylish Appliance and if 300 is in your budget then I would consider Bermuda the toaster alrighty those are my thoughts on belmuda the toaster let me know in the comments if there are any other gadgets you'd like.

Me to try new old expensive otherwise thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media it's a great way to get in touch with me like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye.

It's time to finish the croissant croissant um