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IT REALLY HAPPENED! Momo x Jirou CONFIRMED – My Hero Academia


Guys horikoshi has blessed us yet again every time this man puts out art it causes a moment but this one is different a lot of great art has come out of the mahira academia exhibition but some more has made its way online and this time it's big before we go any further allow me to.

Remind you to drop a like on this video to help us out and subscribe to pluto notifications on to never miss an upload we upload almost daily and would love to have you join in on our discussions with that said let's get into this latest reveal and the latest hints at what's to come next in the story.

We'll go through some of the artwork revealed here in this video but if you want to see even more of the showcase check out our instagram page where they've been posted up first is a big one and if you're an anime only fan here caution this is a spoiler now let me casually drop this bomb and announce that shin so has basically been.

Confirmed as a member of class 1a the anime is currently airing the 1a verse 1b match to determine the future of shinso his transfer to the hero program and also which class he'll join specifically this of course happened some time ago in the manga and yep until now we've had no idea where he'll end up.

But now with this latest artwork we have confirmation that it will be class 1a the artwork is beautiful and i can't wait to see it in higher quality it features all of class 1a all might and of course izawa and shinso beautiful work horikoshi does not miss if i were to guess the reasoning will be explained as shinso is under the.

Tutelage of izawa and so it makes sense to have him in class 1a to allow him the most opportunity for growth it's kind of funny seeing all might here in buff form leaping into the sky because you already know the muscles would disappear in the anime before he even got three feet in the air another thing to take note of in this.

Artwork is the presence of aizawa if there was ever a doubt he'd be their second year teacher that's been put to rest that's great but i can't help but think having a new teacher introduced would have been interesting as well the heat does not quiet down there though because this next one is even crazier.

What is going on here with aoyama an image of the eye by itself leaked a while back but to now see the full context is just crazy there's a lot to say about this and so we have yet another great polymer theory out on this one for you guys today we put out a whole other video on aoyama and this image.

That you can check out so please do if you haven't already because this is crazy possibly one of our best theories yet and this is coming from the channel that's basically predicted this whole story already link will be on the screen for you guys to check that out later up next we have.

Something that's loki been a long time coming the mayhew academia fandom like any other fandom is notorious for shipping and i think most of us know what shipping is but for the five percent that probably don't shipping is basically wishing for two characters to get into a relationship.

And it's a pretty big thing from it stems artwork lengthy fan fictions and more and fans have prolonged shipped jiro with kaminari and momo with shoto but no guys i think after this image is released we can say with confidence the real ship is in fact momo and jiro it's been.

Subtle for a long time throughout horikoshi's artwork so subtle that if you were to claim this was a thing before now i would say you're stretching it but with this image guys we can't lie it's it's obvious they're pushed up together under her cape momo is literally like smelling her hair.

They're wearing matching colors and on top of that look at the expression on momo guys this is confirmed we'd seen them together in horikoshi sketches for a long time but again it could have been seen as a friend thing until now when we see this new image and you.

Connect the dots and realize they've not only been in close proximity in these sketches but also there's a lot of physical contact and all right i'm gonna stop there because shipping isn't really my thing or even our thing over here on polymer but nonetheless we recognize this is huge the next big.

Piece of art we have here also does not calm the fire this is huge to the children watching i apologize but if you watch the anime you've seen it already anyway we have toga naked this is not her being exposed as a nudist this is not some type of weird thing done by hory koshy this is huge.

This is what she does when she's transforming and activating her quirk and most of you guys know this but hey gotta get some jokes off anyway toga is here standing with a deadly demonic presence behind her making his way this thing is deadly and i can't imagine toga not sensing its presence.

So maybe it's safe to say she welcomes it or is unaware of the dangers we have a lot of thoughts on this one so if you want a whole other video discussing it and want us to introduce yet another theory smash that like button tweet at us dm us send a messenger pigeon whatever you gotta do now there is more.

To wrap us up we have an interesting piece of all might where he's holding a green cape wearing a suit and cheesing can't exactly tell what era of all might this is because he looks kind of young but also looks kind of old but hey tell us your guesses in the comments lastly we have a new drawing of.

Muriel and arie thanking the guests for coming to the showcase super cute aries smile never disappoints with this we also have artwork from other mangaka celebrating the event which you can now see featuring artists of popular series like one piece black clover and bleach out of all this new artwork on the screen.

Which one is your favorite personally the miracle artwork by tabata the author of black clover is my favorite again to see all the artwork from this showcase check out our instagram page where we are always posting and updating you guys on the latest anime and manga news with that said i hope you enjoyed the.

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