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Itadori Is A Curse Not A Human! Yuji’s Fate Revealed! Gojo Executes Him – Jujutsu Kaisen


Yuji tadouri is the main character of jiu jitsu kaisen but not much is known about his origins nor his connection to gendaku the current enemy of the series at one point this ancient sorcerer even refers to yuji as his son though not confirmed it's possible kenjaku wanted his son to find cicuna's finger and what better place than yugi's school that.

Along with the fact that kanjaku seems to have possessed yuji's mother makes it hard to deny their connection putting that aside from what we have seen it is more common for genjaka to use the bodies of sorcerers and the people conjunct who possesses are powerful individuals in their own right now presumably non-sorcerer's civilians so.

Why possess yuji's mother regardless of if she was a sorcerer or not from the very start of the series yuji is shown to possess high level physical abilities so this raises the question is yuji a human or a curse it's entirely possible he's more than human yuji is too perfect of a vessel for sakuna and kenjaku himself probably.

Had a hand in yuchi's birth that's why today we'll be exploring this theory to try to reach an answer what defines a human and a curse in order to fully understand this theory it is important to know the difference between a human a cursed spirit and a sorcerer firstly humans are divided into two categories sorcerers and non-sorcerers sorcerers.

Are those whose bodies are wired to use curse energy among sorcerers are also curse users who happen to use jujutsu purely for evil think of people like sugurugeto or kenjaku himself but we'll get into that later on non-sorcerers are just average everyday humans who lead curse energy and lack the ability to use or see it this inefficiency is exactly.

What lisa her spirits being made on the other hand sorcerers constantly have cursed energy flowing through them and have the innate power to seek her spirits curses are born from two different manners for one curses can be created from humanity's fear of natural disasters and of course these curses are ridiculously strong due to that fact.

Honey embodies the fear of land-based natural disasters while dagon was born from the fear of water-based natural disasters secondly curses can be born from the negative memories associated with a place which eventually gives birth to a curse schools and hospitals are good examples of buildings with strong negative feelings attached to.

Them due to that non-sorcerers often need to be saved from their own negative emotions that they aren't aware they brought into existence in the first place it creates a bizarre paradox now with a clear understanding of humans and curses there are a couple of questions we need to answer for example it is evident there is a connection between.

The body and cursed energy which we'll get into later furthermore is it possible the soul and body are connected as well is it possible yuji is able to transform someone's soul by implementing false memories like he did with toto and cho so if so it is perfectly in line with who he is as a character that being said in both instances yuji fought toto.

And joseo in close quarters combat and was able to lay hands on them idle transfiguration works the same way by touching the body soul for some background information majito is a curse who uses idol transfiguration and manifests it from the hate people feel towards one another but he hasn't been around for a very long time he was only.

Born after the events of the story began which is strange considering people have always hated each other therefore majito surely should have existed before the story right what should be answered first is the origin of the soul if we know where the soul comes from and how that is related to the body we can then answer if yuji is a curse capable of.

Using something similar to idol transfiguration now what exactly is this technique it's an ability that allows mahito to literally reshape the soul as manga readers are aware sorcerers don't exactly know where the soul is nor what the exact connection between the brain and curse energy is but we do know kenja rewired non-sorcerer brains to be able.

To use curse energy hypothetically this could mean the soul is tied to the brain which is also implied by kanjaku himself however majito claims his soul should exist before the body the body is built around the soul ultimately this raises two questions what defines a soul and did the soul or body come first but before we go any further be sure to.

Subscribe to the channel with notifications on and then miss an upload and smash that like button for some polymer today the body the soul and kenjaku to really answer this we must first evaluate the relationship between the body the soul and kenjaku as manga readers are aware there is undeniable.

Synergy between the body the soul and curse energy itself there have been multiple instances and even curse techniques that further point to this as shoko explained the connection between the brain and cursed energy is shrouded in mystery now why is that it can be ants where can giaco's theory on the soul being the body and the body being.

The soul curse energy constantly flows through sorcerers they leak very little energy because it flows within them unlike non-sorcerers think of this concept similarly to a good battery and a bad corroded battery the bad battery will leak energy instead of retaining it like the good battery does the body is needed for curse energy and the brain is.

Necessary to effectively use curse energy therefore they are connected the brain and body work as one the soul is the body and the body is a soul in a way it is one of the most poetic statements within the series however that isn't the only piece of evidence taken jacques himself for instance now who exactly is he answer one of the best villains.

Joking aside it's important to understand kanjak's motivation and abilities in order to connect him fully to mahito and yuji kanjaku is an ancient sorcerer someone who was around at least 1 000 years ago and kanjaku is similar to master tengen in two aspects both are practically immortal but in tengen's case immortality is somewhat harmful to.

His existence however the second similarity is more abstract due to his curse technique master tengen is at risk of becoming more cursed and human this isn't clearly explained other than the fact that tengen didn't merge with the star plasma vessel which triggered his technique to evolve him beyond humanity this greatly implies humanity is tied to.

Being human and the loss of a human body means becoming something more becoming immortal is unnatural that's why tengen has to find a human vessel to merge with every 500 years gen kenjaku's in a technique makes immortality possible in a way to explain this technique allows kanjaki to swap bodies and use that body's curse technique as long as he can.

Possess a body preferably a sorcerer hinjaku can hypothetically live forever his brain doesn't seem to decay or suffer any natural decomposition living forever in a host of different bodies is unnatural in and of itself therefore because kenjaku is being kept alive under unnatural means he's like tengen kenjaku is more cursed than human which.

Will play into yuji's conundrum of curse or human the idea that kanjaku is more than human is bolstered if you include the context that kanjaku twist the ideals of the original body as previously discussed kanjaku can access the memories of the body which again plays into the soul beanie body and vice versa surely that also means he can.

Desecrate the original body's ideology kanjaku is quite literally bending me belief systems of the body to suit his goals yet this is still on brand for him since he often uses those around him it's the inverse of toji fushiguro's heavenly restricted body overriding the soul of ogami's grandson that aside is clear kenjaku transforms the original.

Ideology of his victim's body the infamously evil sorcerer noritoshi kamo and curse user sugurugeto are proof of this noritosi ran a temple if we assume he wasn't completely darkhearted before kenjaku it is likely noritoshi ran this temple for other sorcerers of the time perhaps like a sanctuary we know it was meant to provide help with this in mind.

Genjakov reversed his idea he uses the temple as it means to perform his cursed womb death paintings which end up being something so dangerous it is sealed away by juju supai within a warehouse the death paintings are also important for another reason assuming yuji is more than mesiai that kenjaku was his parent that would mean the death paintings are.

A prelude to yuji's creation genjaku clearly wanted to create vessels and bridge the gap between human and curse which is rather mad scientists have him really though it's something kenjaku wanted to do on a grand scale considering there are multiple death paintings this is where yuchi comes in but we'll get to that later on tsukuru.

On the other hand wants to rid the world of non-sorcerers which would virtually eliminate her spirits once again kinjaku corrupts this idea using the culling game kanjaku plans to force evolution for non-sorcerers whose brains were changed to handle curse energy and use curse techniques others consume cursed objects becoming vessels it's.

Interesting that in his grand scheme kenjaku utilizes cursed objects especially considering yuji's anomaly of being able to control sakuna his ultimate goal is to force humanity to merge with tengen which would be similar to death paintings but in a more sophisticated manner it's the end goal to yuji's experience which was a.

Precursor to mahito and his idol transfiguration and on a smaller scale this could also explain why mahito works as a literary foil for yuji but that's something we'll elaborate on later kanjaku's calling game is the same concept that sugurus at its base yet the idea has still been corrupted but with all that being said where exactly does.

Yuji fit in beyond serving as a prequel to mahito well it all begins with the concept of idol transfiguration after all kinjaku needs sugru's ability to control curses in order to absorb majito and deploy owl transfiguration in fact idle transfiguration is integral to the cone game more than likely it was only.

Possible to create those sorcerers through idle transfiguration the culling game also plays into this but kanjaku's technique is the foundation for it with that in mind yuji himself is able to seem really touchy memories of those around him turning them from fern to foe now in terms of the mechanics behind it this effect resembles mahito's idol.

Transfiguration therefore it is not a stretch to assume yuji was a prototype for mahito acting as a way for idol transfiguration to exist unfortunately this vessel aka yuji who was created by kenjaku instead becomes body roommates with the most infamous curse ergo hinjaku cannot simply use yuji for idol transfiguration he has to use an.

Alternate method this is exactly like mahito exists it also helps that mahito came from human hatred when yuji is introduced he is absolutely despised by juju to society but let's move back to the debate between body and soul for more evidence of youtube manipulating memories as previously stated mahito has a totally different theory when it comes.

To the body and soul his idea is that the body is built around the soul the soul is formed first the way it sounds mahito's belief contradicts kanjaku's though it doesn't really mahito understands the soul in a tangible sense he can touch it and shape it to his liking but on the other hand kanjako understands it in a more technical.

Manner he retains the memories of his victims and where are memory stored the brain which is invaluable to regulating the body not to mention it is plausible that kanjako is accessing memories due to a sorcerer's body retaining cursed energy and residuals with his logic and proof it is undeniable that the body and soul are one mahito just simply lacks.

The fundamental understanding and jakku has because of this it is plausible to assume huge is implanting memories changing someone's soul especially due to the fact that this unique phenomenon happens after physical contact just like mahito's idol transfiguration yuji itadori curse or human with all that being said let's we'll go back to yuji.

Even in chapter one yuji exhibits traits that are uncommon for a normal human yuji simply throwing a ball literally destroys a presumably metal post he has strength that is unnatural for a human especially if his unique body composition has anything to do with his natural ability as a vessel this is best supported by a quote from saturday gojo.

There is no guarantee that a vessel capable of controlling sukuna will ever come around again plus kenjaku had to rewire brains to have them succeed as vessels which means yuji's brain already had to have been programmed to function as a vessel besides that yugi is the only known case of a perfect one it wouldn't make sense for a regular human.

To become such a suitable vessel for sukuna when the odds of that happening are so low to begin with the non-sorcerers who ate cursed objects literally became avatars for previous curse users yet yuji did not together this either means these strength to act as a vessel is rare or more likely one's brain must be attuned to being a vessel.

As we've discussed the brain soul and body are all intertwined yuji's unique composition more cursed and human is what allowed him to be a vessel like if we include the fact that curses are naturally attracted the magnetizing power of sukuna's fingers the first finger yuji consumed was in a thermometer shed even megami noted how.

Strange the location was for a cursed object surely the occult research members weren't randomly searching all around campus they wanted to be a respected club eric though they took the finger yuchi was the one to find sakuna's finger due to possibly sensing it in the first place assuming yuji is a curse it's a no burner that he was able.

To sense it not to mention megami only assumes the curse energy he detected was residuals from the case that his finger was in following the logic that yuji is more comparable to a curse and human isn't it plausible megami detected yuji's energy regardless of his inhuman abilities and efficiency as a vessel yuji's odd parent also provides.

Reasoning to ug functioning as a curse previously it was explained that kenjaka was the sorcerer responsible for the offspring of human and curse the death paintings his interest in combining humans and cursed spirits even extends the current time with the culling game as we have touched on before there's no real reason for him to stop so why.

Couldn't yuji be the result of that morbid curiosity can jaku himself acknowledge his own parental role when he spoke to a friend of yugi's from the occult club kanjaku told her thank you for getting along with my son he says this with such sincerity is he complete opposite of his typical cold and manipulative nature and this only makes.

Sense if you take into account that kanjaku possess the body of yuji's mom knowing kenjaku it's likely he possessed yushi's mom because she was somehow useful to him why would a supposedly ordinary human be a worthy candidate for genjaku's technique the answer is simple because she wasn't ordinary this is something even yuji's grandpa picks up.

On he tells yugi's father jin give up on that woman you'll die and yuji's grandfather says it so plainly as if it were a fact his words are also so dire grandpa doesn't say the relationship will end instead it is life or death and what happens to be jin's response does he act like a normal person absolutely not instead of disagreeing with his dad.

Or even telling grandpa he shouldn't speak about yuji's mom jin simply tells his dad to not say in front of yuji why because jin believes babies retain their memories from a young age this is not only lackluster but jin's words pertain to an ongoing theme memory if yuchi can truly touch the soul and create friends via false memories he functionally acts.

As a stand-in for idol transfiguration it's the only technique that touches the soul and reshapes it assuming the brain is the soul this could mean the new memories created are in fact remodeling the soul yuji also functions as a foil for majito both characters are polar opposites yuji wants to help people his grandfather's last words bolstered that.

Meanwhile mahito seems to be the antithesis as a refresher majito was born out of the hate humans have for one another what's the opposite of companionship and altruism hate and selfishness which are exactly the things mahito embodies adding to this concept is the fact that usually tells mahito i'm you even if you come back as another.

Curse i'll kill you the phrasing come back as another curse feels poignant as if yuji knows or at least believes mahito could manifest a different curse it implies that mahito's personality is not unique to his status as a curse but the biggest takeaway is the words i'm you yugi same those exact words proves that he sees himself as more curse and.

Human even if it's not in the literal sense for yuji it is a fundamental concept personally i've always subscribed to the idea that yuji is more than human it would also serve as an interesting point within the series he assists in eliminating curses yet is more likely one himself it would be poetic in a way being the very thing.

You're meant to destroy this brings us to our last point with what we understand about curses and all the anomalies related to yuji only one thing is clear yuji is a curse due to how curses are defined within the jujutsu universe for starters the higher ups wanted him executed they claimed it was because once yugi died sukuna would too.

But that's later proven wrong so why'd you jujutsu to kill a vessel the answer is simple yuji is more than human yet this fact would only be known by the higher up that was the mole for kanjaku once yugi became a vessel he was clearly no longer of use to kenjaku otherwise he would have used subaru's technique to steal yugi's version of idol.

Transfiguration which is why as a curse yuji could only be exercised by jujutsu secondly yuji is the child of kanjaku and there's no reason bringing jacques to have a child just because everything he does has logic behind it going with the idea that kenjaku is no longer what could be considered human his union with jin would be considered half curse half.

Human and to finally answer what would make yuji's mom valuable for possession for starters if she was like the woman from the time of the death paintings she would be an asset for kanjaku's human and cursed experiments experiments that resulted in yuji's creation and were the blueprints for the culling game except of course yuji is more of a curse than.

Anything yuji being something other than human would also explain his unnatural strength described previously he is undeniably strange for what is defined as a human being joso is the only other living example we currently have for a hybrid and he has inhuman power as well to finish off this theory there is a particular thing kenjaku says the kuna.

Is able to do choose his vessel at the very least kanjaka believes sekuna picked yuji specifically he wasn't the perfect vessel by sheer chance his plausible sakuna picked up on yuji being a curse as well in conclusion it is a theory i am willing to believe because it is simply too plausible they skin jack with his motivations which bring.

Death paintings the death paintings were precursors to ug why else would an ancient and powerful curse user be his parent all the coincidences are too perfect but what do you think let us know down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you