The previous chapter of jjk was a good one we saw cho so put in work on nauya very passionately might i add before inevitably being effortlessly shut down by yuta now with chozo and naoya down and itadori in hand like a stroller yuta was the only man standing.

Naoya was pissed by this the look on his face was one of pure frustration but in that too was fatigue he didn't want to be looked down upon but just then came a sudden intense violent even sensation within nauya causing him to puke now grabbing at his chest nawya would instinctively wonder if he'd.

Been poisoned had the crimson blood manipulation done this but no quickly nawya would realize this wasn't a technique with the amount of blood chozo lost in their fight it was clear he wasn't human now with eyes wide and sweat running down his face narya knew chozo had to be a vessel his.

Body was in the process of rejecting the non-human blood that had entered it like the voice of god above the words of utah suddenly interrupted this should i heal you here it would be revealed that yuta's cursed technique can also heal others in exchange for this healing.

He'd ask nauya to tell the higher-ups that itadori is dead the story would then suddenly transition to a voice calling out to jin in what seems like a spring season in response to this call jin would respond to the man revealed to be his father that if he's going to talk about her he would leave.

The man would say that however jin decides to live is his choice however he should just leave that woman because he will die this man was yugi's grandfather the man who passed away in the beginning of the story jin now holding the baby would ask the grandfather to not say those type of.

Things in front of yuji these things can unexpectedly stick in a baby's memories this triggered something in yuji's grandfather who now would yell out that he knew jin wanted a child and he wasn't able to have one with kaori bakari died because of before being cut off the name father.

Would be called out and itadore's grandfather would be asked what he's talking about by a strange woman who suddenly appeared now for a moment i thought this was ghetto but the marks on the head look different here so i guess something different is going on but anyway this individual would ask.

What they were talking about now if it's unclear this is an interaction between yuji's grandfather father and mother but now back in reality itadori would awaken with yuta in sight it looks like both were kind of surprised by the situation but anyway yuta exclaimed that good.

Itadori was awake and the truth would then be revealed in september gojo had gone to utah asking him to take care of itadori which is why he had to pretend and beat the life out of itadore basically we then get a look at what really happened gojo had expressed a bad feeling he'd.

Had and so asked yuta to take care of the first and second year students should anything happen to him yuta would take this for a joke because after all what could possibly happen to gojo but this was no laughing matter gojo would ask yuta to take special care of itadori.

Going on to explain that like yuta itadori has a suspended execution suddenly gojo would then ask about miguel however he wasn't around now back to the present yuta would explain that rather than have someone else be the executioner and having information cut off it would.

Be best to work like this however the school isn't so dumb of course so they placed a binding vow on yuta to kill itadori which he did do of course itadori was then curious how he's alive right now but this was simply the work of a reverse cursed technique as soon as isadore's heart had stopped.

Yuta began healing with a reverse curse technique thanks to hearing stories about itadori he figured this would work and of course as we can see here it did this was now the second time itadori's death has been covered up and yuta acknowledges that it might be exposed immediately.

But for now this is the situation the execution has been completed itadore would ask why yuto would go through all this and utah would simply explain that he's important to the people that are important to him yuta would go on explaining that he once had the burden of a great power on his.

Shoulders as well a burden he placed on himself but unlike itadori yuta's power is his own but this all of this it is not itadori's fault itadori would only get a few words out next it's not a matter of whether it's his fault or not he killed people.

A voice would suddenly say his name and approach it was fushiguro and he got right to the point telling it to dory that they were going back to the school with the barrier weakened as long as no one sees his face they can make it back inside pretty easily but itsudory would cut him off.

Telling fushigoro not to act as if nothing had happened the words i can't die just yet came to mind for utah he could tell that even though itadori said this there was doubt in those words doubt about whether he should really exist or not this was visible in the fact that the.

Tedori did not do his best at the end of their fight izadori would not yell out that he's killed people many people have died because of him fushi guru with a look of frustration would reply that it's not his fault but it's their fault continuing with saying that itadore shouldn't be so selfish.

This was obviously a drag for fushiguru but he would go on reminding intodori that they're not heroes fighting for justice they're jiu jitsu sorcerers no one can ever truly judge us so we must continually prove the worth of our existence we don't have the luxury of thinking.

About ourselves we've got people to save fushiguro would just get right to the point and explain the truth that yuji is now forgetting the original principle behind the actions they'd taken now to himself itadore would think that this wasn't the case the problem is that as long as yuji's around.

As long as he's around fushiguro will suffer this would now be interrupted by fushiguro saying that itadore should start with him save him first this was a shocker to ushi he kind of lost himself in the moment hearing this but fushiguro would go on to explain that.

Nori toshikamo has made plans for those involved with jiu jitsu to face off in a culling game a game that sumiki is engaged in and so he's begging itadori to lend him his strength we'd end off with an image of sumiki alone before getting the rules of this game.

And for those that don't remember by the way sumiki is fushigoro's sister and so it makes sense that he seems desperate to save her now as for the game rules i won't read all of them but you're of course free to pause the video and look through it all on your own but this is indeed a death game participants gain points from.

Killing each other with sorcerers worth 5 points generally and non-sorcerers worth 1 point another interesting rule to me is that if a player's score remains the same for 19 days that player shall be subjected to cursed technique removal this looks to be the next arc and for.

Sure it'll be an interesting one now having read this chapter it appears the reason sukuna was surprised and smiling is because he found it surprising that yuta killed itadori and began healing him immediately either this or he knew that fushiguro was nearby which of course is something he'd be.

Interested in but most likely the first choice a pretty solid chapter we got a look at what's to come next an explanation for everything that has happened recently and a look at izadori's parents yuta's personality is quite an interesting one and so hopefully he'll be sticking around for a while.

And acting as gojo's substitute teacher in a way but yeah that was the chapter i hope you guys enjoyed the video in the comments below let us know what you think about this chapter and drop a like to let us know you want more jjk content if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to pluto notifications on.

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