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IT’S HERE! MY HERO ACADEMIA MOVIE 3 RELEASE DATE – My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes Mission


Alright so if you are one of the many people to have followed plot armor over on instagram and twitter then you'd be among the first to know that we have just received new information regarding the third my hero academia movie as if the release of season 5 in a few days time wasn't enough.

We now have even more my hero academia greatness to look forward to as for starters we now have a proper title for the film that being my hero academia the movie world heroes mission and what a title it is as so many of us.

Have longed for more heroism abroad to come from the series now seeing as with each movie we find our cast placed in new unfamiliar environments with the designation of world in the title suddenly our scope is broadened quite tremendously.

And to assist in our understanding of what's to come we now have a new visual to consider and boy is it special here we can see the likes of deku bakugou and shoto leaping down from above what appears to be a cityscape of some sort as each of them appear to be equipped.

With some new largely blacked out attire the very same that we may now recognize from the first bit of promotional art to accompany the announcement of the film together with them we may also see the likes of hawks and endeavor hawks flying nearby as endeavour observes the three.

From a helicopter now with this being the case i now have a pretty good idea of when this movie is set to take place and perhaps a clear expectation of where season 5 of the anime is likely to conclude so for my anime only folk some quick spoilers are coming up.

However there will be a timestamp on screen for when it's safe to return so click ahead from now if you've yet to read the manga good good okay so seeing as the primary focus of the film is to be these three for endeavour and hawks to be here involved.

We're more than likely looking at their hero study under endeavor that came just before the war arc and so with this being the case we're liable to see deku utilize black whip at a higher level which is pretty damn exciting now furthermore due to the mysterious nature of hawks at the time.

It is likely that he will somewhat be in the shadows for this film keeping useful tabs on everything as opposed to being at the forefront but with enough of a focus to warrant his presence here on the poster but a team-up between deku bakugou and hawks does certainly remind me of their team up mission.

That we saw in the spin-off manga a story that we of course have covered on the channel in the past now i am seriously looking forward to this movie because man the first one was a whole lot of fun but looking at how much things improved across the board with the second one i can only imagine that along with the.

Now even greater visuals somewhat presented to us with season 5 of the anime that this film is just going to blow us all away and would you believe that we now have an official release date for it august 6th 2021 my hero academia just turned up the.

Heat on the summer even more and i for one am all for it and make no mistake just like the manga just like the anime we will be covering every bit of news to come and so if you love my hero academia there is genuinely no better place to be than over here on plot armor i know the plot army is just absolutely.

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Instagram because we don't miss anything no matter the time so you won't either because when it comes to bringing you some of the best my hero academia content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i am slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i.

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