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In this latest chapter of my hero academia the final war begins as we would have endeavor versus all for one shoto versus dabi and raraka and deku vs himako toga with the previous chapter almightsuga uchi and principal nezu presented their plan for victory to the students of class 1a they knew that searching for all for one would be a.

Fruitless effort yet even then in accordance to a racerhead's plan this was for the best as it would provide all for one with a false sense of security the narrative they sought to sell to the demon lord being that of an exhausted and panicked deku and for the sake of really settling this vulnerability masha deku and the rest of the class delight.

Oyama would be joining them in their efforts that being said there was also the issue of offer one's lie detective quirk which had been deduced by momo but this would be dealt with by way of shinso shinso who now appeared in his very own hero costume looking like a whole shinobi apparently thanks to his rigorous training and preparation for.

His impending additions to the hero course shinzo successfully managed to improve his quirk allowing him to now make those he manages to brainwash speak as he pleases and i must say that with that ability shinto is now way too powerful i mean thanks to this he could pretty much just spread his brainwashing rather easily but from there to address.

The hero's inability to lay and wait against all for one on account of his search quirk they would make use of monama who went by the hero name phantom thief here he was expected to copy kurogiri's workgate quirk and not only that but managed to master the power in the span of less than a week an especially difficult task that.

Eraserhead would apologize for with how badly he had been injured during the previous war losing one of his eyes his erasure quirk was virtually useless however monument knew all too well that if it wasn't for a racer head back then the heroes would have lost but he would wonder if he could ever live up to such a role as all his life he had been told.

Otherwise but vlad king would explain to him that with this occasion everyone was playing their part such as shinso brainwashing oyama and his parents and so with that monument tried his best and miraculously he pulled it off as all of our heroic forces came flooding out towards the villains for this climactic clash shigeraki would be one of the many.

Villains to show up but his presence in particular was somewhat strange and even when he called out to dobby he'd for the most part be ignored as dabi had set his sights on punishing his father endeavor however to counter this fiery assault it would be shoto to return the favor with an equal amount of ice much of dobby's delight mind you as just then all might.

Would call to action the cage-like systems of troy which would encase all the villains simultaneously as from there the cages would begin to move towards monuments warp gate giving the heroes the opportunity to split up their enemies but this latest chapter would pick up right from there as these villains were being pulled and trapped.

Against their will in the case of toga she could man those around her to break free from this encasement as she thought of deku only growing more impatient by the second as from there some of the captured villains would manage to do so one case being that of dobby's as he who gleefully expressed to the cage holding him did not even last three seconds.

However dabi would immediately be met by shoto with bernin and ida by his side as he would retort that three seconds was all that they needed as just like that they would go at it everyone was going head to head giving it their all bakugou would call out to deku who was by his side all the while monama was doing his absolute best as things were very much.

Going according to their plan as for the sake of fully separating all the villains they would need to be taken into the warp gate simultaneously from there we would have an exchange between literal super side characters that somewhat piqued my interest the hero would speak of his side possessing anti-decay measures which honestly if.

It's not being implemented at this particular moment i'm really not sure what the point of expressing such a thing really is i mean it ultimately eliminates any sense of danger or fear that may have arisen in such a situation but hopefully there is a reason for this but beyond that this hero here seems rather similar to a former top 10 hero.

We had lost in the previous war the shield hero crust as he sports a similar sort of domino mask and hairstyle on top of having several hexagonal shapes emerge from his face so perhaps this is a relative of his or something crust definitely deserved better than you received but then again the same may be considered the case for most my hero.

Academia characters to an extent from there everyone would do their part as out of nowhere something would grab hold of deku's arm as bakugou fought on and deku would be dragged through a different warp gate entirely with the process having now concluded all might would swiftly command gum to capture all the stragglers that the gates may have.

Missed also tasking him with taking care of oyama from which point monama would be made to regroup with izawa but with these preparations out of the way it was now time for phase 2 of their plan as with the first of many scenes we would have up against all for one himself the combined forces of hawks tokoyami pixie bob tiger shishido kamui woods and.

Endeavour hawks would be the one to make the first move attacking all for one but unfortunately the attack was ineffective as he did not have enough power to break through all 41's new mask and here we can see that although hawks has enough feathers to fly he does not have nearly as many feathers as he does at his best so sadly we will never see hawks at the.

Top of his game ever again which is seriously a bummer as hawks with all his feathers is the fastest hero in the game and incredibly capable but when something is poised to be especially capable and or powerful in this series they tend to be nerfed in some capacity so this is somewhat par for the course the location of offer one's relocation.

Would be that of goomga mountain it had been deduced by the heroes that offer one sludge-based teleportation quirk was an inferior version of curry geary's warp gate quirk which possessed a far shorter reach and the user could not warp themselves they had planned around this quirk of his so much that even the ua barrier had been fortified with it in.

Mind now all for one would recognize and commend the resolve and plan but would allude to the hero's inability to defeat them even in the case of separation as far as he was concerned they had only made things more difficult for themselves as they had further divided their already limited number of heroes he would even be as callous as the.

Target endeavor sentimentality as he would speak of just how cruel their distribution of forces happened to be questioning if they had left deku who he refers to as one for all to face off against shigaraki claiming that to be a bad choice offer one has absolutely no respect for deku whatsoever he essentially considers him to be a pile.

Of dung covering a stack of gold offeron would then bring up a touchy subject for endeavour as his youngest son shoto had been left to face off against his eldest brother toya for the sake of cleaning up the mess that their father endeavor had created and this back shot of shoto was really damn cool and dabby's new fit is fantastic as well now ita is here too.

And as some of you guys know i already don't really care about the character as is but personal biases aside i'm wondering how he'll manage to contribute to the scene generally i think i'd prefer such a personal bout such as this to be handled in a mostly one-to-one capacity but at this point i'm not so sure if that'll even be the case yet.

Even if it isn't we do actually have two of endeavour's sidekicks present which i do actually think is pretty cool for dobby there is a prospect of punishing his father by harming them and there is a possibility of shoto working alongside them and effectively appearing to have finally surpassed his father and to close out a statement all for one would.

Question just how long endeavour planned on abusing his children yeah all for one has no chill from there oddly enough we would make our way to ua which was currently floating on this battlefield it would be bakago and best genius against shigaraki however things were not going according to plan as again deku was not with them which certainly.

Only makes his situation more challenging as at the moment deku was elsewhere in a somewhat watery locale alongside gang orca sue and raraka against toga with two near-hyenomu as it turns out deku had been taken off guard as his dangerous sense did not activate when toga grabbed hold of him which is to say that she presently has no.

Intentions of harming him with the event of the war arc we knew that togo wanted to speak to oraca and deku and get their perspective on things with the first she managed to do so with uraka but is yet to do so with deku and so her intention should be pretty clear to us now if things for whatever reason were to go south here they would actually really.

Need deku since toga has a nation nation-crushing power of twice at her disposal toga is a rather bizarre character and i have to wonder how she'd react in the face of her feelings being reciprocated to some extent we all know the deku wants to connect with his adversaries at this point and to help them so the opportunity to do so is very.

Much there not to mention that uraca feels the very same way and if the heroes are set to lose when it comes to the numbers game if toga were to ever go as far as to aid them again she'd have the power of twice to change everything now the funny thing about deku not ending up where he was meant to be is that it lines up with the shot we have.

From horikoshi in regards to the end of the series as deku is with uraka so the two needed to be together in some capacity in regards to these battles so it makes sense but when it comes to the toga thing there are plenty of different ways this can go and if you'd like to be here for all that and more be sure to subscribe to plot armor with.

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