There is absolutely no doubt about it this latest chapter of my hero academia was downright insane with previous chapter we had the continuation of this fight between star and stripe versus the shigaraki and all for one fusion at this point the villain felt as though he for the most part understood how new order the quirk of america's number one hero.

Works a complicated prospect that actually delighted him meanwhile star would tell her men to contact commander akpar as from her perspective they needed to make use of tactics japan would be unable to in order to destroy this threat to the world and from there star would use her quirk to turn the air into a giant version of herself that was.

1 000 times bigger a presence that the villain was unable to see but would be beaten and battered by she would have her forces concentrate their lasers on her and would furthermore combine them into a single lance of light and pierce it into her foe as well she knew this would not be enough it was just a placeholder the.

Commander would then return her call at this point and agree to her request from there he would tell her to ensure that each of the impending cruise missiles hit their mark with this latest chapter we will begin with a look at a younger star a very frustrated young woman fixated with surpassing her own limitations albeit no matter how hard.

She tried and even with this seemingly limitless quirk she could only strengthen herself so much that no matter what rule she applied it simply just wouldn't work and at the same time we would see star with a bunch of military comrades and so perhaps heroism in america is a bit more militaristic than in japan where hero hopefuls must.

Simultaneously enlist in the armed forces but anyways people who knew star or rather cassie personally used to say that one's quirk is usually limited by their innate abilities and would furthermore wonder if her strength was limited because she was a woman however her brothers in arms felt that that was just a bunch of nonsense that it wasn't.

Her but her quirk that was lacking that if she can't do something herself she could rely on them after all at the end of the day they were all human and hey either way she was incredibly strong regardless the fact of the matter being that she was just comparing herself to all might meanwhile to most people both of them were monsters of their own and.

This sort of comfort meant a lot to cassie as truly her brothers always had her back but in the present tiamat was on its way one of the pilots would request confirmation that star would be able to touch the missiles which she would confirm but at the cost of the laser rule and so it was up to them to continue the laser fire in her stead and.

At the same time the villain was contemplating her decisions that she must know that by now this laser wouldn't be effective against him at least not fatally thus making the logical conclusion that she intends on keeping him in place with his current laser fire which was correct which would furthermore mean that she is stalling.

And waiting for something else which was also correct something that would end it all in one fell swoop he would send something with incredible firepower on the approach but wasn't exactly sure what it was as just then as the preparations were all set he would finally realize what he was up against and at this point he wanted nothing more.

Than to end this back and forth struggle between them as they were both prepared to gamble from there star would begin a countdown as she would outstretch a hand and her forces remained on standby she would grip onto the missiles and before they were able to detonate would bestow onto them a new rule.

Tiamat will rotate around as just then a figure would jettison from beneath the water and immediately be assailed by laser fire as star spun the missiles around and with an incredibly serious punch would absolutely devastate the location of her enemy an explosion so massive in fact that endeavour could see the impact from the shoreline as she.

Flew back star would look at the massive crater left in the wake of their assault but what she'd see was an even deeper human-sized hole within as suddenly the villain whose flesh was almost entirely seared off with bone now exposed would leap outwards with a smile on his ravaged face at this point he could fully control decay just as he had when.

Preserving only a portion of the doctor's lab during the war again he knew star was up to something the moment the battle shifted to be in her favor he used decay to swiftly dive deep underground a very daring gamble on his part indeed that ultimately did pay off as if he was even a millisecond late he certainly would have died and the figure.

That left out was actually a nomu acting as a decoy star's squad would scramble trying to return to formation and act as her footholds but in the midst of this the villain would use another signature ability of his and forcing nomu 2 explode just as lady nagan had the all for one aspect would then fiercely proclaim that he'd be sure to put her.

Quirk to even better use the villain was leaping from aircraft to aircraft as one of the pilots would then cry out for her to finish things as given the villain's current state they could actually kill him but star knew that his regeneration would ultimately save him as just then star was presented with a golden opportunity the opportunity to end it.

All by crushing the villain along with her brothers as the resulting explosions would be enough to destroy him they would yell out for her to do it as she would just stand there and from that hesitation would come a look of solace in remembrance of her beloved brothers as the monster of a villain would leap from below and clutch directly onto the.

Face of america's number one hero and that was the chapter and there we have it it is over for star and stripe i really don't know how to feel here guys i mean to be completely honest star had no business being here to begin with her presence if we are to assume she will lose her quirk die or both here was nothing but a massive l and with that.

She has jeopardized the world to such an egregious degree that if i were to be a citizen in this world you better believe i have every right to hate so-called heroes with a burning searing passion a big difference between heroes and villains is that villains are willing to do whatever it takes to win heroes are not thar with the sacrifice of her.

Brothers would have been able to save the entire world and you would think that this would be something she is more equipped to handle seeing as she is military personnel and all of her forces are as well but i guess not and it's a little bit annoying considering with the beginning of the conflict she did convey that if her allies were to die she would.

Bring their bodies back to their families so they were prepared to die here they were prepared to lose each other here but at the same time truly it is a moral conundrum akin to the trolley problem if you are familiar and it's a little funny that in some sense despite condemning this decision of stars i can actually relate i'm not sure how many of.

You are familiar with the infamous video game series but with the first game which was a playstation 3 exclusive you play as a super powered meta human and your decisions throughout the game determine if you are a superhero or a super villain a prospect of choice that determined the progression of the game that was a big groundbreaking at the.

Time and i played this game when i was still a pretty young kid so naturally i wanted to be a superhero i did everything good that i possibly could but one moment of the game that has stuck with me even now is that on one mission in particular your girlfriend is abducted and you are given a choice to either save her or save five doctors or.

So and i chose the girlfriend a decision that the game determined to be evil which i really had a hard time accepting and so inherently i feel like the priority of a few as opposed to the many is something that the masses will hardly ever be able to accept or relate to because these connections are not our own perhaps we ourselves may have loved.

Ones and or relationships we may liken to them but not everyone possesses that degree of empathy narratively if maybe we knew starring stripes and her brothers a little bit longer than just being told this the chapter that she is in jeopardy like this then maybe you would be more inclined to have that sort of connection but canonically especially.

During turbulent times such as these i would imagine the people of this world don't have much more to give and i honestly wonder if deku were to be placed in this situation and the lies of class 1a were at stake would he have done any differently and i don't think that he would i don't think that he would even if these were just strangers.

To him and that's another reason this sort of thing especially in the confines of a story can be so frustrating for audience members because in these sorts of stories when things like this happen to the main character there tends to be some sort of bailout for them that is ultimately just a use of plot armor these stories attempt to teach goodness.

And such at the expense of rationality because you and i both know that that main character friendship is my power mindset doesn't exactly fly in the real world but beyond all that is this the end of star and stripe well it sure looks like it unfortunately for her even with her godly quirk new order what she's up against isn't even.

All for one but the greatest power of them all plot armor shigaraki and all for one are the final villains of the story she never had a chance if the villain gets her quirk he just becomes that much more powerful and virtually unbeatable which in all honesty he doesn't need and if she straight up just dies without giving up the quirk then at.

The very least she is out of the picture and won't be able to cause issues for them on the part of horikoshi the villain strength and ingenuity is presented and the i am here of the symbol of fear is extended across the entire globe and you know star could have said something like my body is incorporeal or untouchable but she.

Didn't and she could even say the moment i am touched i violently explode and i mean i would expect the power of the explosion to be just as limited as her strength and again plot armor is keeping the villain alive here so no dice there really she could say i'm quirkless but if she does that then i'ma have my reservations because she could have.

Furthermore said i am quirkless for one year or something like that but whatever point is there are ways to subvert this and or extend the intrigue of it all but no matter what the case may be i believe it is pretty safe to say that star stripe the number one hero of america has lost but let us know what you think about all this in the comments down.

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