Okay so I thought it was really important totalk about the principles of roasting a bird, because so many people are scared of itand you shouldn't be scared of it it's just basic principles, and you can applythose principles to a goose, to a duck, to a lovely chicken down here. The cooking timeswill vary but the principles are the same and if you follow the principles you're gonna be smashingout great birds every time every Christmas, no tears. Okay first things first I put alittle olive oil. You've got natural fat there but a little bit of olive oil just to getit going, rub it all over like this. Some salt and some pepper. And then stuffing, we'venaturally got this little dip see this in here right? So I want to stuff that, so I'll go backin through here right I'm going to put half of my.

Stuffing in here, this is just sage, onion, salt,pepper, nutmeg, and some good minced pork. Now that is going to flavour this turkey and it willalso keep it succulent and juicy. And once I've done that I'm going to just twist this underneathand then I get some more stuffing and I put it in this side. Here's one of the big problems if youstuff this whole area with stuffing then you're gonna have to cook it for ages and ages and agesbecause it will stop the hot air from the oven getting in there. So what I like to do is justget little bits of stuffing like this and I just flip it in just like that, nice and loose likean inch at the bottom of the whole of the turkey right. But if you want to add a little bit of aflavour bomb get a clementine and I'm going to throw it just in the back here like that and a fewbits of rosemary and that's it. So really it is a.

Dead simple thing to do. Salt, pepper, olive oil,a bit of stuffing of your choice scattered in the bottom just a thin layer in the front end, herbsof your choice, but really that is the basis of a beautiful roast. Now what I'll do is bang this inan oven that's been preheated to full whack okay. So as soon as I close the door I'm going to turnthat down to about 180 Celsius, 350 Fahrenheit, and what will happen is the heat will go fromreally really hot hot hot hot hot in about half an hour right, and I'll cook that bird for 20 minutesper kilo, and that principle of fast start turn it straight down is really good for making crispyskin and juicy meat, giving it a bit of love. What I'm going to do is the most incredibledeconstructed chocolate truffles right, I've got 300 ml of double cream right, I'mgoing to put that into a pan and I'm just.

Going to put that on a heat, bring that upto temperature, smash this chocolate up. It's nice. So this cream importantly hasn't come to theboil right. I'm going to put about a tablespoon of butter in, a little bit of clementine,and that'll give it a nice Christmassy vibe. And then what I do is get a cold glass bowl, put in my bashed up chocolate, and then whilethis is nice and hot pour this over the chocolate. Sometimes when you make truffles they split,that's going to happen if the heat's too high, so that's why I pour the hot cream and butterover the chocolate in a cold bowl. Ooh, a little pinch of salt makes a hell of adifference. And at this point I just want to add.

About a shot of a nice booze you know I'musing brandy there but you could use whiskey, even vodkas and grappas you know you can reallyplay with the booze element. Look at that, beautiful. Okay. So what I'm gonna donow is just put them into a serving dish and that'll go in the fridge for about two hours.And then what I love to do is get a nice glass of Vin Santo, try and find it it's a wicked drinkright people love it, but any booze that you kind of like. I've got some cocoa powder here,I've got some ground up nuts here and these are always kicking about after Christmas, not saltedthough. Some biscotti, you can do some cookies or stuff if you want, and I've got two littleteaspoons with some boiling water in a teacup and all I do is just get people to do a littlespoon like this and then look that's what you get..

And then all you got to do is put it in a bitof the old cocoa and people love it. And that is a beautiful little truffle, top top stuff. Andyou can make up as many sort of different toppings as you want. Look at that. Y'know it's abouthaving fun with stuff really. Some crunchy bits, some cocoa, some biscotti. Have that just smearedacross one of these little babies. Everyone buys truffles so it's kind of like you know todo your own is pretty cool. So there you go.


  • My favorite turkey recipe I saw from Jamie a few years ago! Dear chef, thank you for giving such delicious recipes for so many years! With love from Ukraine! Unfortunately, this year we are without electricity and do not have the opportunity to cook hot meals. Maybe there will be some release from Jamie with Christmas dishes that can be made without an oven? With great respect for your talent!

  • My dad would always make a roast chicken for Christmas and usually made his stuffing just like this. The kitchen was a beehive of activities and smelled amazing with my mum and dad and sister and I all making one thing or another 😄. Well I was mostly doing all the tasting! 😂 Such wonderful memories…☺️. I had a blessed childhood 😍

  • Dear Jamie, this Christmas I’m want to make a nice peace of pork. Few years ago we had a baby pig, but it was so complicated and everyone had a doggy bags for a week I’m doing it again. I was thinking of a whole leg or shoulder this time, but I don’t know what will be better and how long to cook it. Will you share some tips please 🙏

  • PART 1…
    Aah yes, a timeless Christmas classic from Jamie 😊…
    Hello Jamie,
    On my cable tv PVR I have recorded back in 2014 your two part Christmas special aired (released here in Canada) back in 2010. The first episode had Genaro a few times and the second (conclusion) at the beginning had poppy and Daisy (adorable)…I watch these two “Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas” episode throughout the year because they’re so endearing and calming to me😊 they put a smile on my face all the time the whole way through both episodes😊 Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I watch everything record and cook so many of your recipes🤤 (Amazing)! As well as have so many of your cookbooks. I could go on and on, my apologies🙈

  • PART 2…
    A week ago I was watching the 1st of the 2 parter of the said recorded “Jamies Best Ever Christmas” on my cable PRV amd at the end🙈🙈🙈 I so stupidly deleted it…I was and still am devastated at what I did🙈 I’ve tried locating those episodes everyday for the past week since that night and have had no luck😢 I’ve watched several others that I have recorded, but am still mortified and saddened at what I did.

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