We're gonna do lovely leftovers you know, when youget things like carrots or any roasted veg. I just wanted to do a little recipe to show you sortof nice creative sort of tasty ways of making them interesting instead of throwing them in thebin, right? Gennaro, look we're not supposed to be turning over at the moment – filming sorry – butGennaro's trying to stitch me up because I always stitch him up right, but I have got the homegrownchilies so no matter what he comes back with, you see how shifty he looks when he comes back.Gennaro come on we're going to turn over now! Okay. What actually I've done here I just mashedparsnips and beetroot put them all together just mashed it all up. I'm gonna season a little bitjust a little bit of salt on it. I love the fact that he's seasoning it on the board. Yes it istrue you know I just drizzle a little bit of a.

Balsamic vinegar just to sweeten up, bring themalive again all the flavour is inside here. And then I will drizzle a little bit of oil, make sureit's a nice extra virgin, full of flavour. Then we mix all together. Okay I'm going to sliceup my fennel just to keep it a bit chunkier, but I like the idea of the mushing. Gonna putit into a bowl and then I want to basically redress it so I'm going to do a little bit ofbasil. Just roll it up and just slice it up like that. So put in the basil like that. Haveyou got my bruschetta. Okay really important… right get the garlic garlic garlic garlic!As soon as that toast comes off the grill or the toaster – go on – a nice little localItalian like my boy gives it a little rub-up. It brings the most incredible flavour, andthen good olive oil. Then that is the base.

For your bruschetta. And then Gennaro's gothis mush. Yeah. I'm gonna go with some chilli, I'm gonna use mozzarella as well, I always likechilli and mozzarella. Lemon, juice, just to bring it back into a beautiful place. Olive oil forme. Yeah it's olive oil for you. And you toss it. Yeah. Okay. While that toast is beautifuland hot I'm going to put a nice lob of that old fennel from yesterday,just a tiny bit of mozzarella. Good. And just put a few bits of parmesan just overthe top. Oh fantastic. Right. Did you want the little drizzle of olive oil on top? Yeah, yeahyeah yeah, go for it. So you see what I mean you bring old things back to life, a little bit ofchilli, you want colour and fantasy. What would you do with yours? Well look I got some lovelysalad leaves and then, it's not finished yet,.

Then again y'know for extra little bitsof colour you just give a little slice, lie that on top. Just a little bit because youdon't want to disturb the lovely flavour. Dress, drizzle again with some nice olive oilagain. And look at that my goodness me. My god. Give me one second. Let me do alittle shot of vodka. Here we go, happy Christmas mate. Chin chin. Chinchin. Ciao. You done it again. Beautiful bruschettas, right?A lovely way to have leftovers. Swap… no, yeah swap. I want totaste mine as well, it's very good. Mm. Oh you put it everywhere! That was so nice andthen I got that, blew my head off. Come on. I.

Don't trust you. No no trust me it's not. Listen,touch it, buon Natale. Yeah, I love Italians. Delicious though. Mm! So I've got all theleftovers the kind of stuff in here that you'd get after a roast dinner, I'm gonna dobubble and squeak a brilliant British classic and then I'm going to serve it with the fullmonty English breakfast and we're going to do it in such a way that it's the same amountof calories as a large blueberry muffin, okay? Here's the thing with bubble and squeak right,it can really be made out of any leftover veg you name it, but the condition is that you needat least 50% potato. It's the potato that kind of cakes up and makes that brilliant patty out ofthe veg, and if you go down Borough market and you go and see my girl down there doing theproper full monty breakfasts she'll be going.

“bubble bubble bubble!” and be cooking for aboutan hour and it'll be cooked so much that it'll be grey and it will look like death right,but when you put that in your mouth… laa! So just going to mash up this veg here.Now you've done that, good non-stick pan. And as I said you can get away with any vegin bubble and squeeze as long as you've got 50% potatoes. So here we go: tomatoes, fieldmushrooms, and then the meat. Here's the thing if you want to get the calories way down getyourself some back or streaky bacon and trim off most of the fat. And then on the sausagesthey're so much better for you and healthier if you go for the 80-95% meat sausages. And thenI use these all the time now brilliant, it's just basically an olive oil spritz, and insteadof putting a drizzle or two – four tablespoons,.

Like half a teaspoon just gives it a little mistwhich is more than enough to make it non-stick. Put your mushrooms there, tomatoes here, let'sput the sausages in like this. Bacon. Just put next to it. Just a little bit of salt and pepper,and then a little bit of a spritz-up just enough to cover it. Now bang that in a grill oran oven at full-whack for about 10 minutes. Now have a look at this, can you see howlike the sides are just coming up and if I just throw it over right, that's perfect, seeit getting crisp here? Absolutely beautiful. It's not the prettiest thing in the worldbut you can just tell by looking at it that it's going to be delicious. And then I'vegot a plan I'm just going to get a spoon and make a little dent. Top bottom, left andright. North West, South East. And I'm going.

To put four eggs in here and instead of poachthem I'm just going to coddle them. I got some nice free-range eggs. And the nicething about this is looks fantastic, it's not predictable, saves you usinga pot, little salt, tiny bit of pepper, and then I just pop that in the oven forabout four to five minutes. Beautiful. Come on Gennaro! Put it out on a plate like that. Look at him,come on. All appreciate Gennaro Contaldo, the Italian Stallion, ready for Christmas.Is this typical Italian Christmas wear? It is indeed. Come around and eat someof this big boy. Let's do it. Okay. My friend that is for you, havea little try, I'll do myself one.

I'm waiting for you. No don't waitfor me mate, tuck in. All right. Do you like that? I love it. Look atthat. Let's try this bubble and squeak. Here's the thing right, bubble and squeak is likeyou've cooked it down and down it goes from being colourful to sort of grey, but when you tasteit… try and explain what I'm trying to say. It's an explosion of flavour – WOW! Thisis a pure beautiful bomb and I love it. Do you like it? I love it. And Gennaro why areyou dressed as an elf? Well it's Christmas!


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