Okay we are gonna make something with leftoverturkeys. Me and my sis. My younger sis I'll have you know, but she's always been like theboss really so this is quite nerve-racking for me because we don't cook together veryoften. Jamie's, you're in charge for once. Yes. Just this once. Yeah, if I can. Okay here'sthe theory right, you're always ending up with this little baby you know and then in the weekafter you can do beautiful things, yes stews, yes pies, yes soups, and I want to do something abit different and something with some flavour and attitude I'm going to do basically like a kindof I don't know sort of South American sort of chilli, okay. Is turkey not a bit dry to makea chilli con carne with? It was juicy in the first place I didn't overcook it. But they dodry out in the fridge, turkeys. Correct and um,.

See this is why we had such a colourful childhoodtogether. Once upon a time I dared to question my younger sister and d'you know what I got inreturn? I got a jar of Oil of Ulay right in my gob and smashed out my teeth. You did deserve it youmust have deserved it. No I just said one thing! Um look you're absolutely right, when you haveexposed meat like this it totally does get dry, and the wonderful thing about creating a stewis that you can reinvigorate so hopefully you're gonna like it. So, I'm gonna slice up you can dothe pan of action, olive oil in a pan sis. Okay. You can kind of, I mean it's just general sortof root veg beginnings: carrots, leeks, onions. There you go have a little toss up over theredarling. We got red and green chilli that I've chopped up you've got seeds in there as wellyou can take them out if you want I'm not gonna..

So I've got two onions here. Onions go in.Peppers, basically I'm kind of chopping everything around about the size of a chickpea.So we're going to add spice and attitude now, so just a flat teaspoon of cumin is prettypokey stuff so don't go over the top. Smoked paprika, every household should have some,seriously. Oh I don't know actually. Sorry? I don't buy smoke I prefer… I thought I justheard, so you're questioning… It tastes like hickory smoke doesn't it? That's thepoint. So I prefer normal paprikas, would normal paprika be okay?No. So you can put that meat in. three tins of nice tinned tomatoes in, give it astir Anna About two and a half but you could put it all in if you wanted. I'm putting some butterbeans in there and some chickpeas okay. It's gonna.

Blip away, blip right, and when you have a brightperson you'd say 'simmer' right and you'd have the equation of simmering and what that means, Isay blip because it's very visual and it makes you feel good. That is characteristic dyslexiaisn't it? Yeah. So in the oven it goes. No lid? No because it's quite slow, for about an hourand a half to two hours, about 170 – 180. Give it a check after an hour, you might want tofeed it a little water. But what that's going to do is really intensify the flavours now asI love Delia Smith, as everyone else does, here's one I made earlier. See how it's kindof gnarly around the sides and sticking a little bit? Absolutely delicious. I want tohave a taste. You're checking the seasoning. Right, I'm sure you've got a bleeding opinion. SeeI think that smoky paprika flavour has actually.

Dissipated… Must have an asbestos mouth by now.I'm a very delicate flower. Yeah well I've got an asbestos mouth because actually once upon atime someone rammed an Oil of Ulay pot right in my gob to the point where my teeth couldn'tprotect my tongue anymore. It didn't work did it? Yeah everyone always takes the mickey out ofme talking funny and that's the reason. That is lovely and the smoked paprika does work so…sorry. Thank you. Let you off. Right, round the edge all those bits please don't leave thatto the dishwashing right. All those gnarly bits you want that and that's going to make it tastedelish. Now, lime. Acidic, vibrant, alive, Mexico, really liven stuff up. More coriander. Freshchilli. And there you go. I mean nutritionally I think probably everything's in there hardly anyfat, you've got lovely carbs, you've got veg, you.

Know you've got herbs, you've got good… Actuallymy children could eat it at this temperature because it's not too spicy… Sour cream if Ican get a word in edgeways, and then guacamole. And then a little bit more smoked paprikajust frankly just to really get on her nerves. That is gorgeous. That's a good result! Oh it is delicious I really do think the smokedpaprika works actually I've changed my mind. Did that hurt to say that? A little bit. I really enjoyed that. What, being so rude to me? No notyou, this. I really enjoyed this.


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