I'm going to show you how to makethe most delicious expression of a Spanish inspired tortilla. Slices of potatothat goes soft. Sweet onions. And I'm going to turn that outwith a homemade salsa. I've got a 24 centimeter pan,nonstick on a medium heat there. Let's start off with the potatoes.I have washed them. So this is 2, sort of like jacket size potatoes. I'm going to halve it, quarter it. I'm gonna leave the skin on,.

And I'm going to finely slice itabout the thickness of, like, a pound coin. Okay, so just slice that up roughly. If they're not all perfect,it doesn't matter but you want them to be fairly fine,so they cook quite quickly. Pan in there. We'll go in with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Sweep these into here like that. We want to get these potatoessoft and tender.

Onion, cheap as chips. We'll slice themexactly the same as the potatoes. So, super easy method. Feel free to put a little bitof sliced carrot in there. It could be leeks. It could be parsnips. Like, you know, use what you gotaround you. Salt and peppers in. So for about 20 minutes, we're going to cook this. I want this potatoand onion to get soft.

And I want the onionsto get sweet. And that's mega flavour and texture. So, while that's happening in one pan; One-pan wonder, One-pound wonder. Wooo Let's think salsa. So I've got a pepper. I've got 2 tomatoes. Just standard big ones. I could do a raw salsa, right,if I want to or I could just put thison a gas hob.

Tomato. What I want to do is half the tomato like that. I'm going to do two things just to kind of try and inspireyou with some little ideas. I'll keep moving the potatoesand the onions. You can see what's happening here,see how it's blackening. So this is nice. This will give you this kind of sensation of char-grill or wood fire.

So two vibes, first vibe would bejust half it, quarter it. And then I'm going to removethese little seeds, right. So this is watery and we don't want that. So we can take that out. If you take the cheapest tomato and take the trouble to finely slice it and then cube it. And we've taken something frumpy and every day and we got something beautiful, right.

Then let's just do a different vibe. You take the cheapest pieceof equipment from the kitchen: Box grater. Let's go like pulpy. We put the skin side upand we rub. And what it does is a really interesting thing. It separates the pips, can you see the pips separating. So that's almost acting like a sieve. And then look underneath,you've got pulp. Right. Sweet green house-y.

Tomatoey pulp. And I'm going to turn itinto a salsa. Half a tablespoon of vinegarand about twice as much oil. Olive oil ideally. We're going to heat it upwith pepper and we're going to hit it up with salt. Right.And then we can just take something like parsley. You know, I can take some of the leaves and just put it to one sidefor later. Finely slice it.

And even if you're bad at chopping, still do it, right. Herbs go in to the bowl. Let's finish this salsa. Okay, so we've the pepper here. You could let it just sitand steam for a bit. I'm just going to startscraping off the skin. So what I want to do now is just take the flesh off. See, I'm just slicing these upjust like I did the tomato. And again, if you're, like,.

Worried on the knife skills,just do the cross chopping. That will always sort you out. So that's it, salsa is done. So look, quick wash. A little tip, by the way. A little wet cloth under the chopping board. Stops it moving, like, really important. Okay. Back to the pan. So this is basically there,.

And I'm just going to dothe next bit now, which is egg. So 6 eggs. Go for the bestyou can afford. Eggs cook at a very low temperature. Now, I know that these onionsand potatoes are cooked. And so if I go into the eggs. What I'm going to do is just let the eggs, you know, sort of off the heat, be in contact with the potatoesand the onions. It's just going to startheating up the eggs.

Right. And then off the heat, I'm going to pour back in the potatoes, onions and eggs. So on the medium heat,I'll use a little spatula just to pat it down. Gentle at cooking underneath. A lid on top. So I'll keep an eye on it. And then what I do is I turn it upside down on the lid, put the pan back under and thentry and slide it off like that.

And that's always the drama. But I'll show you how to do it.There's an easy way of doing it. I'll have a little wash down and I'll be in a beautiful place. I'm slightly worried that I didn't get that temperature low enough,so it'll be delicious, but it might be more colorthan I want. Let's have a little see. So what I tend to dovery safely is get my lid,.

Turn it upside down on itselflike that. I can feel itjust come out like that. Then I've got the tortilla here,which is lovely. If you're worried about putting it back in here, you can either slide it in if you're confident or if you're not, just get something else,anything else flat. And you can just put that back again like that. Right.

And then put it back in here. Right. So I know a bit of jiggling about,but if you go to Spain, you'll see them jiggling it about. So look, we will let that cook nowfor another couple of minutes. Let's just turn that upside down. Okay. Hot and steamy, lovely tortilla. With a little blushing of colour.

Then we've got the salsa. I just like to load it will be beautiful. That liquor here, we can use that just to dress the bigger parsley leaves, Somealmost treat them kind of like a salad leaf in some respect. So let's get into it. Hot, steamy layers. Delicious. Get a little bit of juice,.

You know, and just pull it over the top. Let's get amongst it. Absolutely delicious. Wow. So there you go. That is my one-pound wonder. Find those ingredients, have a cook up and serve it to 3 people that you love. So good luck. Take care.