– Open oven, take out my crust. Pour caramel over my crust. – Yeah!! Hey guys, it's me, Katie and this is another episodeof Lost in Translation. Why am I dressed up as an egg? Because it is a veryspecial Halloween episode. (ghostly moan).

As always, we take a recipe,we put into Google Translate. It goes from Englishto Korean to Sudanese, and many, many many more until finally back to English to give us this hilariouslytranslated recipe. Does anyone think Jasmineis getting too good at this? Yes. Me too. So today I have her facing off against a professional pastry chef.

Will her experience as a professional pastrychef give her the leg up or will Jasmine's translationexpertise get her the win? Let's find out. (ghostly moan) There you go. – Okay. – Thank you. (apprehensive cry) Also, you guys might noticethat Kelly's not here today.

We got a surprise call from her yesterday and she's having her baby! (excited yell) All the love to you. If you wanna spread the love to her, put it in the comments below. We wish her and the Paigefamily all the best. – We miss you Kelly! – Thank You. – Okay! Let's do it.

– A scary bike. – How do you eat a bike? I don't know. This is just too much to process for food. – Step number one. – Step one. – “350 Fire in the oven.” I know that one. Preheat the oven to 350.

– So I think 350 fire in the oven can only mean preheat the oven to 350. – I'll be right back.- I'm gonna go do that. – “Flour tip. Put two cups of sandwich flour in a meat grinder until smooth. Add four tablespoon of oil and stir.” – Put two cups of, I wouldassume, all purpose flour? Bread flour?.

I'm just gonna go with regular flour. – I'm really scared going upagainst a pastry chef today. I might hop on thisscary bike and ride away. Bread flour, all-purposeflour, and cake flour. Cake flour. – Four tablespoons of oil. I feel like that's actuallybutter, unsalted butter maybe? So I think meat grinder means blender. – “In a meat grinder until smooth.”.

I'm gonna add two cups of sandwich flour to my meat grinder here and I'm getting it really nice and smooth. Confidence level currently is at a three. We'll build it. We'll build it. – I think right nowwe're making a pie dough. Add four tablespoons of oil,which I think is butter. Stir. – Four tablespoons of oil and stir.

Butter. But I feel like it's oil. I do feel like it's oil. I'll do canola. Four tablespoons though?This doesn't feel right. Well, I've certainly stirredand now it is resisting. Given how I feel a hint atthis moment is quite necessary and I want it from Mimo. And Mimo is going to…

Draw it! Wow, this is quite good. A lamp shelf. Oh, it's a person. It's you! It's butter! (congratulatory applause) This is the second masterpiece from Lost in Translation, season two.

Comment below why youdeserve this art piece and we will send it toyou personally signed. Because Katie says I can't undo this step, I'm just gonna have to moveforward with my oily flour. When I make pies, I use cold butter and I pulse it in a food processor. Stir. – I think that's good. Let's see what's next.

– Step number three. – “Pour batter into eight cake pan.” – I have no batter! – “Click below and gotowards the activity tray.” – Ha. Transfer the pie crust into a baking dish andpush against the sides. – Eight cake pan? This is not cake. Pie pan? That looks like it might be eight inches.

It's not a pie pan, but it's a tart pan. Click below and gotowards the activity tray. I do not know what that could mean. You know what, we're just gonna, we're just gonna flour this a little bit. Poor batter. This is not ready. – Ooh, Tart! I have a feeling that it'sgoing to be the tart pan.

And I'm going towards the activity tray which means adding itto my baking dish here and I'm pushing it againstthe edges of the dish. – I think I need to stop and take a hint. Hint box. Let's do Mimo. Sing it. – ♪ You've made your batter. ♪ ♪ It's made of flour. ♪.

♪ So go ahead and and use your batter. ♪ ♪ The end. ♪ – (excited yell) – Oh! Okay. I think that means pour itout and knead the dough. – This looks good. Even though it's the mostoily pie crust I've ever made. I am putting holes in the crust. So it has some room to breathe.

– Click. Click you use your fingers right? Click, click. Push it into the pan. Knead this into a dough. This feels like it's not coming together like it would be a pie dough. – Step number four. “Add the mixture to the flavor and leave it for 12 minutes. – Remove a wire rack to cool.” – Okay, so I think this is my mixture.

The flavor is the oven andwe're gonna cook for 12 minutes and then afterwards we'll removeit to a wire rack to cool. – I must have missed something somewhere. I need to put water in here? We're just gonna do thatuntil it becomes a dough. Before I had every expectation of failing but now I'm failing harder than I thought. This is embarrassing. I swear I bake better than this.

– I will be right back. (ghostly moan) – So we're gonna roll this out. We're gonna put it in there. “Click below and gotowards the activity tray.” So I think that means push it in the pan. I'm just gonna take off the top Since I decided that this is a tart, we're just gonna dock it.

We're gonna bake it for 12 minutes now. – Step number five. “Mix a quarter cup water andone cup sugar in a small bowl. – Leave on the fire so does not dissolve.” – They are placed in theelectrified syrup for 10 minutes.” – I feel like this makes more sense to me. We're mixing one cup sugar and a cu– a quarter cup of water. “Leave on fire,” whichcould mean the stove.

Are we making caramel? – Sauce pan! I'm gonna add a quarter cup water. Sugar, I think is just granulated sugar. So a cup of that. “Leave on the fire so does not dissolve.” I think, although contradicting itself, I do think it's stir until dissolve.

You're not supposed tostir water and sugar, but I'm just getting the lump of it gone. – I don't wanna touch itcause then it'll crystallize. So you kind of have to letsugar and water do its thing. – Step number six. “As soon as the sugar iscompletely dissolved immediately add half cup of flour and mix. Carefully pour in half cupof the cream all at once.” – I don't like this anymore.

– Oh my my. Okie dokie. Cream I think is heavy cream. Flour I think might be flour. – Why would you add flour? I really think being a pastry chef is hindering my ability to process this. – Smelling this step has made me realize we are probably making caramel.

So for “immediatelyadd half cup of flour”, I think it's to addhalf a cup of caramels. First my half cup cream. I've chosen heavy whipping cream. I've added my cream. Now I'm gonna remove it from the heat. I'm gonna use the residualheat to melt down my caramels. So now I am going to mix. – I need a hint.

So I'm picking Katie. – Oh my god. Earlier it was known as oil and sometimes it's wrapped in foil. – Butter. So I got my butter. Sugar and water is electrified. Butter's melted. And then we're gonna put cream. – Next step while I stir.

– Step seven. – “Remove the pan from the oven– – And stir in red salt is blood.” Oh! – Oh, okay. Wait, wait, wait. No, no, no. – So remove the pan from the oven, which is the pie pan,.

Which has been baking. – I'm removing pan from heat and I'm gonna stir in red food coloring. – Sure, take a look. – Red salt is blood, which Iknow has to be caramel now. This is a red blood and I'mgonna put this in the tart pan. – Oh my gosh. Is it Hot Tamales? I think red salt is red food coloring.

And this will be our blood. I'm just gonna add until Ithink it's blood colored. – So I think stir is pour. Caramel is blood. – While I stir, I'm gonnamove on to the next step. – Step eight. – “Sprinkle blood candyon biscuits are the end and put in the freezer if you want.” – If you want!.

– Do I want? – I'm just gonna see what we have. It could be anything. – Oh, is my biscuit my tart crust? – Scary. Black licorice is pretty scary. – I love black licorice. – What is red that you can sprinkle? – Wait, I think it might be shortbread on a shortbread crust?.

Um. Uh. I find myself a little puzzled. So I think it calls for the hint box. ♪ The hint box. ♪ ♪ The hint box. ♪ All right, Katie, I would like you to… Act it! Open oven. Take out my crust. Poor caramel over my crust.

– Yeah! – Hot tamales. You know what? I'm, Ithink it's Hot Tamales. I don't know why. It's red. It's candy. None of this makes sense. It's gonna look like a bicycle wheel. I don't think bike is bike,but I'm making it bike.

– So now I'm sprinklingmy blood candy all in. Oh yeah, this looks good. Since I want to, I am gonnaput this in the freezer. – Do I want to? I think I doto cool it down and let it set. So we're gonna put it in the freezer. An undetermined amount of time. We're just gonna say like 30 minutes. – Step number nine. “Tato ice chocolate: – Six ounces chocolate andhalf bat butter in a bowl.”.

– Half bat? Half cup? Half stick of butter. – This is a bat? – Why is that a bat? – Bat. Baseball. Stick. Baseball bat stick. Half stick butter. – And then we need sixounces of chocolate.

This is a nice medium.Semi-sweet chocolate. – Chocolate. But what kind of chocolate? Ooh! Dark semi-sweet. I think that would besemi-sweet chocolate chips. And I'm gonna do half a bat of butter. – Six ounces. Can I cut this in half? Cut it down. – Step number 10.

– “Heat a small sauce pan over medium heat or pour in two-thirds cupcream until it fevers.” – What do you mean, or? – Fevers probably meansit gets really hot. So I'm gonna get a small sauce pan. We're making ganache. This is, could only be ganache. – All right. So I think two-third cup cream.

Is two-third cup heavy whipping cream. Into the sauce pan it goes. I'm just gonna put this on the heat until it comes to a simmer. So I'm just heating thetwo-thirds cup of cream until it fevers. – So I'm just gonna waittill this gets steamy. – Step number 11. “Pour the hot oil into a bowl with the chocolate.

Let stand for five minutes– – then stir until smooth,shiny, and smooth.” Again. – I love that. Okay, so I think this is my hot oil and I'm gonna pour this over my butter andchocolate and let it sit. – Pour the hot oil which is the hot cream. It just means to let it melt. We're gonna cover it.

Five minutes. Then we're gonna stir.- I'm just gonna cover this up so it melts a little faster. – I'm a huge chocolate fan. The fact that this is chocolateand caramel, I am stoked. – I think I'm making some sort of ganache? – So it has to be like double smooth. – All right, let's moveon to the next step. – Step 12. “Top the ganache is the name.

With caramel shells and spread evenly. Ice for 10 minutes.” – This guy here, ganache is his name. I'm gonna go get my blood pie. I'm gonna pour this on top of it, which is the caramel shells. Spread it evenly, and then back to thefreezer for 10 minutes. – We top the ganacheover the caramel shell,.

Which is the tart. Spread it evenly. Ice has to mean chill. We're gonna put that in the refrigerator and chill it, “ice” for 10 minutes. – Step number 13. “Make the webpage: – Place two cups this is foam in a large bowl for the microwave– – And cook for 20 to 40seconds to soften the balls.

Stirring occasionally.” – This is gonna be fun. – ♪ We're making marshmallows. ♪ ♪ We're making marshmallows. ♪ – Oh! This has to be marshmallowsbecause they're foamy. – Well, is there anythingthere that's like, foamy? – I don't wanna like, wanna look cause I have to like my gut.

– Mini marshmallows, big marshmallows. Cool Whip, Jet Puff. I mean these are foamy. I've never microwaved marshmallow but I've always wanted to. So I think for that reasonalone, we've gotta do that. – I think Heather definitelychose marshmallows. And I have a feeling Heatheris really nailing this. – We're not gonna measure it.

– Now I'm gonna soften these balls in the microwave in 20to 40 second intervals. – So now we're going to microwavethis for 20, 30 seconds. – Step number 14. “Let themargarine stand for a few minutes and then lift it, press it,and rub it with your fingers creating a fluffy effect,they put it on the author. – Margarine. – So I think this is my margarine. I'm gonna let it stand for afew minutes to cool slightly.

– I need a hint and I'mgonna get it from Mimo. Act it! (Katie celebrating) It is a bowl? And then you're mixing andyou're pulling. Spreading? Oh, we're stretching it! We're stretching what we had! We're stretching the marshmallow! – Create a fluffy effect.

Lift it, press it, rub it. Wow, that looks so good. – This is perfect. Get my hands cold. Oh, this is very weird but satisfying. – I've never doneanything like this before but this is quite fun. If this is wrong, I don't wanna be right. – It's a spider web!.

– This is a lot messier, actually, than I thought it was gonna be. But this works and, um, I'mnow gonna go wash my hands. (laughing) Step number 15. – “Prepare the arachnid. – Sprinkle the black licorice slices with the sliced licorice andstir in the sliced licorice, stir in the onions andstir in the onions.”.

– There is a lot oflicorice and onions in this. – So I'm gonna be making a spider. – It's clearly a spider. – Sprinkle he black licorice slices. I do feel like I saw some licorice. – Black licorice. Woo! Yeah! – Onions. Garlic. Garlic bulb. bulb ball. Whoppers! Whoppers!.

Maybe Whoppers with likelittle legs coming out? – So sprinkling has to be just placing. Stir in the onions. No, no onions in this. Stir. We can say cut. We're gonna cut little legs. – I think this is licorice number one and licorice number two.

And I think sliced licorice is these legs. I must cut them into little legs. We got an arachnid. – There's my two spiders. – I've never had black licorice before. – What? Wait, you've never had black licorice? What?! – Why does it taste like medicine?.

– Step number 16. “Almond paste withchocolate to cover the body. – And send the chocolate to the head so that the stars arescattered in the center.” – Excuse me? – I thought I made the body,but it's not good enough I see. – Almond paste to cover the body. I actually think this means to like, add just a little dot to the body.

There's also raisins. Oh, maybe the raisin. I'm not putting raisins in my dessert. That's ridiculous. Oh, there is sprinkles! – Chocolate covered almonds makes sense for the body. 'Cause I don't have to mold anything. – I do think the second half.

Is to sprinkle on some sprinkles. All right. It's happening. Ooh, it's cute. – And then the stars arescattered in the center. Sprinkles. We're gonnago back to these guys. I'm putting chocolate chips on the body because these are the starsscattered in the center. ♪ I am on the last line. ♪.

– “Explore and enjoy!” – I'm gonna plate it. – I think that means you're done. We're gonna pull it outta the pan. It looks like a cheesy pizza. (deep breathing) – Are you zombie? – Explore and enjoy. – Explore and enjoy.

Oh! I'm done. So curious tosee what Heather's looks like. – Hello, hello!! – You did it. – I did it and it was really stressful. – I'm excited to see what you made. Let's bring our dishes out before we see the original dish. Oh God. I really wanna knowwhat you chose for foamy balls. – And open your eyes.

– Oh! – Yours is bleeding. – Wow. Well, I'm happy we did themarshmallow thing similarly. – Yes. Yes. – I was very nervous about that and it was quite messy. – Did you use the bowlof ice water underneath? – No. Did you?.

– You did phenomenal. And Iwould definitely hire you. – Wow, thank you. Shall we bring out the original dish? – Oh yeah. – Wow!!! We did great! – Oh my god.This is so… – This is so good! What is this called? – So this is calledthis Spooky Spider Tart.

– So where did you find this recipe? – We were inspired by some things online but Mimo actually told us aboutthe marshmallow web thing. – So let's try each other's and then we'll try the original dish. I like the blood look, nice and gory. – I think we shouldtry yours first for sure. Mmm. It's ultra caramel. – Now can we try yours?.

– If we have to. – Wait. – Yes. – Gummy Hot Tamale. – Yes!! – I was like, mmm, texture. Was it? – It's a fun surprise. – We've tried them both.

Shall we try the original recipe? – Oh yeah. – Oh, there's red inside. – Wow!! – Cheers! – Hm. So smooth. – Proper. That ganache. – I did sad.

– What!? No. I think overall we did really good. – Look how similarthese are all though. – They are similar though, yeah. – All right guys, thanksso much for watching. Heather, thank you so much for joining us on this special Halloween episode. And everyone make sureto tune in next week because we have an exciting season finale.

See ya. – Bye!! (ghostly moans) Can I have a meditation break? – Meditation break? You haven't even looked at it. – I need Kelly singing. She's too busy screaming right now. – Welcome back.

We should name our hot plate. Hot Plate Pete.