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JIMBEI IS LYING!? What Really Happened to Jimbei at Whole Cake Island! – One Piece


With the raid on onigashima seemingly entering its inevitable climax a question has been present in the back of our minds for a while now specifically ever since chapter 977 of the one piece manga which if you remember is the chapter jinbe officially joined the straw hat crew as we're all well aware in whole.

Cake island jinbe was ready to set off to wano along with luffy however he chose to stay behind and help his former pirate crew escape big mom's wrath with luffy's permission jinbe stayed behind leaving us with an incredibly intense cliffhanger where we couldn't tell.

What happened next now all that's fine and good right i mean jimbei's back and has officially joined the crew so everything should be settled well it's not quite that simple as while jinbe returning for this big fight is great and all but we still have a pressing issue we need to discuss.

And that is what really happened to jimbei at whole cake island what brought this question to mind is how casually jimbei seemed to brush off the closing events of whole cake and his lack of severe injuries i mean he squared off with a yonko and their whole fleet surely there had to be some sort of consequence from that.

Right well that doesn't seem to be the case at least on the surface that is the events of whole cake after luffy's departure were left a mystery to us for the entirety of wano and seemed as though we wouldn't get an answer until jim bay's return with jinbe's return we do get an answer.

But it's very vague when asked about what happened after they left whole cake and why he took so long getting to wano jinbe answered this we got busy tending to the sun pirates wounds and having a big send-off while a very likely answer especially for one piece we can't help but feel as though there.

Is more to the story jinbei's answer seems to be purposely ambiguous about the events of the previous arc almost as if being saved for later which is where this video comes in when the topic of what happened that whole cake came up two theories about jinbe's time between arcs seemed possible one is the most.

Likely answer which we'll get into now and the other which is less likely yet still very possible afterwards now with that said let's get started with the first and most likely theory about what happened to jinbei so after thinking it over the most likely possibility is that jinbei is lying.

About the fate of the sun pirates after whole cake i know it sounds a bit far-fetched that jinbe would lie to luffy about something this serious but hear me out jinbe reunited with luffy as he and the alliance began a large battle against kaido one of the yonko if the fate of the sun.

Pirates were worse than we thought makes sense he wouldn't want to burden his new captain with such sad news there is also the fact that luffy would most likely place the blame on himself as they would have gotten hurt or worse died to give him a chance to escape meaning that if jinbe is lying it'd be a very reasonable thing to do.

Given the current situation the evidence that helped support this would be the time frame of events as well as jinbe's brief mention of the aftermath from the end of whole cake to the raid of onigashima we can guess that at least a month has passed between arcs this is possible as during the raid and.

The end of whole cake the moon was full and as we all know a full moon only occurs once a month which is why the raid occurred at that time so the minks could fight in their soo long forms taking into account this time frame if jinbe did receive injuries in the last arc it makes sense for him to be.

Fully recovered by the time he made his appearance the other piece of evidence which supports this also builds upon the last one jinbe mentioned tending to the sun pirate's wounds and having a send-off afterwards this could be a very clever way of hiding the.

Truth as he could be downplaying things to not worry the others the sun pirates wounds could have been much worse than we're led to believe since just because you've tended to someone's wounds doesn't mean they've healed or survived after the fact there is also the mention of a send-off.

While at face value like tending wounds it could mean a going-away party or banquet however jinbe specifically said send off leading us to believe he said goodbye to his former comrades what this could actually mean is that some or most of the sun pirates didn't make it.

After receiving fatal wounds and died meaning that when he said send off he actually meant they held a funeral for the fallen when the battle had ended jinbe may have had to say goodbye to dear friends and felt telling luffy now after returning would be inappropriate so he hid the truth in a phrase that could also be interpreted this way.

The true events of the battle could also be revealed that while holding the line the sun pirates protected jinbe from any fatal attacks to ensure he kept his promise and did what he wanted to do the events may have left him deeply traumatized and along with his physical.

Wounds is reason he took longer to reach wano than expected now jinbe lying and keeping the true fate of the some pirates as well as what he went through a secret from everyone is the most likely course of events there is still one more possibility about.

Jinbei's prolonged stay in whole cake the other possibility is the more unlikely one and requires a lot of certain characters and events present for it to occur but it is also the most interesting scenario out of the two that possibility is that after holding back big mom and her forces jinbe had his memory.

Altered before leaving to meet up with luffy i know what you're about to ask how could jinbe have his memories altered well that answer is very simple and was introduced to us back in the same very arc the answer is pudding was the one that altered jinbe's memories.

After his and the sun power's confrontation with big mom pudding's devil fruit the memo memo fruit has the ability to cut out and straight up replace people's memories in an instant we've seen this happen twice already back in whole cake with sanji and reiju respectively when it came to sanji.

Pudding managed to remove a piece of his memory completely leaving no trace behind in reiju's case putting her moved the memory of her shooting reiju as well as her true intentions and even creating new memories of the events to escape blame if there is no limit to the memories she can create and replace.

Then it's possible for her to remove any memory jinbe had of the some pirates being gravely injured captured or killed she could then replace those with memories of them recovering from the battle and having a big send-off of their captain as he follows his own path that would be the ideal memory for.

Jinbei to have as he goes to his new captain without any guilt or remorse for his fallen comrades this would also explain jinbe's wording and his reappearance back in chapter 977 where he tended to their wounds and they gave him a big send-off those are the memories that putting implanted in his mind so he could move.

Forward now you're probably asking why pudding would do this and how she'd find him so she could alter his memories well that answer is also very simple as her own sister would have been the one to help her find jinbe that's right charlotte praline the wife of aladdin and pudding's sister most.

Likely is the reason pudding could find jinbei as well as avoid detection from big mom because as we all know she can control the sea slugs that monitor the seas in big mom's territory which is how the sun pirates hid before and how the straw has escaped so it's not too hard to believe that if.

Most of the sun pirates lost their lives during the battle she'd probably be able to get them to safety her abilities could also make it possible to help her find pudding and ask for help it's not too hard to believe that pudding would help jinbe as she has feelings for sanji she would know that if jinbe isn't in the right.

State of mind he wouldn't be able to make it to wano or be of any help to the others in a depressed state so she alters jinbe's memories of pain and loss to ones of joy and farewells pudding's intervention could have been the reason jinbe managed to get out of whole cake.

And her memory powers made sure he'd have no regrets hindering him with the evidence we have and the pieces necessary for these potential events to occur both of these theories hold ground and could very well have happened to jinbe before his arrival in wano the lack of severe injuries.

Could indicate that his crew protected him while they fought gaining greater wounds than they would have gotten otherwise that combined with his nonchalant attitude towards those events lead to him lying or having his memories altered jinbe's return seems too perfect as it.

Feels like the previous arc didn't have any big stakes but if these theories are proven true then we would see jinbe and whole cake island in an entirely different light showing the full consequences of challenging a yonko head-on unprepared this could also give a future rematch with big mom more weight.

When the truth of what happened eventually comes to light with these possibilities mentioned there is still an important aspect to talk about in regards to the possible consequences and implications these possible answers could have on the story and characters in regards to jinbe possibly lying to luffy and the others about the events of.

Whole cake there may not be too many ramifications while jinbe lying to luffy and the crew could cause some mistrust something like this is nothing new throughout one piece almost every member of the crew has kept very important details and events from their lives.

Secret from the rest of the crew the obvious examples would be nami robin and sanji however despite them keeping secrets and even doing things that could be deemed betraying the crew in the end luffy forgives them and their trust in each other grows so if jinbe did in fact lie and luffy.

Finds out i wouldn't suspect he'd be too angry and would just reassure jinbe that they're crew now and he can trust them with anything even if it's something that hurts him deeply now in regards to the memory altering theory things could very well get messy and.

Complicated by the end when it's revealed jinbe learns that his crew met a cruel fate and has memories of that altered without his consent even if it was for his and eventually the straw hats own good things would go off the rails if this comes to light jinbe may be furious of pudding for doing something like that to.

Him and most likely would want to have his memories restored now if this were to happen everyone would most likely try to calm jimbei down especially sanji as he gained a good connection with pudding towards the end of whole cake this could lead to him and jinbei.

Clashing over how to handle the situation as it is a complex issue even sanji would agree that what she did was wrong but he wouldn't allow jinbe to be filled with rage there could even be a question of what memories of jinbe's since whole cake are even real or fabricated leading to a mental breakdown wondering.

What are even his true actual thoughts but that is all we've got for you guys today jinbei's unaccounted time and whole cake may never be touched on again or it could rise back up sometime in the future there is no real way of knowing at the moment but of course it's always fun to speculate hope you guys enjoyed the video and let.

Us know in the comments what you think of these theories and what you think happened to jinbe during his time in whole cake leave all of that down below in the comments and as always be sure to drop a like to let us know you enjoyed the video and subscribe to cloud armor with notifications on to never miss an.

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