I'm making my crunchy taco bites I'm already in all right so let's get to making our filling for these so these are essentially just wonton stuffed with taco meat and deep fried all right so I've got my ground beef here I'm going to add to it some taco seasoning just out of the packet I love it these are really really easy bread crumbs oh okay.

All together uh-huh I got an egg going in this is Meatloaf it is kind of like I mean you could actually like double or triple this and make it a meatloaf grated onion that makes it so juicy I like to grate the onion because if you chop them up it's not going to be cooked completely yeah and you'll get that raw onion no bueno cream cheese oh my God.

And some shredded cheddar now don't flag on the plate flag on the play I'd like some uh pepper jack in that please not cheddar can I do that you could put whatever kind of cheese you want okay all right so Alex and you could chop up some of that cilantro yeah that's gonna go in here too I almost forgot there's some green in this now there is season a.

Lot of salt in that taco seasoning but I'm gonna add Just A Pinch more and a little bit of pepper this recipe is like Jeffrey's worst nightmare he's looking at this don't judge he was saying something's under his breath I think he started twitching with the cream cheese I think the cream cheese is.

When yeah is that enough put a lot of cheese in my name I like the cream cheese because it kind of helps it stick together but also it gives a richness and you know any any cheese to me is a good idea Alex you got the wonton wrappers there yes I'm gonna take a rounded teaspoon full see I love this because you can do this whole thing in.

Advance and literally have a dramatic moment where you just fry them and pass them out right people love that these would be perfect to make ahead and keep in your freezer good little after school snack yep awesome way to stretch ground meat you know what I mean no I've got some here in the fridge because I like to let them set up yes in the.

Refrigerator before I fry them I'm over here panic making them thinking you need a whole batch and you're ready so here we go I got some right here and our oil is ready 375 degrees wow these only take about one to two minutes to fry so it's really quick it's great to make these in advance and then when everybody comes you just drop them in.

And you got these great little fried Taco bites same thing from the freezer you can freeze those separately then put them in the bag so they don't stick exactly you just drop them right in all right Alex I'm gonna have you babysit this fryer for me and I'm gonna make us a dip because every big game needs a dip that's right okay so I'm gonna start.

This out this is a Chipotle honey oh I love that creamy dip okay I've got sour cream going into the food processor Katie there's no there's no yogurt there's no chopped kale somewhere I know everything's okay it's Game Day game day all bets are off I've got mayonnaise and this sauce you could totally use for tacos as well or put it on a sandwich.

Yep I've got a little Chipotle and adobo ooh that's a impressive amount that's a lot yeah I like a lot that Honey's gonna wax it yeah aioli right um it is yeah yeah and you know you've got the sour cream in there that really Mellows out the spice a little bit of salt and I'm gonna add some lime juice to this okay I love that.

Bring it all together it's a vegetable yeah that's right see guys it's a smoothie vitamin C it's a smoothie we got calcium in there in our sour cream eggs I can justify anything okay plenty of vitamin M I should just send you everything I eat for dinner and you just justify that it's okay yeah.

All right these are so fun to make too because they're so quick oh that's good yeah yeah it's got no heat to it crispy pockets of meat dunked into cool spicy Dipper sauce yeah that's game day all right so here's our sauce those are looking so good Alex I've got some more in the oven back here but I've been keeping warm and this is for half.

Okay bring it bring the buffet on this kick this off Katie right we need all these good crunchy wontons look at those just look at the bubs on there when you have the oven just to keep it warm like the lowest yeah put it on like 250 you just keep it warm I love I love the way those wontons fry up there's nothing more gratifying than gratification right.

Right there a little yeah this is the type of thing you bring out and all your guests are like oh wow I want those I think wontons are fast they're like the puff pastry of the freezer section as well and that you can make it if you want but it's way easier just to buy that stack of 50 or 100 or a thousand yeah I'm a thousand now yeah they do.

That's a lot of pocketed taco meat oh look at that fresh crispy right there all right guys that are shiny yes it was almost too hot to eat let's start my God that was so fun let me wet the whistle wow ready to go better have a beer with these yeah and it's so well made it's crispy it's.

Just perfect I would never know what you put inside this if you hadn't told me it's so delicious I mean oh it's so good I mean it's just it's so perfect


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