Okay me and my dad are goingto make a delicious kedgeree right, kedgeree is such a fantastic dish.Brilliant for breakfast lunch or dinner, or cold leftovers or for hangovers, Boxing Day, NewYear's day. I've got 250 grams of rice over here. Dad grab us a couple of bay leaves mate. I've gotthe smoked haddock that I'm just going to plop in, I'm just going to poach it forabout six or seven minutes and I'm gonna boil the eggs in here aswell just to make use of the same pan. The old man giving it some, as ever. And if it gets a little knob of butter dad. Me and dad used to cook together a lot becausehe was my boss, and he was a big endorser of.

Slave labour at an early age weren't you dad? Wellyoung boys you gotta keep busy. I totally agree. So coriander some people hate it, I'd say theyhaven't given it enough chance right, you've got the lovely soft leaves here and then you'vegot the stalks here. Coriander stalks go in. One chilli goes in, to the onions here.this rice has had about 10 minutes right, it's nicely cooked. Just get yourself somecold water and completely refresh the rice, wash away the starch. By cooling it down likethat it kind of holds its shape. And then dad if you can peel those eggs. I find with theeggs I just give it a little tap and give it a little light roll, and then normally if you'relucky it'll just peel straight off like that. I was a little bit worried doing that becausethey're perhaps a little bit undercooked but.

Um… we'll see. I've got some Madras curry pasteand I'm just going to use one heaped tablespoon or fork like that, straight in. I find this does areally good job and you know, if you look at this, you see the onions and the paste havejust kind of cooked into one another. And at this sort of point… see how niceand light that rice is now. Mix it up. You know the paste doesn't sort of, it seems tostick on the outside of the rice but not totally go all the way through it so it's not like curryrice it's sort of rice and this beautiful sort of paste. Then what we do is we gather our eggs.Kedgeree without egg is criminal. Flake in that fish in and around. Clank off most of thesecoriander leaves here, sprinkle that on top. Just squeeze a little bit of lemonin. What I like to do at this point.

Is almost as if you were making like asponge just fold it three or four times and then pop it back for like 5-10 minutes on alow heat. And that sound that's what you want. Then just a little extra chilli just onthe top, just to say good morning. A few bits of extra coriander and then time toeat it, enough talking done. Here we go. I'm gonna probably justfinish it with a few bits of the old cori'. Go for it. Can Igo? Yeah. I'll plate myself one up. Mmm. Fantastic. Dad's going to break his traditionand have a little bit of the old Guinness. And then just a little swig of port. Peoplemight think that's weird but you know don't knock it till you tried it. How… I can't believeI've just poured a publican the worst… that.

Is quality Essex head. You wouldn't believe hegrew up in a public house would you? I weren't thinking I was just thinking of me kedgeree. Iapologise on behalf of all Guinness pourers in the country that is completely unforgivable.Wipe your nose afterwards. It's gorgeous.


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