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Kenjaku Fooled Everyone Into Giving Him More Power! New Troll Technique – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 241


Jjk chapter 241 titled idiot Survivor move on up brings us to an average University it's a pretty run-of-the-mill looking place takaba is yelling so loudly that his voice is carrying all the way through the building we're flashing back to his college Years and he's mad at his partner for showing up to their meeting late he wasn't up till.

Midnight writing their material he's got no excuse for this taka's partner slouches into the room holding his head and muttering an apology he still smells of booze no wonder he wasn't getting up too early takaba mutters to himself this isn't anything new still he tries to let it go he can't remove his partner's hangover the best thing they can do is.

Just start the rehearsal so what are these guys going with for their hot comedy routine well it's what I'd expect from low-grade University comedians you go to an open mic night and this is what you get still I'm with taka's partner here this is pretty cringey what's he even.

Going for rapping about how he's not a native to Japan and he's a vegetable a vegetarian there's a silence after that his partner's got no idea what he's supposed to do next he hasn't memorize this routine takaba doesn't even look at him keeping his eyes where the audience would be even now he's trying to be a professional partner son wines what can.

He say other than my bad but that is the last draw for takaba he Roars at his friend angry at how weak that apology was partner son doesn't care about what they're doing if he did he'd actually feel guilty he'd say I'm sorry my bad is just an excuse is what you say when you know you're wrong but you aren't actually upset about it partner son's.

Not going to put up with that though instead he turns this around on takaba cursing out his friend and calling him antisocial we are airing out all their dirty laundry today partner son's angry at how takaba deals with their fellow comedians he doesn't he doesn't talk to anyone else in the comedy business doesn't laugh at other people's sets.

Doesn't go drinking with them as far as partner son sees it the only reason they aren't getting harassed by these senior comedy students is because he does that stuff he takes the time to make a good impression to cover for his friend takaba grits his teeth he goes back over what his friend just said turning the words around parner son's claiming he.

Goes out getting drunk every night to help their act partner son agrees that that's about right he doesn't seem to get how angry his friend is takaba clenches his fist ready to throw a punch he goes over his problems one by one they only perform twice a year the materials out of date and partner son just talks about what girl he's spending.

Alone time with or his mysterious business connections he grabs Partners Son by his shirt yelling at him takaba is so Furious he makes an USI Jima the lone shark reference do people just speak with manga references when they're really angry imagine getting mad at your brother and saying you're going to help me unlock my eternal mongio shingon but.

You could argue that it is on point in this case Lui jima's story focused on him collecting people's debts so it's a roundabout way to call partn son's friends scumbags but still it's a weird thing to think when you're getting all worked up anyway yeah tacobot does not care about the business side of Comedy partner son's friends connections how.

They deal with other acts he's only in this to get better at performance and none of the stuff partner son's talking about will make him funny none of it will help them get better material or engage with the audience more it's just the boring backend he's treating this like a job partner tilt his head grinning at takaba he thinks he's.

Figured out what's going on here this is just because Partners son is popular with the ladies huh yeah sure it's weird to have a whole chapter focused on takaba the man most of us know for walking around in half a birthday suit and telling terrible jokes and this guy is somehow less self-aware takaba has had enough he laid partner son out with.

A very well-deserved right hook takaba yells at him that they have to take comedy seriously cussing his partner out again but as he gets up partner gives us a good point one that would stick with takaba for years afterwards doing comedy with you isn't fun at all if we can't laugh at this stuff why would the audience would taka's partner have acted.

This way if their material was actually funny with all of the conflict between them just because takaba sucked at comedy and his partner didn't want to work with him that was when takaba started to question his path it's the first time someone really got under his skin why did he even become a comedian in the first place we then fast forward.

A few years later a young takaba is reading a feedback form from The Comedy Club he's working at this audience member rank takaba Mr comic one out of five they claimed that death would be better than this takaba just staring at this one form the criticisms clearly gotten to him his manager tries to make him feel better no one can make 100% of.

The audience laugh plus he didn't completely hate takaba set no wonder this guy's got issues even his friends can't say you did well young a prot takaba tries to take the compliment but his heart's not in it he's just staring at the form eyes wide he remembers where he is now losing a fight with Kaku trying to remember why he even became a.

Comedian in the first place next on his flashback train is his professional partner the guy he did the Grand Pricks with the most successful part of taka's career so far but it wasn't enough they had failed one time too many for partn on number two he wants to break up their Duo takaba is nervous trying to ins that they should give it one last shot he.

Needs someone else with him a partner for his ACT partner two doesn't bite this isn't the first time they've gone for one last shot they're adults now in their 30s their classmates join corporations have wives and children they've made something of their lives but then there's takaba and partner number two a pair of grown men wearing.

Tutos cat ears and Swan props at this point I don't even know what I'm reading anymore the guy wanted to know how much longer they could keep doing this a question that the swan repeated how much longer indeed takaba is back at his apartment at 3:00 in the morning his alarm ped on an instant Ramen container it's a tiny one room.

Place on the second floor in a rundown area normal boring takaba is not in the duo anymore and is trying to think about what he can even do next there are no more P1 slots for a solo act he's not going to give up just yet though but for now he's just laying there alone in the mess and trash trying to talk himself up into getting any kind of gig solo.

Comedians have less options but he could MC an idol show other comedy fans look down on people who do that but he could make it work right he wants to believe that he has to believe that he asked himself how much longer how much longer until he's told every joke he possibly can he still doesn't have a real answer though why did he.

Become a comedian in the first place he wanted to take comedy seriously right what does that even mean flashback all the way to elementary school this time young takaba was a pretty different kid he didn't find it easy to show his emotions to people it made it hard to make friends with other kids he came off as cold serious takaba was lonely he.

Badly wanted friends but didn't have any everyone was afraid of him so he put all his efforts into trying to tell good jokes to make people laugh that got him started as a comedian he started doing routines in the classroom just out of nowhere and it worked the other kids realized takaba wasn't this hostile unfriendly guy he loved that they.

Laughed at his jokes he made a bunch of friends that way but never anything deeper than that never a true partner for his comedy routines after that it's a bit later and takaba still in his apartment slurping his Ramen and watching another comedy duo on his tiny TV he smiles at the two men on stage clowning around and making fun of each.

Other it's easy to see that takaba envies the bond these comedians seem to have watching acts like this probably inspires him to try and form a comedy duo of his own he dips his head to slurt more noodles but the second the announcer calls up the next Duo takaba pulls his head up mouthful of halfy and ramen he doesn't want to miss a second.

Takaba lives and breathes this Stu look at that collection of DVDs and VHS tapes he is completely devoted to trying to be a comedian takaba wanted people to get to know him better that way they think he's funny and he wouldn't be so lonely the flashback is now breaking up adult takaba the jitu sorcerer is sitting on a school desk his kid self doesn't.

Understand what does taking comedy seriously even mean the point of what they do is to be goofy and show the audience that side of them older takaba doesn't think that showing off his funny side is what's important he wants that sure but that's just a personal desire it's not what the audience came here for kid takaba doesn't get it serious comedy.

Doesn't sound fun why is his older self doing this in the first place takaba falls back to that old old idea he became a comedian because he wanted other people to get to know him better but now he's thinking back to what he said to Kaku I don't care if you think it's funny he lost that desire to make a connection with people he just wanted to.

Succeed to win Ken told him that no one can make 100% of an audience laugh takaba agrees with the basic idea still Ken wasn't trying to wait the one guy that takaba looked up to respected and was key to him continuing with comedy was named Ken as in Kaku is that just another coincidence did Kaku jump bodies in.

Extra time we didn't realize probably not but wow gay couldn't you have called him anything else anyways yeah Ken wasn't trying to make takaba give up on getting that laugh from the whole audience it was just supposed to be a way for him to deal with the negative reviews what you do will never be perfect but takaba took it the wrong way.

Comedy was his way of getting closer to people and showing them who he really was that just made the criticism personal ignoring the critics putting up a Shield between you and them that makes sense it has to have been tempting but it means takaba gave up on trying to connect with people sto trying to be better it became a job for him and when.

He did that he stopped taking comedy seriously he became just like that partner son he hated back in college his material got stale in his mindscape takaba breaks down into tears he let his beloved art suffer all because he didn't want to risk getting hurt again and here to hurt him some more comes kenju that's right were back in reality and the.

Ancient sorcerer is ready to finally end their fight by brutally murdering takaba but before he can Kenny's eyes go wide and he stops takaba is bowing before his attacker head right on the ground a classic japanese Doza or Kao pose reserved for the most extreme supplication K jaku is a by this it took him until his late 20s to reach such a.

Perfect level of DOA all the angles are right every curve is just so then he takes a double take that is not kaku's own thought that's the setup for a comedy routine comedian is officially back online and is even able to mess with his thoughts now all to set up a joke takaba begins wailing that he's sorry not even daring to get up he means.

It too anyone not laughing at his show is a failure on his part he just didn't want to get hurt so he dismissed Kaku as a Critic someone who didn't matter but now he's decided that that's wrong takaba admitted that even if 99 out of 100 people are laughing he still wouldn't be satisfied he didn't care if he was being stubborn he wanted every.

Last person to laugh which is why he planned to make Kaku laugh so hard that he would puke up his guts this was his brand of Comedy damn Shonen PowerUp moment for the funny guy he's here to give comedy 110% and kju is buying it telling takaba to take his best shot the brain Goblin doesn't sound too sincere but there's.

Excited written right on his face he's actually down for this I want to say the fight is not over but is this still a fight is Kaku actually going to let takaba perform comedy it feels like we're going from a fight into a performance that being said it still seems like a long shot that takaba will be able to take kenju down this way.

Shonen manga is used to the power of friendship sure but the power of Comedy even stories with a more generally light-hearted tone like one piece or Dragon Ball wouldn't have a villain give up on their plan because someone made them laugh still if you look back this does sort of fit remember what Kaku was talking about right before his Shinjuku.

Showdown Arc started not everyone has a courage to risk their lives but if someone places them in danger they have no choice but to act with no hope for the present or future they're willing to die at any time I despise people who never know the feeling of approaching their ideals step by step this whole chapter his entire story has been.

Dedicated to trying to become a better comedian even if he stalled he's back in the game now now he hasn't given up that's something kinjaku can respect and Kaku does want some kind of friendship or connection remember how annoyed he was when neori turned down his offer of hanging out it sounds like he was joking around but that look is venomous being.

Turned down bugged him if Kaku really didn't care about people he wouldn't talk so much he talks to tenen even when the old gu is under cured Spirit manipulation not able to properly answer back he'll talk to a corpse if he has to he's that desperate for company so does takaba meet the criteria Kaku laid out for a friend someone who can be his.

Equal someone who won't bore him if he's really interested in comedy not just fronting to better insult takaba he might be down with this even if Kaku doesn't fully turn away from his 10 gen merger plan he might figure out a way to spare takaba it would be one hell of a troll if kinjaku managed to turn jiutu High's gamble into his new comedy.

Partner but even if talking doesn't work there's actually another bit of foreshadowing that could save taka's life this is is going down in the IAT prefecture the narration called this place the lake goo Colony it's a NIC looking rural area near Mount iwat and not far from the regional Capital moroka but this actually isn't the first time.

We've been to this location the first was 236 chapters ago chapter 3 has a brief scene in moroka station that's where nobara had to go to in order to catch a train to Tokyo moroko was the closest city to a tiny home Village noar's Hometown is almost certainly in iwat 2o could it be part of the colony granted.

Iwat is a big place it's the second largest prefecture in Japan it took no bar of 4 hours to reach moroka when she was heading to Jutsu High a part of that is probably due to mous terrain and rough roads but Lake goo is just 25 minutes out from the city way closer and that's by car on foot it's closer to 4 hours so maybe just maybe no bar can.

Make an appearance whatever the case leave us all your thoughts in the comments along with whether or not you believe kenju and takaba can become friends through all this as always I'm slice vaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you