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Kenjaku Laughs and Goes on a Rampage After Watching Sukuna Kill Gojo! – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 239


We open chapter 239 idiot Survivor on a beautiful Lakeside yeah we're moving away from the whole Shinjuku battle for this chapter move aside sakuna because we've got another threat to catch up with we've jumped to a colony in the iwat prefecture right by Lake go show apparently there's a nice own sener here with the colonies being so big the.

Fighters could probably take a break there but nobody's got time for a hot springs episode a lady with fancy hair and a frilled skirt is running down the road she's escaping keeping the fan service as fast as she can too bad the internet is undefeated it's only a matter of time she glances around looking for anyone who might be.

Following her there's no sign of a pursuer but she's not slowing down instead she jumps away from the road taking to the undergrowth this woman princess is flat out sprinting sweating and panting as she keeps fleeing as fast as she can she didn't expect to be chased like this and she's still trying to work out why why is this guy after.

Her because the color game didn't go how he wanted the figure chasing her was too fast to spot only a little tap of boots on the road lets princess know that she is still not safe the sorcer US doesn't turn around still sprinting through the rough Hills and woods near Goo even as the terrain gets harder to run through princess's mind is still focused on.

Trying to figure out why she's being chased it's got to be how the culling game went the rules that were added after things started did help slow down the pace of deps they had to have been player driven but then the military show up likely at the masterminds request and even that wasn't enough now he's getting involved personally finally reaching her.

Limit princess turns around and yells at the man who was following her kenju he gave her a second chance of Life bringing her soul to a cursed object and now he's just ripping that away why what was the point of any of this no answer princess keeps running almost away from the colony now but as she skids through a hole in the brush an adorable curse.

Cloud just falls down around her look at this little cute creature of death it looks like one of those S Spirits from Spirited Away princess tries to put her hands up to block its attack but it's no use the curse just flows around her like it's gas this thing is surprisingly deadly princess struggles for breath reaching for her throat as kaku's curse.

Starts to rip the air out of her lungs looking up she can see him he was chasing her but now there's no need to bother getting up Kaku is just lazing around on the tree letting the curse do it work he admits the princess that he doesn't really care about her life or anyone's life the other sorcerers in this game are just seasoning he'll kill.

Them or let them Live Without Really caring much about it he just does what he has to and for the calling game to end all the participants need to die princess isn't just going to let him kill her though even while she's struggling to breathe the Sorceress focuses curve's energy on her ringlet making it spin faster and faster in a.

Second a supersonic spinning drill of hair is is launched straight at Kaku unfortunately the body stealing villain is too fast leaving the drill to strike the tree before princess could fire a second shot the googly eyed curse solidified whatever is made of it must freeze at an ambient temperature by the time Kaku falls to the Earth princess is.

Stuck on the ground wrestling with the block of material that's surrounding her head Kaku murmurs that even if he doesn't care about the lies of these ancient Sorcerers he still feels like this is kind of wasteful he spent a lot of time setting all this up striking Bargains with all these old souls still he's here now and he needs to end things.

Kinjaku clenches his fist focusing the cursed energy within he just flicks one finger at the block of ice and Princess is enveloped by ring after ring of all consuming Force she's Frozen in that instant clutching her throat overhead a flock of birds cries out the battle's over Kaku looks down frowning he hasn't gotten any enjoy ment from that outcome.

Princess is at his feet surrounded by leaves and other Forest debris and is very dead what was that it Kaku is supposed to be using suguru ghetto curse technique curse Spirit manipulation this attack doesn't fit with that is this some kind of simpler move like black flash or simple domain at a glance it looks like the tiny Uzumaki play he.

Pulled against Yuki sukumo but Uzumaki is supposed to be more of a spiral the whole reason it's called that is a tribute to junji ito's Classic horror manga this is more of a shock wave more focused like vibrations passing through the block now that he's killed her Kaku feels like explaining some of his prep work to princess's corpse it was pretty.

Easy for him to chase her all the calling game Sorcerers were prepared by him that makes it pretty easy for an experienced sorcerer to track them he knows exactly what he's looking for even if he doesn't have that Advantage some of the sorcerers chose to stay within the colonies gjaku wasn't expecting that though he Muses that it makes sense get.

Hunted down in the colony or have to try and deal with a very confused outside world there are no good options especially for the very confused ancient Sorcerers they wouldn't know where to start in modern society another sorcerer calls Kaku out from the Shadows again princess is very very dead Kaku is talking to himself a lot The Stranger.

Wonders if living this long has finally driven the old sorcerer crazy Kaku doesn't get angry at that he can see the funny side of how he's acting he points out that he's running out of friends to talk to and yeah he's gone through everyone willing to talk to him at this point most of his friends are dead mahito and the disaster curses the hassa.

Twins who followed ghetto around even sakuna and Ur are too busy to hang out with him right now is this actually Something That Matters to him since he's almost out of people to talk to K jaku throws had an offer to the guy who's joined him here hiori haen noi how about he becomes kaku's new friend the shirtless Warrior rolls his eyes at that.

But doesn't shoot him down he's her Dumber ideas Kaku taking that reaction at face value starts listing requirements for his friendship if they're going to go through with this Yori can't be boring plus they've got to be equals he can't call someone lesser than him a friend a guy's got to have standards after all but before kinjaku.

Can list anything more Yori stops him he wasn't being serious about paddling around with Kaku the idea of having another long-haired friend annoys him on principle Reggie star really left a bad impression with theori huh I can't blame him that guy was pretty irritating anyway Kaku puffs up his lip and pouts is he actually taking this personally he.

Really wanted to be friends with Yori he calls it a shame that they couldn't make a connection is he just goofing around kaku's got to kill Yori to end the calling game but if this is just a joke he must be in a very playful mood before the two can start fighting though kaku's phone buzzes apologizing to Yori the old sourcer fishes it out out of his robes.

To find a terrible quality scan of Gojo's death damn social media Leaks get out there so quickly these days at least tag your spoilers guys Kaku squins at the image of the battle flicking back through the footage it doesn't take him long to work out how sakuna won the fight expanding his techniques Target once he's worked that out the old.

Sorcerer Chuckles Kaku can appreciate sakuna getting to have a good time with a big battle he's also not too concerned with the threat of zakuna even though he's dead demonstrated such power Kaku is a pretty thorough guy when it comes to planning things out I mean you're definitely a different type of villain if you're willing to become a woman and.

Get pregnant for the sake of an evil scheme sakuna may be powerful but Kaku is a total freak Yori joins in checking the fight footage on his own phone it's surprising to see that another sorcerer from hundreds of years ago has figured out how the internet works Yori is annoyed though if Gojo had won the jiutu high forces would go after k jaku next.

They would have given Yori some actual backup for this fight gen jaku now laying down and enjoying his rewatch tells his not friend to give up on that idea he knows that nobody's nearby to come and help he's got a barrier around both himself and Shinjuku making sure that he'll feel anyone arriving or leaving he's also used ghetto curs.

Spirit manipulation to hide a bunch of surveillance crabs all over the place these many-eyed things give Kaku all sorts of information it's more complex than than just a security camera network instead the surveillance Spirits give him the curse energy aggregate of the area Kaku knows how much curse energy these Sorcerers in Shinjuku have between.

Them so if someone like UTA leaves he'll know immediately because he totals gone down by a massive amount but he can also see whatever those Spirits see that means he can actually track people like Maki who don't have cursed energy or we we who can teleport and thus get around the barrier in theory he should be able to keep track of everyone's location.

There's no chance for jujuu high to surprise him Yori grins at that even though the older sorcerer set all this up Kaku is scared of the other Fighters he wouldn't be so worried about what they're doing if they couldn't challenge him even with ghetto curse technique Kaku is a bit of a coward the old brain monster laughs but doesn't deny it he's.

Only admitted this much because only one gu here with him and he's not going to live long enough to tell anyone about it there's a scuttling sound from the the Shadows of the Woodland they're moving through the trees high above the Battleground Yori turns jumping away as a whole Legion of cursed Spirits emerg from the undergrowth bugs a giant face a.

Shark all snarling at their target ready to rip the guy apart it's like a messed up version of Where the Wild Things Are Kaku hasn't bothered to get up from that log he was lying on Yori is not going to last long enough for any other sorcerer to come save him but Mr suspenders is sure going to try and he's already thrown a bloody tooth into the middle of.

The spirit mob that's all his explosive flesh technique needs to trigger a massive explosion rocks the Woodland consuming a lot of undergrowth in fire the trees Sway With The Force even as the Smoke Clears Yori is already running away trying to gain some distance from the cursed Spirits even as an an eater thing is catching up with him now.

Wanting to give the monster a chance Yori rips his eye out and throws it right into the spirit's mouth the eye beeps even as the spirit gulps it down the curse inflates the explosion ripping it apart from the inside out but it's already too late for aori a flock of disc bird things with sharp beaks getting close circling around the.

Sorcerer there's no time to even react kju finally stood up and walked out to follow aori the fight is already over and he's looking very smug about it I swear these jjk fights are getting faster and faster Kaku had thought through what Spirits he was using he was trying to Target iori's head to shut down the other sorcerer's ability to use.

Reverse curse technique explosive flesh relies on the user being able to regenerate the body parts they throw at people Yori was too quick to make it easy but these bird bug things have hit him all across the neck they've cut off iori's ability to heal the rest of his body one key strike was enough to end the fight eyes twitching the dying Yori.

Had one last question for Kaku what's his endgame with all this what's the point of the in game bringing all the ancient Sorcerers back kju is a little surprised he thought he told them already but hey he doesn't care about these people and he talks all the time even when no one's listening makes sense that he would forget who he's told what.

So Kaku goes over his plan again once everyone's Dead The Binding vow triggers and everyone in Japan gets assimilated into tenen the giant Emoji apocalypse will finally begin Yori doesn't know what he's talking about he snorts tenen a simp IM imation it's a weird crazy thing for someone dying to try and understand kinjaku grins down at his.

Fallen opponent he thinks all this is natural people want to see new things if the dream or weird Theory you imagined is interesting wouldn't you try and make it real to see what it would actually be like that's what living means to Kaku getting to create change and study the results Yori doesn't think all this stuff matters he's got a much simpler.

View of how the world works the ancient sorcerer used uses his last breath to snark at his killer if Kaku is so desperate to find something interesting to look at he might as well stare at his toilet Creations every morning now that is one hell of a final statement and that's it for Yori hen noi his blood drips down from that perforated neck.

Pooling in the undergrowth but before kinjaku can react to those gross last words or start talking to another dead body he's shocked he hears someone else on the nearby Main Road someone's gotten around all his surveillance now now he's the one being hunted the new arrival isn't trying to be stealthy fumihiko takaba has to make a big entrance.

Calling out that he's come from afar to hakodate it's left to a puzzled Kaku to point out that they're actually in iwat that's not even the same island hakodate is in Hokkaido I mean he's kind of close but yeah that kind of killed the whole cool moment kaku's puzzled by all of this one guy from The jiujitsu High group came to fight him solo there's no.

Crows so mayay is not watching him or coordinating this with we Wei how did this random embarrassingly dressed guy even get here and there's no change in the curse energy total is this dude even a sorcerer genju can figure it out but it all makes sense if you know about how takaba jiujitsu works his cursed energy output shifts rapidly so the ambient.

Cursed energy detection wouldn't notice him while leaving Shinjuku but it doesn't really explain how the crab Spirits fail to notice him leaving maybe they just weren't bothering to watch him or he didn't leave if he used his comedian technique to show up right now he didn't even teleport reality was just Rewritten so he was always here that.

Would fit with takaba making this big entrance and not knowing where he is still Kaku doesn't know any of that even with all his spy preparations he's got no clue why jiujitsu High chose his half-dressed comedian to fight him the sheer Randomness has Kaku a little on edge he susp ious that he's missing something here still that won't make him.

Hold back instead he focuses his cursed energy into a quick Uzumaki and blast takaba full force a quick and easy elimination that splinters the road beneath them Kaku isn't interested in playing around with these people if he took his time with this fight it would just give the weird guy time to do something weird and he's pretty sure.

This guy can't have really been that powerful letting modern day civilians become jusu Sorcerers was just a way to get enough players for the culling game only higuma had potential as far as Kaku is concerned but he's in for a shot takaba emerges from the crater kinjaku Uzumaki caused just yelling at him for the attack he's completely unharmed just.

Rolling with the shot and overselling his anger at it kinjaku just gapes at the comedian Kaku the guy who set up the entire shabuya incident the one who sealed Gojo this Mastermind this super prepared guy who always has an answer for every problem just met an opponent that makes no sense one who can shrug off his strongest instakill attack like.

It's nothing fair play takaba this really is pretty funny K jaku still on the back foot tries to work out what just happened in all his centuries of life he just hasn't had this feeling before it's not just that his attack didn't work but some higher power suppressed it forced it not to work this fight is going to be a challenge now out.

Of the crater talk about grim at his opponent there's so many exciting things in the world but one's better than any other the moment when the no-name side character gets to steal the show The Mention Of This immediately made me miss Black Clover even K jaku can't argue with that smiling back at the comedian for once he's going to have to take an.

Opponent pretty seriously takaba really saved his cool entrance bit with hey he stole this whole bit from Sandwich Man he's ripping off a famous comedy duo for his big cool guy moment I guess you could call this a reference but doing their whole routine damn he might be in need of some new material and that's not entirely a joke taka's comedian.

Technique needs him to keep finding his comedy funny that'll give him a lot of options in a fight but if it goes on for too long his bit will get repetitive and once he knows he's not being funny he's done having a ton of material is pretty crucial for him to keep a fight going still takaba has a shot here he's already managed to shrug off Uzumaki he.

May actually be the best possible person to fight kinjaku the ancient brain thing always relies on his plans and preparations Cur spe manipulation gives him all these different tools for a fight that's how he beat Yori so easily he had those beak things ready to go he just needs to find the right Spirit to take advantage of his POS weakness now.

Though he's facing an opponent where all that stuff goes out the window you can't exactly logic your way out of Comedy even overwhelming force can be shut down like it's nothing what can gjaku even do here he can't even use comedy to understand what takaba is going to do next the guy is a terrible comedian nobody knows where he's going with his.

Jokes kaku's basically got two options once he works out how comedian Works he can try and Heckle the guy and poke holes in his jokes to make him stop finding them funny that's the logical approach but that's tough takaba is used to people not finding him funny the better plan could be trying to outdo him turn this whole fight into slapstick.

Comedy if Kaku can be funnier than his opponent that might be enough to make takaba doubt his comedic skill whatever the case this fight is going to be wild we could seriously see JJ K's main villain die fighting a half naked failed comedian leaving sakuna to be the final boss now that would be one hell of a Twist leave us your thoughts on all this.

In the comments especially if you're upset that we don't get to see Yugi's new power against zakuna yet as always I'm s Baku thank you all so much for watching and of an awesome day I love you