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Killua’s New Story Breaking Nen! Chaotic God of Lightning Killua Zoldyck EXPLAINED – Hunter x Hunter


Kilowazoldik of the infamous family of Assassins is currently the most likely to hunter character in the entire series at least according to popularity polls the show has been on Hiatus for over four years but the 148 aired episodes we have are nothing short of intriguing and action-packed recently the manga is finally returned from Hiatus and it is.

Set to start running its usual weekly releases we the fans can only hope that the anime follows suits so that we can get to see more of The Adventures of kilua and his best friend gone in this video we will be talking about killer whistle power and potential we will be learning about his life so far from the hunter examination to his near-death.

Revival and his current abilities and strength we will also take a deep dive into what the future holds for him such as the things that might take place later on in his life and the potential abilities that he is likely to master Kila was life so far kilowatt is a child of Silva zolnik and he is poised to become the heir of the family in.

Responsibility he keeps running away from so far he has been gone's best friend since he Huntsville selection exams and has established his role as a series deuteragonist being the middle child kilowa has shown great promise and is on Pace to be the greatest assassin the family has produced so far this is the reason why he has been selected to.

Become the heir of the zoldig family during his early childhood he was subjected to rigorous training from the tender age of three he was put on a very dangerous training regimen that even involved him trailing others this put his life at risk constantly he also experienced many forms of Parental irresponsibility in his childhood like.

When his father once forced him to battle in the dangerous Martial Arts Tournament Heaven's Arena at the age of six what's surprising is that he was instructed not to return home until he completed the mission and it took him about two years to finally reach the 200th floor of the Arena even before meeting gone kilua had always yearned.

For friendship as he once tried to be friendly then newly hired Steward Canary but she eventually turned him down due to the difference in their status he was also prone to avoidance of opponents he proceeds to be challenging or stronger as his family had a Lumi implant a special needle into his head which starts to remodel his character to fear.

This was also done to prevent him from freeing his gifted younger sibling aluka now despite being an assassin kilua is not all that cold-hearted even though he has killed hundreds of people throughout his lifetime at some point he eventually grew tired of killing people and rebelled against his family while escaping his family to take the hunter.

Exam he injured his mother and elder brother these were some of the events that led him to partake in the hunter exam where he met gon krapika and Leorio even though he participated in the examinations for fun his meeting of these three would shape the future of the hunter world into what it is today as a hunter albeit becoming one on a.

Second attempt he has all the benefits that come with the title he also has enormous wealth within his reach as a member of the zoldig family however he can only access these funds with the permission of his father and grandfather and to access plenty more Hunter Hunter content make sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to never.

Miss an upload and smash that like button for some plot armor today kilo was current available these kiloa is a highly skilled individual who holds two highly coveted statuses in his world Hunter and assassin during his first Hunter examination he was the fourth strongest participant after he disguised illumi hisoka and Hanzo kilua is known.

For being violent and he does not hesitate to kill however this tendency subsided after he became friends with gone his net abilities are remarkable and he rarely uses weapons in battle except for his yo-yos during this election he proved that using fighter jets and tanks would be futile against him in another instance he was shown to.

Easily overpower a military unit composed of at least four tanks due to his intense training kilowatt is immune to poison and possesses a high tolerance of electricity he also gained more agility and hand strength he is quite skilled in armed and hand-tan combat and also possesses superb stealth techniques he acquired all of these during his.

Early childhood among his acquired abilities are a high intellect and outstanding analytical skills this AIDS him in defeating opponents that way more powerful and experience than he is his stealth makes him able to walk without making a sound and allows him to sleep with a larger part of his brain still being awake with this he can sense.

Weaker Hunters who try to harm him while sleeping also his versatility with men allows him to easily blend in with nature and discover several new species of animals within his surroundings however even with all these Powers he possesses he still has one major weakness and that is his inferiority complex this condition causes him to.

Suffer from extreme fear and it makes him cower from threat posing opponents as a result of this he occasionally loses the will to fight enemies that he may be even stronger than the development of kiloa's inferiority complex was majorly the doing of his elder brother illumi who then plans to a nen imbued needle into his brain he.

Gained freedom from his brother's control after finally removing the needle this made him attain full control of his mental capabilities and also increases overall performance and speed in battle kilowatt has been shown to naturally perceive Aura he is very perceptive and is capable of predicting a person's approximate power either by.

Detecting their aura or gaze this was shown when he first detected hisoka's subtle bloodlust Kilauea has also made gon realize how he Stacks up against Fighters like hisoka and Hanzo in terms of strength he could also perceive the strength of the Phantom troop members Machi and Nobunaga when he told gone that they were both out of their leads.

His prediction that more powerful opponents are better at concealing their true strength also turned out to be true and this made him underestimate his opponents on some occasions currently kilua has become more a death at perceiving the strength of his adversaries he has been able to do this by constantly honing his net abilities.

For instance he could gaiji overming strength of netro whom he once downplayed despite the fact that some targets can hide their Aura kilua is usually still capable of sensing it besides natural perception kilua also possesses enhanced strength on several occasions he has been shown to open the 16-ton gate of the zodika stage with.

Minimal effort to put things into perspective 16 tons is equivalent to 16 kilograms that's more than twice as much as the heaviest elephants and he did this before learning then with this strength he can lift objects that are several times his weight and he can rip off people's heads with a single strike just as he did with the Chimera and.

Ramot in terms of speed killua also ranks as one of the best in the series during the hunter examinations he ripped out a prisoner's heart without a single drop of blood gushing out of the victim and he did it so fast that the prisoner only noticed when he saw his own heart and kill his hands during his training with biscuit he was able to run 70.

Kilometers in just three hours also he was so fast that he knocked out 1488 applicants in under 48 minutes during the hunter examinations the victims could only catch a glimpse of his shadow after removing the needle that illumi implanted into his brain he became even faster and could be had a chimera ant from a long distance before.

The latter could even react perhaps more impressive is he fat that he can dodge a bullet moving at high speeds even if it is inspired within 57 centimeters of his body his net ability Falls within the transmuter class with this he's efficient in changing the properties and shape of his Aura and it was once stated that his talent is so amazing that it.

Could only be found in one in every 10 million people so we're talking about conquerors hockey levels of rare just like other characters in the series he is also able to use two other classes of men which are enhancement and conjuration he also has Mastery of the four basic nen techniques and at least five of the advanced ones he can perform.

10 effortlessly and also without instructions he easily learned Gil and ren in one night and he could skillfully perform zetsu without any guidance despite how difficult Ren is he's capable of maintaining it for three hours straight without any difficulty and 10 at all times Co is another knee technique that he can easily perform he.

Used this technique to knock gone out when he was about to attack nefer Pito for injuring height generally noon can release a larger amount of Aura while kilo is more at depth at controlling and manipulating his despite his inexperience kilowatt can accurately determine the amount of men to deploy as well as the area where he should deploy.

It and he relies solely on his instinctive knowledge to do this a testament to his bewildering potential due to the number of electrical shocks torture and punishment that he received as training during his childhood killua can now manipulate the properties of Azora to make it similar to electricity he can utilize his power as an offensive.

Technique against his opponents by electrocuting them through physical contact or from a distance with the use of his 50 kilogram yo-yos alternatively he can throw electricity in the form of a lightning strike but despite sounding impressive most end users receive no damage from the electricity but are left hurt and paralyzed for some time Killa.

Was most powerful and then skills are made up of two abilities collectively known as godspeed both of these allow him to utilize his electric Aura to greatly improve his speed by means of transcending his physical potential one of the abilities Whirlwind makes him perform automatic movement while the other lightning allows them to retain.

Control of his body regardless of what he chooses to adopt he's capable of regulating the release of electricity outside of his body this makes his allies feel only a mild tingling sensation upon touching him whereas his enemies we painfully electrocuted after receiving one of his blows sometimes it can be so severe that his opponents may.

Suffer series debilitating Burns if they don't protect themselves regardless of which ability he chooses to employ he can use both to carry displace or protect people from enemy attacks due to his inherent electricity resistance from childhood kilowatt is able to charge himself by passing electric current through his body he can do this by.

Tasing himself and grabbing onto a plug he however admitted that his electricity isn't really potent and that he can easily run out of it but now let's take a look at some of this transmutational type abilities lightning Palm is one of his earliest techniques and the first one that he gave a name to the ability is very basic and he can use it to.

Electrocute his opponents by merely touching them after which he takes a few steps back he used the ability against sub but it only hurt and stunned him for a few seconds another ability of his sleeve is the Thunderbolt with this he jumps and releases a bolt of lightning from his fingers in mid-air the lightning attack then spreads over the.

Surface of the ground and hurts whoever it comes into contact with paralyzing them with disability he can stun his targets for enough time to allow his allies to land an attack and again Whirlwind makes it possible for him to react to attacks before the signal gets to his brain this means that kills muscles and nerves are able to interpret.

And attack on their own without the help of his brain as is the case in the modus operandi of the nervous system his Aura can also be programmed in such a way that it can respond to several different stimuli such as physical contact the malevolent intent of his enemies Aura and someone stepping inside his predetermined perimeter this leads to an.

Incredible boost in his reaction time as well as his offensive and defensive capabilities for instance whenever an enemy launches an attack that killer has predefined he will be able to land his attack before they can that can be attributed to his reaction and moving speeds being greatly enhanced the true extent of this ability was seen.

In his fight against meant to yupi the second application of his godspeed ability speed of lightning allows him to retain conscious control of his movements it greatly increases his running and jumping speeds this enables him to cover long distances in a very short period of time it was estimated that it would take kilo of 10 minutes to.

Cover a distance of 40 kilometers using this ability this is so fast that it would take a car twice as long to cover the same distance the downside of this ability however is that if you carry someone the person will suffer mod electrical shocks as long as they're in contact with him kilauea's potential abilities and future looking into.

Killua's future Journey there are two paths that he is most likely to follow path a going on a journey with his friends for one he may decide to permanently stick with gun and travel with him since his little sibling aluka is currently with him he may also have the latter accompany them on their Journey if he decides to follow this.

Path then he would embark on a journey with God one to help them find their Hunter specialist field by this I mean they would specialize in a particular Hunter type Just Like algon's Father Jing is a double star archaeological Hunter along this journey I'll look at me serve as a form of protection for the both of them because nanika seems to be.

The strongest individual in the entire series at this moment they are so strong that the whole zole the Family Feud aluka and had them locked up for many years in the basement of their estate since aluka's abilities allow nanika to Grant anyone's wishes they could also use it to their advantage it may be used as a means of scaling any obstacles they.

May face down this path kilua may also be less bloodlusted and drift away from his evil assassin Persona furthermore they may decide to reconnect with their longtime friends karapika and Leorio and embark on the adventure with the latter joining them and finding their Hunter type together krapika has in essence partially fulfilled his longtime desire.

And reason for joining the hunter Association to destroy these Phantom troop and retrieve the Scarlet eyes of his extinct Clan although he has been able to retrieve the eyes he still still hasn't totally achieved the former as UVO Jin is the only member of the Phantom Troop that he has eliminated with garapika on the journey with them.

He may be of help by offering protection against the dreaded Phantom troop he is a specialist and his techniques are geared only towards eliminating any one of the members they come across currently karapika is a contract Hunter hence he is the only one amongst them who has a specialist field while he may not be as strong as some extremely.

Powerful characters he does have the potential to be stronger than every single member of these Fighter Group Leorio on the other hand may not be of much help in combat The Only Exception is that his skills as a doctor may come in handy in a situation where a team member is sick and in need of medical help with this it is possible that.

Leorio may decide to become a disease Hunter during the journey kilowatt for one is most likely to become a blacklist Hunter this is because he is a very prolific assassin who has trained and learned a lot of assassination techniques from a tender age this would definitely be a good journey down the line but just how realistic it may be.

Will be left for us to see with how things unfold the series as it comes off Hiatus path B become the head of the zoldik family another interesting path that kilua may take is becoming the head of the feared and Wealthy zoldig family even though he isn't currently its strongest member he has been noted as the most talented and the one with the.

Most potential so there is a huge chance that since he has been touted as her Heir for a while now he finally gets to become the head of the family being the leader of his family may be his Destiny however he is currently south of them all along with the killings and atrocities they commit this is the reason he keeps running away from home.

He eventually decides to pick up the mantle and heed his family's call he would have to cut ties are gone and head back to his home to claim his rightful place on the metaphorical Throne being the head of his family of Assassins may see him bring many reforms to the way they operate he may work towards suppressing their bloodlust and.

Assassination Tendencies or he could even take a more drastic measure changing their Collective career path from assassination into something more positive or productive this route is unlikely to work because his elder brother Lumi will be very strongly opposed to this but it is also possible that kilua may ask his younger sibling.

Aluka to get rid of illumi he had once used alaka to attack alumi and there's technically nothing preventing him from doing it again anyways this path isn't likely to take place anytime soon because he still isn't as strong as his Elder Brothers Lumi and miluki neither is he as powerful as his father and grandfather Silva and Xena kilua May.

Someday leave go inside for even longer and following this path may be just the reason for that he may do it out of his need to obey his Call of Duty to become the head of his family or maybe we're going to see a major falling out between them visazi packs he may follow he is a strong and talented individual and it is only natural that he would keep getting.

Stronger and gain more abilities as the story progresses so we can expect kilo to undergo serious training with gone and gain the ability to produce vast amounts of Aura just like his friend with this he would be able to perform a technique like rock paper scissors imbue with his lightning such an acquired ability could prove to be a major Boon.

In the power Department New abilities kilogue could also Master a lot of techniques affiliated with the zoldig family for instance illumi's shape-shifting technique could be within his reach pretty soon this technique lets someone mimic the appearance of another person using specialized needles this was seen during the hunter.

Examinations when Lumi pose as dietaraku throughout the duration of the exam he could maintain this form for several days or weeks with the help of his specialized needles without the use of those he can only mimic someone else for a short period of time this was seen when he shape-shifted into Ahsoka and pretended to beat him at the Phantom.

Troops Hideout since this technique is practiced by his elder brother Hill will may very well be able to learn and master it furthermore he could also request his younger sibling aluka to Grant Him special abilities during dire situations alika's ability is so great that Nautica can virtually Grant any which asked of them they even use his.

Ability to revive going from near death during the Camaro antar Don wants to unleash all of his Aura and gain an insurmountable amount of power his power was so great that nephropito deemed him as a threat to meruette who happened to be the strongest character in the entire Hunter Universe at the time this came with a drawback however and that is the.

Fact that he drank owns life force and would inevitably cause him to die even the best medical facilities in the world couldn't stay gone and it was certain beyond all doubt that he would die aluka however was able to heal him with almost no effort at kilwa's request in essence aluka could become his next weapon early sorta nanika would be able to save them.

From any situation or help him win any battle just by a simple wish it is also possible that kilo will gain other than types such as that of a specialist through wishes too but maybe infinite use dragon balls are a bit too much here but regardless let us know how hyped you are for the return of Hunter Hunter and what do you expect to see in the coming.

Weeks from the manga along with your thoughts on the future of kilua as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you