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King Shows Saitama The Results of His Training! King’s Power Explained – One Punch Man Chapter 192


The cover page of one punch Man chapter 192 titled level up is absolutely insane we've got saitama benching two trans-dimensional portals he is casually lifting holes in space and time it's been a while since we've seen blast but hopefully this disrespect means that it won't be long before he returns picking back up where the last chapter left off.

King desperately wanted Master bang to make him stronger Fang considered the words of the World's Strongest Man as the King Engine continued to rumble he mused over the concept before going any further bang firstly wanted to know why King desired even greater strength after all he has already achieved incomparable Power King trembled as he tried to.

Correct the old Master but unfortunately bang had heard enough thinking back on his own life bang admitted that he too was Untouchable in his youth back then he was totally out of control if anyone even looked strong he would immediately challenge them to a fight he was drowning in martial arts Talent among other things he used his hour purely for.

The sake of enjoying himself his brother bomb had to Humble him in a fight and from there he reevaluated his entire life and strength and when change in his life became necessary he also struggled to decide how exactly he should use his power he even claimed to know exactly what king was really trying to say since he had the very same thought as a young.

Man he entertained the thought of becoming so overwhelmingly powerful that he could negate all evil in the world the old man claimed that this was simply impossible Garo was just the same in his thinking and it resulted in total failure bang was certain that no matter how strong one may be a single pillar cannot uphold Peace by its Lonesome I.

Think this whole conversation is really interesting when you imagine he's saying all this to saitama instead saitama is actually as ridiculously powerful as everyone believes King to be and is responsible for the majority of his supposed beats but if everyone in the world depended on saitama alone they would be making a huge mistake it was.

Banned belief that these days with monsters attacking Ordinary People so frequently this sort of thinking needed to be shifted that instead of trying to find ways to empower their already strong selves even more it was more important that they further developed their ability to lead the way for those weaker than them which was precisely.

What bang has dedicated his life to for all these years in the form of a dojo having said this bang wondered if king would like to join him in empowering and teaching others but before he could finish King interrupted and said that bang just doesn't understand with grief written on his face King let him know that he wasn't talking about anything on.

Such a grand scale his problem was far more simple he is weak and he wants to become stronger that's it with his hand over his chest Cain told the truth that he is nowhere close to being as strong of a man as everyone believes him to be with nothing holding him back King revealed that in reality it's all just a big lie he claimed to be a total.

Weakling chironko and some of the other disciples were totally shocked they couldn't believe what they were hearing taranco clearly being quite the fan immediately began to question him he asked King if the story about him flying into the sky with a massive bomb that could have destroyed the entire solar system and throwing it into a massive.

Black hole was true this is kind of like how saitama fagaro on one of Jupiter's moons and farted from there to Earth or the one where King went back in time and stopped a swarm of meteors from colliding with the planet therefore placing them on the current timeline this one is like a combined exaggeration of saitama destroying that meteor and.

When he traveled through time to stalgaro which is crazy enough without the extra Flair or that most mythologies foreshadowed his birth yeah a Crossing majority of faiths King is seen as the Messiah of his world King agreed but none of the lies were really on that kind of scale before charanco couldn't believe it he immediately turned to his.

Fellow disciples and they began to wonder how much of the king Legend was true he wondered if King had really used the moon as a punching bag leaving more craters on it so the public has rash lined saitama's damage to the moon during his fight against boros to be a result of King's training bang told his disciple to stop at once turning to King.

Beng recognized that there are many fans like taranco who seeking as much more of a perfect superhuman than he actually is but even then he didn't want King to feel too pressured to live up to such high expectations he totally respected King's wrong sense of responsibility and believed there was something worth being proud of however he didn't see a need.

For the man to carry all that weight on his own after all he had plenty of comrades to help him namely the hero Association placing a hand on King's shoulder bang 70 was actually relieved to hear King speak of his own weakness that the stronger a person is the more acutely aware they are of their own weaknesses and as long as King was able.

To remember that bang was sure that there would be no limit to how strong he'd be able to become king was in a panic now stumbling over his words King again tries to tell bang that what he was referring to wasn't even in the same Dimension which brings us to Bang's elder brother bomb he had already heard everything from his sibling he knew.

Beforehand that King was in search of power in a whole different dimension as he stood atop a stack of massive Boulders bomb wasn't really sure what bang was thinking by sending King to him mom believed that even if King trained under him for a lifetime he still wouldn't achieve the power he's hoping to King looked totally defeated but bomb.

Continued by explaining the difference between his technique and that of bangs water stream Rock smashing fist the old Master left up into the air he shifted his body towards the stack then he shoved his arm forward with tremendous force with this rupturing power he is able to sculpt a more refined pillar managing to now balance on the structure.

Bomb spoke of his Whirlwind iron-cutting fist it can instantly kill anyone besides the absolute strongest of opponents as long as he makes the first move but looking down towards the hero of Legend bomb didn't imagine king would be interested in any sort of cheap tactics which is one hell of a way to talk about your own move with a crazed.

Look on his face King said no but seemed like you wanted to say something else bomb looked at him and and smiled pulling out a brush and a piece of paper he urged King to calm down he wasn't frightened by the hero and claimed that he was too old for King to provoke him into making the first move so if bomb was younger a fight might actually be on.

Site instead he was just going to write King a letter of introduction now let me just say bomb is one of the most powerful beings in all of one punch man and I never see anyone give him his credit I could make a whole video about the guy because really he is easily top five all time but nobody wants to watch that so I guess not unless we get 5 000.

Likes in this video please I really want to make that video mom wanted King to visit some people so that he could participate in some traditional Ki gong exercise Ki gong is an ancient mind-body practice that dates back thousands of years it means skill cultivated through steady practice bomb hoped that this might be able to calm down King's.

Overwhelming bloodlust event King did as he was told and went to the dojo but they didn't believe that they would be able to teach him a single thing their leader was sweating and claimed to be all too well aware of King style Ki gong Arts what he described to be an absolutely terrifying practice he apologized but there was no way they.

Would be able to help him develop a new Ultimate technique for it so without even throwing a single punch this man King has an entire martial art style modeled after him the world of one punch man is a ridiculous one but these characters are totally serious we know that the ultimate height of martial arts in this world is multi-continent level.

So if taken seriously enough even a king-style Ki gong martial artist could be a serious threat by virtue of Simply existing King has become a sub-facet of the power system instead this guy decides to refer King to another group that was far more combat Centric than they were he knew that the group was a bit hot-headed and dangerous but was.

Sure king would be more than able to handle it but when King made it to their place which had a boxing ring lined with barbed wire ropes they couldn't believe that the Ki gong Dojo had sent him Whispering among themselves they wondered if King had been sent there to crush them one of the guys had heard that King played a part in taking down.

The human monster Garo another looked like he was ready to ruin his own bands they admitted to being a bit problematic in the past but claimed to have turned over a new Leaf since the human monster trashed their Dojo They begged King not to go on a rampage and promised to introduce him to another place and this went on for the entire day some believe.

That King was there to crush their Dojo so they rushed to give him their sign one guy refused to train him because compared to the Battles King has faced it would be like doing calisthenics for him rumors began to swirl about King visiting dojos and gyms all over students were warned by their masters not to even attempt to fight King lest.

They be utterly annihilated the general suspicion Lucy King's visits may be related to how the hero Association was sending recruitment Scouts all over the place it made the organization seem especially desperate or pressured some wondered if it might be a secret plan to destabilize your enemies and Neo Heroes by showing them how out of their league.

They really are my boy even got turned away by the military they can't just have a weapon of mass destruction working out with them King was at his Wit's End nobody would listen to a thing he was trying to say so he wasn't accepted anywhere he wondered just how exaggerated the false image of him has gotten to be King's journey in search of.

Power had now brought him to the mountains as he made the Trek of many stairs King thought to himself how he had been passed around to so many places that it was already Sundown his travels had finally brought him to a cavern deep in the mountains standing before the huge opening King wondered if anyone was actually out here a student approached.

Grand Master mekasuyo of the rapid truth rigid fist he wondered if mekasuyo truly referred King to the legendary final training ground the Grand Master to confirm this as he imagined it was the only place for a man like King apparently it's the place where all those who seek to train beyond their limits end up going he believed that in.

Order to reach Enlightenment a person must face their true self and because of this King himself was the only one who would ever be able to tame the Savage Roar of the King Engine and he was really scared so he sent King as far away as he possibly could King hesitantly approached the entrance while calling out to see if anyone was.

Actually inside once he was in there King saw someone just beyond the light King mentioned that he'd been sent by the rapid truth rigid fist dojo and wondered if the person had a moment to talk but that's when King saw the decrepit state of the man before him his eyes widened King actually fell over with surprise and believed that he was.

Looking at a mummy and he was pretty sure that he had seen this before in an anime King believed that this was a type of training where he would be forced to think about his past and future and all kinds of things until until he reaches the perfect answer this wasn't what he signed up for at all so King rushed out of the cave as quickly as he could the.

Figure inside remained motionless but then he woke up apparently he had dozed off so it wasn't like he saw King at all as he ran down the stairs King suddenly caught a glimpse of a mysterious creature moving through the nearby plans and based on the silhouette we know that this is Monaco but just as quickly as she was seen she fled the scene flashy.

Flash is trying to find her right now so it's possible that he might wind up in this area as well King wondered if what he saw might have been a bear after that close call he decided to finally call it quits and run back home and once he was there King recounted the entire ordeal while playing video games after telling all of this to saitama Kings side deeply.

On account of all the wasted effort saitama was terribly frustrated he finally pulled off the super ultimate combo attack and King just keeps blocking every hit the fact that King was dominating him so easily while sighing just pissed him off even more King wasn't strong at all yet every time the world is in danger which was pretty.

Frequently now the lies about him grow even stronger King wondered what he should do now thinking about it King felt like he might have no choice but to get himself killed by a monster before anyone finds out and they beat him to a pulp King saw his life as being like a video game and it was finally game over he didn't have any options left from.

There he just began to sob and Shake which really pissed saitama off then saitama told King to just lift dude and just like that as if he wasn't already saitama just entered every gym head's top 5 anime characters but before they could keep talking the doorbell rang taitama wondered if it might be genos king wondered if Jenna still lived close.

By even after moving out saitama responded that genus was in the room next door so yeah he was pretty close he moved in after kicking out the other hero that used to live there which we saw recently he really did not give Forte much of a choice besides how I mentioned how far Janos was willing to go even though the only thing he could.

Really teach him was muscle training Janos was totally serious about becoming stronger taitama opened the door but it wasn't genos fabuki had appeared once again to try and get saitama to join the blizzard group she began to promise high quality beef as an enrollment perk besaitama closed the door before she could finish clearly saitama putting her.

In the acquaintance Zone wasn't enough this poor greeting made fabuki really mad saitama didn't want anything she was trying to sell opening the door again taitama was disappointed to hear that fabuki was still looking for new members he told her that she needs to stop relying on others and do some lifting herself she told him not to get the.

Wrong idea since she had no plans of relying on him she claimed that him joining would become a good stimulus that's all because from now on instead of remaining in b-class the blizzard group will be changing the direction so that all all of their members aim to be promoted to a class and in theory a well-rounded and highly compatible group.

Of A-Class Heroes might be able to measure up to a single S-Class hero just then many Rovers stole the premium beat fabuki was totally shocked by the dog she immediately tried to pull the dog away from the meat with the use of her esper abilities but it was no use but now that she was closer fabuki wondered if she might have seen this dog.

Somewhere before which she totally has he nearly disintegrated her and the Masters of martial arts and back then she also offered them the same sort of premium meat deal saitama thanked her for giving Roper a treat realizing that this was saitama's dog she told him to make it stop but it was too late Rover had already eaten the whole thing Rover.

Was now really happy and wagging his tail but fabuki shouted at him to stop looking at her like he was getting seconds fabuki was infuriated and promised that they would return saitama didn't mind as long as they brought more treats with them but even as they drove away Rover chased after them they tried to shake him off by going 100 miles per.

Hour but couldn't when they finally made it back to their office an urgent alert went out there was a monster for them to beat so they moved out immediately unfortunately the oversized flower monster was too strong for them to handle then out of nowhere Rover shot one blast of the monster and it was destroyed completely the blizzard group.

Looked on in total awe eyelashes told fabuki that Rover will only eat high quality beef fabuki immediately ordered them to get more and just like that Rover joined the blizzard group So currently the blizzard group has the absolute strongest pet dog in the world and if they keep feeding him so well it'll only be a matter of time before.

He's huge again hopefully this doesn't lead to Too Much Reliance fabuki realizing her true expert potential while also having a totally tamed and fully grown Rover would be insane this was a really fun chapter of one punch man so hope you guys enjoyed it as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome.

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