(knife chopping) (upbeat music) – Hi, everybody. I'm kind of shiny todaybecause it's the end of the year. I like to be in a festive mood. Today, let's make somethingspecial, shabu-shabu. It's a Japanese name. Shabu-shabumeans swish, swish. This is sliced, very thinly sliced beef,.

Pork, or even seafood. You can just boil it indelicious boiling broth, and then like kind of swish, swish, and then cooking, just a few seconds, because it's thin, so thatit's cooked so quickly. When I tasted this for thefirst time when I was in Korea, I couldn't believe it,it was so delicious. When I tasted it, I knew I could make it so easily. I've made shabu-shabu for a long time.

Today I'm going to usebeef, beef thinly sliced, like a kind of a shaved beef. Lot of other Asiancountries have hot pot, their own hot pot,Mongolia, China, Thailand, not only Korea, not onlyJapan, other cultures. Let's make shabu-shabu. Okay. First you need a lot of, agenerous amount of stock. So this stock I use is anchovy kelp stock.

If you are vegetarian, forget about the beef or any seafood. Just make a vegetable stock. I have a recipe, and you guyscan use all kinds of tofu or fried tofu and vegetables and mushroom. You guys can createvegetarian shabu-shabu, but I kind of, this is my favorite. I use beef. I like to just…

Come on. I'll show you. And I use lots of radish,and then really tasty. And this is the large green onion. And here's dried kelp and anchovies. This is a shabu-shabu pot. I bought this maybe 12 years ago. Eight cups. (water pouring) I'm going to put this in more.

Look at this beautiful color. I'm going to, this one, just add later. One teaspoon, kosher salt And stir this. Okay. Next, I will just take care of sauce. I will show you two kinds of sauce, peanut-butter-based sauce, and then this is Korean doenjang,.

Fermented soybean paste. Peanut-butter-based sauce first. Quarter cup peanut butter,quarter cup doenjang. So peanut butter, Iwill add two tablespoon. This is stock. And this is garlic. I minced just before. And then one teaspoon. Fish sauce, two teaspoons.

And I use one lemon. And honey, one tablespoon. So the amount of honey, you can taste. If we want to add more, add more. The peanut-butter-based sauce. And doenjang. Garlic, around one teaspoon. Two tablespoons vinegar. So doenjang is very salty,.

So I'm going to add twotablespoons, the honey. Toasted sesame seeds,about one tablespoon. And…(seeds grinding) This sauce is going to be very nutty because of toasted sesame seeds. Wow. Nutty smell. Look at that. Two kinds of sauce. It's done. So I will just use some vegetables.

Bok choy and red bellpepper, I sliced this, and also, white mushrooms. This is dae-pa, large green onion. So I'm going to add this. I never leave it outwhen I make shabu-shabu. Let's slice all. This is napa cabbage. When you make kimchi, I use this, but I always use this in my hot pot,.

And I wanted to show youthis one, how to handle this. So just, I usually cut in half, just like when I make kimchi. You see? Cut this. And I need this amount. The yellow part, I'musing in this shabu-shabu. Okay. So this one, I'll make kimchi later.

I have another, two morecabbages, so I'll make kimchi. Let's wash. (water running) If it's too long, you can cut off. (water running) We prepared this together with you guys. You just watched me do it, right? So that means that we did it together. And this is beef.

Beef for shabu-shabu. When you go to Korean market,big market, especially, they sell this. This is more than one pound. It's like shaved, so thin, thinly shaved. And also, I'd like toshow you the seafood. If you are seafood lover,”Oh, I don't want beef, “I want seafood,” of course, you can do, or just, “I want both,” andyou can do, just like me.

I prepared three kinds. This shrimp is already cooked shrimp and all removed intestine. Sliced squid, insideall after removing guts, and then I sliced andalso peeled the skin. And this is scallop,sea scallop, all washed. After all this eating, dipping and eating, and then after that, thisbroth is a little small, and then we usually add some rice,.

Rice and then boil togetherand make kind of a porridge, and then we eat as a finish. That's our finale. Also, we use the noodles. I bought this from Koreangrocery store yesterday. Freshly made wheat noodles. So it's kind of thin. It's thicker than jjajangmyeonnoodles, black bean noodles. But this is thin noodles. I like that.

And I just uncoil this. And here we go. (upbeat music) Think about. This is a table. All you guys's families gettogether and sitting like this. You have more people,and you've got a big pot and cooking on the table directly, double dipping and usingyour chopsticks one time and eating, eating.

Kind of, even myself,I don't like that idea. So this is, we need this kind of thing. This is like a kind of a basket. First, you gotta usetongs, tongs or chopsticks, and then cook. And then, just fishing out,and then eat with sauce. I have some story about this. When I lived in Toronto, Canada, we had a big party in my friend's house.

We went there more than 12 people, and she made a huge pot and boiling stock, and then also, you know,some other appetizers. She gave this one to everybody. So everybody, you have yours. And this is kind of a good method. I saw for the first time. So I asked, “Where did you get this?” She said, “Chinatown.”.

Oh, I'd like to have this. Someday when I go toChinatown, I should buy it. I should look around. A couple of days later, she just gave it to me, just as a gift. I was so excited, and also,I was really thankful. Whenever I see this, it justreminds me of my friend's face. And also, this small, smallone, and only two people eating, maybe this is better,.

But big pot and filled with stock, and then probably long handle is better. Some vegetables, too. I love these vegetables. It's bok choy, red bellpepper, and green onion. Peanut butter sauce. And this is doenjang,Korean soybean paste sauce. Both of these sauce tastesweet and sour, and salty. So I'm going to…

Oh, smells good. Okay. This is beef. Swish, swish. Shabu-shabu. See? And… So let's have some. Peanut butter sauce. Mm. Mm.

Mm. This is doenjang sauce. Mm. Yum yum yum. I'm so busy. Shrimp and scallop and squid. Shrimp was already cooked. Shrimp. Just five seconds cooking.

Where is my scallop? Okay. Here. Mm. Sometimes, you need to control this heat. Turn down the heat to low,so that you can cook slower, and you can talk andeating, drinking together. When the stock is low, you can add some more extra stock here, so you guys can, after eating all this,.

And then cook the noodles or rice. Cook the rice, a bowl ofrice, and then boil together, and then one egg, just mix it together. That's kind of a rice porridge. You guys can make it. Or if you want, just soaked rice. Rice, 30 minutes atleast, you need to soak, and then soaked rice, addhere, around half cup. And then cook.

It'll turn into a nice porridge. I'm going to make noodle soup, so I brought the noodles. When you add noodles to boiling stock, the stock should be really rolling boil. And just one egg. Just stir this. Mm. So good. This broth is very flavorful.

And noodles are chewy, thin. I love it. (upbeat music) If you make this during theholiday, wouldn't it be so fun? And also, make all of youguys kind of warm and happy? Let me know how yours turnsout, how your party turns out. Enjoy my recipe, andalso, see you next year. This is going to be thelast video for this year. See you next time. Bye. (upbeat music).