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KUMA DID THE IMPOSSIBLE! – One Piece Chapter 1104 Spoilers/Leaks


One piece chapter 1104 is titled thanks Dad if you haven't been following the series you might think Monkey D dragon has suddenly arrived to hell and hey 2024 is supposed to be the year of the dragon maybe he'll get into the action before the end of it but no it is because of Kuma that hockey powered punch from the end of 1103 wasn't just.

For show the blow hits St Saturn and it hits him hard after everything he and Bonnie have been put through by Saturn that bit of Vengeance has to be extremely satisfying even for an emotionless pacifista but interestingly it is not a niku niku powered attack though if it was Kuma might have managed to turn this whole fight around just by.

Throwing St Saturn to another Island so why didn't he do that we know he still has the power of His devil fruit the Marine spotted pads on his hands in the last chapter was Kuma not able to think of using his powers like that due to the pacifista process or would something about St Saturn's own powers make it useless could Saturn have some ability.

To essentially fly between islands like doflamingo Sora Nichi letting him move between clouds regardless the attack still hurts St Saturn pretty badly he's not only wounded by Kuma's punch he straight up loses a limb granted thanks to his Yuki form he's got more of those to lose than regular people but it is still getting a part of his body ripped.

Off for a guy who spends most of his time sitting around in a fancy room that's got to be some serious pain of course everyone is surprised see Kuma no one expected him to show up for this fight and they're only just now starting to register that he's not just another pacifista it's a massive shakeup the straw hats got a powerful Ally right.

When everything seemed hopeless the Marines just saw someone actually managed to challenge goray injuring one of the strongest authorities in the world government Kuma didn't just land a hit he did serious damage to an absolute monster and that's what shocked everyone the Battle of Egghead just went from a one-sided takedown back to an actual.

Fight and this is actually enough to get kizaru back up on his feet interestingly though the Admiral doesn't manage to do much just yet just launching some basic attacks on the straw hats is he still tired from his earlier fight against Luffy or is he actually holding back to give the straw hats BGA Punk and Bonnie not just a Happy Meal but a chance to.

Run either way he is not the only one back in Action Saturn taking that damage from Kuma broke the paralysis effect he was having on the others everyone could move now which means the whole crew can fight back properly granted they still got a whole Army of Marines to push through but these are the straw hat Pirates most of them haven't even.

Suffered serious injuries yet but the Marines aren't going to take a chance on just winning a straight up fight St Saturn showing up clearly wasn't enough to end this Mission they need to move on to plan B so instead the rank and file Marines are getting ready to destroy egad Island that's always been the world government's approach when it comes to.

Big enough problems most recently they wrecked lulua but Oda has been drawing a bunch of parallels between egad and Ohara blowing up a great center of learning and knowledge still that is an admission of defeat for the world government they wanted Egghead intact so that they could use all of Vega Punk's cool inventions if they blow up the.

Whole island they'd lose everything on it most notably that includes three sarapi s Hawk s shark and S snake are all still stuck in their bubbles down in the basement layer if the island sinks they're all going to get trapped under the sea as replacements for the power vacuum left by the Warlords of the sea they are very vulnerable throwing away.

Three super weapons would be quite the costly failure that's almost half the total number ever made the Marines badly want the straw hats to go down for this oh and also Mega Punk York is there she would probably die too so no mother flame for emu I'm not sure that's an L the gor are willing to take the Marines planning to blow up the island puts this.

Whole fight on a firm time limit for Luffy and his friends even if they can take down kizaru and the Marines they're not going to want to stick around the straw hats need to get back to the Thousand Sunny and leave Egghead as fast as they can and that is going to be really hard because this Kuma getting off that big overwhelming punch.

And ripping off a part of Saturn's body it was not enough somehow sa Saturn fully heals his wound in almost no time including growing back that missing limb he's still ready to fight now there are some manga where healing like that would not be a big deal jiujitsu kaisen has powerful Fighters regrowing arms all the time but healing factors are really rare.

In one piece nothing we've seen of hockey can do it cyborgs don't have a self-repair function there are only three devil fruits known to be able to do any healing at all and none of them let the person using the fruit recover this fast Law's OPI op Nomi does not let him treat wounds this quickly the chiu chiun Nomi a fruit entirely based around.

Healing does not let you regrow lost body parts only one dve fruit can heal the person who ate it this fast maros Tori Tor know me model Phoenix now that seems to explain what happened here right unless he is literally a demon Saturn's Yuki form probably comes from another mythical zoan devil fruit if Marco can self-heal why can't Saturn but.

The old man's regeneration is probably something different the Phoenix's whole power set focuses around rebirth it makes sense within that myth for Phoenix fire to heal you the Yuki is not associated with anything like that it is a disease Spirit it does not make you better so how did Saturn heal himself is this the result of some scientific.

Experimentation after all he is a man of science as well is it some kind of advanced hockey use maybe this is something all the goray can do part of that weird magic that brought Saturn onto the island either way it is a problem Luffy has never had to deal with before gear five is extremely good at annoying his opponents using cartoon.

Physics to nullify their attacks while Luffy lands a ton of hits of his own if Saturn can heal himself like this all the time that makes any battle between him and gear five Luffy way more even it does seem to take Saturn some time to recover so this isn't perfect but gear 5 does have a time limit before Luffy runs out of energy and goes into Old Man mode.

Both of these superp powerful monsters have weak spots and there is no break next week so we are going to be back in the fight really quickly just how close are we to the end of the Egghead island arc and does Oda have any more big plot twist planned before the straw hats leave I mean of course he does I hope you guys appreciate the spoilers be on.

The lookout for our full chapter video coming up soon as always I am slice otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you