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Kurama’s DEATH and REBIRTH EXPLAINED! – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations


Boruto chapter 55 left us all grieving and rightfully so karama the nine-tailed fox a character a lot of us have known since early childhood died baryon mode the last-ditch effort to stop ishiki worked however in exchange for that victory kurama has died now naruto himself and all of us were.

Led to believe the cost of baryon mode would be naruto's life and subsequently karama's life as well this would have been awful i would have still cried probably but there's something about quran going away alone that just hits differently i can't even really explain it i went into that chapter thinking i was.

Ready for the worst and yet here i am weeks later still recovering from it i'm literally lost for words but we do need to move forward and so let's talk about the future of kurama and naruto more specifically their future apart because.

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Our discussions with that said let's get into it alright so kurama had intentionally deceived naruto into believing baryon mode would essentially take them both out reason being he knew naruto would most likely turn down his plan even if it were their only option koram's life was instead the cost of.

This all or nothing plan something naruto would never approve of remember naruto is not the kind of person to sacrifice anyone their final moments together was sad could it have been portrayed better yes but it was still sad and i'm usually not one to be overly.

Critical but i will say considering the fact that this was most likely their final moments together i do wish it was executed better i would have liked more reminiscing a longer more heartfelt conversation karama and naruto are both not the best speakers however if there was ever a moment to break out.

Of their norms it should have been right then and there the borato anime does add things and expand on the story so i wouldn't put it past them to make this scene greater again it was good i would have just liked more considering the gravity of the situation now before we get into the details and.

Lore behind why kurama will not return i think it's important to at least touch on the plot reasons basically the reason naruto is losing his plot armor privileges pun intended alright so this is boruto the story of naruto's next generation this is not naruto or naruto shibun the goal of this story is to have boruto as.

The main character his adventures and struggles with all things ranging from the karma to his relationship with kawaki of course initially all fans of the balto series were simply fans of the naruto series that moved on to the sequel and that's how it had to be however.

To further appeal to this old audience naruto had to be a big part of the story after all that's who we know and love we didn't give a damn about this new character named boruto being sold to us and so we had things like the big fight against momoshiki and kinshiki where naruto saves the village and then puts in work during the fight at the end.

And there are other examples of this same thing naruto and sasuke let me know if you guys thinking i forgot him have carried the story up to this point yes boruto as an individual has had his moments but the biggest moments have been naruto and sasuke.

Something has changed though from the beginning of the story to now fans have warmed up to boruto as a character through his bigger moments and literal character development boruto has now become likable he's not that whiny kid from the beginning of the series anymore and on top of that the final point here.

Is that boruto is strong enough now let's be honest here would you really want to go from naruto and sasuke versus madura and then kagia to borto learning basic nanjutsu we did do that to an extent especially if you watch the anime but it wasn't as extreme as it could.

Have been thanks to having naruto and sasuke around to remind us of what the combat in this world is like at the highest level boruto is not at the highest level but he knows a lot of jutsu he's now close to using the karma at will and we might be soon looking at.

A time skip where we see more power ups so yeah boruto is capable now he can lead in the top tier fights and if you disagree with that and i think you can at least agree with it happening very soon so put bluntly the story no longer needs naruto for it to be entertaining the.

Plan worked i can't tell you how many times throughout the years there was a rush of old naruto fans jumping back onto the border bandwagon because of naruto and sasuke we literally saw naruto reaching for korama his past but instead grabbing hold of his son.

It's time for the story to really become what it was intended to be boruto naruto's next generation now on to the lore and more factual reasons karama will not be coming back a long time ago the tail beasts were created by splitting the ten tails into nine living creatures they were created not only to basically.

Take the ten tales out of existence but to create balance in the world something that would be accomplished to an extent forcibly when hashirama captured them and gave them to the various villages now one thing about these tail beasts is they cannot die and now you might be thinking well then.

Karama should be coming back right but no it's not that simple it's pretty simple but not that simple the reason tail beasts usually cannot die is because they are pure chakra once the tail beast dies eventually they will reappear in nature an example of this is when rin became a genchuriki and was killed.

While being host of the third tale beast rin well of course unfortunately for robito did not come back to life however the three tails did eventually return how long this takes is unknown however the issue with kurama is that his chakra was literally consumed for the baryon mode.

It would basically burn until it ran out i really don't even want to get into the details of baryon mode too much but yes the point is his chakra was consumed while i don't hate barium mode it would have been nice to have a more impressive final form but i digressed gramma's tracker was consumed he literally told naruto.

Goodbye and to be careful or he would end up on the other side with him meaning whatever awaits in death kurama is familiar with tail beast rebirth i'm sure he didn't sleep through the turtle dying and then later reappearing he knew this moment with naruto would be his last would i love to have him back yes of course he wouldn't be taken from.

The story though for no reason it isn't the coincidence that he left the story at the same time as the rinnegan of sasuke this is the end of a generation kurama was the sacrifice based on what we know karama will not be coming back however it wouldn't surprise me if somehow he returned in a smaller form.

And served as somewhat of a little mascot for naruto i absolutely do not think we'll see karama and naruto team up again if he comes back in little form as a mascot type of character though it'll be through some new type of thing we've never heard about for example the other tail beasts coming.

Together to make some kind of magic happen i'm for it but man it sucks knowing we won't ever see what we saw in the war again but it is what it is and we can focus now on boruto hoping he takes us to heights similar or greater than we've been with that said this is the end of the video.

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