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KURAMA’S DEATH! Naruto Loses EVERYTHING – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations


Guys i am quite honestly lost for words boruto chapter 55 is here and my god was it worth the wait i thought i was prepared for this chapter i really did but boy was i wrong this one hurts that's all i'll say for now this one hurts.

As usual if you're new to the channel be sure to drop a like and subscribe to plot armor for more mural content we make videos almost daily and would love to have you join in on our discussions now let's discuss the chapter chapter 55 opens up with naruto awakening confused about his whereabouts instead.

Of the battlefield where they faced ishiki and burushiki he was now surrounded by water he would then hear a familiar voice that had answers for him the nine-tailed fox kurama upon seeing kurama next to him naruto began to put it together he was now dead korama would explain.

That he was here to say farewell because this conversation now could potentially be their final one naruto really looked down here as he began by mentioning that karama killed his mom and dad which was surprising not in a bad way but it was unexpected and put so bluntly.

Even naruto though would recognize that this wasn't the way he wanted to go about this conversation instead then opting to say that they've been through a lot but all in all he's glad that kurama was around ending by thanking him for that kurama was a little ticked off at this message being so short asking naruto if.

He was serious but naruto was he really had no idea what to say korama would go on to say that baryon mode worked and they were able to take danishiki so at least he won't be dying in vain naruto still looking down would now say that he still has a lot of worries.

About things like the village boruto and kawaki and then the truth would slowly start to reveal itself kurama would reply to this in a kind of smug way saying that those things are now none of his business naruto will need to take care of that.

On his own naruto was confused by this and then came the reveal normally when a jinshiroki's biju is extracted they die but that won't apply to naruto here the bishop chakra in this scenario is simply vanishing naruto might look dead but his body is merely in a state of shock he'll wake up soon kramer was simply.

Here to say goodbye naruto wasn't getting it though and it could just be because he is naruto or maybe the truth was just too hard to believe the price of baryon mode was kurama's life not naruto's kodama with his usual attitude would continue making it clear that he's never.

Once lied to naruto but naruto knew and made it clear that kurama at least deliberately misled him the conversation would go on with kurama explaining that hattie told naruto all this from the beginning he might have hesitated or worse turned down the plan altogether.

Even if this was their only way of winning naruto knew he wasn't wrong and the situation was starting to settle in smoke would start appearing as karama acted calm and cool it was time for their final words kurama would warn naruto to be careful because after this.

He won't have superhuman strength anymore if he overdoes it he'll be joining korama shortly in the afterlife as kurama was then rising into the air with smoke surrounding him he would then tell naruto to be well but naruto wasn't ready to say bye he reached up and begged him to wait.

Calling out his name trying to grab hold of his lifelong partner but instead he'd grab on to his son boruto not kurama he was now awake naruto looked drained and confused boruto and sasuke were glad to see him alive kawaki too could now breathe knowing the.

Seventh hokage was alright a bit of time would pass as naruto explained to the group what had happened korama was now gone naruto like all of us thought he would die he wasn't prepared for this conclusion and truthfully neither was i kawaki would interject here and ask if they could talk about all this after.

Getting back to the leaf at which point sasuke would ask boruto if he could handle it sasuke was referring to using the karma because now that his renigon can't be used he was unable to do it himself finally some acknowledgement on that front baroto would in horror remember what he did to sasuke while possessed by.

Momoshiki sasuke would keep his cool and her mind boruto that is not his fault he's simply stating a fact and he's glad they've all made it out alive despite being prepared to die in that battle boruto was touched hearing this but kawaki would keep them on track.

There was no way out of here so they needed boruto to just use the karma however boruto unlike kawaki at this point is not great at it so he needed a moment to prepare the chapter then gives us an update on code we find resting by the ten-tailed beast really showing how relaxed code is man was sleeping on guard duty we then.

Get a look at something interesting though a white karma on his hand he let out some frustrations about kawaki being chosen for a vessel yet being unhappy about it we'd hear that code does not have a real karma but instead he has a dud a white karma this white karma would then let out a smoke.

To the surprise of code and i guess everyone it was ishiki now in front of code he'd refer to him as his most loyal beloved servant code was just shocked by this with all of ashiki's vessels now gone ironically his soul made his way to code the one who was unable to become a.

Proper vessel code would now be caught up on the fact that a model betrayed them and the failed attempt to use kawaki as a vessel despite the karma leaving kawaki though code's karma has remained the non-vessel white karma according to shiki that is his legacy dwelling inside code.

As pure power adding that code shall inherit deositsuki will in addition to the karma ishiki knew he only had a few moments left before his soul disappeared but he had to make the most of it because the clan is basically too good to fail in a way like this code would ask what he needs to do.

And be told feed either kawaki or boruto to the ten tales to create a divine tree then procure the fruit the chakra which contains the planet's life a record of everything even nishiki's existence on it code will eat it and upgrade himself to become a new osutsuki a reminder that these people don't die.

They simply are reborn over and over again so code now has the chance to become a new being he now has a chance to exist as a nuozuski instead of being a vessel for a previous one basically code got a w he gets the power but can basically stay as himself.

Everyone has been saying this part has pure samurai 8 vibes but let me know what you think code would be told to go devour planet after planet across space and evolve until he becomes a god and the image of this god is just wow honestly loss for words just looking at it i.

Don't even know what to say about it but hey let me know what you guys think code was processing all of this and as a worshiper of the osusuki ishiki was like his god so this was a lot to take in before going on the path written for him code needed to know something though the names of those who destroyed ishiki.

Saying this as his white karma activated we then go back to boruto struggling to use his karma asking sasuke how space-time ninjutsu works they were essentially relying on a fluke to get out of here that's that's how bad the situation was owaki looked bored before then trying to give boruto tips but he also pointed out.

Something that appears to be true boruto is afraid of momoshiki waking up again however even he knows he can't guarantee it never happens again kawaki would then begin explaining that his karma is gone for good not thanks to his own efforts but the help of those around him adding that.

It'll be the same for boruto and then promising that he'll get rid of boruto's karma somehow kawaki would go on about how he hates the karma and wants to put an end to all of them thanks to how he suffered because of it and boruto would of course agree before they could get to work though they had.

To get back to the village roboto still did not know how to make the jutsu work kawaki would now snap a little telling boruto to just stop freaking out and do it this moment would allow the jutsu to trigger and in that one moment sasuke would grab naruto and jump through the portal with the others.

Back in the leaf shikamaru and the others were still worrying but amado was deep in thought he was somewhere else shikamaru would then get the news that the group made it back to the leaf amado was of course worried about kawaki but he learned that kawaki too made it back amado was relieved but.

Something about his reaction made sumirae feel uneasy the group had made it back home to the leaf and we get what i consider a pretty powerful scene boruto and kawaki would slightly argue about what had transpired there at the end with using karma but boruto would in a somewhat.

Bold way express that he feels like anything is possible as long as he's with kawaki for a moment kawaki seemed touched by this but he brushed it off and told boruto to stand on his own boruto would just smile and we'd end the chapter with code kawaki.

Amado sasuke naruto and boruto the names of those who played a part in destroying ishiki we're in for a ride because things are just now getting more and more interesting this chapter should have been titled end of a generation though because with naruto now being severely nerfed and sasuke acknowledging.

No longer being able to use his rinigon it feels like it's out with the old and in with the new naruto won't be trash because let's not forget he bodied payne without ginsuraki abilities a long time ago and sasuke still has a rinicon but hey they won't be the way we've known them for a while now.

More importantly r.i.p to kurama i believe he'll be back one day due to tail beast never truly dying but instead reappearing in nature at a later point but man this hurts nonetheless to see naruto lose not only a power but a best friend and someone of a guardian hurts for better or worse krama has.

Always been in naruto's life so this hurts i'm excited to see code as an enemy his personality is an interesting one and i'm excited to see where kawaki goes from here as well broto fans are eating this year and i'm excited to talk about it expect more videos on this chapter.

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Until next time keep that runner on you i'm kj have a great day goodbye you