Foreign kitchen we're making a really gorgeous comfort food staple we're making a leek and chicken pot pie it's essentially like a pot pie but I think a little bit more elevated I'm going to add bacon to mine lots of leeks and a really luscious creamy delicious sauce it's insane the.

First thing I'm going to work on is poaching my chicken now this is not making chicken stock because we're not using any bones but we are approaching some chicken because I'm going to want to add shredded cooked chicken to this and all I do is I take a pot of simmering water two-way I just had I add a whole onion halved a whole head of.

Garlic a little bit of parsley and a good handful of salt I'm gonna go ahead and bring this up to a boil because I want it to simmer for a bit so that those flavors can really a bloom into the boiling water and then I'm going to go ahead and add a mixture of boneless skinless chicken thighs although bone-in and you can just take.

The skin off chicken thighs would be great and some chicken breasts I like to do a combination if you want to skip this step completely and just use rotisserie chicken you can we just need some really tender pulled chicken that we can add to the sauce so I'm going to go ahead and bring that to a simmer let it simmer for a bit then I'm gonna make.

Add my chicken to it let it cook let it be just become beautiful and flavorful and tender and then once that's done we will work on the actual filling for the pot pie chicken is poached it doesn't look the best I don't think poached chicken ever looks good but it's not his job it's nice and lovely and tender and cooked.

Through and we have some delicious stock some delicious broth that we're going to add to our pot pie filling in my shallow Dutch oven which by the way I'm baking the whole thing in my shallow Dutch oven and I'm preheating my oven to 375. I've got some bacon it's always good to have your your bacon in the freezer when you're using it like.

Chopped up into sauces and stuff because it makes the chopping easier because it's not sliding all over the place now for a leek pot pie leek and chicken we're gonna need the leeks we got the chicken we need the leeks this is what leeks look like okay they're in the alien family so you know think onions chives uh shallots that sort of thing.

They are very very dirty you're never one here's what I do I never even like to open them on my cutting board I like to do this by the sink I've told you this before because there's a lot of dirt watch in between the leaves you see there's a ton of dirt and so what I'm going to do I'll do it on my cutting board because.

Obviously I want to show you um everything's edible this part up here is a little bit tough so I just remove that but the rest is pretty edible you're going to want to take the stem off and then I slice them in half lengthwise just be careful because it's not stable obviously because it's like a round.

Object slice them thin like so do you see how filthy dirty this is see that see the dirt you're going to want to slice these really thinly and you're going to go ahead and put them in a giant Bowl I use a pot cover them with water after you've sliced them that way they separate.

Really easily cover them in some water and just go ahead and clean them and let them sit into that big pot of water just to release all of the dirt and just give it a judge around with your hands just to make sure that the dirt is kind of falling off of the leaves so I'm going to go ahead and do this to both of them and get them cleaned up.

All right Bacon came out I went ahead and got rid of the Bacon Fat just because I find it to be a little bit overwhelming I am adding some butter and to it I'm gonna go ahead and add our very clean and chopped leeks yes got those in there they're gonna cook down.

Um quite a bit actually will cook for about 10 to 15 minutes I'm gonna hit them with a good pinch of salt that way it kind of helps speed that process along where's my pvc pipe where's my pvc pipe you're not looking for major caramelization you're just looking for everything to kind of cooked.

Down I will develop a little bit of color but it's just going to take some time and just be patient with it and then in the meantime um in the meantime I'm gonna go ahead and just shred my poached chicken when you shred your chicken this is gonna sound really weird I do this sometimes in my standing mixer but when you shut.

It by hand try to Pinch at the chicken watch the difference you can shred it right that's fine shredding it is fine but then watch what happens when you start pinching it right when you pinch it you see how it kind of falls apart a lot more that kind of keeps the chicken from having those giant dried chunks in your mouth and for.

Some reason I just feel like it blends with everything so much better it almost I want to say it almost melts into the sauce um I don't know maybe it's just in my head but I promise you it works leeks look so good you can see they've cooked down so much I'm gonna go ahead.

And hit them with a little bit of flour because I want this to be a really thick delicious yummy gravy situation um that's gonna coat that chicken just cook it long enough until you no longer see raw bits of flour anywhere and now we're going to deglaze right now you can just go ahead.

And go straight in with your stock I like a little white wine I like a little acidity because it kind of takes away that one note Dimension and it gives you a little more balance um you don't want to use wine don't like I said just use a bit more stock and just go ahead and stir it in to make sure you're lifting any bits off the.

Bottom and now this is so simple you just wait you're gonna need to add your stock go straight from one pan to another very simple very delicious very much my speed you'll need about I'd say four cups or so of stock and then you're gonna need a little bit of heavy cream.

And by a little Min I mean by a little bit I mean quite a bit I like this to be very rich very wonderful and almost luxurious add your cream back in add your cream back in add your cream in fantastic give it a stir and then just some seasoning of your choice I really like an all-purpose seasoning for this.

You just take your favorite dried herb and spices that you particularly love with chicken and then go ahead and add them right in here so things like dry thyme dried Sage Marjam Rosemary garlic onion all yummy things just make your own blend which I find to be so much more exciting um and then to this I'm going to go.

Ahead and add some carrots I'm going to keep their beautiful color for the most part and retain a little bit of texture which is so nice give those a nice stir bring this to a boil and then we'll move on to the next step look how good that looks by the way I meant to say four later fulls of stock.

Not four cups of stock four liter folds like about two cups of stock anyway this is looking fantastic I'm going to go ahead and add the shredded chicken the bacon I also added some black pepper plenty of parsley and you're just gonna stir all this in just like that I'm gonna turn it off.

Because this is going to go into the oven in a few seconds anyway so I'm just going to go ahead and give everything a really good stir this is so fantastic and would be a phenomenal phenomenal entree for a holiday table so you don't want to do the whole turkey thing you could use turkey for this instead of.

Chicken or if you're doing a smaller Gathering and you don't want to do the whole giant turkey or whatnot this is like so perfect I don't know that you would need a whole lot more with the exception of maybe a couple of salads or a roast veg or something alongside maybe some peas it would be perfect okay.

I'm gonna go ahead and get my puff pastry and get everything rolled out all right your puff pastry should be obviously thawed if it's frozen but keep it cold in your fridge so that it's a really easy to handle so it doesn't sort of stick all over the place and it's all warm and whatnot but also it puffs up so much better when.

It's really cold when it goes into the oven now here's the thing I'm gonna probably end up using about one and a half sheets of puff pastry because of the size of my pan you can see I just took a third of the piece from the second piece of puff pastry um and just sort of attached it on there and now I'm just sort of rolling the.

Whole thing out so that it fits if I was doing this like a standard 9 by 13 inch pan I wouldn't have to do that yeah that's pretty perfect I wouldn't have to do that but because I'm using a slightly bigger pot a bigger like vessel for the whole thing then I'm gonna go ahead and do that I'm gonna just cut the corners slightly on an angle like that just to.

Like round them off a little so that they fit in the pan and by no means do I care about making this perfect whatsoever I just care that it fits yeah that looks perfect I'll just trim a little bit of that actually I might not even trim it I might just do one of these because it's going to.

Bubble Up and be pretty perfect anyway and I'm always team puff pastry crust over any other crust for a pot pie or any kind of pie a slit or a few down the center just because you need somewhere for the steam to escape then we have an egg wash which is just an egg in this case beaten with a little bit of.

Cream just because I had the cream right there otherwise you could just use a little bit of water or milk brush it all over make it nice and even just because you want that crust to be a gloriously golden brown color and because we're going a Savory route if I was using puff pastry first something sweet I use a pinch of sugar.

But because it's Savory we're going to do a little bit of salt a little bit of pepper on the crust into the oven 375 until it's a beautiful gorgeous golden brown and bubbly I'll show you what it looks like when it's done my pot pie was in the oven for exactly 30 minutes now obviously keep in mind.

That that timing is going to vary depending on how your oven works I always say give it like a 10 minute window so it could take 20 or it could take 30 we could take somewhere in between um you should let it cool for a bit it is so beautiful it's making my mouth water it just came.

Out of the oven but I'm gonna go ahead and just go for it I'm gonna go for this piece oh look at that crust hold on oh my goodness that is pretty perfect I want to get.

Some of that filling as well that kind of just ah and as it sets and sits and relaxes everything kind of melts together really beautifully the crust is so flaky that mixture is piping hot so just give it a second um.

The bacon is a necessity it's so good gives you such good flavor especially with the wine and all of those sweet leeks I feel like the bacon definitely adds that extra note of like saltiness and smokiness it's so good um so hot.

That's a 10 out of 10. that is fantastic it's delicious it's really not complicated or easy to make would be great for your holiday table got a lot right in the for the written recipe I hope you enjoyed spending time with me and I will see you in the next one bye.