Hello America! I hope you're all really well, Jamie Oliverhere, so exciting news, on the 10th of January this beautiful book comes out. This is my latest cookbook it's called One. Everything's cooked in one pan, it's quick,it's easy, it's delicious. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinners we're coveringall the bases and I know you're gonna love it. So you can pre-order it now but what I'm gonnado right now is give you a perfect recipe for the holiday season, this is my gorgeouslemon honey pork ribs it's absolutely delicious. Very simple ingredients and those ribs areso good, let's do this.

So, we're going to cook it in this pan herea lovely little kind of casserole pan like this. This is for four people. I've got some lovely pork ribs that we'regoing to make tender and then we'll glaze at the end so it's really sweet and sour andjust falls off the bone. So let me show you how to do it we'll startwith the potatoes we just want to cut these into quarters lengthwise, so in half likethis. Nice big confident rustic chunks, just givethem a nice little scrub and wash, I love to keep the skins on.

It saves me a job, it's more nutritious, andit gives you a more kind of nutty sort of potato-like flavour dare I say it. We're going to go dry into the pan bear withme okay. Peel two lovely onions red or white, and thenI'm going to just cut these into quarters. Then fennel, it's a lovely vegetable. A lot of people have still never tried itit's amazing, it's super delicious, and when you kind of cook it and stew it or roast itit goes sweet and delicious, really really good. So get some nice chunks like that and we'regoing to go in again.

And then a bulb of garlic we'll just breakin like that keeping the garlic in the skin. So for about 10 minutes now what I'm goingto do is give this a stir every now and again, I'm going to let it catch and scald and thenI'll add a little bit of olive oil and we'll start to fry it and bring out the sweetness. So we got the onions, fennel and potatoesin the pan and we're dry frying. So let's just kind of start thinking aboutintroducing some other flavours, so later on we will glaze with a kind of sort of Greekinfluence, honey and lemon right? With pork it's going to be sweet and sourand delicious and like tacky and gorgeous. We're going to treat the ribs almost likea lid on these potatoes right, we're going.

To use it to sort of trap all of that lovelygoodness. What I'm going to do now is just add a littlebit of the oregano right, with some basic seasoning now. Sea salt, pepper, quite generous on the pepper,now we're going in with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Can you hear the difference in sound? So move that around. Starts to shine. It feels quite full and that's good becauseas that cooks it'll shrink down and down and.

Down and I want this to be a lovely generousmeal for four people. Let's just talk about ribs, go to your butcherask him for baby back ribs, the sweetest meat, and then you've got all the kind of marrowand the goodness in the bones. We can give it a little kiss of olive oiland we'll give it a nice little season and we'll rub that around both sides like that. So let me just wash my hands. So look you can see we've got a nice bit ofcolour there now, we've softened up the onions and the fennel. Just go in with about 100 ml of water justto stop the frying, so that goes in, let that.

Boil up. And then I'm going to lay the ribs into thepan, that is what's protecting the vegetables. And as these ribs cook, all the goodness fromthe bones is going to cook into those veggies it's going to give you the best potatoes everright. So we'll squeeze and push that in. So that is going to go into the oven for anhour and a half at 180 degrees Celsius right, which is 350 Fahrenheit. So here we go, that goes in. There you go.

In an hour and a half I'll tell you what todo next. Now halfway through that cooking time, sortof 45 minutes in, I'm just going to turn the ribs and give it a little basting and a movearound and that will be absolutely delicious. So halfway through just turn the ribs overand get those juices basted over the top. Okay so the ribs have had an hour and a halfat 180 degrees Celsius, 350 Fahrenheit, so what I'm going to do is turn this now downto like 150 which is like just before 300 degrees. So look here we've got cooked ribs right,they're not quite tender enough yet let's have a little look at them.

And the veggies will be soft and tender lookat that look so they're nice and tender look right, but we want them more juicy and moretender. The lovely potatoes they're definitely cooked. The colour the sweetness from the fennel…it's amazing, it's going to be absolutely amazing. So what I want to do now is glaze these ribs,so let me show you a little preparation just use the zest of the lemon first and I'm justgoing to leave this to one side for when I serve, that's really fragrant and delicious. And then I'll use this juice from a lemon,give it a little roll like that and it breaks.

The little capsules so you'll get maximumjuice out of this and it smells nice. So juice into a bowl, catch the pips in yourhand, every last bit of that juice get it out, really nice. Then we're going to use honey for the sweetness. About four tablespoons of honey, nice runnyhoney goes in, that much. And then I'll mix that up. So that has to be one of the simplest youknow and most natural glazes ever. Obviously that sugar can burn and caramelisevery easily so that's why I've turned the temperature of the oven down right, we don'treally need to cook so much now we need to.

Just like let it stick to it and go reallygnarly and gorgeous. Now what I like to do is use a herb like oregano,it could be thyme it could be rosemary if you want, take a nice little wodge like thisand actually use this as a brush like a painting brush right. So I love that with herbs, so we'll take thatlemon and honey and literally just baste it beautifully over the top of those ribs, lookat it shine! The smell is phenomenal, and once every lastbit of it has gone in what I like to do is then take this oregano and strip it on topand that will go crispy and delicious. So this will go back in the oven for halfan hour, it will smell amazing at this stage,.

And what I want to do as well is just getthose little bits of garlic and just squeeze them out look at that, and it's so sweet andcaramelised and gorgeous and that's what I love that's what we've done with this dishwe've really amplified y'know the sweetness of the onions, the garlic and the fennel,look at that. So back in the oven for half an hour at 150degrees Celsius which is 300 Fahrenheit and then I'll have a little clean down and thenI'll show you how to serve it. Okay so half an hour is up on our beautifulribs, smells amazing. What's lovely about putting that oregano onat the end is you get that amazing fragrant hit.

Look at that. Beautiful colour. Let's get some of those juices basting. Let's just serve it up, let's have a littlego let's get some of those ribs. We'll hack those up like that. You know you can do little ones big ones whateveryou want. A little bit of lemon zest over the top. Look at the potatoes! So what I love about this, you kind of getthese almost fondant potatoes and we've got.

The skin on. Look at those sweet onions. Almost jammified. Let's go and get a bit of fennel, hello Mrfennel. The fennel's actually broken up and that'sabsolutely fine I quite like that. Okay. What I love about this dish is it's rustic,very rustic. Just mix a nice little salad. Just with a little olive oil and lemon juice.

So there you go guys absolutely gorgeous,let's try some of these ribs. Lemon, honey, oregano. Really love it really simple. A lovely method where you use those ribs tocreate that little lid. Everything flavours each other. I've got to try one of those potatoes, it'sa sticky y'know messy naughty dish – oh… oh yeah. Everything good about that dish is in thatpotato. A beautiful rustic dish from my brand newbook One, out on the 10th of January in the.

USA it's gonna be amazing, please enjoy youcan pre-order it now. But until next time, take care.


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