Levi was raised in the underground by his loving mother couchell who was a prostitute and unwell levi's father was one of her clients so crucial raised him alone with her worsening illness and the poverty of the underground they both were sickly thin but one day kenny paid a visit to his sister and found her dead with levi at her side looking gaunt.

Although kenny didn't want to raise levi he took him in to keep him from dying of starvation through kenny levi learned how to use a knife how to defend himself and how to get what he wanted from other people he also learned how to survive in a rough place like the underground once levi could live without any help kenny left him on his own not thinking he was.

A good father figure a few years later levi violent and strong became a gangster due to his circumstances he had friends who worked with him and together they stole from merchants and other well-off people and shared the profit among themselves this was all that could be done to survive in such a rough place with enough money saved up they could.

Eventually live on the surface rather than underground as levi was speaking with farlan a young girl named isabelle was chased into their place men came to get her and levi beat them back easily she was accepted into their group so long as she could clean after they were forced to take a job from a man who helped their sick friend they were led.

To the surface the client warned them that people were after them the scouts led by irwin came for levi and his friends to know where they got their odm gear irwin impressed with levi's skills having taught himself how to use it offered him a place within the scout regiment regardless of his criminal past if he refused he'd be taken by the mp.

And charged for his crimes as levi's job was to steal a document from erwin by the client he agreed to join they went on a mission outside the walls and levi split from his friends when a heavy rain began to try to kill irwin on his own however some abnormal titans attacked the scouts including isabel and farlan killing them both having heard the.

Attack levi rushed over and found isabelle's severed head and for long being eaten by the titan in question prior to the expedition levi had told his friends to find a way to stay behind but they had refused with an immeasurable amount of despair levi roared like a wild beast and attacked the titan from all directions becoming.

The titan shredder that we all know and love with confusion as to what he should do with his life now levi decides to follow erwin smith who had a clear goal in mind if you'd like to see more videos like these be sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications on because when it comes to bringing some of the best attack on titan content on the.

Platform plot armor has you covered the year is 8 50. the morning before the wall is breached for the first time in five years erwin's team goes on an expedition to the previously destroyed wall to try and clean up whatever titans they can as they make their way through the city captain levi is praised for his fighting and even called as strong as an.

Entire brigade and levi doesn't particularly like it as there are more than expected levi has to help a soldier who was being eaten by a titan afterwards levi orders his team to take the right side and he'll take the left which was the side with two titans rather than one just as he was in the underground levi is grossed out by the.

Mess titans make and their ugly faces but though levi hates anything dirty he doesn't hesitate to take his soldier's hand as he lay dying to let him know that his death was not in vain that his resolve will also give levi strength to move forward they ended up having to turn back as the titans move inward toward where it is more densely.

Populated near the end of the battle of trost levi arrived just in time to kill the titans who were quartering armin and aaron when he passed out after exiting the titan body levi had no idea why there was an empty titan body with them at its feet but thanks to his transformation the squad captured two titans at four meters and seven meters.

While aaron is imprisoned by the military police for attacking mikasa and giving them doubt as to his trustworthiness levi meets him officially levi was distrustful of aaron since he couldn't remember everything and dr grisha jaeger whose key has all the secrets was missing but he is impressed by aaron's resolve to join the.

Survey corps and kill titans with that levi announces that he is taking responsibility for him and if he steps out of line levi will end him the military police bring aaron to speak on the stand but levi has to step in to stop aaron from being shot when he gets too rowdy and scares the people at the hearing levi beats him and subdues him.

Like a dog to prove that he can control him he even makes him lose a tooth with the force of his kick levi acts like the bad guy so well that the military police are taken aback by his actions and worry aaron might change and kill them but levi points out that aaron was able to kill 20 other titans on his own and yet is still.

Not on his level they propose exactly that levi be in charge of killing aaron should anything go wrong on their journey outside the walls with a test run expedition afterwards levi asked aaron if he resents him for that act special operations squad captain levi brings aaron to the former survey corps headquarters along with his elite team.

But first he wants everything to be spotless seeing as he is a clean freak levi insists that aaron sleep in the dungeon in case he accidentally turns that way he won't hurt anyone aaron is also informed that levi would first cut his body out of the nape of his titan rather than straight up kill him if necessary they then discussing next.

Day's plans and hanj decides to take aaron off of levi's hands curious about doing experiments on a titan who can communicate the next day they go on patrol and aaron has to stay close at all times that was the arrangement with that they embark on their test mission with most of the members being unaware of aaron's position within the formation.

Abnormal titans begin to show up and one particularly agile and intelligent female titan arrives as well breaking through their tactics levi realizes a traitor has somehow gotten deep within the survey regiment and moves them towards the forest because it was easier to stop the female titan there and use their gear on her when she catches up to.

Them in the forest levi tells him all to ride faster and not confront her as he knows erwin has some kind of plan to stop her as aaron considers using titan power without permission levi says he's a real monster and not because of the titan within him because his personality is so hard to control and he will break out of any situation that he feels.

Trapped in levi gives aaron the choice to trust his comrades or to turn into a titan and fight on his own they continue deeper within the forest instead of facing the female titan an ambush awaits her and as it gets some distance levi orders his team to get aaron away from her as she is after him specifically levi discusses with aaron the rear squad.

Was killed for this ambush plan to succeed so thanks to their sacrifices they can now find out who is hiding within her titan with the female titan immobilized levi confronts her he speaks of how she is wasting their time how there is no escape for her and how she had fun while killing his soldiers he then asks if she'll let him cut off her.

Limbs but before he can go through with that plan the female titan screams and her titan body is eaten by abnormal titan who are attracted to the sound and from instinct alone levi figured that out as he watched her body being eaten he wondered what will happen to them or aaron now that this titan has infiltrated them and gotten away with it.

Levi wants to quickly rejoin his team but erwin stops him and forces him to refill on blades and gas before he goes although levi is further away trying to catch up he hears when aaron turns into a titan and predicts it's because the worst has happened as he catches up he sees the bodies of his fallen team of special ops stopping nearby where petra.

Was killed who surely reminds him of isabel his face may give nothing away but just the lack of any words makes his expression that much more powerful and upsetting as he silently mourns them when levi reaches aaron's location he has to stop mikasa from pursuing the female titan as she is not thinking clearly he physically forces her to fall.

Back by carrying her away on his odm gear they can pursue the female titan but from a safe distance instead levi has to call mikasa when she blames him for aaron's predicament and he has to remind her that their goal is not to kill the female titan also she can harden her flesh and break their blades the plan is for levi to slice at it and.

Mikasa to distract her but as they begin the female titan pretends to ignore levi he doesn't fall for it and attacks her so smoothly and efficiently that she has no time to harden as she falls and covers her nape levi focuses his attacks on her tendons but it is too soon to aim for her nape and levi stops mikasa before she is killed which causes him to.

Injure his ankle despite the pain to his leg at the same moment he is able to split the titan's jaw open and release aaron from her clutches grabbing him and leaving once they near the wall levi sits next to his fallen comrades and takes their military patches as memorials as some other members argue they want to take a friend's body back.

Levi says that they just need to tell their family but they disobey the orders and bring the body back but also tightens as they follow them with no tall buildings or trees to grapple onto they end up having to throw the bodies awfully fallen titans with levi knowing this isn't the first time bodies were not recovered on a mission but levi is.

Definitely upset when he sees petra's body being thrown from the carriage when they manage to get back to safety levi explains that the patches mean that they were alive to him and he offers he one from ivan their friend who they insisted on bringing back and back within the walls petra's father comes to see levi about his daughter confessing that she.

Probably wants to be with him as he received a letter from her he says it's probably too early for her to get married with levi staring off in the distance knowing that he has to tell her father what happened with the mission's failure the military police are expected to get aaron and take him into custody however erwin and his men arrive first.

And discuss how annie is likely the female titan they tricked the military police by having jon take his place with a wig but the plan starts to break down when they don't understand how a titan is so deep within the walls nile of the military police accuses levi and heroine of treason and takes heroin into custody levi wants to get involved with the.

Fight between aaron and annie but his injury is preventing him but just as aaron's titan is being swallowed up by annie's crystallization levi rushes over and cuts him out of the nape he admonishes aaron for how close he was to eating annie a valuable witness now that they have her they can't even question her and levi knows this couldn't be.

Called a success with the announcement of a new breach within wall rose levi has no choice but to go clean up the titans levi's squad takes pastor nick with them to show what it means to have titans forcing people out of their homes and into danger and because he is hiding information from them about the walls before they go levi believing in aaron.

Tells him he has no choice but to seal the walls before their survival rests on his shoulders as levi and the passer came across while survivors fleeing from the titans who breach levi explains that this is what it looks like to not be in the safety of the inner wall with military police to protect them after receiving a report from sasha they.

Noticed a giant gorilla sized titan the beast titan walking towards the walls levi tells him to calm down in focus they need to work with hans to find smart solutions to deal with the titans he also insists mikasa protect aaron at all costs knowing how much he cares about him levi then tells aaron to control his emotions and not let them.

Take over the interior officers and or military police make jokes about there not being any titans inside the walls where they were dispatched and levi says that they could always join him on expeditions outside the walls if they want to fight some titans to scare them shortly after this erwin and levi are informed of more people having titan.

Powers yamir reiner and bertolt and aaron was taken by them with levi still injured he couldn't join the scouts on their mission to saint aaron but as soon as they return levi's by erwin's side watching over him as he is now missing an arm connie and hanj reveal a theory that the true identity of titans are humans just like them ragako village.

Being the proof and levi is utterly shocked he can't believe he's been killing people for years heroin is happy about learning this but levi doesn't think the cost the lives they lost including half of the veteran scouts is worth finding out this truth no one will be left in the end about a week later levi has his new elite team clean up a.

Cabin in the woods there he has aaron train to use his titan hardening with hanj to not so great effect levi knows that they have a long road ahead of them but he is hopeful that if they can somehow manage to get eren to succeed then it would save a lot of time and supplies to block the wall with spies possibly closing in levi orders historia.

To go with aaron while he goes with han shi trost he thinks back to the pastor telling him about her royal blood and how she might be aware of secrets that no one else knows levi reports he failed training results to irwin and wonders if maybe historia could know anything about hardening later levi finds out from hanja pastor nick was tortured and.

Murdered in the trots barracks and levi respects that the pastor did not give away any information and kept his beliefs until the very end as levi is back in their cabin he receives a warning message from heroin they pack everything up and leave just in time to escape the military police levi says the best place to hide is in tross where.

Everyone is on edge because of pastor nick's murderer and if they are targeted they can use their gear if needed levi borrows some of hanji's squad and they head to trost they walk the streets trying to keep a low profile but levi's instincts warn him of impending danger before anyone else notices a carriage comes racing from behind them taking.

Astoria and aaron everything goes according to plan mikasa reports to him that they don't suspect anything just yet but that armin is in trouble of being found out soon levi doesn't understand why the military police would use amateurs as kidnappers since they are elite and prideful but he pushes that aside for now and focuses on.

Getting jon and armin back safely instead warning mikasa said that they will be fighting other people this time as well levi goes to find aaron and hanj's people but he has a feeling something is wrong even though their plan seems to be working so far levi tells nifa who's standing guard on a rooftop with him about kenny the ripper.

Who also happens to be the man who raised him for a while and while he's discussing his tactics he realizes kenny is likely involved and just as he thinks that kenny is behind them levi could not warn nifa in time and so she is shot and killed and another one of haji's people is shot down soon after and levi howls with rage a fast-paced battle begins.

Between levi and kenny with both of them being veteran fighters levi catches up to the carriage by slipping through the narrow houses but notices historia and aaron are already unconscious more of the anti-personnel control squad kenny's team corner him and force him to fight them instead dashing through the city in lanes around the buildings and over.

Rooftops levi is able to hide inside the tavern behind the bar to catch his breath levi questions how kenny went from slaughtering 100 military police officers to now being one of them and while kenny is busy answering his questions levi turns one of the bottles and uses it to see where he is and aims the establishment owner's shotgun to.

Shoot him out he then tricks kenny's men by throwing out a chair and shoots them with the odm gear spikes as levi regroups with his own squad he warns them that kenny's team is used to fighting other humans so they cannot hesitate or they will be killed and aaron and historia will be taken as they continue to chase the carriage armin and.

Jon are saved by levi and sasha but kenny's group had their prize not unlike in the past levi has to stop mikasa from chasing after them while sharing a meal in a warehouse where they have the merchant demo reeves hostage levi tries to console armin levi admits that armin can't be the same anymore now that he has killed someone and there is no point.

In trying to go back to the past if he hadn't shot the anti-personnel member then jon would be dead right now levi appreciates that his decision saved their squad from losing any members when they're done eating levi convinces demo reeves to help them fight the government and take a stand so they can continue to help the people of his city that he.

Cares about there aren't any guarantees but levi can guarantee that he will do his best to save them shortly after this levi's team kidnaps one of the military police named sanes who knows where aaron and historia are and torture him they trick the guy into talking but pretending his colleague had told them everything already he reveals that.

Historia is a true royal heir and her father rodrice was the one who paid to have her taken levi finds out about aaron being fed to historia to give her his titan and ask hans to tell the rest of their team levi then has to reel mikasa in as she intends to go after them on her own the plan is to go all together and get aaron out before he is.

Eaten and to have historia ascend to the throne since the scouts are framed for the murder of demo reeves they're hunted and forced to hide in the forest to keep from being caught this was made more convincing by the battle that previously caused a slew of casualties in the stowehas district as they tried to catch annie the female titan after sasha lets.

Levi know there are some people coming they decide to ambush the military police officers hitch and marlow they take their uniforms and weapons from them while levi wonders how to dispose of the two officers hitch tells him that it is their fault that so many people were killed and he agrees but when she tries to blame them for andy's death.

Levi puts it straight she is a titan who is doing the damage she was not killed all of the false information and gaps in knowledge causing more harm than the actual titans levi then says that they will be tied somewhere safe and left there with no plans of killing the military police marlow pleads to join the scouts to help change the wrongs but.

Levi does not trust him jon insists that he take care of marlowe instead wanting to see if his intentions are in fact on the side of justice and genuine when it is made clear that they can be trusted levi thanks them for their help seeing as no one is on their side anymore with their help they are able to break through the military police's base in.

The woods and take the leader hostage to find aaron and his story's exact location the officer confesses that he doesn't know anything as kenny ackerman made sure to keep it secret with the reveal of his last name levi's interest sparks as to his relation to mikasa since they shared the same last name this also implies levi had no idea what.

His own last name was until this very moment unfortunately what seems like more military police show up in the forest and surround them they ultimately turn out to be hanj and her people levi is informed that the coup d'etat erwin planned worked out and they will be awaiting historia's rise to the throne when they get her back that is all the.

Truth is published in newspapers thanks to demo reese's son although the result is in their favor levi regrets losing the three survey corps members that haj had loaned him apologizing to her for that but haj instead tells him that she knows how to find where eren and nystoria are being kept on the way to get the kidnap scouts back levi.

Questions mikasa as to if she is related to kenny this is followed by a question regarding a jolt of strength which appears suddenly that both levi and kenny experienced intense moments it also gave him a clear understanding of what he was meant to do in those situations as i get closer to finding aaron levi prepares the team mentally.

For what must be done this time they will have to kill other people if they want to survive this confrontation with kenny's team and when no one has any objections levi understands that this time is different for all of them then the underground cave battle begins with gunpowder and oil to create smoke that provides them with cover levi is able to.

Use their gear and count how many enemies they have to face and where they are positioned the cave's twists and turns allow them to sneak up on the anti-personnel members and slash them when they get up close levi chases them down striking fear into their very souls but candy stops him before he can cut anyone else down a fight between levi.

And kenny ensues with student and teacher pitted it against one another kenny points out that he taught him how to fight better than he is but levi's reaction time is godlike regardless levi finally slashes kenny's side and he has to retreat with levi chasing after him with team levi being blocked by a net set up by the anti-personnel squad they.

Can't reach aaron even though he has been freed by historia but the blowback from rod race's titan transformation helps them break through their barrier levi stays behind but asks armin and mobley to take hanj who is injured through a hole in the ceiling they rush to unlock aaron but with the cave collapsing there is not much hope of.

Survival but again levi tells aaron to decide their fate whether to stay and die or try and escape somehow after witnessing aaron's absolute hardening to keep the cave from crashing on them he is beyond impressed levi's guess is that this is similar to how the walls were made as well which means the next step is to plug up the hole in walmaria a.

Faint glimmer of hope at least but before they can get there levi knows that they must take down rod race's titan and ask for erwin's advice with a giant race titan approaching the walls and the cannons more are less effective in slowing it down it all comes down to these scouts to take it out once race reaches the wall grabbing a hold of it.

The scouts take over and use explosives as well as aaron's titan to finish it off to make sure it is completely dead levi and his squad fly in and slice its massive body later levi finds kenny in his final moments of life as he has a titan injection serum on his person although there is a chance it could heal kenny's severe injuries he hesitates to.

Take it and become a slave like the royals he had met levi with kenny closing in on death demands to know everything that he is hiding but all he finds out is that kenny is his uncle and receives a syringe from him after historia is officially crowned levi allows her to hit him and even thanks her and his squad for all their help.

Getting this far they commence the hardening experiments right away with hans pushing aaron to his limits and levi having to be there to check on him when his nose starts bleeding levi considers slowing down for a bit but aaron just wants to get back to shinganchina and block up the wall levi's squad heads over to see.

Commandant sardis who trained the recruits and asked for any information he might have concerning dr grisha and the basement near walmaria all he can say for certain is that aaron was taken into the forest with his father and then found alone and brought back to a shelter as an orphan as the day for re taking.

Approaches heroin leaves levi with the titan serum seeing as he is an elite soldier with a high chance of survival when the time comes it is up to levi who he wants to save with it as well levi takes irwin aside alone asking what they should do once the wall is finally plugged knowing that erwin might not live through the battle considering his.

Missing arm as a friend rather than as a subordinate levi suggests hans take over his role and he stay where the danger can't reach him so he can survive long enough to know what information is in the basement he insists on this to keep him alive but erwin does not agree and wants to just be replaced if he dies in terms of military tactics however levi.

Thinks that they cannot survive without irwin to command them in the future as so many unknowns are yet to be discovered but erwin's stubborn mindset would not allow him to just sit back and watch so levi goes as far as threatening to break both his legs so he cannot take action not that it works on him so in the end levi lets erwin do as he wanted.

That same evening the scouts celebrate the upcoming mission with drinks and meat and everyone is going wild for it all when the party dies down levi overhears armin discussing his dreams of what the world looks like outside the walls thoughtful but also interested during the sunset of their expedition to walmaria a huge commotion is made as a.

Send-off for the scouts the first in their history and they all cheer gratefully with levi wondering who told the civilians about their plan they then move at night when titans are least active to rishiganshina the scouts make it out of the forest and near the houses by dawn switching to odm gear and climbing the wall for some reason though.

Not a single titan is around aaron quickly blocks a hole in the wall but levi reminds him that it won't matter so long as the armored and colossal as well as these titans are still alive and can just break through again after evidence is found of people near the wall a search begins with all scouts searching for a cavity in the wall where someone.

Could hide the spot is found and the scout who found it reports but he is killed before anyone can react just as quickly though levi drops down the wall from the top and stabs right through reiner's neck and chest he is rendered unconscious for a moment but not long enough for levi to let down his guard levi is then forced to retreat as.

Reiner's body drops to the ground and he transforms somehow surviving a direct attack to the throat the scouts levi included are forced to face eb's titan and his small army of titans as he closed off their escape route and killed their horses realizing there is another intelligent titan the car tight inn their survival rate is getting lowered.

By the minute with levi's squad protecting aaron and fighting the armored titan and hanja squad protecting the horses and heroin side of the wall levi is called aside for a separate mission take down the beast titan levi promises that he will succeed since he wasn't able to end reiner early on on the wall on the way to the beast titan.

Levi clears up the smaller titans within the walls wreaking havoc so these scouts can escape on their horses but that is not all that slows his progress the colossal titan is now joined in and is throwing debris at the scallops the same way the beast titan was with no way of seeing the situation inside the walls levi has no choice but to move forward.

And try to avoid the incoming objects thrown by the beast titan on his side as he manages to take cover at the last moment all he can see is blood and body parts being thrown everywhere with little to no scouts left levi thinks it is time for erwin to try and make his way to erin so they can at least survive this fight all while using their.

Surviving members as decoys he also suggests going after the beast titan alone to keep him occupied to ensure erwin gets away at the very least knowing it could mean his certain death erwin refuses levi's suicidal plan and turns it around offering his life and all the scouts so that levi can end the beast titan once and for all with more.

Resolve than he had in the past levi agrees to let erwin die and all the scouts if it means advancing humanity closer to the truth even if it means losing a dear friend and commander as the pain was evident on levi's face as he charged commences the beast titan misses levi's approach from the side in all the chaos and his overconfidence.

Using all of the titans he grappled onto as stepping stones to reach him when the smoke that these scouts shut up starts to clear the beast titan realizes his titan companions are dead too little too late levi bursts from the green smoke attaching himself right to the giant gorilla i mean beast titan and his face is covered in titan blood though the.

Beast titan tries to grab him he is far too slow and levi slashes all the way through his arm like a tornado aiming for his nape next when he misses he gets both of the titans eyes now aiming for his tendons near his feet to keep him from escaping every moment is fierce calculated and filled to the brim with anger over losing so many good people to.

This monster levi has him down vulnerable and slashes at his neck like butter getting to his human form with ease just to make sure he doesn't go anywhere levi sticks his blade down his throat with this win there is hope that someone has survived the battle and the injection can be used to save their life and have them eat this man who enjoyed.

Crushing them all so much he can even save heroin but levi considers this too soon the car titan comes with the beast titan's body running off with him in her mouth meanwhile he beast titan sends more titans after levi who is now standing out in the open but if you know levi by now this will not stop him his fury as a result of failing to keep his.

Promise to heroin courses through him and he kills titan after titan half dead but still angry as hell levi follows he beats titan back over the wall to where he was talking to aaron when he lands he is steaming from the titan blood on his body evaporating asking for aaron's gas and blades so that he can keep hunting zeke but just then armin's body fights.

For survival and the focus shifts from revenge to salvaging the situation by reviving someone as aaron panicks watching armin fight for air levi slowly takes out the syringe not sure if this is the person he wants to save if there is even a chance however small that irwin survived the beast titan's barrage wouldn't humanity be better off with him.

As a colossal titan and that way erwin could see the secrets hidden in dr grisha's basement after all these were all the thoughts going through levi's head as he slowly accepts that armin will instead get the injection but levi hesitates once more his own french dreams and final words running through his mind just then one of the newer.

Scouts named flock arrives with a barely alive heroine strapped to his back a heated debate leading to even insubordination from aaron and mikasa ensues with everyone disagreeing on who should be saved flock mentions that death would be too easy for someone like irwin who sacrificed so many lives already and that seems to strike levi in.

A way that arguing about who would be most useful does not in the end with hajj intervening and calming everyone down levi decides to let irwin rest in peace as we revise armin to become the colossal titan erwin had done more than anyone could ask and despite levi trying to protect heroin from this very outcome erwin pushed forward wanting to save.

Humanity rather than worry about his own well-being and so who was levi to deny him that in the end and with that most difficult decision levi faces the fact that erwin is no longer among the living when hanj calls it choosing armin was not what levi expected but he doesn't regret doing so even if armin is confused by his revival his decision was.

Also heavily tainted by army's friends pleading to save his life and though erwin is not there to find out the secrets with him levi heads to the basement with hanj aaron and mikasa now that everything is settled after they leave a gracious notebooks levi visits aaron and mikasa who are serving time for insubordination and lets them out.

With permission from zackly they then have a meeting with the new queen historia to discuss the history of eldians and how they are hated by the rest of the world later that information is also published and given to everyone on their island for their consistent and courageous work these surviving scouts are given medals by queen historia in.

Front of all military personnel months pass by and with pure titans almost completely wiped out these scouts go on an expedition beyond walmaria there they discover the ocean just as it was in greece's books and like levi had overheard armin talking about in the past not long after the scout's latest expedition marlette surveyed ships begin.

To arrive near paradise island's borders in order to stop them from collecting intel and get some information themselves levi's team takes him captive they speak with yelena who volunteers information about the weaponry and vehicles used as she calls herself an anti-marlayan after roughly a year passes kiyomi azumabito from the nation.

Of hizuru is the next visitor to paradise island and the only ally left for the aldians yelana is the one to set it up but levi is still distrustful of her and won't even let her shake aaron's hand once she reveals the conditions for their alliance they are given money to start building up their own nation levi believes her conditions are the only way.

For them to survive now that the world sees them all as devils and then it is time for them to visit marley up close and personal levi and the gang head there on a ship discovering new things and vast amounts of people with spending money provided by azumabito they're able to enjoy new foods and sites while also gathering as much information on marley.

As possible seeing as how they are the main enemy to the paradise inhabitants four years after the battle to retake juan maria levi and the scouts are forced to fight marlene soldiers due to aaron's infiltration of their ranks and acceptance of their declaration of war right as aaron is being attacked by the new jaw titan levi makes his appearance.

And slashes his jaw muscles funnily enough his reaction to the scouts and their enhanced gear created both for titan killing and war makes him comparable to pure titans who didn't know what to expect and couldn't stop levi before he got to them as he fight rages on the beast titan arrives with levi getting his chance at a rematch.

Finally with armin causing destruction on the battleships and aaron fighting the marlin titans levi easily gets behind zeke and slashes his nape open the intense rage on his face clearly showing that he is still not anywhere near being over erwin's death at the hands of zeke but levi has to dampen that emotion as this is all just an act.

In order to fake the beast titan's death as the airship picks up their members to head back to paradise levi confronts aaron on his behavior after having left for months with no way to know what happened to him besides some letters and dragging them into this messy battle aaron's expression is so defeated and empty that it reminds levi of the people.

Who lived in the underground in his past gabi having shot sasha when she snuck on their airship ends up killing her levi looks away devastated with the loss of another person who could have survived were enough for zeke and aaron's plan to fight the marlene soldiers on their own turf after the airship arrives back on paradise island levi isolates zeke from.

Aaron taking him in a carriage is far away from where aaron is being held as possible although levi gives zeke the benefit of the doubt not sure of the details of his plan to save the aldians he still does not trust him they end up in the forest of giant trees just in case zeke tries anything if he does levi would have plenty of ways to attack him.

With the new gear and thunder spears as levi questions tip about his method of controlling the titans of ragako zeke explains that he uses a gas made from his spinal fluid that allows him to communicate orders through the coordinate levi's senses from his attitude that he doesn't regret sacrificing those people or any of the.

Other ldns he killed in the past levi then receives a report that zachary was murdered and the jaegers have taken over control with this revelation levi begins to contemplate whether all the times they saved aaron and lost comrades in the process was worth it as he risks pile up levi decides they need to feed zeke to someone they can trust but zeke.

Overhears this and is able to stop levi from chopping off his limbs like he had planned by unleashing the scream and turning all these soldiers in the forest into pure titans with no one to back him up and no way to reverse the effects levi has to kill the 30 soldiers who had been enjoying the wine zeke flees with the help of the titans he is controlling.

Unaware of these sacrifices levi will take in order to keep his promise to heroin the beast titan must die unlike in their first encounter levi easily overpowers zeke by himself and uses the thunder spirits to blow him out of the titan body as he begins to heal levi chops off limbs to ensure he cannot transform and ties a thunder spirit to.

Him for good measure but levi also underestimate zeke's resolve as he blows them both up by setting off the trap while a downpour of royne follows han finds levi half dead but still alive fingers missing and an eye injured beyond repair seeing no way of helping levi with the jager is pointing guns at them hans jumps with levi into the river.

And flees once they are safe from pursuit han stitches levi up surprises acumen blood allows him to survive so well after waking up the first thought levi has is finally bee's titan and taking him down levi still severely injured and being dragged on a car by hanj is brought before magoth and pique to ask them for assistance in ending the.

Rumbling levi adds that all he wants to do is kill zeke which they can agree to as well later after tricking flock and conspiring with the marley and eldians the remaining members of squad levi team up with them as well as on yonkopan to try and save the world the team up is not easy and there are bumps and unease among them that needs to be smoothed out.

But the end of the world is coming so there's not really much time to spare meanwhile levi just wants to rest and save his energy for zeke as their team confronts jaegerus and saves azumabito and her engineers all levi can do is sit it out next to yelena hoping they may get out in time to catch up to the colossal titan army they do escape but.

Their next stop is when they do maintenance on the vehicle they need to use they rush to odiha with their ship to repair the flying boat and levi can't stand being benched any longer he forces himself out of bed and wants to question yell not on where aaron is heading with armin keeping an eye on him later levi prepares himself for battle getting his.

Gear ready and everyone is shocked at this with the extent of his injuries when an unexpected appearance from flock slows the departure the rumbling begins to catch up as han volunteers to slowly tighten so they can leave levi sadly stands in front of hanj unable to hide the sadness of her inevitable death he tells her to devote her heart and walks.

Away without looking back on the flying boat heading to salta levi and the rest of the aldians are pulled into the path by aaron and he tells them that they are all free to do as they please but he won't end the rumbling unless they kill him before this levi considered that killing zeke may be the only way to end it anyway they catch up to aaron and.

Jump onto his back as they move away from arm until he can transform he ends up being captured instead with levi pointing out that if he were injured he would have become the colossal titan already with an army of 9 titans from the past attacking them levi tells everyone to focus on rescuing armin to end this battle but the battle takes a.

Toll on him making it difficult to keep fighting back with no way to catch up to armin despite this levi is able to save connie when he loses consciousness and keep fighting at the last moment falco's flying jaw titan saves them all with time to regroup levi says they need to split up and both save armin and attack aaron's nape at the same time and even.

Though that is the plan levi still regrets not being able to have a more peaceful solution to dealing with aaron as they return to the back of aaron's titan levi thinks about his promise to erwin and what the world was like before they knew there was more beyond the walls even so he still does not regret having revived armin instead of heroin.

With armin able to convince zeke to help stop aaron zikri gains control of some of the past titans to help protect them from the fight just then zeke appears out of a portion of aaron's spine and levi takes that single moment as a sign to end him immediately the rumbling stops completely follicle flies him away and arma's colossal titan explodes on.

His nape but it is not over aaron's body morphs into a colossal titan seeking out the founding titan to restart the rumbling levi knows that this won't end until they kill aaron a cloud of smoke fills the air the same kind that ragaku village was victim of and levi tells everyone to leave as pure titans will start appearing from all their friends.

With everyone busy fighting titans or transformed the only ones left to stop aaron are levi and mikasa levi helps by shooting a thunderspear at aaron's colossal mouth and making an entrance for her to slash him as he battle ends with the smoke clearing levi sees all the scouts who died letting them know that they succeeded in their mission to.

Rid the world of titans after all and with so much overwhelming emotion levi silently cries three years later levi now lives in marley being wheeled around by falco and gabi accompanied by onyeonkopon and with this he reads the newspaper peacefully as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love.

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