So Luffy after having just Whirled around like crazy managed to punch through kaido's face and drop the Yoko on his back and after doing so Louisville proceed to bounce on the rubberized ground beneath himself while he wondered what he should call that last move kaido remained on the ground for a moment but would ask Luffy to.

Answer a question of his he would then clutch onto his own face and ask Luffy who he was oh it sort of confused Luffy he doesn't seem to have any idea about his own relationship Joy boy now zunisha an old friend of Joy Boys would speak of how nostalgic the Rhythm was referring of course to the so-called Drums of Liberation created by Luffy's heartbeat.

In this form sunicia would call out the joy boy however this was not expressed towards Luffy but rather the original Joy boy it would speak of how he was like its old friend had returned and just how exciting it all was it would speak of how it all felt like the work of fate and that in recognizing this it feels that they should Place their faith.

In this boy Luffy and from there Luffy would respond to kaido's question by letting it be known that he was monkey The Man Who Would surpass him and become the king of the Pirates to the same usual declaration and so beyond the excessive laughter he is still the very same Luffy we all know and love which for many fans I'm sure is a big relief.

Of sorts and from here kaido would respond with a similar relief as he was happy to see that Luffy was still just as loudmouth as ever as he smiled he would inform Luffy that what he was currently experiencing was a devil fruit Awakening which was a result of a devil for user's mind and body getting to the point of being able to truly harness the.

Potential of their fruit and a Luffy most definitely had quite the ridiculous power indeed which is the very same word used as igoro say previously this is the most ridiculous power in the world kairo would then speak of all that he had lost in this conflict of theirs from his men to his castle to everything he had built and established in wano did he imagined.

The very same could be said for Luffy which prompted Luffy to angrily Proclaim that it was not over just yet that he would be taking back everything kaido had stolen no matter what which prompted know to whirl around as a psychi which hit Luffy all over again stretching portions of his body like putty but he would be quick to snap back into shape.

And return the favor to kaido as he rapidly punched him and did so while rubberizing kaido's body to allow for the points of impact to abnormally stretch and all throughout all these attacks these two just had their conquerors hockey Rippling it is truly so astonishing to see but suddenly Luffy began coughing to himself as it turns.

Out the fumes created by the Burning Castle had finally made their way to the roof as the whole thing was burning down at this point the issue has been present for a while but now the Flames have spread to truly terrifying levels kaido and episode at this rate thousands of Louise allies will be trapped down below and would burn alive however Luffy would.

Shrunk this off as he had confidence in them he decided to leave everything down there up to them and so he had nothing to be concerned about beyond the Fulfillment of his end of the deal which required that he take kaido down and he said this as he raced towardsioni and to this kaido would ready himself and then then by wave his weapon sent a Rippling.

Amount of air that Luffy was able to dodge by stretching himself up in ridiculous fashion as a boulder behind them immediately split in two from the attack from which point would be taken to the fiery situation beneath them both as the light floor was almost entirely engulfed by the Flames some would of course seek to put it out but again they.

Didn't exactly possess access to any water the fire was spreading further than ever and things weren't looking so good Chopper would make his way to Nami and was absolutely losing his mind he was glad to see her but had no clue what they were supposed to do against the fire he tried but could not find Zorro Sanji Frankie Usopp Robin Brooke or.

Jimbei and yeah he really did list them all off together they would begin to wonder how they'll be able to reach their friends as the entirety of onigushima was going up in Flames like a giant pyre and despite them being in this place together thinking of others it wasn't as if they were safe themselves there was nowhere left for.

Them to run to their only hope at this point seemed to be finding a way to land this day but even that was incredibly unlikely frantically Chapel question of Zeus couldn't just create some rain however the Flames were far too big at this point I would just end up consuming him in the process of such an attempt we would then transition to the basement.

Where things look to be just as perilous lost crew would then be seen having troubles of their own as Beppo in particular as a polar bear Ming struggled immensely in such heat and needed to be carried by his allies after them would be broken Robin and when some of these Samurai saw Brooke they would be horrified and presume his vistage.

Should be on account of the Flames Brook would correct them however and advocate for them to find a way to get everyone to safety while Robin wondered if there might not be a way and Sanju would have just as much trouble from within the pleasure Hall trying to lead the ladies to Safety in B of the numbers would find that his hand was charred in his attempt.

To escape which I'll poet disregard while commanding him to break the wall down like Chris Jericho to save them both even if he cost him an arm as far as he was concerned there wasn't a point to having such a massive body if you weren't willing to use it which really just got in these nerves and serve to begin a bit of tension between the two.

To follow the usop who would make use of his plans that would begin spraying water around like a sprinkler but this thing was absolutely useless as it wouldn't be long before these Flames claimed it as well much do usop shock Hamlet the giraffe smile user will let Usopp know that he was wasting his energy here but usop with tears running.

From his eyes would tell the man to shut up as he had made a promise to Izzo Izzo who had previously recognized him to be God Usopp until he was going to save kin Kiku and himself and Hamlet certainly didn't want to be left out here Frankie would then be seen racing to any semblance of Satan himself as he carried Zorro on his back meanwhile he didn't.

Even know which way they should go in regardless he absolutely needed to find Chopper or Zoro would not make it and Frankie II would have some smile users following him around hoping to be saved as unbeknownst to them their saviors were finally in the midst of acting as rhizo would question if jinbei was ready before thanking him for placing his.

Faith in him jinbe was prepared for what was to come as he would never doubt someone his captain Luffy had decided to his faith in a sentiment which honored raizo as he feeling was Mutual he would then think back to that Unforgettable day in which he swore to never be unprepared and that scene was rather similar to this one he would Express.

That at the time he couldn't protect Odin and in the meantime momonosuke and the rest of the family nearly burned in the castle that despite his Ninjutsu aka's devil fruit abilities he was unable to protect anyone and this is a failure he could never make up for and it is for this reason that he refused to ever be so helpless ever again and in.

Another instance while Enzo he had observed the Reign by way of zunisha washing itself an enormous amount of water which he would request to take some of in the present he wouldn't allow the man who had so violently fought beside them to die in a simple fire and so we would call upon his water scroll this was elephant bath restoration as a.

Huge torn of water would make its way too and envelop jinbei from which point you begin to use his Fishman Jiu Jitsu to redirect the current and spread it elsewhere black back and some of the other minks will be the first to encounter the water and be utterly shocked by it as it sprawled out throughout the entirety of the enclosure.

They were intense on flooding every floor for the sake of rescuing their comrades we'd have killer refusing to be carried around with those who held on to him would not let him go despite having nowhere left to run although they had felt a whole lot of quaking lately as it would suddenly be saved by the water as well and with that out of the way from.

There we would have the necessary tackling of yet another major issue and that was a replacement of kaido's clouds for the sake of keeping them Aloft which was only becoming more and more pressing as kaido seemed to be at his limit Yamato now tugging on momonosuke's draconic whiskers would Express that it was up to him now as this was really and.

Truly their only option all along and mominosuke was certainly not a fan of this Revelation which will be followed by a truly Godly moment from Luffy as approaching kaido from these storm clouds above he was wielding a bolt of lightning in his hand and was ready to strike and Nell is absolutely quaking in his boots Luffy zellofu Awakening allows.

Him to rubberize anything and everything for as wacky ridiculous as Luffy's gear fifth may be it is not as if Oda has thrown away all the rules as some people for whatever reason seem to believe Otis still very much abides by them despite the extreme cases of exaggeration seen with all this again this power is just so faithful to this.

Series that is one piece I mean I am all four series Transformations and the like but this is one piece yes there may be very serious story elements to all this but this is the same Series where a secret agent makes noodles with his nose the same Series where a bazooka ate a devil fruit and became a dog so yeah let's keep our expectations as.

Reasonable as possible shall we Luffy has been able to run on the air by rubberizing it and now has rubberized a lightning bolt for the sake of holding it which he certainly can as he himself is not conduct electricity he is rubber so this was harmless to him yet incredibly dangerous for others and the power of lightning is nothing to scoff.

At either as anel zolgia-based Lightning manipulation was revered an effort to be considered an invincible power Luffy has a very big smile on his face and the expression was Mutual for kaido as well and truly these Smiles are contagious this is it we are nearing the finale thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.